I’m sincerely contemplating NEVER eating chicken again.

September 26, 2021

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I’m sincerely contemplating NEVER eating chicken again.

Consider the creation of animals.

Please be honest and base your consideration upon the ONLY empirical evidence that we have about the creation of animals: humans create different breeds, species, and hybrids of plants and animals to serve certain, specific HUMAN needs … even species that didn’t exist before humans created them.

BASED ONLY on this evidence, and the fact that science is currently, for one of many examples, attempting to resurrect the Wooly Mammoth through DNA engineering, and the fact that most animals, if raised exclusively by humans, are the perfect pets, then why do pets exist that are very compatible as human companions?

Were the first animals that humans created upon this earth used solely for food production?

Are the strongest and healthiest primates on Earth, the great apes, primarily plant eaters or meat eaters?

Science has proven that a plant-based diet is MUCH HEALTHIER than a meat-based diet.

Why would humans … highly intelligent humans … create something that would make them unhealthy?

No pet owner would EVER eat their beloved pet. They would rather die from starvation than eat their pet. But if the animal is someone else’s pet, and the pet owner didn’t know where the meat came from, to save one’s life, it would be easy to eat.

For you God believers …

How could God create an animal that attacks, kills, and eats … sometimes when the prey is STILL ALIVE-eaten alive … and watch it happen? What kind of god is this? Oh … I know, the same type of god that allows starvation, poverty, war, and pestilence to kill His children. Sigh …

When I’m finally allowed to explain the existence of pets, and every other creation on the earth, it will all make so much sense … so beautiful, so marvelous, so humane and perfect.

Sigh … for now …

After watching this short video of a little girl and her rooster …


I’m headed to KFC for lunch today … I love the original recipe dark meat KFC sells …


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