Jeff Wangsgard

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My Name is Jeff Wangsgard.  I had nice parents. They were both examples to me, both good and bad. I have an older sister and a younger brother. I might be a middle child…anyway…My life was pretty much a good time from the time I can remember. I was a happy kid and I think I helped other people be happy for the most part When I was a kid I knew (from people telling me) That I was pretty special! Which only means that someone had to be less special than I was. That must have gotten my ego juices going. I was not a bad kid but I was not exactly a good kid. I am married and we have two kids, a boy and a girl. Both of my kids are gay! The youngest, my daughter is really nice, but unaccepting of the work or the idea that her dad is caught up in it. The “boy” hasn’t talked to me for 4 or five years. I am just saying that because I really do not care (that much), and that it because of The Work. They are each their own person. I have lived in Morgan, Utah for over 50 years. I recall that my dad died when I was 16 and we buried him in Huntsville but when mom died, we buried her in Morgan. Not wanting them to get lost and not find each other upon the day of resurrection, we moved dad from Huntsville to Morgan. Now I had always been a little curious and I wondered if by some miracle of god and jesus, that he would not be in the coffin, but would have risen! Oh man how dumb does that sound now. I asked the mortician “can we take a look inside”? he said “it’s your property … do what you want.” So, he took his key out and unwound the seal of the coffin that had been sealed for 16 years. Yea … he was still there … damn! Didn’t look the same and smelt worse. I threw that in to show how sick I am.

I can say I was raised IN the Mormon church, (by parental interference) but not OF the Mormon Church (by mine own brain). I tried like hell to make the church make sense for most of my life. Then I saw her face … now I’m a believer. View here

One thing that I really noticed, is that I went from a smart guy to a retarded person almost overnight. Once I found the work, I dropped 50 points on my IQ. Duh… I am sure you have all had that experience. I found The Work in 2014. I like the idea of starting to look in 2012 because of something my lifelong friend and I had discussed. He sent me down the path of looking into Ayahuasca, which lead me to DMT which led me to know that the teachings about our existence I have gotten from Christopher and The Real Illuminati are genuine, even though I do not understand all of it. It is an amazing story to me, but the question is how it has affected my life since finding it. So, let it be it enough to say I found The Work. I first found Ida Smith. She reminded me of how my grandma looked when I was 20. When I first heard Ida speak, something resonated with my brain bone. I liked what she was saying and the presentation that went along with it. I didn’t even catch on that there was a “Christopher” at first. I started watching the Sunday shows on MWAWTV and was pretty spellbound. There was a symposium coming up so I went to the June 16, 2014 symposium. I was greeted by some very nice people. They were very friendly and open. I liked them. One of the ladies I met was Sheri 2. So, when I met Christopher halfway up the stairs at the library, Sheri introduced me to him, and I shook his hand. He asked me what I thought about it all, and I think I just said something like…” you have given me a lot of things to think about! “Since then, I have done a lot of thinking! The MWAW and Humanity Party have opened my eyes to the possibilities that we could make happen.

I don’t remember all know about it, but I am learning. I do know for a fact that this life is sort of a dream and that is very cool. I remember calling into the show a few times and looking back I asked the stupidest questions. What I have learned from that is if you keep looking the answer shows up. For the most part, I have been rejected and mocked in my own hometown…because I did not take our Messengers advice and keep it to myself. I still do not, but only if I am asked. I am no messenger, thank God.

Christopher had an answer to questions I did not know I had. The information that is shared with the world is FREE OF CHARGE…. Who does that? Since finding the work I have lost the world, for the most part. I have sufficient for my needs and not much else. I am happy, and I find humor in almost everything I see. I have very few friends left. My close family consists of my brothers and sisters who have also found this Work. I love all of them. The rest of you…not so much. The rest of you…those who mock and make light of the MWAW…. you guys “know not what you do” but that is my opinion. I am very happy to have my name associated with Christopher Marc Nemelka and The Real Illuminati and Humanity Party. My association with this group of people has changed my life! I realize and acknowledge that I would not have a clue about anything if it were not for Christopher. I would be happy to direct anyone to the Real Illuminati and The Humanity Party

Jeffrey Quinn Wangsgard

432 W 100 N

Morgan, Utah 84050


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