October 25, 2021

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Hong Kong security law: What is it and is it worrying?


(A post inspired by the information and notes I am reviewing from the Real Illuminati® in preparation for the next and final book of their Trilogy: ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT.)

Jesus, the Christ (if he were an actual person who lived today) and I are STRONGLY on the side of China’s recent national security law that cracks down on subversive and corrupt, so-called “human rights,” that are nothing more than supporting the rights of mean people being mean and proud people being proud.

For the IGNORANT PEOPLE, here are THE FACTS (i.e., Real Truth™):

The Great Roman Empire began to fail primarily because of the great economic disparity between the rich and the poor, the divisiveness of corrupt bipartisan government, and the inability of the Roman government law and authority to control the people who began to rise up against it, threatening to overthrow it.

Emperor Constantine knew that in order for his government to survive, he needed to bring law and order to the streets and stop the poor people, who were the increasing masses, from protesting, burning down Roman businesses, and closing down Roman roads and infrastructures, actions that were fueled by the increasing poverty and inequality of the people.

The Western part of the Great Roman Empire, which included Rome, was the more decadent, partying, wealthier, worldly part, kind of like the Las Vegas of the Empire.

Emperor Constantine tried to make a few legal changes, but he couldn’t convince those who held all the power to change the Roman Constitution and the laws. So, basically, he moved the government from Rome in the West to Constantinople in the East.

His advisers were very intelligent. They knew that something drastic had to happen, or what was happening in the west would soon happen in the east and all over the Great Roman Empire. The masses were too huge and powerful and could have easily overcome the dwindling Roman military and law enforcement.

The Roman masses that were rising up in protest because of poverty and the inability to find work and a viable source of income to care for their basic needs, DID NOT TRUST THE ROMAN GOVERNMENT AND ITS LAWS AND ORDER any longer.

The poor masses, however, were the ones with the strongest faith and belief in their gods and religions, which the masses felt were on their side and upset with the EVIL government.

And it came to pass that Constantine’s advisers devised a plan to make the masses’ religious beliefs the driving force for change … and the Roman Catholic Church was born. Christianity became the hope and faith of the masses.

When Constantine embraced Christianity, he didn’t do it because he actually believed in it. He did it to stop the madness of the masses and bring the Roman Empire under control.

Constantine and his administration developed a consistent story (the story of Jesus Christ) that could be used by the Roman Catholic … which actually means “worldwide” in its original Latin … Church. Where did the idea for this story originate?

They formed the stories about their brand new religious entity based on what had worked for other popular religions of that day. In fact, a large portion of the Jesus story came from the Egyptian Book of the Dead concerning the Egyptian God Horus … Yep, the exact same god depicted in the LDS/Mormon Egyptian papyri from which Joseph Smith SUFFERED his followers to believe was the source of the Book of Abraham.

Well, this is a Facebook post, so I won’t beleaguer the honest and sincere seeker of truth with a long list of comparisons between the life of Jesus Christ and the life of the Egyptian god Horus. Honest persons, who are simply ignorant of the facts and do not want to remain STUPID for the rest of their lives, will click on this link and review the similarities for themselves

Constantine hired the smartest people he could to present the masses with a brand of religion that they would accept and in which they would have strong faith and trust.

These smart ones, who were combined in secret with Constantine’s administration … thus the term “secret combinations” was born … knew that there was already a hero whom the poor had embraced for a few hundred years, based on the existence of an actual Hebrew-born Roman named Inpendius.


Because few records existed about Inpendius, the smart secret combination of powerful and intelligent ones that Constantine’s people put together needed and used a narrative that the Roman people could and would believe.

The life story of the Egyptian god Horus worked pretty well for the Egyptian High Priests in controlling the people and giving them hope, so why not use Horus’ life’s narrative from the Egyptian ancient scripture for their new Christian god?


When the Egyptian people were faithful to their High Priests, who had the priesthood of Horus and were called and chosen by Horus, there was peace and law and order throughout the land.

Now back to how China is going to save this world.

China has enacted national security laws to make sure that people do not rise up in protest, block all the streets, intimidate people, and basically make it difficult for law enforcement to do their job.

China opposes the way that the United States wields its political and military power to destroy existing law and order in other countries. This eventually ends in a great amount of misery and corruption for the people of the country, where the United States supported the revolutionary groups of so-called “Freedom Fighters,” who are actually mean thugs who eschew law and order.

China got rid of Bitcoin, or is controlling and regulating it harshly so that it doesn’t continue to make money for people who don’t actually do anything constructive and purposeful for humanity.

China has some very strict laws that take away a person’s right to:

Call a person a fool.

Kill a person without a good cause, and NEVER kill someone because that person has done something that you think your religious god wants them to die for … you know, the “eye for an eye” doctrine.

Condemn a person for a religious sin or opinion, like adultery, for example.

Don’t give your opinion freely if it intimidates or harasses another person, or rather, agree with your adversary and respect his or her opinion, even if he isn’t still a “his” … if you know what I mean.

The laws about divorce have been revised.

Suing people at the law and taking away their coat has been greatly revised and regulated.

Forswearing yourself by going into debt when you cannot repay it is being regulated properly.

… And the list goes on consistent with what?

The very things that Jesus said on the Sermon on the Mount, which is properly known as the “FULNESS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.”

Yep, these are the very same laws that made Constantine successful at saving one half of the Roman Empire and setting up the Byzantine Empire’s eventually evolution and transformation into modern Europe.

Yep, simply by implementing laws that FORCE people to be nicer to each other in so many ways …

CHINA IS SAVING ITS PEOPLE AND BECOMING ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL COUNTRIES … per capita, because they have four times as many human beings than the United States does … IN THE WORLD.

And because China is on the right track, the Real Illuminati®, under the direction of the TRUE GOD AND CHRIST OF THIS WORLD, will continue to help them in technological advancements and other means, so that CHINA, NOT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA becomes a people of ONE HEART AND ONE MIND WHERE THERE ARE NO POOR AMONG THEM …

Oh, yeah … maybe all you stupid people will get it, if I put it this way:

“We believe in the literal gathering of good human beings, and in the restoration of societies of people of one heart and one mind, so that poverty can be eliminated; that this Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the Chinese continent; that the TRUE Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.”

Yep, the Chinese are becoming far more Christ-like than the American Christians … FAR MORE!

And it’s okay to be ignorant about what is actually happening throughout this world …


But anyways …

NOTE: If anyone has the courage to challenge anything I revealed in this social media post, you’re welcome to confront me in person during the next ZEITGEIST of REAL TRUTH™—A SHARP TWO-EDGED SWORD show on Saturday, November 6, 2021. I dare you!

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