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August 27, 2021

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Listen very close to these video clips, and then read Chapter 3, The Greatest Human Deception, in the book, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati Created the Book of Mormon, to learn how and why ALL humans receive spiritual manifestations that convince them that their religion is right.


***The above video was originally posted on Tony Saiki’s page with the following words. Christopher shared it and added the above.***

Tony Saiki

August 12 ·

Perfect example how “Everyone is Right, Which Makes Everyone Wrong®”

‘Divine Personal Revelation’ is when people believe that the human mind can be influenced by any source of stimulation, or energy, that isn’t exclusively and solely created in their own mind, by their own mind.

Let me be VERY CLEAR about the Real Truth™ regarding ‘Divine Personal Revelation’ of ANY kind, from ANY source:




The way that I could easily prove this Real Truth™ is to put me in a room with ANY HUMAN who believes that he or she can receive energy or information from a source other than his or her own brain, and watch our interaction, recording our conversation.

This is a challenge that I have made for many years. NONE has accepted the challenge.

One might think that with the claims that I publicly make about the Real Illuminati® and my 1987 “transfiguration”, that there would be SOMEONE interested in proving my claims to be false.

I have challenged those who believe me and follow the work that I am involved in with the Real Illuminati® to arrange a meeting between me and ANY of the people in their lives, who they once believed were experts, leaders, gurus—ANYONE who has convinced them in the past that they have a degree of intelligence that the follower didn’t have.

Some tried.

When they had an interested party who wanted to accept the challenge, once the potential challenger did a little research on me and what I do, and how I do it, the challenger has ALWAYS backed down and would not meet with me and have the meeting recorded.

The challenge remains.

However, because there are a lot of people who want to see me dead, I will only accept such challenge, if one of these experts, gurus, spiritual leaders, scientists, skeptics, doctors, lawyers—whomever thinks they might be able to rise up to the challenge—will meet with me virtually, through Zoom, or a similar Internet conferencing platform. AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE RECORDED AND ATTENDED BY ANYONE WHO WANTS TO ATTEND.

Again, the challenge remains.

Why am I so confident that no one will accept the challenge?

The fact is, I present myself so arrogantly, because I WANT someone to accept the challenge. It’s the way that I entice a person’s ego. But anyways …

How do I know that I will come out on top of the challenge?

Because I know the Real Truth™, and I know all the other humans living currently on this earth who also know Real Truth™.

The Real Truth™ ALWAYS comes out on top because the Real Truth™ is things as they REALLY are presently, as they REALLY were in the past, which helps a person understand how they REALLY might be in the future.

A little research would show that I lost a court battle (challenge) with a guy I sued for defamation.

I had my brother Joe, a pretty good attorney, represent me. I lived in the state of Utah, and the Respondent named in the defamation case lived in Idaho. I told Joe to sue the guy in Federal Court and force the guy to come to Utah. Joe hadn’t had a lot of experience in Federal Court, so he convinced me to file the case and try it in an Idaho (State) court—one of the biggest legal mistakes I believe Joe has ever made.

Long story, VERY short,

In order to represent me in an Idaho court, Joe needed an Idaho attorney to be in court with him in front of an Idaho judge. Joe went to law school in Idaho but did not hold an Idaho law license. So, we had to pay two attorneys to prosecute the defamation case in Idaho.

The guy I sued countersued me for all kinds of things.

Because the case was costing too much, and I knew that I had all the evidence that I needed to prove this guy was defaming my character, unprecedentedly … he claimed I was a murderer, terrorist, involved in racketeering, among other things … I decided to get rid of Joe and the Idaho attorney, which costs me over $500 per hour … Yeah … and represent myself.

Biggest legal mistake I ever made.

Well was it stated, “A man who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client.”

Fool or not, I believed the truth was on my side … So did the Jesus guy … So did the Socrates guy. No matter how much truth they thought they had, both lost in court and were killed.

My first experience, representing myself, with the Idaho judge assigned to the case is on record in an Idaho court. If one were to review the transcript, this is what one would read:

Me: Your Honor, you appear to be treating me very tersely and with a lot of prejudice. (Something to that effect. Can’t recall the exact words.)

Judge Robert C. Naftz: (Raising his voice.) I HAVE BEEN IN COURT SINCE 9:30 THIS MORNING!!! (Indicating that he was tired and out of patience. It was around Noon at the time my case was in front of him. He didn’t deny my comment. He changed the subject and started treating me even worse.)

That was all I needed to experience in front of this judge.

Those present in the courtroom that day realized, as well as I did, that I had no chance for a fair trial of my case in front of this judge.

I wanted to fight the case, however, and I did for a few more weeks.

I was warned by the Real Illuminati® that this judge had already decided that I had no credibility. They convinced me that I had no chance for justice in his court. They didn’t want to see me in jail on contempt of court charges, knowing that I was ready to show that judge what the Real Truth™ is! And sometimes, the way I present the RT, offends people … Well, most of the time.

I gave up.

I moved to Europe and never responded, nor did I finish prosecuting the case. The Idaho judge gave this guy a default judgement of whatever the guy wanted. The monetary award that this judge rendered against me was the most money that could be awarded in a civil judgement according to Idaho law.



No, I will NOT ever go inside a courtroom in front of human that hates me. I will not take on that challenge. A person has no control in a courtroom to say and argue what the person wants. The judge decides what is said and how it is said.

I was in front of another judge once, some years before.

This judge had heard all the rumors about me and the claims I was making at that time. He was a Montana judge, but not the one I mentioned who took away my parental rights, as explained in a previous post. (I was never allowed to attend the proceedings that took away my parental rights … Yeah.)

Here’s how an interchange went between me and this Montana Judge: (For those researchers, this happened in Ravalli County Montana in 1991. I can’t remember the judge’s name offhand.)

Judge: Mr. Nemelka, do you believe that some kind of divine intervention is going to help you in this case?

Me: No, your honor, I do not. The last time a guy like me depended on divine intervention to help him in a court of law like this, the man was tried, convicted, and crucified. So, no, your honor, I do not depend on any divine intervention helping me in this matter.

You could have heard a pin drop in that Montana courtroom.

The judge fumbled with some papers to give himself time to figure out how to respond to what I just said.

I stood there and smiled that Christopher smile that confuses so many of my critics and enemies.

I will NEVER win in court.

There hasn’t been a True Messenger in history who ever has.

The Real Illuminati® used the example of the ‘Trial of Socrates’ in their newest book—A New American Scripture, How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon—to prove this.

They also dedicated an entire chapter to convincing the world that the greatest human deception is the idea of personal divine revelation or inspiration.

They wrote:

“It is a mental process, uniquely human, that stimulates a person to do or feel something. It endows absolute power on a single person. It has crowned kings and queens and exalted and deified popes, priests, and saints (i.e., raised ordinary people to the status of a god). This spiritual energy causes a belief that the greatest power in the universe (God) gives authority to mere mortals to use God’s power on Earth. This belief is able to stimulate a simple man’s mind (the mind of one who would otherwise just be viewed as common and ordinary) to believe that he has been given this power—i.e., priesthood authority.

“Again, and this Real Truth™ is worthy of repeating, this spiritual energy causes a mental process that is the greatest deception of humankind. It causes personal revelation (inspiration), where a person’s brain is stimulated to feel or think things that the person is convinced did not originate in his or her own brain. The idea that thoughts or feelings come from a source of good (God, Allah, etc.) or a source of evil (the devil) outside of one’s own brain, is the greatest human deception of any and all.”

A New American Scripture, Chapter 3, The Greatest Human Deception, pages 116–117.

They mentioned something else I had once “said of an alleged exorcism”:

“As we have explained, spiritual feelings thought to be from God are actually created by a person’s own brain. They do not come from an outside source. This is also true for physical feelings that people often associate with ‘evil’ or with the devil. To point out that these types of feelings are simple functions of the normal brain, one of our contemporary messengers said of an alleged exorcism (casting an evil spirit out of someone), ‘Give him some weed (marijuana) and watch how fast the devil leaves.’ It is an undisputed Real Truth™ that a person who appears to be possessed by the devil can be given a sedative and the evil spirit will ‘miraculously’ depart. (Page 156.)

Have you ever wondered how a guy who looks like Brigham Young could deceive so many women to sleep with him?

The answer: divine personal revelation.

Women are much more honest than men. Honest women do not claim that angels visit them and that God talks to them. Having so many other responsibilities, women don’t have the time to be continually receiving divine inspiration—they gotta get things done!

So, especially in Brigham Young’s day, when a woman was convinced that the Book of Mormon was true, and that the LDS religion was true—because it was the only religion on Earth that had the Book of Mormon—the woman was convinced that Brigham Young talked with Jesus.

During that time period, a lot of the Mormon women could not read well, and again, didn’t have much time to sit around and concern themselves about what the Book of Mormon said. The women depended upon the men.

The women were convinced that the men had the ‘power of the priesthood,’ which gave the men the ability to receive divine revelation for the women.

The Book of Mormon is VERY CLEAR about plural marriage (polygamy). Jesus Roosevelt Christ! IT COULDN’T BE ANY CLEARER!

Polygamy is an ABOMINATION. ONE OF THE “GROSSEST CRIMES” A MAN CAN COMMIT … These aren’t my words, Folks, they’re in the Book of Mormon:

“Wherefore, my brethren, hear me, and hearken to the word of the Lord: For there shall not any man among you have save it be one wife; and concubines he shall have none.” (BOM, Jacob 2:27.)

And all you critics and ignorant naysayers out there who condemn Joseph Smith for violating this counsel and being a polygamist, you might want to do a little HONEST research about this issue.

We have DNA testing today. THE ONLY CHILDREN PRODUCED BY JOSEPH SMITH CAME FROM EMMA … and there were quite a few.

Joseph Smith NEVER slept with another woman other than his wife, Emma. (We provided the evidence of this in the book, Without Disclosing My True Identity—The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., Appendix 2, Mormon Polygamy—The Truth Revealed!, page 638.)

And if there exists a challenger out there who would like to debate on the issue of whether or not Joseph Smith, Jr. actually slept with other women, LET’S DO IT! But you might want to look up the information I provided above. (ALL books associated with e and the Real Illuminati® can be downloaded FREE.)

A good question to ask, is why Joseph Smith allowed polygamy?

I don’t know how many times I have given the answer, but here it is again:

“But behold, the [early Latter-day Saints] were a stiffnecked people; and they despised the words of plainness, and [sought to kill] the prophets*, and sought for things that they could not understand. Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark [set by the simple words given by Jesus Christ as the fullness of his everlasting gospel], they must needs fall; for God hath taken away his plainness from them, and delivered unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it. And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble.” (BOM, Jacob 4:14.)

*”If I were to tell you all the mysteries of the kingdom of God, you would rise up and kill me.” —Joseph Smith, Jr. addressing his followers.

Yep. Joseph allowed his followers to do whatever they wanted, so that they would stumble. And stumble they did. They continue to stumble … Oh, my how the LDS/Mormons stumble!

And what causes them to stumble more than anything else?


In the news: Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow, both LDS/Mormons.

How did a guy, who looks like Daybell, convince a woman, who looks Lori Vallow, to sleep with him?

How were these two Latter-day Saints convinced to kill Vallow’s children in order to save their souls?


It’s very easy for an unattractive man to convince an attractive woman to sleep with him, especially when the attractive woman has had terrible relationships with other attractive men.


Be really, really, really nice to the attractive woman. Make everything all about her. Stroke her ego, and she will end up stroking you, ESPECIALLY IF YOU CAN CONVINCE HER THAT YOU RECEIVE PERSONAL DIVINE REVELATION FROM GOD!

Convince her that God talks to you. When she’s convinced, tell her that God has told you how special she is to God, and that she has a special purpose in God’s work on the earth. Once she’s convinced that you actually receive DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION, you can then have God command her to make sure God’s messenger (you) is properly pleased.

Make up things that stroke the woman’s ego. Treat her with respect and tell her that God hasn’t created a woman quite like her; that God gives beauty ONLY to the women whom God needs to do His work on Earth. (Sorry to all you unattractive women out there … unless you have big boobs … then God loves you more.)

Can you imagine, Folks, what I could do with this kind of trust and power?

There are a lot of women, some very attractive, who believe that I am the ONLY True Messenger upon the earth today. (And I don’t look like a Brigham Young!) And I treat ALL women nice, regardless if they’re attractive or not.

The difference between me and guys like Brigham Young (Daybell, Jeffrey Curtis Foli … and I could name so, so, so many), is that I do not believe, nor do I teach that DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION is real. Because it’s not!

If I am trying to seduce an attractive woman, I’ll just seduce her and tell her the Real Truth™: I want you to stroke me, IF you want. My godhead, which consists of Me, Myself, and I, commands my ‘manhead,’ which in turn, inspires me to want to have sex with you.

But this wasn’t the case in my past.

I was under the same mandate as Joseph Smith, Jr. was to give the people what they wanted, until it was the right time to reveal the Real Truth™ about all things.

I deceived two LDS/Mormon Fundamentalist women, Marcee Kay Jaynes Quirk and Vicky Prunty, who strongly believed in Mormon plural marriage, to be my spiritual wives. I had no other purpose in deceiving them than to UNdeceive them and help them get away from the chains of LDS Fundamentalism … no other purpose.

I knew EXACTLY why Joseph Smith allowed polygamy and why he sealed lots of women to him as “spiritual wives.” He did this to protect the women from lustful men, especially the very unattractive men who were receiving all kinds of DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION FROM GOD, that they were the exception to God’s rule, and should be allowed to have more than one wife.

I also committed adultery once to help a friend in her marriage. (Yep, I did.) This innocent woman does not deserve her name to be mentioned here. And I will not.

I WILL sleep with whatever woman I want, IF she’ll allow me, BUT ONLY IF I TELL HER THE REAL TRUTH™ ABOUT ALL THINGS. I am no longer under any mandate to give the people what they want because they desire it, so that they will stumble.

Here’s the irony,

I CAN get an attractive woman without lying to her. I am very nice to ALL women, just like I am to ALL people. I COULD sleep with many, many women, IF I chose to. But I don’t. This is why the Real Illuminati® chose me to be their True Messenger. They know, because I have been tried and tested, that I WILL NEVER misuse the trust and confidence that people put in me as this True Messenger. And I have NEVER.

They chose a guy who looks like me for a reason.

Joseph Smith, Jr. was a very attractive man. Brigham Young was not.

Because Brigham Young lost the love of his life early, and was heartbroken, and because the Bible allowed for God’s chosen men to have more than one wife, and because Young had already slept with a couple of women, Joseph did not condemn Young for having a relationship with these women.

However, because Joseph allowed it for a few men, ALL the men wanted to partake, and it soon became a mess for him to deal with. To mitigate the mess, Joseph “received a revelation from God” that informed the men that ONLY he could assign a plural wife to a man … ONLY HE! (See D&C, section 132.)

Yeah, Joseph Smith allowed people to believe in DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION. And because the people believed that Joseph was God’s ONLY true prophet, whatever Joseph said in the name of the Lord, was DIVINE REVELATION.

Of course, ALL of the revelations that Joseph received were either directly from his own head, or given to him by the Real Illuminati®—the Three Nephites and John the Beloved, as they were known in early religious circles.

The men who followed Joseph Smith believed that if Joseph could receive revelation, then so could they. So, they did. And that’s when all the mess started.

The early LDS men were receiving all kinds of DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION, and what a few of the early LDS/Mormon leaders were receiving was NOT THE SAME REVELATION THAT JOSEPH WAS RECEIVING.

This is why so many faithful and popular early LDS/Mormon men fell away from the Church and from following Joseph as their prophet and started their own thing. Yep, because of DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION.

Joseph had to do something to stop the bleeding. He needed to do something to attempt to teach people that there is NO SUCH THING AS DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION.

With the help of the Real Illuminati®, Joseph Smith created the LDS Temple Endowment play/presentation.

This presentation is VERY CLEAR, that ALL mortal prayers, regardless of the prayer’s sincerity, are ALWAYS ANSWERED BY LUCIFER … ALWAYS!


Yeah, this temple endowment presentation COULDN’T BE ANY CLEARER!

But why do the LDS/Mormons still believe in DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION?

The answer:

For the same reason that they justified plural marriage when their own Book of Mormon CLEARLY CONDEMNS IT.

They do not pay any attention to anything but their DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION.

They pay more attention to the thoughts that pop in their head than they did and do in considering what Joseph Smith was trying to teach them in the endowment play.

LDS/Mormons are not the only ones who believe in DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION. Not even close!

It is DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION that causes a young Muslim to strap bombs to him or herself and kill the followers of the devil.

It was DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION that inspired the Al Maktoum (branch of the House of Al Falasi)—the ruling family of Dubai—to break ranks with other Islamic sects, and work out an economic treaty with Israel. So, it’s not all that bad. Right? Wrong! Just wait.

It was DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION that caused Donald Trump to stand in front of a church near the white house and hold up a Bible. Yeah, Republican DIVINE.

It is DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION that inspires Joe Biden to do what he is doing. Lord help us all!

DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION inspires the nine Justices that sit on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION is responsible for murder, wars, and most of the vicissitudes that afflict humankind.

It is DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION that supports the ego of the human being, especially of men … and more and more, of women.

In their endowment play presentation, the character, Lucifer, represents the ego of humankind. The lesson is clear how DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION ends up deceiving people.

There’s only one way that DIVINE PERSONAL REVELATION is confronted and thwarted—by a True Messenger who is telling (disclosing) the Real Truth™.

The Real Truth™ is and always will be:


But anyways …


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