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>I Will Find You My Friend<

An Avid Reader – I was born in 1962. I read the entire New Testament in 9th grade. I still recall some amazing things I read in that book that were very eye opening to me. It was part of the LDS (Mormon) seminary program to read the book and then write our testimony about it. I loved everything that had to do with Jesus Christ in that book. It was then, that I began to realize that the scriptures really spoke to me. I liked the seminary teacher, a humble and kind man. He seemed especially appreciative of the heart felt testimony that I wrote. His was a good idea because I was way too shy back then to stand in front of my peers to share my feelings (a testimony). I recall writing with a lot of heart felt passion about becoming close to Christ while reading this New Testament.

During the following years in seminary, I read the entire Old Testament, Doctrine And Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and another favorite “The Book of Mormon”. This was all a part of the LDS High School seminary program. (I stayed home from a few fun activities to make sure that I honestly read each and every page of these scriptures. And I realize now—–yes, I am a “geek”).

I went to regular seminary and some early morning seminary activities, I liked doing the devotional at the beginning of seminary. I enjoyed sharing messages with my peers there, in short presentations and object lessons. I participated in seminary bowl, looking up scriptures fast when given a clue in a contest with other high schools to see who finds the scripture first.

In seminary bowl, I was not that good at being fast, due to some memory problems but I really did enjoy socializing with a great group of kids in those years—-best that I can tell, they were good at including everyone. I am a slow reader, I have/had dyslexia so it is a wonder that I did all that reading. In college it would be the same, I enjoyed the Book of Mormon classes in college immensely. I paid my own way through 3 years of college and graduated from BYU.

CHILDHOOD & THE BEGINNING – I was raised in a LDS home, that also had a good share of dysfunction. I was a child in a stressful household, there was a good share of fear there. I got a head injury ( a brain goose-egg) in some kind of car accident, as a child and my neck is not formed correctly. I believe that I have lost certain aspects of memory ability due to that injury around age 3. (No car seats back then) I was in counseling at a very young age, (elementary school age). I do not recall specifics as to why I went there every week, but I liked the counselor a lot and the art projects and games they had there. I recall thinking that the counselor felt safe and stable in a way that other adults in my life did not. I got baptized and confirmed into the LDS faith at the age of 8. Fasting and paying tithing became regular expectations that I complied with.

I would hold a world of responsibility at a young age. I babysat my 4 younger siblings a lot and was held accountable for them. I was not paid for this and I did not expect to be. If they did something wrong, I was blamed. I always felt so very guilty for their behavior which I really did not have much control over. (Even now, at times, I easily feel anxiety and guilt for others if they are called out, as if I had done the wrong thing myself.)

I escaped some of the dysfunction by becoming a very quiet person and immersing myself in reading a lot of books, and playing the piano. Then later, I got into vocal music. I, my siblings and my cousins observed a lot of my parents fighting. Many thought my parents would not be able to stay married, but they did, sadly they both continue to appear to be unhappy about that. My work life, my marriage, my friendships, time with boyfriends and studies were interrupted not a few times by being dragged into the most recent parental fight, each wanted me to listen to a long and repetitive story and take their side. It became exhausting.

Christ, Nephi, Patterns . . . at ages 6, 10, 16 and 30 – I recall around age 16 that I got punched in the eye by a sibling, it turned black and blue. It was somewhat normal to deal with boundaries frequently being crossed in that household—lot’s of emotional wounds were had by all.

Love – Family did not say “I love you” much. I recall lying to the bishop when he individually questioned the youth of the ward about how often “I love you” was spoken in the home. I possibly said, “Um, Um, it was spoken 4 weeks ago”—that sounded about “normal” to me. Honestly I could not even recall a time when I had heard those words in our home. I was likely about 10 years old and was “pretending” normalcy. Later the Bishop announced it in church (my made up time) that the longest time of not saying I love you was 4 weeks (me made up time) and he felt the ward was doing pretty good because most of the kids reported hearing those words more often. That had surprised me and stayed with me: the realization: in many families, “I love you” was spoken way more often than in my home.

Anyway, (back to the black eye) at home the parents and kids all said that I made up the black eye or put make up on it to make it look black (not true). The family member did not get in trouble. People at school or at church did not say much about it, I thought the best thing for me to do in public, was to just ignore it.

In private, I turned to the Book of Mormon and wept as the book opened to Nephi’s story and I re-read how Nephi was treated so poorly by some of his siblings. How was I even anybody—–compared to Nephi? He had to go through some rotten stuff. I appreciated feeling a kinship with him. And with others of the Book of Mormon whose examples touched me deeply at various and specific time periods of my life.

By that age (16), I had taken a fair share of mistreatment by others at school and such, I was taught to always, always turn the other cheek. I remember this teaching being given to me by my parents around age 6, when a boy named Kevin was making scrape marks on my leg with his cowboy boots every day at school recess. He had the meanest look on his face while doing it. I believe I could recognize his emotions and they were not nice. It took my parents a while to realize that the scrapes were not from falling down on the playground at recess (we wore dresses at school in those days). So my parents, gave me the teachings of Jesus to turn the other cheek or in this case it was, “the other ‘leg’ ” and I followed this advice. That teaching became ingrained in me and I would use it a lot throughout my life. (That does not mean that I did not notice feeling revengeful at any time, but quelling that emotion was implanted deep within me.) My degree of tolerance for others negative behavior could be very high and that would surprise my peers at times. It came in handy when working the Psych Unit as a nurse. Anyway back to 6 year old Kevin, when his behavior continued, my parents said that boys do this when they like a girl —that left me upset and confused. Looking back with a faded memory, I wonder, did my parents really actually arrange a play date for me with him— that turned awful? Or was that just a bad dream? It’s good that I don’t remember which.

My impression of Christ then, was that he never got angry, he was meek and mild and never retaliated. The “never got angry part” would be reinforced in me a lot while growing up, until a certain New Testament scripture, I just happened to open to when I was upset and angry. . . . { } I think I was around 30 years old by then and that taught me one of “many” profound scripture lessons.

The childhood situation with Kevin, would be repeated many times throughout my life with various personalities situations and characters, not always, but many times, these lessons told me: “Quietly suffering is just a part of life.”

Later in life (age 25-40) – I would go to several different counselors, mainly marriage counselors. Almost every bishop tried to help with the marriage too. This causes me to wonder if much suffering had led me to an imbalanced life. I would complete each counselor’s assignments with tenacity, and try all the techniques and try to make sense of the difficult things in my life. I don’t even remember what the bishops said to do any more—there were so many. I read many of the assigned self-help books. But in the end, it was frequently the scriptures that brought me the most comfort and answers (solace). Regularly throughout life, I would spend hours studying the scriptures. Regular fasting was a habit too. I also found helpful a few 12- step groups/locations over the years to work on my tendency to be “enabling/co-dependent”.

Childhood continued – There were some youthful happy times in gathering with friends and extended family. I liked making up creative games for my siblings and neighbor kids to play; like spook alley, carnival, advance at pretend school, kick the can, play secretaries. Getting roller skates was a big deal and those skates got a lot of use.

Back to love – I realize that “showing love” (actions versus words) may just be the way that some families communicate, we likely were not overtly able to show love (by hugging, touching, eye contact, etc.) or speak love either. However a way to look at it is: love was in the actions of preparing clean clothes to wear each day, a mom who tried to stay home with us and prepare good and wholesome food to eat. For my Dad, he was showing love by going to work each day, fixing bikes, creating a beautiful yard and showing us kids, how he served and respected our grandparents (his Mom and Dad). Dad is European, he loved the American flag in a humble way. Marrying a European was hard on my Mom. Assimilation is so relative, but I thought Dad was great at it. Here are 2 different cultures, it is the 50’s, 2 different languages, one LDS religion, what could go wrong?

WORK, THE TEEN YEARS AND COLLEGE – Attending weekly church continued to be a thing— and it had been happening for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a gruff and strict household compared to my friends. I mainly tried to hang out with them at their homes, as my home was found to be odd by them with way too many rules that did not make sense to them. And they likely felt the great amount of stress that was there. I was encouraged to have friends that were active in the LDS faith. I was not allowed to get a license and drive a car for quite a while. I walked long distances a lot. I was allowed to work at a young age, I started tending children at about age 10 or 11, I often did not have too many free weekends during those 5 years of babysitting.

At age 15 I got a job at a restaurant for about 6 months, I dealt with being wrongfully accused of taking from the till there. The owner was kind, but I did not know how to stand up for myself (happened a lot) and I would feel a lot of guilt even though I had done nothing wrong. I quit that job. Besides, it was more fun to devote my extra time to the school musical. For most of college I lived away from home on purpose. Each sibling moved out quickly as well. I graduated with a degree in nursing.

I can see that during this time, I was caught up in the pride of Mormon life, being told often that ours was the truest church in the world by leaders; we were achievers and climbing the ladder. For many in Salt Lake City, Utah, achieving the American Dream was almost in grasp or right around the corner. Accomplishments felt so good, but who gave thought to the poor? We paid our fast offering and tithe that was supposed to take care of the poor. “Mormon Fortune Builders” was a popular book at the time. There were a lot of Mormon style investment schemes and multi-level companies, Mormons were buying and selling all kinds of the goods of the world.

MARRIED – I got married in the LDS temple at age 22, to a man who had returned from a LDS mission. We dated 3 years off and on before marrying. I was in love and always thinking about him. I have 3 much loved, living children from that marriage. I do not recall a time that we did not attend church. He was in school a long time to get his 4 year degree, it took more than 4 years. I worked a lot to support the family, I would have rather stayed home with the children when they were young, but we chose together that he would get a degree. Birthing 3 children close together while working full time and having a husband in school the whole time was no easy task. I had toxemia with 2 pregnancies, it took a toll on my health.

The marriage ended after about 10 years. I was devastated. I secluded myself in the bathroom, layed on the floor pounding it in anger and hurt, crying out how could this have happened? He was gone and nobody was home to hear me. A woman’s voice sweetly called out “I love you”. How soothing and sincere that sounded in my sea of sadness, but I could not get up and go open the front door. It took muuuuuch longer till the sobbing would stop. Days later music would begin healing me, but it took a long time to even feel normal and stop crying every day in the shower. The “Spirit of Christ helped soothe and ease the pain. The vacillation and the decision process of leaving—– felt agonizing. I felt all that church leaders had promised in exchange for living righteously was horribly disappointing. I needed to find a reason why.

Was it the long list of church duties? Was it all the financial responsibilities on mainly one income? Who was to blame? How were our meager possessions and D. I. (used) furniture to be divided? Would the kids be damaged? And what about the Eternal consequences?

I was deceived. The central message of the Christ in the book of Mormon is what should have really mattered. I was told by family and church members and began to believe that the children would be with me in the next life and not with their father. (I was a deceived, arrogant Mormon to believe that and self-righteous too.)

Around this time, I began confessions to the bishop of every little thing I could think of. From time to time I forced myself into the equivalent of sack cloth and ashes. I wanted to be sure I embarrassed myself and scoured myself with “steel wool” enough for my sins to make sure they did not come back. At the time this felt like a cleansing spiritual process, even though some may say that keeping the change, using porn or keeping a music book, is not a big deal. For today’s life, I have not caught on to all the teachings of the MWAW on sin, (and several other teachings) but I caught enough of the drift to now ask myself, what is a sin, really? About this time I began my journey into uncovering Medical Intuitive capabilities with study of every modality that came my way.

Also at about this time, I had taken to heart President Ezra Taft Benson’s talk on pride, copied and read it often. I was seeing a lot of pride in me and around me, I did not want pride to be any part of me. I stopped using the words, “I am proud of _______” (blank). My battle with pride and hurt feelings is a seemingly never-ending-process.

MARRIED AGAIN – My former husband and I tried again around 1999—we got re-married . We changed residences a lot during this period of time.

Around 2004, I had become discouraged by things I saw in the church. I lived in a ward/stake that had prominent leader/members, the highest I had ever seen of members per capita/per house all in one neighborhood. I was looking to find concern for the youth there, concern and support for the poor, concern for women and good mental health, a regular amount of honesty, cleanliness and reverence. “Chiefly missing and most obvious was teaching, preaching, thinking and talking of Christ in our meetings, (I am scripture rusty or I would quote it correctly) I waited for weeks and then months for the church talks to mention Christ. So—sorry to say as I recall, mention of Him was rare, if at all. The church talks eventually improved, as rumblings might have “gone around.” However, I continued to be just so shocked, I asked myself were these things really happening, here in this supposed Utopian land of Zion? Cuzz wait—–I was a nobody, (still am) an outcast, an outsider, unable to keep a marriage going, yes, starving for the Bread and Water of Life———-as a Scarlet letter woman in recovery. Didn’t anybody else want the Words of Life too? The observation was so simple, surely somebody else was noticing and was going to say something —-right?

The bottom line was—-I was so empty at that building, I was not finding what I had hoped to find. At home, private scripture study was great, family scripture study was great. Was this group just one ward lost in a large stake? Were they lulled to sleep by their trust in materials? By distractions?

Was I judging? Was I just trying to find out why everything associated with that building just felt so empty? I will have to answer at the end of this life at the judgement bar. —Scripture on judging with light of Christ – 3Nephi*— (I say none of these things to boast of myself or look down on others mistakes, it seems an intelligent plan was being laid out here which is well beyond anything I could do of myself.)

I did have a bit of a scarlet letter near this time, because, while my body and health were healing from a severe illness (and some unknown disease from the rape) my former spouse took me (the woman who had divorced him at Christmas) back into his home and his life, to aid and comfort me. (I was turned away from help by my Mormon family of orgin) I asked “K’s help first, later came the re-marriage. After living together and using healing modalities, the desire for sex together became strong. We were resisting and resisting for a time. Eventually we allowed healing sexual energy to happen before we were ready to make a commitment to re-marry. I wondered how it could be so wrong and yet be so healing.

After re-marriage we met with our bishop. As far as I knew, our bishop knew all that had happened (from our separate interviews) about us getting back together. I thought I had told all, but then, the bishop asked again. At that moment, I decided to “re-confess” in order to be on the safe side. (As I recall, I had already repented of this to a bishop in a previous ward in a different stake or neighborhood.) I had been raped during the time I was single, and I blamed myself, so I “re-confessed” about that.

I never felt accepted again at church after that “re-confession”. An exception to this would be, the feeling of acceptance when in a calling to work with special needs people and working with children. Anyway in the end, the thing I feared did not happen; we were not excommunicated out of the church (membership withdrawn). Some of “non-acceptance” could have been my fault (I was even more a geek by this time).

I wanted to be sure that I cemented in the lesson I needed to learn, so I decided to not take the sacrament for a longer time than suggested-probably about 8 weeks (Yeah I know—dramatic overkill). Since that “confession,” I was suddenly on the other side of the fish bowl. The loudest voice ever——— would talk down to me in front of others in the church building. I began to experience strong distrust from others in a way that I had never known before. I recall serving in a church kitchen; people turned their backs, every word I said was ignored. Ostracized. I was the one that many wanted to make sure they “taught a lesson to” when they did not understand the situation. It was shocking how long this would end up lasting for. {My husband was being treated the opposite, he had lots of best friends. I was like, Huh?—-He committed the same sin I did——-of making love to a former spouse before re-marriage. By now I had a lot of open wounds and the tall salt shaker was completely empty.

Maybe my hardships and my strange scarlet letter, was why certain people there, (at church or in other-words the entire neighborhood) suddenly showed more of themselves. Not only did they show the lies, but they showed their truths, about the ward, the church and some questionable church history, about their lives and some of the abuse they had been through. A very, very, few others, showed me how I could help them, and a couple others showed sustaining compassion< which was a nice contrasting experience.

As a married couple, our financial problems had never really stopped. There were financial problems with a business that my husband and son had helped start. Everything basically was getting repossessed (again), went through 2 forclosures without being told, car repossession x 2, the power shut off etc. I was making around $7-8 per hour due to health issues. The IRS became involved—-my bank account was emptied on Valentines day, by the government and nobody had told me. I was kept from knowing our true financial picture often. There are more difficult details but I will refrain from writing about them.

It was approximately 2004-2005 when a copy of a document fell into my hands. I now recognize that it was possibly written by Christopher. I ran into 2 people dressed as polygamists in a copy shop. They seemed very concerned with testing my integrity and wanted to talk about what I knew of Cleon Skousen. They acted like they knew a lot about him, but they had not realized he had become very ill. I had attended a few Cleon Skousen classes in about 1998 to 2002 in SLC. After the 2 left, with their copies, there was a copy of what they had copied—— left in the machine. Something told me that I had to read it! (Around that same time, there was a lot of “hushed” back room church talk asking when the LDS Mormons would be righteous enough for the “Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon” to come out.)** Anyway the writings got my attention and I remember thinking there is no way the LDS church would appreciate these writings. The document gave religious scriptural calculations to come up with a date for the coming of Jesus Christ, but I do not recall anything being mentioned about a Sealed Portion. I read the papers at home in secret, with my face burning bright red because, I knew if my husband found out, he would have me in a LDS scandal.* (In a recent poignant moment he had angrily yelled at me to choose to either follow: “Jesus Christ” or “the Church.” When I quickly chose “Jesus Christ,” his thunderous anger seemed to grow and I felt he immediately reported my choice to the Top Church Authorities). I would do my best to make sure he did not find the document or know I was reading it. I was so grateful to read this because, now I knew there was a reason to hope that someone knew more than the LDS church did, especially about the future. **Also several of us were taking the Cleon Skousen class to learn why Priesthood blessings for healing did not seem to be working, along with discussion on how the church could get out from under the condemnation that had been spoken about in general conference. Why did it seem there was not much prophecy from church authorities anymore? I don’t recall that he had answers, but Mr Skousen seemed to be asking the same questions right along with those of us in the class.

2007 – The year of moving out on my own. The family had been renting a house together in St George. I could not afford to pay the $1100/month rent. My daughter had graduated from High School and was with her boyfriend, my oldest son, had moved out. My youngest son indicated he would not be going with me. This marriage ended after 8 years and then there was the divorce taking near 2 years. I knew that I was just terribly thirsty and hungery for more truth, more that resonated with my inner being. The marriage partnership I was leaving had become a bitter, sad, ugly, lie, that no longer resembled “a marriage.” I felt so disrespected. Core parts of me were disappearing, as well as my peace and clarity.

In the end, I felt that I had barely escaped with my soul, with my life. I had evidence that negative financial habits were suddenly now appearing in me. As if a sprouting leg had come right into my planter.

I had challenged common sense on how long a person can last in a dysfunctional marriage environment. It took a lot of prayer, sheer focus and will power to not let the negative over-take me during the first few years I was on my own. I worked on bringing back financial management skills. As a result of leaving, I identified the fearful things and faced them as there really was nowhere to run to. I had some wonderful peaceful moments. Today I realize —-I have been in a sort of personal rehab for a while—since leaving that marriage. Back then, I had my reasons to have reservations about church attendance and church membership, I was a woman. My church attendance was still there but somewhat strange and odd, alone.

Some beautiful helpers came into my life, the funny thing was, that not a lot of others could see or feel their amazing beauty. They were explorers and truth seekers too, in a way they prepared me to accept what I would find in the MWAW. They would expose me to many new truths, to other truth seekers and show me an example of a family who shows their love to outsiders and to each other. I was so fortunate to see the Code of Humanity in action in their lives and in how they treated me.

In 2012 to 2014 – I found myself back in SLC, Utah still single and going through surgery, chemo and radiation for stage 4 cancer caused by a chemical exposure. I was not afraid to die, living was much harder (and finding money for all this treatment as I did not have much in the way of support-my nurse job had not originally offered insurance). And I was feeling a good degree of apathy at the time. The tumor sat on my leg for 7 months before a way was found to afford the surgery and treatment.

I did not like the state of the world one bit and some things about the administration of the church continued to “feel wrong.” I read “Visions of Glory” at the same time as another family member, but stopped reading the book abruptly. The point where I could no longer read was: when Christ spoke to the large audience from the podium of the LDS Salt Lake City Conference Center. I wanted to envision it happening, I put down the book and closed my eyes . . . . I was in the audience with Christ’s eyes focused on me in a loving and penetrating gaze——————-, but abruptly common sense interrupted my powerful vision of what I thought would happen. Common sense just said, “the LDS Conference Center is the least likely place for Christ to make an appearance back on earth.” And for the first time in a while, I just refused to finish reading a book of this kind.

Friends had been discussing a talk by Heber J. Grant. I got a copy and it indicated that Heber J. Grant said we come to earth for “multiple lives” or incarnations. (Sorry, I cannot verify this source.) I had thought about that possibility a few times and how way back when, a respected Relief Society leader had spoken to me succinctly and privately about how resurrection was “a process.” My mom gave me a book on “multiple lives” which I read and it made a lot of sense (not associated with the LDS church). I bought copies of that book and shared them with people whom may have wanted to know how I felt about this cancer journey I was on. (Later, I discovered the Joseph Smith biography “No Man knows My True Identity”, discusses the topic of multiple lives as well.)

2015 – My friend was giving me tidbits of information from his involvement with the MWAW. He got my curiosity going as he would “jab” with the info every now and then. The teacher part of me would like to give you an example of a “jab” but I do not want to over step my bounds. I will just say: there are many, many “new ways” of looking at the good ole “Book of Mormon” that can be learned from the MWAW teachings.

So with this curiosity rolling—–I cleared my schedule to read the books of the MWAW. I believe I got the recommendation to read HUMAN REALITY first. I appreciated that the H.R. book talking about the significance of an Overseer and that term was familiar to me. The book was a bit of a difficult read for me as it does not contain scripture. I read The Sealed Portion next, I was about ¾ of the way done when “KA-BONG!” Something hit me right on the head! Verification of a truth that I had been sharing on my own with others. Unfortunately with sharing this topic, it attracted mean and unwanted attention to myself. I felt that specific thing, may have been put in The Sealed Portion (TSP) just for me. Realizing “that” was a clincher (serious turning point) for me, even though I now realize that the “whole book” brings new life to those who “read it with a broken heart and sincere intent”. (I do not desire to rely on just “a clincher”, that would potentially be dangerous ground for me to do that. I want my heart and mind to be open to continue to accept all the truths of the Marvelous Work and A Wonder, continued study is important to me!!)

And to the best of my memory I did finish the TSP. These truths filled me with joy. Love in the heart for humankind, getting re-kindled is sweet. I became quite a bubbly and sociable person. I remember sending messages with hearts all over the place. I was so happy and no longer sluggish and apathetic about life. I was empowered and ready to make my dreams come true. I remember posting on facebook at the time: “Help has come.” I now understand that “We are that help”, each one of us.

Close to that time I read “The Mark of America Seat of the Beast”, The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded”. I went to church soon after that, beaming and grinning from ear to ear, deeply grateful for all that had brought me to this significant transition point in my life. Symbolically it was my last day at church. The local people in this area for the most part had been good to me. It was not my desire to make any announcement of leaving nor to speak to anyone about it, as I recall, I did not hold a church calling at that time. I moved to a new home of my own soon thereafter.

2020 THE SWEET FRUIT GETS BETTER– I have been placed in learning situations and tests in which I could prove to myself what I was willing to let go of, go through and sacrifice ( especially ego and pride) in order to have better priorities, more compassion and time for study and support of THE WORK. I would love to feel that I was physically doing something to help the plans of the MWAW and the Humanity Party go forward, along with taking action to help Solve Poverty. Would not these plans end so much of the political strife across the land?

I feel guilty to have the privilege to slow down a bit during Covid-19 while many of the poor in the world greatly suffer.

For me, participating in the MWAW has been about: an open mind, an open heart, growing more patience, finding forgiveness, looking for self-appreciation, continuing with self improvement. I am re-confirming, The Humanity Party and the MWAW mean everything to me, as well as Solving Poverty and Keeping the Spirit of Christ.

I wish to, as it were, to call out to all——- with a loud voice—-that there is an irrefutable plan already figured out and set up called The Humanity Party, which the Real Illuminati (illuminated ones) have put together specifically for this earth, this world, for this date and time we are currently living in. The people in the Book of Mormon had a time when they shared all things in common, it is possible to follow a similar plan now. This plan has the capacity to provide for those who do not have the 5 basic necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care).

Recently I finished reading the MWAW book, Sacred Not Secret and found it to be the Golden Key that unlocks a grand understanding to the LDS Temple Endowment that is available nowhere else. The original writers of the endowment unlock the meaning.

I am currently reading Without Disclosing My True Identity, The Authorized And Official Biography of The Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith. I have read through 25 chapters, each chapter is relatively short and flows in an interesting manner. I am finding out that reading it, is well worth my time. It contains a mountain load of accurate and significant information that other biographies of Joseph Smith cannot and do not even come close to containing. (The foot notes are great too.)

THE BITTER – for me came with the sweet – One more thing to say from my own journey – The wormwood does taste terrible, I personally vouch. Bitter versus the Sweet. Which do we choose to taste more thoroughly, spending more time remembering? I want to never let go of THIS SWEET FRUIT!

HUMILITY, please pour yourself upon me,

Maybe this is the only way to keep tasting the sweet fruit.

The Words of Life are found by reading and listening to — Christopher Marc Nemelka – -A True Messenger.

You can write to me at thuetkathy68@gmail.com

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