Joseph Hull

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Joseph Hull Author,

I have searched with great effort since my LDS mission, to find answers to my doctrinal, historic questions and questions related to the restoration, saving doctrines taught and to the meaning of the temple endowment of the LDS church, of which I am a member. I have read thousands of pages of books, written by scholars within the church and out of the church, in trying to find answers and clarity to my many questions, which I deem very personal and sacred to my soul. My search for answers covers over fifty years of my life.

I believe I have been lead during this time being given line upon line precept upon precept leading and bringing me always closer to the real truth, until one day I was introduced to the book “The Sealed Portion”. I read it and couldn’t put it down. I was totally amazed as this book felt right , it tasted wonderful and warmed my soul. I felt that I had experienced a sort of a miracle, as you explained. The “miracle” is in the way that I received THE SEALED PORTION at exactly the right time in my life when I was ready to receive it.

I have since read all the MWAW books and try to keep current with all the blogs. It has given me peace and answers to questions to which I could not find adequate answers, including the explanation and meanings associated with sacred temple endowment. I had a great peace fill my heart. I knew in my heart that no one could give to us in our day the things that were given in full to the Prophet Joseph Smith, except it be the same individuals who gave them to him.

I have since been drawn to this work and read and study all the information I can about the MWAW.

Joseph Hull

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