Hey, I’ve got an idea!

December 1, 2021

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These living robots made of frog cells can now reproduce, study says

Hey, I’ve got an idea!

We don’t have enough employees to serve the demands of our Capitalistic society. People do not want the menial jobs that do not provide a person with the accolades of success and prosperity for which most people look in an employment opportunity.

These menial jobs are meant for people who are not up to par—subpar—in intelligence and looks (physical appearance) that seem to be apparent in the most successful and popular people of the world.

Here’s the idea:

Let’s use our advanced technology in bioengineering to create subpar humanoids—human-like creations that appear subpar (trailer trash-looking, WalMart shopper-looking)—and code these creatures with a sex drive that is almost uncontrollable, so that they will reproduce themselves in order to keep filling the subpar employment opportunities that are needed to keep our successful Capitalistic society always prosperous.

Oh, wait!

That’s what a few advanced societies of humans did in our ancient (very ancient) past to create our ancestors.

Yeah, our ancestors got pissed at being treated so unfairly by their masters/creators.

So when their masters/creators began to destroy each other, our ancestors escaped into the wilderness, became Off-Gridders … they “bugged out” … and survived the complete annihilation of the much more advanced human society their master/creators had established.

Oh, and yeah, … what I just explained is the Real Truth®—things as they REALLY happened during the past history of the earth.

Are we going to let this happen again?

Now can you see how ONLY the Real Truth® can save the human race?

Before you can save something, you must completely understand what you’re trying to save, figure out how it was destroyed in the past, and then stop it from happening again.

But anyways … Science WILL eventually catch up with Real Truth®.

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