Kindra Elizabeth Wild

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My name is Kindra Elizabeth Wild, born as Kindra Elizabeth Clark in Orem Community Hospital, and went home to my maternal grandmother and grandfather Shurtz’s home, a very faithful and devout LDS Mormon family who strongly participated in their church community.
I was born in Orem, UT, July 28th, 1983, year of the floods in Utah… Landing at my grandparents in my first days, we quickly began what I refer to as my Urban Gypsy life.
We moved around a lot even in my first year. along with wavering in extreme poverty and even homelessness. I moved 115 times until my reality today of recently arriving back into transient Van living, occasionally staying on a friend’s couch, and working/staying with my lover Glen Iverson, when it’s possible due to complex circumstances which mostly pertain to my health.
For some reason, being a painfully shy, sensory sensitive person, which is something of a ‘spectrum’ (commonly viewed by others as ‘weird’ it was tricky for me to navigate my day to day, my body, flesh, mind, and environment.) Being awkward and shy, I have ALWAYS been an easy target, for others to take out their bizarre human impulses and uncomfortable feelings on. I’m probably an entitled and selfish ass without realizing sometimes because of the unrelenting strange events of my life and constant confusion of all the adults everywhere all telling me different things, which for the most part, none of it added up to what the next one would say.
I was restless, turbulent, and had strong feelings I didn’t always know how to deal with from as early as I can recall. I had a lot of stress and felt I was barely keeping up. In fact, I didn’t feel like I could keep up for the most part, but that didn’t deter me from trying with all my inner resources I feel it’s better for the reader not to sound as, depict myself as or come across as a victim, yet I do not do justice to simplify and tell the things I experienced. One thing for sure, is that I have been misunderstood my whole life.
I guess you can say I am a different kind of person, some would say Eclectic, and was shaped in an uncommon way which I have found confuses people often. Even though I grew up in a society, I really grew in the cracks and shadows of the society, I relate with Alice and the Looking Glass…
Where the normal life of the world goes on… and yet, in the mirror in the very room the people dwell, they cannot see the girl trapped on the other side looking back, pounding on the glass to connect and let them know she was stuck in the dark world with the Jabberwocky.
Currently, at 37 years old, floating around Salt Lake and surrounding valleys as I try to make my van livable, with everything I was gearing for packed into a storage unit with feelings like my life could be something different then I spent years thinking it had to be. All my Lifes effort spent for surviving the system and surviving my own ‘natural man’ which had me convinced I had no other choice. pursue the medical and mental health support, I know I should be able to access in a proper government. It’s interesting how I got here. It’s really such a bizarre story I have to leave out a lot and yet I struggled to know how to really tell it without leaving out important influential factors.
1-When I was 16, I had spent 7 months in my first sexual relationship, yet I had lost my actual virginity with another man at 15 just the one time, who I met when I was 13 and spent two years grooming me. Mikey Lance. This second man who was not good, Justin, caused me a lot of harm. Roping me into some deep bipolar “love”. He was supremely dominating martial artist with abusive rural Pleasant Grove UT (no offense) but the Back-of-the-bar type of parents. He would swing so intensely all over the place, which was ALL new to me.
2-I was used to my mom in her calm authority. Then every other weekend crashing into some kind attitude upset with my dad due to his lack of understanding of me, and then mostly no supervision or nurturing through any sort of stress when in his care. I had to problem solve, or explore ways to cope with all the intense things I was feeling and processing as a child. Endlessly feeling hungry or nauseated, and feeling stress in my stomach.
3-I also had body pain as a little kid which I was told were growing pains. This led to the need for reconstructive surgeries of the foot and facial bones and such morbid things that have deeply shaped the way I view myself across my life. This also led to a gateway of inappropriate touch of a male adult caretaker tricking me to think he is providing comfort to my pain.
4-At 16, we lived back in my grandma Shurtz’s basement apartment which they built up from a cement hole in the ground. My mom lived there because she always lived there when we had no other place to go if she wasn’t making it on her own in the world basically raising three kids on her own. I always knew I had to be a good kid, be my mom’s friend, and help her with all my might. Yet I was so co-dependent and adored her and needed the depth of communication and processing that she enabled with her mothering, which allowed me to function more optimally. This is also why it was getting lost in the flow of things like no one adjusting to me having learning disabilities, as I was so highly engaging with my mom, and yet was being kept after school for 45 minutes a day in the second grade, for example of the dissonance.
5-I was always wildly curious about everything shamed and condemned by the lds doctrine and the people’s delivery of judgement and criticism to anyone who is not in line with their teachings. I remember truth seeking since I was young. Curious about G O D and what that REALLY is, since it seems everyone had a depiction or not. I wanted to know what Is REALLY going on here. Being alive and this whole thing we do all together every day on Earth. A series of events and experiences led me to believe we live in some sort of highly advanced technology holographic world. This sort of thinking quickly alienated me from emotional intimacy with people in general, and my shapes and forms and style quickly elicited a lot of judgement. Let me not kid anyone that I myself am highly judgemental, and passionately affected by inconsistencies in everything in the world around me. Yet I do not claim to be highly intelligent personally.
6-Especially because my dad was a regular lifestyle partaker and he was charging forward in the world working his ass off, and drinkin, smokin, and taking all sorts of “wild ride’s” of mind-altering sorts since the timing fits for his twenties hitting in the Hippie Free World Revelation of the people, this did create a strong cognitive dissonance for me in feeling caught in a catch 22 being surrounded by Mormons. Dad had incredible band photos like the Beatles and such things were just normal to me.
7-Eventually I had a free night as that first boyfriend Justin left town, he told our mutual friends to keep an eye on me. I went with them to a party at BYU housing near Utah Valley University, some shared unit apartments on the 3rd floor facing the East Mountains such as Timpanogas. At this party, I was drinking wine coolers, and some boys came in offering mint drops, I was told they had LSD and I accepted their mint dropper which they gave me more liquid lsd then I could tell how many “hits” it was. I was not grasping what I was in for. In a few minutes I found myself in the hallway in this strange apartment, staring in a bubble out mirror on the East wall. I leaned in to look at myself looking through my own eyes, as I was reflecting in a Dome mirror watching everything melt like red blood thicker than paint pouring down, melt my reality as far as I was perceiving it.
8- I proceeded to go through waves of this experience. I remember flashes and drawn-out moments all throughout the night, along with some kind of breakthrough to another world. Actually, it was like going through layers of different realities until popping through into this recording room that went on forever. The things I saw, as I grew up in such an atmosphere that allowed personal freedom of thought and identity development, reflected things I have seen all across the multitudes of society in the places I have gone; it seems this allowed some kind of non-denominational more true-to-actual-reality experience. I don’t really know… And it’s very hard to explain or describe, especially since other than total common sense and my “holy ghost” and still small voice within of that messenger of truth is all I have to go on.
9-As I was raised in new-age-ISM lifestyle with my mom on the go, when the going got tough, we go somewhere else, surfing the cutting edge of radical free thinkers. My scholarly lifelong, student, handyman and “Masters of Gerontology” mama described to me one time how as people fled one tyrannical land for another it truly filtered down to explorative and perseverant people who made it all the way to California for example. She would ask me questions from as far back as I remember. She took me with her even when my two brothers very close to my age, Jeremiah and Hiram, would stay behind in various scenarios living either with my dad in the Tooele experience, or staying with other relatives, etc. We would spend hours upon hours in the car going back and forth from all these places I have lived which includes seven different states back and forth all around mostly Utah. I guess that is its own form of homeschooling.
10-I was somewhere else in the school curriculum in every new school. I went to 22 different schools. I eventually dropped out of high school by 16, and this is how I was living in my car as a full-blown alcoholic. I got a job at Musician’s Friend Call Center while living in upper east Draper gigantic houses with my mom’s best friend of the decade back then and her barbie daughters, who is 13 years older than my mum. Ali Dances, who changed her name from Sammie Madsen, built and operates the largest Montessori School, after running the old one near the freeway in Orem. This is where my mom enrolled us for after school care and day care as a kid and how they met and became friends over 15 years.
11-I quickly washed out of the school Alpine High while living there only a short time and was going to Area 51 night club 3 nights a week with my friends. We made friends with the musicians at Positively Fourth Street on 400 s 400 w in downtown SLC, from working at Musician’s Friend. We would work days and go clubbing at night going to 4×4 around the corner first to drink and party before going dancing for 6 straight hours usually 3 nights a week. Not much for Non-LDS people in SLC to do besides this sort of thing.
12-Going to Raves was another pass time the alternative and underground SLC community exercised. This is how I coped with living in my extremist LDS Mormon grandmother’s basement back bedroom with my mom and brothers, and had to adhere to her doctrine that I had NO understanding of what SO ever. I received their scorns and persecutions and feelings of fear and hate over being confused by my behavior and personality as a non-LDS kid, with a ROCKSTAR lifestyle Dad and a New Age anti-religious mother. I felt to explore the mysteries of the universe as far and wide as I could. I tried different things at these raves, beside going sober while pregnant with my daughter. I tried “candy-flipping” which is lsd and ecstacy together. I saw things… like the holographic universe. I took ecstacy and molly, and more lsd to remedy the first time I overdosed. I was convinced by friends to take small amount and promised healing… yet being so young I still didn’t understand a lot. I had strange thoughts memories and experiences on these mind-altering substances. I never could use marijuana, it sent me into a place I couldn’t function.
13- Years later I found myself using cannibus to wean myself on a multitude of pharmaceutical drugs that the mc’donalds medicine western medicine industry placed me on. I was in and out of Doctors since I was a small child. Herbology, natural plant medicines and natural cures and remedies have always been my area of study and curiosity due to going through so much personal health challenges with the need to keep up in the world. Studying health and wellness over different vocational study sources over the years.
15- My dad is basically a Buddhist, pigging out on what he likes to eat, drink, enjoy life… and yet is also a health nut. He believes in being kind and respectful to people no matter race color health or mental condition. He mostly works and keeps to himself and his wife. They care for her kids and grandkids, but my brothers and I are all on our own. He raised us to radically self-rely.
16-My two brothers have fared to keep their own heads afloat, having similar but NOT the same childhood experience I had. Even So Much as my dad flying my two brothers out for thanksgiving and not me, due to his wife’s hatred and jealousy of me. I was a kind, shy, awkward, tall, skinny, androgynous kid. I did not understand this reaction from her or anyone. My brothers didn’t receive the same targeting behavior from predators that I did. They both married strong women who they work with all their power love and might to keep their own heads afloat. I love them and we don’t interact near enough mostly because of me.
17-My grandpa Kent Shurtz has many siblings mostly spread throughout Utah and especially the Delta Area. They moved from downtown SLC when my mom, Lauri Kaia Wild, born as Laurie Kay Shurtz on August 19, 1962, was 10 years old, with 3 older sisters and a younger brother John Russell, aka Rusty. He was 6. They moved to Saratoga Springs out west of Lehi in 1972, for worry of the family of children living so close to traffic and concerned for the safety of their children. Grandpa Shurtz, who has battled a fragile body his whole life, including 5 different open-heart surgeries and a pace maker over time to keep him barely alive, and mind you he was owner operator of Shurtz Auto for over 50 years on the corner of State and Maine in Lehi.
18-He was fragile, yet the most gruff and hardest worker I’d ever seen, only second to my Grandma Shirley Shurtz. Who is the backbone of keeping this family going from the start. She is incredible in more ways than I can describe and yet stands as the voice of the inner critic in my mind along with my one aunt who kept and maintained the deep LDS faith along with my grandmother. I remind them of my dad, who they have deep long-term disdain for, and they said I’m off track, but yet it’s not my fault who my dad is.
19- Grandpa Kent Shurtz worked a roofing company with his four son in-laws and tragically fell from a couple stories up landing into critical condition in the hospital. It was during this unconscious spell that Rusty was innocently running out to get the mail, being fatally hit by a single car in the area speeding its way into Lehi. As my grandfather awoke from his coma sleeping spell, he arrived into the news of his only son having passed away brutally. This impacted my mom, her sisters and grandparents.
20-My maternal Grandmother, Shirley K Shurtz, kept home and was co-operator of business, master of garden, shop house home parenting church etc. This deep LDS doctrine basically was the platform of our entire larger family psychology. Pair that with Artists, favoring the fantasy world of faeries and mystical imagination in general, and you have… some sort of a deeply entrancing wonderland. I often refer to the feeling of Alice behind the Looking Glass, in the trenches with the Jabberwocky. Some might view this as a victim paradigm, yet so many crazy things actually went on… through my sensory fragile nerves interpreting this all I felt like static chaos needing to decipher everything coming my way in extra steps.
21-I did trust my mom and her avid researching studying and exploring nature. She had my trust and loyalty above anyone else. I knew I could always be myself with her… even though later I developed some unhealthy behaviors that I didn’t come to her with. Mostly because I didn’t want to worry or disappoint her, or cause her more stress. Even as a kid I felt there were things I must explore, and trouble I definitely found myself in. I learned to become very sneaky with the way my life was in a divorced family in abject poverty.
22-Mom always had a lot of common sense as far as I could see. She is AGNOSTIC. She tells me, I don’t know and neither does anyone else. It’s all speculation. This is how I was raised and trained. Yet, essentially all artists, we find the influence of science, philosophy, fantasy, imagination, all mingled with the fallout doctrine of the scriptures… of which I never read or properly understood from my early active Mormon family influence.
23-My mom had and basically still has the passionate reading bug more than anyone I have ever known. She would take us to the library basically every week. As she was raising us three kids the best she could on her own, with my dad’s $400 a month, the library was a life saver for her and us kids in many ways. We would check out new books, and audio books every week. She allowed us to explore any books or information that we had an interest in. She always supported and encouraged education, school, skill building… She was eventually studied into being a life coach among many other MIND BODY CONNECTION fields of study.
24-I did NOT grow up in religion… however, as an artist type from the get go, I was born into it, submerged and surrounded by it my whole life and DID belong to a modern-day Mormon family, until the age of 9 when my mother, as she drove us on one of our regular long stretch drives out to Tooele Utah, to see our Dad, Brian Ashford Clark, who by age 15, I jokingly began to call him “uncle Brian” because he was a showman, for the people, always on the go. He called me from where he lived in San Diego with his 3rd wife, having heard this through the grapevine, surprised and emotional…and my response was a simple self-justified shoulder shrug
25- Coming home very seldom for clothing change, and sexual favors from my stunned young mother now producing babies the for the eternal kingdoms of the LDS Church. On our every other weekend type of custody visit, after they divorced when I was 3 years old, to where he eventually established a home, which he worked hard himself to maintain, working at the Tooele Army Depot and playing gigs.
26-My dad was a Performing rock star performing as a live stage musician and entertainer (which he had been doing on stage since he was 12 years old in Lander and Casper Wyoming where he was the oldest of 6, and the son of a large Clan of Clarks …he went through a lot like being beaten by his golden glove boxer dad, and his best friend murdering their girlfriends who were also best friends, and 6 weeks later after worrying when they went missing, they turned up in a field dead. This gave him trust issues for sure, and learn to navigate his business quietly. He ran into authority issues left and right, Military issues.. Legal issues.. Things I don’t want to mention to preserve my dads reputation.) He learned to be super suave and a very professional front man and business man.
27-I have attempted to start my story a few times before, so please forgive me if I repeat some things. In and out in his flamboyant life as a Rockstar and government employee to the Tooele Army Depot Compound. Onward into his addiction to a ‘fantasy relationship” … he wasn’t really there for us. He was sort of a Disneyland Dad even though it was dollar movies and fast food, this was routine upon picking us up, or dropping us off (since the other half of the trip would be taking the UTA bus with my brothers from Valley Fair Mall out to Tooele by ourselves). Even when we were there, we were always basically left to raise our selves, amongst a house full of random ass renters, often, were sexual predators, alcoholics drug addicts, homeless people coming and going.
28-His second wife Nancy and third wife Sharon who he eventually moved to San Diego with, both would lock my little brother out of the house. I didn’t like this, and I would be outside too, and then started to run wild through the whole town and find our naughty kid routines. We even went to court by age 12 (10 & 14) the three of us having to face the judge for breaking into a school in our neighborhood which the boys all did some vandalism, but I was definitely a go-along-er and got in trouble for a lot of things.
29-Even letting one of them be the ‘babysitter’ giving him the bedroom across the hall, in the third floor, which only had mine and now his bedroom. He would “rub out” my aches and pains of leg cramps and charly horses, nightmares and restless sleep. He even crossed the line into touching me sexually and otherwise took away my free will and broke my trust of him, who I thought I was safe with. I asked my dad to please ask “ Terry“ to not come in my room anymore since I was overwhelmed in how to control it or tell Terry that I was scared of him now and definitely angry at him as I began to orient that he broke my trust… My dad in his obliviousness said to me “You can tell him”. I froze in anger and fear and began to express bizarre behavior like running wild in the town at all hours of the night, no one caring where I was or had a curfew.
30-I lived on my own even at age 12 when I began to couch surf as my mom lost her place and ability to afford anywhere, she had to stay with friends and I stayed with different people. I would “pass out” with my friends or even by myself, to escape reality which was creating my ability to go into this other world temporarily. I would be able to pan INTO some filmstrip like thing/place which seemed to be a recording movie screen of a a life recorded in my mind, I could go into this like zooming into the screen and be there 3 dimensionally up close and then basically living that life for a brief time, it felt like a lifetime. Then suddenly I would wake up back where I originally attempted to pass myself out with only a few minutes that had passed.
31-My mom eventually somehow caught wind that I was doing this again when I lived on my own at 12, boarding in half a room of my Ex-Step Dad Richard Bangerter’s apartment he rented in his ex-wife’s and children’s complex to co parent more easily. I stayed in Mardi’s room since she was at her mom’s the other half of the time. She met with me to discuss and said it might scare some kids, or be strange to make friends that way. I said the other kids also did it with me, and in fact had instigated many of our sessions.
32-My ex-step siblings were also into doing this, and really many kids at that time in our world, before technology stepped up, we found weird ways to pass the time socially. For me, I felt I had seen into some other place, and I wanted to see more. I felt each time I would pass out I would see somehow into the veil of the universe and life itself. I wanted to see more and know what’s Really going on here even at age 11/12.
31-Back to When I first found Terry coming into my room at age 9, I began to have severe waking paranoia, and choke myself with ropes belts and then figured I could just breathe fast and hold my neck, and have at something like a mild DMT trip. Later on at 16 when I had a boyfriend who I mention in the time I had the LSD trip started doing the same molesting behavior, I had a friend hear me talk and red flag, telling my mom and her mom what I said… they had an intervention with me to explain I didn’t have to be with that man or do any of those things that hurt or affected me negatively and those were not normal requirements of love and a healthy relationship.
32-After my second divorce, with my two and 5 year old, my best friend Jen committed suicide/OD’d on Oxy/hydrocodone and some other drugs. I had major issues with my dad’s rental house he let me stay after my divorce, and my friend in a dating confusion who moved in on my situation with some major destruction and negative influence. My dad’s wife told him her dad never helped her, so she didn’t want him to help me, and allowed some new renter lady to tear down my temp wall. When I came home from Jen’s funeral, I found all my stuff even my kids shoes and mattresses and things all thrown out to the curb and garbage in a fury of destruction abandonment ignorance and coldness in one blow.. Not realizing they were doing this also to my kids.
33-I was so upset by everything, I wrote a 9-page letter and ran into my dad’s desk at Kroger Headquarters in SLC where he was the receptionist for the company intake in full. I threw it on his desk and then he called me within a few short hours you know probably when he was done working and actually, he did call me I think he like read it and then called me in a little while, he said “I didn’t know they were messing with your little butt” you know that’s what he said.
34-The whole family found solace from Rusty’s death, and Grandpa’s accident and change in life… through their faith and support from the lds community at large. My mom continued on to grow up in Lehi even graduating as the Saletorian second highest GPA in her graduating class. She enjoyed her world, and always in the curiosity of boys and the wonders of what the world has in store. My mom was offered a full ride scholarship for college, and was gearing up to launch in her new direction.
35-My grandpa Kent Shurtz has many siblings mostly spread throughout Utah and especially the Delta Area. They moved from downtown SLC when my mom was 10, with 3 older sisters and a younger brother John Russell, aka Rusty. He was 6. They moved to Saratoga Springs out west of Lehi in 1972, for worry of the family of children living so close to traffic and concerned for the safety of their children.
36-One day my mom went with her older sisters, Joan, Mary and Julie to a singles dance in a local LDS ward. My mom was 17 having just graduated high school, with her birthday in early august. My mom was the poster child for an intelligent, well behaved, good girl who loves and respect her family and helps in any way she can. She is tender and loyal, and wild as in natural and fun. She loved her family and friends and her lord and savior as she too was a devout member of the LDS church all her life.
37-There was a loud swinging blues band playing the music for this dance, and on stage a tall lean man with brunette wavy hair… full band front man attire. My dad, Brian Ashford Clark, aka “The Guitar Cat”, the Rockstar, spotted my beautiful blossoming young mother dancing in the crowd. He will tell us as soon as he saw her, he knew he wanted to be with her as of course she recently developed well, and had been spraying Sun In into a golden glow as all the girls were doing back in the day. Rather he told her, God told him she was the one, and to her programming and innocence that sounded like the signs and tokens she was waiting to hear. Ten years older than her he swept her into his ideology of the fact that he will now be her patriarch.
38-My dad has always been sensitive to being attracted to the opposite sex especially if they had any outright sexy features, and basically unable to hide or appropriate his attraction for women which included commentary all across my life. Always a “man’s Man” he loves Donald Trump, and part of the “boys club” where they don’t think women know how they really are. My dad gave me the insight. Always having porn videos magazines and the overt sexual slander of desiring women. I grew up gazing at impossible and sometimes horrifying imagery of porn and porny women all over his walls even as his décor.
39-This was a lot of messed up self-worth/self-image brain development all very early. He would seemingly leave or neglect us for any pretty lady or feeling, yet, he is still a nice guy. He brought women home and I remember them all drunk talking to us from the couch as we slept in the living room floor together with pillow forts, often having no idea where to find clean bedding after wetting myself due to all the stress. They would be making out and overtly flirting and sexual energy abound. My dad had many serial relationships. He finally settled down 15 years ago with Maurie, who had no tolerance for his overt prowess, and he’s learned to appropriate himself much better in this last decade of his life, just turning 68 this last December 11th.
40-My dad and exposure to his rock and roll lifestyle also taught me grooming and all about natural man through his Rock N Roll lifestyle over a lifetime and also surviving the world. I learned a lot by watching it go down with the world as he strives to live and make a living and measure up to responsibilities, recompense and rectify his consequences. Back to my mom. He proceeded to pursue her for 5 weeks, even telling her God told him she is the one. Later we learned he assumed whoever he said that to, and they responded accordingly, would be the ONE… So she was married off at 17, before she was even allowed to pierce her ears.
41-My mother also had a few long-term relationships including my dad and her second husband which only lasted 7 months, to Richard Bangerter. Then spent 5 years with Michael Lemonds who was more of an actual hands-on father figure to us, yet at age 13, he left for California and I never saw or even heard from him again. When I was 16, homeless living, out of my car and couch surfing, and a full-blown alcoholic, my mom was staying at her boss’s spare house, and She met Oliver Anderson out swing dancing.
42-My mom is a dancer. He came around for dates and time with my mom and became something like a big brother to me oddly as he was only 6 years older than me. He along with my mom showed up at my door late at night before I had a termination scheduled out of fear when I was impregnated with Alora Sage at 18 years old by Brian Neimoyer, this being his 3rd baby.. He said he didn’t want to do it and so I was alone. I was basically a kid and this happened after another count of assault from a situation that arose from allowing my dad to flee his alcoholic 3rd wife in San Diego to come land on our couch in my mom’s boss house.
43-Jim, mom’s boss, allowed my dad to rent this house along with my brothers and cousin and some friends, we had created another community house. My dad rented to another man who turned out to be a rapist. I didn’t see the signs and ended up alone on a truck run with him to State College Pennsylvania when I was 17, a few weeks before my 18th bday, where I was assaulted twice and trapped into many hours of a narcissistic abusive meltdown. I almost grabbed my bags and ran into the middle of nowhere a couple times when I thought he wasn’t going to see or catch me. I Quickly learned to shut up lock down and wait it out. When we returned home, he never showed up, until no one was around, to move his things out without being seen.
44-One night I was using the spare bathroom in that room as it was empty now and he showed up, begged me to talk to him in that room and I was scared immediately. I sat by him for 30 seconds as he pretended to try and talk with me. Then he literally leaned over grabbed my body, laid on it so I couldn’t get away as I was attempting to jet out the door, he forced himself into me I don’t even know HOW he managed to do this. I froze up, and don’t recall unfreezing. He fled and disappeared and no one heard of him again. Right after this is when I met Nathaniel Harris, who would come to nearly kill me about 15-16 years later, meeting him right upon having this reconstructive foot surgery my dad had me signed up for, I was susceptible to his charm. I simply didn’t know better.
43-I was never good in school the way they always did it. I think in some roundabout different ways making it difficult to translate myself as in my deeper meanings properly to others. I call myself a momentum person… It takes getting myself into order over and over again.. so I build momentum and when I have it, it’s important for me to use this. This comes also from a life full of movement, and a life full of some deep lethargy that has been my lifework to overcome, or out run. I am afraid of a lot.. or have been.. and yet wasn’t afraid of the things I probably Should have been.
44-I started making useable and decorative art from garbage treasures I collected aka dumpster diving or Jenk-hunting (maybe a land pirate thing) ..along with nature finds and tons of sticker price switching at the Tooele, Utah DI aka Deseret Industries which is an lds consignment store (I didn’t know that was bad until I got arrested at 9) to get a cart load of JENK supplies to create my bridge out of poverty since I knew already (as I climbed into my worn through hand me downs or my hand sewn clothes) that I could only get anything if I started working my ass of immediately.
45-I was a child that somehow fell between the cracks of everything and yet was absorbing the details of everything. I still find myself living on the edge and really barely making it and what that means . Been living and raising my kids with less than a thousand a month if that for ages. With all my might I spin my art to still be able to turn clientele even despite my daily nightmare brain mental and physical challenges etc.
46-My heart and mind ache daily for these humans who are forced to do things they don’t want to do or that harm them just to scramble for the basic necessities of life.. I can hardly go a moment without feeling aware of the human beings currently imprisoned and being tortured and tormented by any number of countless measures of society and the covert underbelly thereof…
47-I’ve had to do things I didn’t want to do just to not even make ends-meat.. Eventually waking up at 103 lbs(a good 30 lbs underweight) in full deterioration starvation infection and trauma impact over time.. I knew I hit the fork of sink or swim.. I fled to live in my car again and then land in a trailer off/ON State St. where I just spent the last year of my life doing everything in my power to stay alive despite myself and the world left to its own human nature. I am surely alive because of the 666 book and this work.
48-I picked up that BOOK and finally forced myself to read it line by line, and highlighted as I integrated each line with the next. Things in this book connected to things I never told anyone my whole life, and things I experienced in different states of sobriety, spiritual influence, high pressure, alcohol, drugs, dreams, sober paranoid delusions, imagination, and flat out Hallucinations, somehow all culminated with my views on life, the art and writings I have quandaried and created. Along with all my sleepwalking experiences, night terrors, sleep paralysis, and the what I can now understand is part of the plugging in and unplugging process of my advanced human consciousness plugged in with my mortal vessel from sleep to waking life.
49-I don’t care what anyone says negatively in regards to this work it doesn’t change what I can understand and yet not even articulate to others it seems …of which I did not understand (and am still understanding and integrating daily) until I allowed my pride and ego to hush and let the words in.. letting them show me how they use the language bodies creatively from an even further yonder panoramic view as I accepted each one.. leading me to crave the next even despite past brain washing to reject those such languages of theology and history of nonsense of *men’sphilosophies mingled with scriptures*.
50-Learning to Accepting that I have been a huge bitch. Mostly due to the erosion and endurances of my life and even had impulse control and meltdowns all the way back to being a kid. I understand my own terrible behavior much better now. I’ve learned to be kinder to myself especially. I am choosingly kind to others because I believe in being kind, equally. I am also kind in my heart but I do have a powerful natural man beast or rather woman beast inside me that feels to go wild out of my control in times passed. This work has also faced me with ways I didn’t even know that I was being unkind to others. It’s teaching me ethics I couldn’t acquire anywhere else, and helped bring the mass confusion kaleidoscope of the society and the remnants of all these dispensations of time into focus and with structure to control myself better according to the Golden Rule, when my impulses want to run away with me.
51-Those who have reached to my aide and/or with friendship in my quicksand to prevent further destruction did help in some ways and those people and the ways they helped are also part of why I continue to live despite this crazy world. Making it through things that seemed or became impossible to my mortal/natural woman self. Other than that, it’s all the WORK because I’ve realized there is nothing else. This is the solution to unified peace and therefore personal peace, and the ability to save my kids and family is the same that would save everyone. They are all the same… Each one a GOD. The GOD of their world, and we are all EQUAL gods as far as I can comprehend in all manners and through all my angles of cracking through the existential and universe walls. The love of this work is the same as the love of my kids and the acceptance that no kids matter less than my kids.
52-I remember truth seeking since I was young. Curious about G O D and what that REALLY is, since it seems everyone had a depiction or not. The people who birthed me raised me surrounded me and also the society I fell between the cracks of. I wanted to know what Is REALLY going on here especially with so much unbelievable mass suffering of such a spectrum. Being alive and this whole thing we do all together every day on Earth. A series of events and experiences led me to believe we live in some sort of highly advanced technology holographic world.
53-This sort of thinking quickly alienated me from emotional intimacy with people in general, and my shapes and forms and style quickly elicited a lot of judgement which I in turn applied my own judgments and fed my insecurity nightmare of a lifetime. Let me not kid anyone that I myself am highly judgmental, and passionately affected by inconsistencies in everything in the world around me. Yet I do not claim to be highly intelligent personally.
54-Around 8-9 yrs old, I started making useable and decorative art from garbage treasures I collected aka dumpster diving or jenk-hunting (maybe a land pirate thing) ..along with nature finds and tons of sticker price switching at the Tooele, Utah DI aka Deseret Industries which is an lds consignment store (I didn’t know that was bad until I got arrested at 9) to get a cart load of JENK supplies to create my bridge out of poverty since I knew already (as I climbed into my worn through hand me downs or my hand sewn clothes) that I could only get anything if I started working my ass of immediately.
55-I was a child that somehow fell between the cracks of everything .. living on the edge and really barely making it, raising my two kids with less than a thousand a month if that for ages .. with all my might for 12 years in Threadlocks development and mass portfolio building, I would spin my art to still be able to see clientele even despite my daily nightmare-brain, mental and physical challenges rollercoaster, etc. Trust me I am sick of hearing myself talk about health issues.
56-Now I have been brave to step away from social media basically blindly stepping over a ledge of trust. My truth is to be out of the showmanship world and yet to be in true safe place with people I trust and learn to build what can’t be taken, or at least serves as useful to others or helps the ultimate cause of healing the nations. The thing is that I really feel handicapped in how to make it happen. Basically as helpless as standing poor in a casino town.. What is luck and what is certain because we undertake steps to make sure it can happen.
57-Who’s pulling what Strings? What the hell is really going on here in this corrupt system. If the “law of attraction” were the thing, or the way “karma” works.. If I have corruption in me, will I manifest it around me? What can we actually do here together to help our equally important people suffering. Even in a casino, I see the people working. I often feel odd and and out of place among all people and I think if I had that job. How would I be seeing the world? If I was that person living that life how would I be able to receive the work. How would I judge a person like ME seeing me there wandering through.. Not knowing the life I actually came from.
58-My heart and mind ache daily for the human beings who are forced to do things they don’t want to do or that harm them just to scramble for the basic necessities of life. Yes even for my own kids who don’t really have a mother and had so much stress I can’t put into words because of all of these things and my being a teen mom with mental health challenges. I feel them and they remind me of all the children. Especially the one WasHED ashore dead, because no one would let a boat of refugees land for humane needs. Politics shouldn’t override humanity as far as I can feel my own heart beating.
59-I can hardly go a moment without feeling aware of the human beings currently imprisoned and being tortured and tormented by any number of countless measures of society and the covert underbelly thereof… I’ve had to do things I didn’t want to do just to not even make ends meat.. waking up at 103 lbs. (a good 30 lbs. underweight) in full deterioration, starvation, infection and trauma-impact over time.. I knew I hit the fork of sink or swim.
60-My last gamble was to surrender to this work with all my heart might mind and strength. I fled to live in my car again and then land in a trailer off/ON State St. where I just spent the last year of my life doing everything in my power to stay alive despite myself and the world left to its own human nature. I am alive because of the 666 book..and this work.
61-I don’t care who mocks me or what anyone says negatively in regards to this work it doesn’t change what I can understand and yet not even articulate to others it seems …of which I did not understand (and am still understanding and integrating daily) until I allowed my pride and ego to hush and let the words in.. letting them show me how they use the language bodies creatively from an even further yonder panoramic view as I accepted each one.. leading me to crave the next even despite past brain washing to reject those such languages of theology and history of nonsense of *men’sphilosophies mingled with scriptures*..
62-The love of this work is the same as the love of my kids and the acceptance that no kids matter less than my kids. I have had 5 abortions. The last one at 12 weeks to stay alive granted by the hospital for fatality prevention.
63-I am however through the training of the world, a Scientist of the Mind Body and Master of Esthetics via lifes studies and schooling. Yet I have gone on to practice in the hard core world the things I was trained in.. And developed all sorts of ptsd and coping mechanisms, then ultimately turning to my dads showmanship and customer service mastery how he navigates… To realize I could model this was like gold to me because for some reason I was just not making it in the ways all my peers seemed to be making it in the world.
64-Multiple homeschooling and 22 schools provided a very Unique Education plus my mom who was an active college student my entire life it seems. That’s the higher education I did finally make it through and as a single mother of two babies (toddlers) I signed up at Bon Losee to do Master Esthetics 9 hours a day. I recently divorce my basically homosexual second husband, Daniel Fisher. He was heavily involved in Reiki, and even currently teaches vocational college curriculum Reiki in an institution. We met when I was 16, at a home Reiki Group in Provo Utah, when I was also bouncing in homelessness in my radically freak out phase after the LSD overdose I experienced.
65-My Vision changed and I was on a radical quest of truth and personal growth. Even attended a seminar called Magical Realms of the Sacred Self at 16, that was a spin-off of Gary Acevedo and Associates who Headed a movement of THRESHHOLDS and THE AWAKENING, intended to be a radical NEW approach of Personal Growth and Healing away from the LDS verson of IMPACT TRAINING. My mom dove deeply into The Awakening, my older brother Jeremiah, my Grandpa Shurtz, my Grandma Shirley, and I think an aunt and other relatives eventually went through these and some together. I recall being at the graduations and seeing my HARD WIRED old gruff grandpa Shurtz sobbing in tears and smiling and hugging my mom and connecting as he was ticking down his multiple heart surgery count down to his all too early passing.
66-So, I ended up at this Reiki Group. One night at the club (Area 51, SLC) I went to dance without stopping to get drunk first. I crashed into an alcohol withdrawal episode and couldn’t function. This moment I knew I was addicted and had to do something fast. I went to my tiny back room in my grandmother’s basement, which I was suddenly so grateful existed, and I shut myself in for 6 weeks. I rested. I am sure I hurt my liver. I didn’t know I had blood sugar and other body issues at the core of some of my personal nightmares. I needed something.
67-I met a man randomly who I was so enchanted by. Nathan Keele. We struck connection in energy and he kept reaching out. I was led to this Reiki group by invitation of Nathan. So I met Danny Boy, and Scott Conover who has a big influence as became my Reiki teacher and gave me “light attunements”. Dan gave me a couple with Scott and one alone. I knew Dan for four years before we got involved. We even accidentally and in the dark, set up camp next to him at a desert Rave in West Desert Utah when I was about 8 months pregnant with Alora. I was with my current husband Brian Neimoyer, Alora’s Biological father, and Dan was in an altered open state, very magnetically drawn to my belly, as we suddenly laughed at realizing we camped next to each other. He asked if he could do Reiki energy on my pregnant belly. He sure did, with Brian’s blessing.
68-Scott came back around as I was near 2 years in to nursing Avery in the same apartment complex I lived in when Michael Lemonds left us for good when I was 13. His marriage collapsed and he and Dan reuinited and I was subservient to whatever Dan wanted to do and Scott came in and pursued me sexually with Dan’s request, involving me in a 3-some overtoxically drunk on absinthe he told him to fuck his wife, and then they did it together. I knew in that moment I didn’t’ trust Dan or feel safe and he came in on the phone with his ex man lover Mark over 6 years in the Reiki Group. I was not feeling attracted to Dan for a long time and felt I could oppress that, and I was deeper than that to see the person he is..
68 B- Yet, I feel I was with him only for a specific purpose which, involves a story which makes me sound insane. Yet, Dan as my critic and will attest to witness this same experience and things I experienced other times and read in the 666 book, tell me this was to create Avery Mikael Fisher, our son. Oddly enough I found out that Christophers mother married Dan’s Father, before I married Dan. This half brother they share, I guess is related to my son. This is all mind blowing to me. It will make more sense when I describe what happened in the desert with Dan.
69-I am completely enthralled into the study and understandings of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and have been since 2011 when I was handed the first book of the MWAW by the man who I originally lost my virginity with, who was a radical thinker and artist coming from deep roots mystical mama mormonism.
70-I heard things all my life I never understood. Learning about what the LDS Mormon Church ACTUALLY IS, has been blowing my mind…. like a masterfully sobering shattering of my paradigm of my entire life again and again in layers the deeper I peel back the false indoctrinations of my entire life. These people who were at the core of my self-hate and self-judgement through the series of misunderstandings. I felt defensive and protective of the oppressed. I did not understand what the people inside of religious indoctrination truly believe.
71-In time it became clear that many things beyond what we tend to collectively agree is Theology are just like a religious program, food, the beauty myth, the 99/1% war of slavery. The economy, the healthcare system, the mason hierarchy. I could go on. It’s the first book that really struck something inexplainable in me.
72-I knew I found something I couldn’t ignore after an entire life of a truth-seeking mom exposing me to infinite paradigms of religious and spiritual thinking always emphasizing to think for myself. I read into Kryon, Bringers of the Dawn, Sylvia Brown, we had guests come from far and wide to the Healing Center in Sedona Arizona where I lived in a communal house in a 3×5 ft closet room with no windows, we attended Timeweave Ecstatic Dance when I was 12 in Boulder CO. I was surrounded by the liberals new agers and spiritual community of the world in all these different places.
73-Receiving the Human Reality Book, and connecting to my lifelong friend Natalee Lance as she had been affected and transformed by this work, she sent me her story online. She told me of this man Christopher, and I had fully felt to go see what this is about. This led me to the gathering at Garden Park, in Orem UT, where I first met Christopher. He asked me who I was and if I knew why I was there. He even made casual jokes about the ins n outs of his relationship with Sheri at the time. I felt comforted to be there and familiar with all these faces I had never actually seen before. Many who would become beloved friends.
74-To me, everything that was a false construct of my old life has fallen away as I study this work. It’s been a process of returning to myself even if parts of the process have been painful. I was taught to pursue personal growth. This work teaches me that I don’t have to live inside a prison of the expectations of others, in order to not be thrown away and therefor die alone. Which is a very extreme fear capsule of approval grooming and being worthless to my world. This work guides me in Essentially Returning to Innocence, that which we were born as a little child, back through the writing on my own wall I must confront. The spirit of the child and the lack of Pride that the world chiseled into me in more ways than I even know how to manage some days and nights. I finally buckled down after 10 years and read the 666 book.
75-This changed my brain and my entire perspective of reality. There is not a doubt in my mind and soul that Christopher is who he claims to be. The countless things I have experienced in my life that no one has been able to explain, this and his work has brought into the light and made clear through repeated tests and impossible things and simple common sense.
76-I have even definitely found my pride has gotten on the wrong side of Christopher, and do not support the work properly, because of my own idiosyncratic ways… but it doesn’t change that it is everything that needs to happen and asap. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. There is nothing else to me. I do not trust basically Any other person out there claiming to be a leader of man of any kind. I even found some locally based gurus who did in fact help me through some horrendously heartbreaking times in my life, to which I rapidly began to see the holes in the things they were saying, which at least told me I had been managing to repair my fractured psyche some amount. I was encouraged to weigh against the teachings of my life and the world so far, this work and the works of Christopher and the Real Illuminati, and NOTHING measures up to the powerful affects this work has had on me and yet keeps me wanting more. It’s curiouser and curiouser. Almost like being in some sort of a sleepy sleep walking through life, and then being vividly awakened into a new world of clarity. The lessons don’t always come easy, but as I learn to approach and receive the work it really gives me growth and healing manna when I surrender. My “natural man” primal self has required a lot of ‘educating’ and learning how to control my out-of-control impulsiveness. The Golden Rule Ultimately being the real gold.
77-I was willing to stand for his character in court, which I will state below what I wrote IN the court document. I never made it to court for my own failures and basically endlessly feel like I would do anything to help the man, and yet I’m not very good news to have around with a lot of the way I am. Which I am learning to be myself, love myself with all my heart might mind and strength. Learning to love my neighbors is also learning to live the work. It goes hand in hand, and it seems like it’s a lifelong practice from where I stand. I am still reading the books and the work. The more I delve the more I am completely amazed.
CHRISTOPHER M. NEMELKA, Plaintiff/Counterdefendant,
HARRY DSCHAAK, Defendant/Counterclaimaint.
Case No. CV 2016-389
Honorable Robert C. Naftz
I, Kindra Elizabeth Clark-Fisher, residing at 1067 E. 1700 S. #2, Salt Lake City, UT 85105, and whose telephone number is 385-444-0451, being first duly sworn upon oath, hereby state as follows:
1. I am over the age of 18 years and competent to testify to the facts stated herein. I further state that I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein.
2. I have known the Plaintiff, Christopher Nemelka, and the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW) since on or about December 2011, when in the spring of 2011, Michael Lance brought me a copy of the Human Reality book. I was then invited to a birthday party of Christopher by Natalee Lance at the Garden Park clubhouse.
3. Christopher immediately seemed familiar to me when I attended his birthday party at Garden Park. My brain went to work trying to figure out how or where I already knew him from. He seemed intelligent and reasonable. I felt compassion for him trying to explain things to people who seemed longing to help the suffering of world and who are continually met with hardships of even morbid measures, such as a man having to hold his son in his arms while the son is dying. He asked me as everyone sat together to celebrate his birthday, why I was there and who I was. I said I was a single mother, basic things about myself. He later came over to talk to me personally as the room of acquainted people moved around and began to socialize. I can’t recall exactly what was said, but I recall vaguely. He asked if I had read the books and he said if I had questions to please inquire. He was kind, gentle, and seemed straightforward. I could tell he was feeling me out as a random person showing up to his birthday. I said I had been given and begun reading Human Reality—Who We Are and Why We Exist! He gave me a book called Sacred Not Secret for a friend of mine.
4. I found connection with some of these people and became friends. I (and sometimes my kids) attended a few meet and greet meetups (see below) and Christopher spoke to many people and several at once, and saying polite things to me in passing, such as asking how I was doing. A friendly hug such as one might receive from a trusted brother or an uncle. I very much enjoyed every interaction of shared common interest and views in life in general, including the MWAW meet n greet in 2012, I felt like I was learning so much about myself.
5. Christopher attended a campout social at Peter Hubble’s (“Pete’s) land with handful of the friends, who met via the MWAW and came to visit Pete. His kids and their friends erupted into chaos and fighting; Christopher left in his RV with Sheri. There were talks about Filtagreen.
6. Christopher asked Nickolas Barrett (“Nick”) and me to attend a meeting at the Filtagreen warehouse in Heber, Utah after we had expressed interest in working with them and in sales at the previous campout. We attend a meeting with a handful of people. He talked business to each person excitedly, where Christopher decided to offer us a way to begin working with the company. I was a struggling single mother with no child financial support and little mental and emotional support, with a partner exhibiting stages of oncoming mania. At the time, I was not comprehensive of the illness potential to destabilize his behavior, let alone to the extremes that lay ahead. Christopher hired us in order to utilize us to travel, do sales and attend expos, and such things that would help expand Filtagreen.
7. He gave us stewardship of the RV he’d been staying in, for us to live in and do sales working for Filtagreen. He cut Nick a couple thousand dollar check (I am unsure exactly of the amount) for the immediate needs we had to gas up the RV and to get to our first eventual destination. We didn’t have the proper literature and backing to follow through with this, especially as my partner was ascending basically into mania. Nick became overwhelmed with the pressure and responsibility and slumped into not functioning well and living out of the RV outside of my apartment he had moved into. Christopher told Nick and Dominic Larkin to manage the care and needs of the RV. He told me not to worry about it and to hang with Sheri while he showed Nick how to handle it. Nick and Dominic didn’t winterize the pipes or strategize well enough to prevent the RV from freezing and the RV was taken back. Christopher was very upset about this damage and feeling like he couldn’t count on people. He didn’t realize, is my best guess, the major lack of elements in order to do the job he was optimistic to have us do. He expressed publicly on his radio show how we broke and destroyed this and his disappointment. I felt no idea how to process this, considering I had no way to control Nick, nor did I know what the RV needed. I was publicly named as careless and reckless (paraphrasing) on the radio for the damage to this vehicle. I moved on humane principles of turn the other cheek. I felt extremely sad for feeling like I had failed, for letting Christopher down, because he lives for the same cause I fully believe in and I felt sad for the misunderstandings that abound.
8. My partner Nick ascended into a mental illness episode and was scaring me and my children with his progressing behavior. He was taken to a hospital by officers and it was a frightening time. Christopher learned of what was happening and asked to meet me in person. He was concerned with what was going on and was also friend of this partner of mine and his mother. We met at Alchemy coffee in SLC, where he sat across from me at a table and asked me what in the heck was going on. I explained shyly what was going on from my point of view the best I was able. He asked if I needed help. I said I did need help and that I was terrified and not sure what I could do, how I was going to survive etc. I had financial dependency with the manic partner and some shared things, such as computer I used for work, which we shared along with a phone plan.
9. Christopher proposed that he would help me with $1000 a month for one year to break contact with Nick and becoming ok with myself. He didn’t want me to help Nick. He asked me not to talk about our arrangement. He took me in the car to AT&T and purchased and activated a phone with me for me. He then took me to an ATM in his truck to get cash to help me for my first month, since the money was one of the threads of entanglement keeping me in toxic contact with my mentally erratic ex-partner. I purchased a heating pad for the ex for Christmas, as he was in extreme pain, and Christopher learned of this; he was unhappy with my choice to help Nick at all. He arranged to have the meetings to get cash from him to be met with Sheri instead. She would talk to me and try to be a listening ear and then hand me envelope of cash. He terminated our arrangement on the third month after I had made the breakaway from Nick. This felt confusing.
10. Awhile later there was a Christmas party at mutual friend’s house. Christopher was very normal and polite, appropriate, and acknowledging. He warmly greeted me with a hug and kind regards.
11. I am unsure of the dates, but Christopher reached out, out of the blue, to me asking if I could meet him at his condo in Orem. I thought, “Of course, no problem. I’ll be there.” He greeted me and pulled out a couple hundred bucks cash. He said this is all I’m going to be able to help you with and he handed it to me and then asked if I could drive him to the Salt Lake airport so he could pick up Sheri. I dropped him to their car and I left the airport.
12. The MWAW has given me a platform for deep relatable analysis of what I comprehend about reality itself. It has led me to find other human beings I care deeply for. It has provided me a guiding light of connection to existence and to likeminded individuals. It has changed how I view everything.
13. I attended and quietly observed in the background the Garden Park meeting where Christopher was to meet and receive publicly Harry Dschaak’s Critical Presentation of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (March 11, 2012). I felt sad for Harry, as he was petrified and trembling in front of the room of people, and felt sincere for his upset feelings…his desperation to somehow ‘reach’ people who find strong reasoning, relating to and with, common sense and logic with the way Christopher communicates. Perhaps the personal mishaps that went down between them need some analysis fairly so, but I feel the extent Harry has gone, based on all my personal observations, seems particularly extreme. His actions are echoing out far and wide, damaging not only Christopher, but many other innocent people as well, because of the negative, hate-blasting, character-eroding statements Harry and his team actively pursue to spread online and who knows where else.
14. I found myself in a relationship with a high school sweetheart, who is very old fashioned, insecure, and territorial and aggressive. He looked up Christopher Nemelka when we became close in 2015, after his mother passed away. He was curious who this man was that I listened to on a regular basis and began to research Christopher. He came across Harry’s data on This was especially upsetting to him that I would be close to someone who is described as Harry describes Christopher. This person began to unravel slowly and get more and more upset at any sharing or mention of anything to do with Christopher Nemelka, The Humanity Party, or the MWAW. He slowly began to snap and becoming more and more controlling and hostile about anything to do with the Humanity Party®, the MWAW, or any of the work. He began to emotionally terrorize and shame me for any sort of involvement with Christopher, calling him all the things Harry said; but his reasons never made sense. He believed the info that Harry puts out there.
7. I will be attending trial on January 29, 2019, to testify of the facts I have presented in this affidavit. I, Kindra Elizabeth Fisher, HEREBY CERTIFY, under criminal penalty of the State of Idaho, that I have read the foregoing AFFIDAVIT and that I understand the representations and information contained therein and that the same are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. DATED this ___ day of November, 2018. _________________________________ Kindra Elizabeth Fisher
There’s definitely MORE to the story. I will be disclosing more in the future as I reveal how this work has continued to help and change my life for the better.
My number is 385-444-0451, or email me at
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