Kendra Nordes

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I began my personal search for truth in 2013 after I saw the LDS temple endowment for the first time. It was shocking to me and I wanted to know the real truth about what it meant and where it came from.

I was researching Joseph Smith’s history on the internet when I found the Marvelous Work and a Wonder in 2014.

The books from the MWAW answered questions I had about religion, and more specifically, the LDS religion that I was raised in, including a complete disclosure of what the temple endowment is all about.

When I learned about The Humanity Party in 2015, it instantly became my passion. I have never found more logical solutions to the world’s problems.

Since finding the work, I have been more empowered than ever to be my own God; and it is my sincere desire to aid and support the work in any way that I can.

Kendra Marie Nordes


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