I have been accused of all kinds of things, none of which has ever been proven credible.

February 15, 2022

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KTKK Radio 630 AM – 1998 Polygamy Interview w/ Van Hale, Vicky Prunty & Christopher Nemelka

I have been accused of all kinds of things, none of which has ever been proven credible.

Listen to this early radio interview with one of my so-called “victims,” Vicky Batchelor Prunty and I.

I actually saved Vicky from Mormon Fundamentalism and the terrible plight of women perpetuated by LDS/Mormon doctrine.

Listen closely.

It was a few years after this interview that Vicky, wanting glory and praise from the National Organization for Women, started claiming that I was also a polygamist who didn’t actually help her; and that she escaped polygamy on her own. Vicky lied terribly. This radio interview proves what kind of help I was giving Vicky to help her stay away from polygamy.

It’s crazy how afraid people are in confronting me.


Tony Saiki and Laura Lynn have known many popular and connected people throughout their career. When Tony and Laura met me and tried to set up interviews with these popular and connected people and myself, these people were afraid.

Crazy, huh?

Laura Lynn

Let’s contact Vicky Batchelor Prunty and challenge her to meet with Christopher in public, videotaped, so we can get to the Real Truth® about what really happened between her and Christopher.

Christopher has challenged her to a public discussion.

Let’s contact her and challenge her to meet with him.

Laura Lynn


Laura Lynn

For the record …

Tony and I were involved with K-Talk for many years.

We investigated this interview that Christopher gave in 1998. After the interview, Van Hale, wanted to have Christopher on his show again. The owners of K-Talk would not allow Christopher to return.

Tony and I had a show on K-Talk. I interviewed Christopher on this show. We had a contract with the owners of K-Talk to allow Christopher to have his own show. Money was paid to the owner.

When the owners of K-Talk found out more about Christopher, they reneged on the contract and would not allow Christopher on K-Talk.

What were they afraid of?

Tony and I witnessed many times when people were too afraid to discuss things with Christopher.

It was amazing to Tony and me how afraid people are to discuss any topic with Christopher.

We now know why.

They are afraid of Real Truth®.

Laura Lynn

In the interview, Vicky says that men should, “Do good deed instead of spread your seed.” :-)

Laura Lynn

I especially like when Christopher confounded the LDS men about there being scripture proof that God allows more than one prophet on the earth at the same time. When C gave the proof of this with the BOM story about Samuel the Lamanite, he silenced the two LDS men. They didn’t know what to say.

How does an LDS person respond to the story of Samuel the Lamanite when they tout their belief that God only has one prophet upon the earth at the same time?

Nephi was the prophet, seer, and “President of the Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ancient-Nephite Saints” when God called Samuel the Lamanite to go tell Nephi and the rest of the Church that the Church, all of its members, and its leaders were corrupt.

You have to wonder if Mormons really read their own Book of Mormon.

Laura Lynn

Tony Saiki, let’s put the link to my interview with Christopher on our K-Talk Radio Show here. Thanks in advance.

Tony Saiki

Laura Lynn https://youtu.be/_U8MiWUlCac

Tanya McKee Devany

I like it when he points out that the revelation to begin polygamy, the revelation on who to marry and the revelation to blow up the embassy (obviously a terrible thing) were all received by sincere people praying for guidance.

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