How I know George P. Lee and how the world and my family abused my good name

August 7, 2021

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I met George P. Lee a couple of years before he died. If only others would have listened to what he had to say.

Read more on this in A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon, (a portion quoted below).

The LDS/Mormon church, and the world, has a way of forgetting everything good about you, and presenting you in a bad light, IF it is possible that you have evidence to prove that it (the Church or the world) is not good.

Consider the following.

The following are facts about one of the MANY ways that my own family, presents[ed] me in a bad light.

The following example was an attempt by my family (with the help of the world) to present me in a bad light as a father:


I changed my lifestyle 180 degrees and desired to raise my children in poverty and inequality by traveling throughout the western United States. We lived in RVs and a renovated bus and I worked on farms or wherever else I could find a lifestyle lived like the least among us live.

My desire in doing this was to set the worldly expectations of my children at the lowest possible, so that their ability to find and experience happiness as an adult was greatly enhanced.

The lower one’s expectations are, the greater one’s chances of experiencing happiness become. There is only one way up if you start at the bottom. And if you can find happiness starting at the bottom, whether or not you are in the middle or at the top, you can always climb down to where you learned as a child to find your greatest happiness. (I knew EXACTLY what I was doing by raising my children in poverty and inequality … EXACTLY.)


My father, with the help and support of most of my family …

(Except the few hearts of my kid brother Joe and my sister Alesa … and of course, my favorite sister, Bridget who has Downs Syndrome, but I was always her “pavorate bruver” … none of these had anything to do with the malicious acts of our father and others in the Nemelka family.)

… and the full support of the family members of two of my eldest children, Brittany and Joshua—of whom I was awarded full and sole custody in a recent divorce—traveled to where I was living in Snohomish, Washington, lied to law enforcement about me and tried to take my children from me.

My father’s evil plan failed miserably for him and those who supported him. He was almost arrested for getting the law enforcement involved in his nefarious scheme.

(But in my father’s defense, he lied to try to save his grandchildren from my evil lifestyle, and the fact that I had left the Church and threatened part of his family’s eternal salvation … Sigh … But anyways. Because of his religion, to this day, I do not trust my own father as far as I can pee … and being almost 60, I can’t pee very far any longer.)

My father was threatened by the Snohomish County Sheriff, that if he ever set foot in Snohomish county again, my dad would be arrested. (I’ll give all the details on this heinous act in my autobiography.)

March of 1991 (Just one year later.)

Now living in Kent, Washington, in a 32′ renovated bus, I was first approached by the Real Illuminati® and recruited to their cause.

(The Real Illuminati® had followed my life since 1987. They witnessed what my father had done to me the year before. They were impressed with how I handled the situation. I have NEVER sought revenge on my father and family. I have ALWAYS treated them with great compassion, respect, and love … but that’s all about to change as I reveal the Real Truth™ about how my family REALLY is. Only one of my brothers (Joe) and most of his family, a sister (Alesa) … and of course Bridget … and a couple of my cousins have stayed in touch with me over the years and have not misjudged me and turned against me maliciously. But the rest … Oh my, how the Real Truth™ will show what kind of human beings they REALLY are … not good.)

But anyways …

Part of their recruitment was asking me to make amends with my ex-wife and my father and create peace among us so that I could properly help them in their work.

Unbeknownst to my then-current wife, Jackie, I took off with the Real Illuminati® and traveled to Columbia Falls, Montana, and met with my ex-wife, Paula Blades and her new husband, Carl Ladenberg.

I told the Ladenburgs that I was sorry we had experienced such heartache and that I wanted to make peace and allow them to see Brittany and Joshua. I invited them out to Kent, Washington to see the kids and take them for a visit. I informed them that I would be moving to Montana and settling down so that Brittany could start public school, and so that they could be closer to the children. The meeting ended in a hug.

I moved our bus on to some land in Victor, Montana where the Real Illuminati® had arranged for us to build a house on and settle down.

Long story, EXTREMELY short … all the details of which will be presented in my autobiography:

By the end of 1991, the Ladenburgs, with the help of my father, maliciously accused me and Jackie of child abuse. They were able to convince a Montana judge of this in a courtroom in which I was never given the opportunity to be present. They took away ALL my parental rights for Brittany and Joshua.

(When I reveal all the details of how my father and the Ladenburgs were able to accomplish this in the State of Montana, when law enforcement in the State of Washington had threatened to arrest my father if he ever came back, you’ll see incredible evidence of just how corrupt the United States court system really is … especially for a guy claiming to be the only True Messenger for the Real Illuminati®. Go figure!)

In just a few short months, Brittany and Joshua were no longer Nemelkas. They were legally adopted away from me. They were now Ladenbergs according to the law of the land … according to the world and my malicious family and ex-wife.

The Ladenburg lifestyle and parenting style in raising children was 180 degrees different than the way I described above.

I had no hope of ever seeing Brittany and Joshua until they were adults and desired to search for me and get to know me.


Out of the blue, I received a call from Brittany and Joshua’s mother, Paula Blades Ladenburg. Joshua was 12 years old and was rebelling against them. He spit in his mother’s face when she tried to get him to do some housework.

Needless to say, the Ladenburg parenting style wasn’t working for them.

PAULA CALLED ME TO COME AND TALK TO JOSHUA AND SEE WHAT I COULD DO … Yep, can you believe it!? The whole world thought I was a terrible man and father, yet the woman who had maliciously taken my kids and taken away my parental rights, called me for help.

I immediately traveled to Montana to see what I could do.

I ended up taking Joshua back to Utah with me to see if he could handle my parenting style. Joshua realized that my parenting style doesn’t allow any disrespect or bad behavior, nor being spoiled rotten. Because he wasn’t my legal son, I had to return him to Montana. (The Ladenburg’s were threatening to come and get him anyway.)

I wasn’t allowed to contact, visit, or try to contact Joshua or Brittany again. The world and its corrupt courts made sure of that.


I receive a short email from Joshua: “I don’t know if you care, but this is your son Joshua.”

I called his mother for permission to speak to him.

Paula broke down and cried on the phone.

She explained that she had divorced Carl Ladenburg and he didn’t want anything to do with Joshua and Brittany any longer. She told me that Joshua was despondent, wouldn’t come out of his room, and was very rebellious. Joshua was 16-years old.

I asked Paula, “Do you want me to be his father NOW?”

Paula cried over the phone profusely and didn’t answer.

Another long story, VERY short:

I immediately moved to Columbia Falls, Montana and moved Joshua in with me and straightened him out the best I could.



What do you have to say about the above facts?

Yeah, nothing. So SHUT UP and stop posting any of your opinions about a man whose history you DO NOT KNOW.

Ah, there it is:

“No man knows my history. I cannot tell it: I shall never undertake it. I don’t blame any one for not believing my history.”

What the LDS Church did to George P. Lee was despicable!

What it tried to do to me would have been the same had the Real Illuminati® not intervened.

What helped save me from the same fate that George P. Lee experienced from the powerful LDS Church, was a little old lady by the name of Ida Smith … And wait until you get the REAL FACTS about my involvement with this incredible lady!

But anyways …

P.S. NOTE TO THE REST OF MY CHILDREN: You had better NOT try to meet with me and get to know me, IF you want to continue to believe the malicious false narrative that your mothers have spoon-fed you your entire life. But, oh my, what you and my grandchildren are missing out on! But anyways … Don’t be afraid. I don’t bite … unless you ask an LDS General Authority … they would tell you that I am a serpent of the devil and bite hard! But anyways … :-)

Christopher Nemelka

BTW, Nemelka Family, do NOT think that I have been too hard on my father. The Snohomish County Sheriff wanted to arrest my dad for what he had done. The Sheriff asked for me to help them file charges against my dad for what he did. I refused. I would NEVER, EVER, NEVER do to someone what Michael J. Nemelka tried to do to his own son … EVER!

And yes, I’m going to put it ALL out there … ALL of it.

At this point, it doesn’t matter to me what the Real Truth™ does to any of your characters, nor do I care what any of you think about me for telling the Real Truth™ about just how malicious and mean some of you can be.

But I caution you, Nemelkas, DO NOT EVER try to tell me what to do or approach me and ask me NOT to tell the truth about REALLY happened in the past. Unfortunately, the things I have to report about the late Linda Nemelka, which are the Real Truth®, are not going to be taken lightly by her children, my nieces and nephews. Because of their mother, they were already bitter towards me, and treated me terribly. So, what I have to say about their late mother—and her death was tragic—isn’t going to change my relationship with them. Linda and Cory disparaged me and maliciously treated me for many, many years. They were some of the worse. And what did I EVER do to them? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Just be good people, Nemelkas. IF that is possible.

And have NOTHING to do with me.

After we lost Uncle Dick, I realized my link to the Nemelka family was severed, which was actually a good thing, because it finally allows me to report on ALL the facts of how you have treated me throughout the years.

NOTE TO THE FEW, Joe, my brother, Alesa, my sister, Kevin, my half-brother, Joe, my cousin, Scott, my cousin, Mark, my cousin, my Dear Aunt Beth, and Uncle Johnny, and your families … and of course, to Bridget:

A HUGE THANKS OF GRATITUDE for taking the time to contact me personally and never letting false judgments and what is written or said about me affect your kind nature towards me. Of course, the Real Truth™ that I reveal publicly about my life will not affect you, because you truly were some incredibly wonderful people to me, as you are to most others … Except Joe in his role as an attorney … I hate attorneys … ALL attorneys … but I adore my brother Joe. :-)

Scott Jenny Nemelka

Jenny and I have never stopped loving our cousin Chris.

Christopher Nemelka

Scott Jenny Nemelka

Dear Scott, the one thing that has impressed me about you and Jenny, and the other family members I mentioned in my post (Joe, Alesa, Kevin, Cousin Joe, Cousin Mark, Aunt Beth and Uncle Johnny … and of course, Bridget,) is that Scott Jenny Nemelka have ALWAYS judged me on how I have treated you—on the personal interaction you have had with me.

Most others, many of which I have NEVER met, solely judge me on what others have written or said about me, regardless of the source. And not one of these has ever actually spoken to someone like you, who has actually had personal interaction with me.

Unfortunately for the Nemelka family (name), I will eventually become the most recognized (infamous) Nemelka of all time. Any Internet search using our name will produce “my stuff,” which isn’t actually my stuff … But anyways.

And unfortunately for me, when others know another member of the family, or have access to a Nemelka, they will ask questions about me. Wanting some kind of personally value, the Nemelka often gives their opinion of me, NEVER based on their own personal experience with me, but on what they have read or heard, mostly negative.

I have had VERY limited experience with any other Nemelka. Mostly with Uncle Dick before he died, and my brother Joseph Lee Nemelka. Joe and Tammy are like you and Jenny—wonderful humans.

I challenge ANY Nemelka to relate an honest personal experience that this Nemelka had with me that was not kind or a good experience. There’s not a Nemelka in this world who can honestly relate a bad experience of being in my presence.

I actually HATE this social media shit. But, because of the people I work for, and the fact that I am 100% responsible for writing all of their words, the more interest the world takes in THEM … ALL ROADS LEAD TO Christopher Nemelka. Sigh … double sigh! (Now does it make sense why I have to stay hidden in Europe?)

Take good care of yourself and your family, Scotty.

You are an incredible human being. And if we had more Scott Jenny Nemelkas out there, the world would become a better place! :-)

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