Let’s say you were God and had all power over the creation of human beings.

December 11, 2021

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Let’s say that you were God and had all power over the creation of human beings.

Why wouldn’t you create all people to be the most incredible examples of human beauty possible?

Why would you create different looks, many of which are not very beautiful?

And why would you force people to remain as they appear on this earth, forever in heaven?

Think about it.

Thoughts for those of you who believe that God created you, and that you will one day resurrect and look like you appear in mortality, and be that way forever:

If you were created before you were mortal in a pre-mortal existence, then you must have looked like whatever your creator wanted you to look like.

So, you come to earth, a child of mortal parents, and it is quite obvious that you look like your mortal parents, not your celestial parents.

When you die, isn’t it logical that you will return to look like you did in your pre-mortal existence?

That is the ONLY logical outcome.


What real, eternal good or value are the relationships that you have as a mortal human, relationships in which you appear as you do as a mortal, not like you appeared in a pre-mortal existence, nor as you will appear when you return home to the God who created you?

What is it going to be like for you to look like the person who God created you to look like, which certainly is NOT how your mortal parents created you to look?

Think about it.

I know this:

There is no such thing as beauty in a perfect world, because there’s no such thing as ugly. There are just humans—the greatest compendium of elementary matter possible.

If it were possible to look into a mirror that reflected the image of your True Self, in an advanced human world—pre-mortal/post-mortal—you would put a gun to your head soon thereafter and never see the ugliness of your mortal self again.

Yeah, if you could get a glimpse of even the lowest glory in the kingdom of God, you’d kill yourself to get back there.

Yeah, the man Adam looked NOTHING like the god Michael … not even close.

But anyways …

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