Ida Smith — One of the greatest women to exist upon Earth, setting the judgment bar for all others.

August 2, 2022

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We mentioned Ida Smith in two of our books:

(Page taken from Without Disclosing My True Identity—the Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.)

In support of our True Messenger, and to make a public announcement of what Ida Smith accomplished to set a bar of judgment for others, especially for other members of the LDS/Mormon Church and its corrupt leaders, we offer the following videos that introduce Ida Smith and her involvement in our work.

Ida Smith Interview Part 1:

(OF SPECIAL NOTE: The letter shown at the beginning of this video is the actual letter that was written and delivered to Ida and was signed by a few of the most prominent LDS women, including Chieko N. Okazaki. She is the LDS General Presidency member in many of the clips in this video. This provides strong evidence of the hypocrisy of these people and how disrespectful and mean members of this corrupt religion can become in shunning those who no longer desire to remain associated with this church. The next video [Part II] begins with LDS Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland [to whom Ida Smith refers to as “Jeff” in her interviews] explaining that his church does not shun people.)

Ida Smith Interview Part II:

IDA SMITH Excommunicated Reading The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon:

Interview with Ida Smith about her experience leaving the LDS/Mormon Church:

Truly, Ida Smith has set a bar that is hard for most other women (and men) to reach.

Ida Smith’s name will be held forever in eternal congruence with Christopher and our work, a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

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