Listen to this phone call between accused murderers, Chad and Lori Daybell, and their friend.

September 3, 2021

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Secret Phone Recording of Lori and Chad Daybell

Listen to this phone call between accused murderers, Chad and Lori Daybell, and their friend.

The Daybells and their friend are LDS people who believe that the Book of Mormon is a true history.

Beginning at about 7:00, they begin to quote from Book of Mormon stories.

This is very typical of LDS members who don’t have a clue WHY the Book of Mormon was written, nor do they understand the intended lessons presented in the Book of Mormon.

I can say this with CERTAINTY,

Two innocent children, and a couple other people, would be alive today if the LDS Church’s teachings, doctrines, and gospel did not distort and misuse the Book of Mormon narrative.

Keep in mind, my own father, Michael J. Nemelka I, an LDS Bishop, lied to the Snohomish County (State of Washington) Sheriff’s Department in an attempt to have me jailed and my children taken away—all because of his religious beliefs and the way he was taught by this very evil church.

The criminal trial of the Daybells, if followed carefully, will reveal what the Real Illuminati® have revealed in their book, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon.

This new FREE publication, as well as the incredible evidence that will be brought out during the Daybell trial, will give substantial evidence of how evil the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has become.

Every member of this church is taught to believe that he or she can receive direct, personal revelation and inspiration from God (Heavenly Father) or Jesus, to guide them in their daily lives.

However, this doctrine is CLEARLY confounded in the temple endowment presentation that the faithful LDS members view when they attend LDS temples throughout the world.

According to their own temple endowment ceremony presentation, ALL LDS people are receiving answers to their prayers, as well as inspiration, ONLY from Lucifer, the god of this world. Elohim and Jehovah HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MORTALS LIVING UPON EARTH. (There is a good reason why LDS/Mormons refuse to speak about this endowment ceremony outside of the temple. They don’t have a clue what it actually means or how and why the ceremony presentation was created by Joseph Smith and the Real Illuminati®.)

The LDS/Mormon religion has evolved to be one of the most corrupt and wicked upon this earth; and being so blind and deaf, the members of this false religion do not see or hear what is right in front of them.

If you are interested in understanding how modern-day LDS/Mormon theology and doctrine about personal revelation and inspiration, coupled with the misuse of the Book of Mormon, can mess up a person’s mind, follow the Daybell trial and read, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon. Pay particular attention to Chapter 3: The Greatest Human Deception.

What a messed-up world … all because of foolish religions.

But anyways.

Nate Burr

People are responsible for their own actions. Not religion… can anyone use something as a means for good or evil?… can an atheist use materialist reductionist reasoning as an excuse to commit evil?… can a Christian use their belief in Jesus Christ as a means to serve others? Can a Mormon use the literal belief in the historicity itself as a means to seek Zion where you love your neighbor as Jssus loves us?

Look what religion does is quite the sweeping generalization… isn’t it look what people do? We all gravitate towards what speaks to us,, for good or bad. Everything is projected onto external influences from within, and demonstrates what is within our own hearts. You are responsible for your own actions.

Christopher Nemelka

Nate Burr

I like your line of thought, except …

None of us started out this life believing that an outside influence inspires us to act.

When we grow to believe that there IS such a source, and that that source sometimes inspires us to act AGAINST what we have agreed with most others is good, the person does NOT take PERSONAL responsibility for the act, and often is inspired and supported to go against what most would consider good.
It would do you some good in understanding this to read the book, A New American Scripture-How and Why The Real Illuminati Created the Book of Mormon.

Your argument fails the test of what Mormons believe because of how they misunderstand the Book of Mormon narrative.

In the story, Nephi, who has never murdered another person, receives instructions from the Holy Spirit, as do millions of deceived Mormons every day, to act against what he feels is right to obey a voice in his head.

It WOULD HAVE BEEN proven through trial and evidence, that this SAME Holy Spirit gave the command to Lori Vallow Daybell to murder her own children.

There is a very logical reason why the courts in an LDS/Mormon community do NOT want Lori Vallow Daybell tried in court:

The Mormon belief in being guided by the Holy Spirit would be put on trial.
Children do not start out bad.


Christopher Nemelka

Nate Burr

Nate, let’s consider your own actions.

What “inspired” you to be a mean person and counter my beliefs?

I did NOT ask for your opinion, nor did I want you to respond to my beliefs.

I do NOT visit anyone’s personal posts and comment, regardless of how ridiculous and ignorant the person’s views might be.

I do NOT give my opinion where and when my opinion is not asked for.

Only a bad person does this.

Only a bad person supports sending tens of thousands of missionaries into the world to tell people that everyone is wrong except the opinion of the missionaries.

Are you trying to be a missionary, Nate?

Or, do you have a high regard for what you believe is your personal intelligence?

Why did you do this?

What made you act?

NOTE: Since you thought of your wisdom such that it could possibly confound that of the Real Illuminati®’s, let’s see how smart you REALLY are. :-)

Nate Burr

Christopher, aren’t we all missionaries for our views? Don’t we all think our view is correct while another’s is wrong? When we share views freely, and are capable of respectful exchange of debate, the natural progression of ideas and learning flows freely. Respectful and open debate encourages learning, whereas personal attacks and seeking to straw man one’s opponent does just the opposite. What you just demonstrated was an example of how one doesn’t need religion to justify mistreating another person, doesn’t it? An atheist who encourages learning and compassion(for example) knows that using religion to call another person a “bad person” is just as damaging of a motive as using one’s perceived philosophy to do so. See, you don’t need religion to justify pride or ill intending behavior, right? How many religion leaders use their beliefs to excuse how they look down and treat others? But you do this using your own philosophy to justify such behavior. The same is true for evil.

I’m saying this as a Mormon(who believes relationship with Jesus Christ is more important than religion), but religion is a dying fad in first world countries. What does more to hurt children? Child abuse. Sexual abuse. Neglect. Selfish parenting. Alcoholism and drug abuse. That will significantly alter a child’s life, instilling pain and in many cases horrendous trauma. How often does child abuse take place irrespective of religious influence? How many people involved in human trafficking actually use their belief in Jesus to justify the rape and torture of human beings within our first world country? When it reaches such a point of debauchery, those involved are psychopaths. Most narcissists and psychopaths have no need for religion because it doesn’t serve their selfish motives, unless of course they use religion to take advantage of others.

So in a first world country, yes Religion CAN be used to hurt people, but anything can as long as it serves their agenda. Would you agree with that?… There are plenty of people who seek power over others in leadership positions of any kind. They seek persuasion, pride, attention, dominance over others, religion is not a necessity for this. It is only one side of a diamond called evil.

Here’s something else to consider. Did Chad Daybell already have lust and adultery in his heart? If so, why would he not listen to a voice that justifies his own selfishness? What else was gained from killing these children, was there any self gain on his part? Many people listen to the voices they want to hear, religion or not. It’s what’s in their heart. An unselfish person will never listen to a voice that tells them to cheat and murder. They will listen to the Voice that inspires love, service and Charity.

There are exceptions, but the majority if spiritual and religious people won’t listen to a random voice that tells them to hurt people. If it really matters to you, you could even set up an honest poll on religious and spiritual persons to see how big or little of a problem it really is- that is, listenting to voices that tell them to go against Christ’s teachings and hurt people.

Nate Burr

Christopher, I read your work about 4 years ago, now that I’m chatting with you here it’s all coming back. Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t you believe that you’re the one True Messenger for the earth today? Is that a misunderatanding?… many religious people leaders will use their beliefs to justify being a special person with a special calling, that others can’t measure up to. But aren’t you doing the the same thing without religion?

Christopher Nemelka

Nate Burr

I invite you to meet me in a Zoom meeting to discuss your challenges. Please schedule it with Monica Smith

No. Your views are NOT correct about me and the work I do.

Accept the challenge and schedule the meeting. :-)

Christopher Nemelka

Nate Burr

I will not waste my time in a venue that only a few see. Any and all discussions I have will be in a public virtual platform


Monica Smith

Nate, my email address is

Christopher Nemelka

Nate Burr

You failed to answer my simple questions.

Why did you feel the need to challenge my view?

YOU are the one who insinuates that I am wrong, by your comments.


Meet me in public and do not hide behind a computer screen that hides you and shields you from an exposure of your intelligence, or lack thereof.

Christopher Nemelka

Oh, the glory days of Socrates, when his critics and enemies couldn’t hide behind superfluous written words, but had to face a True Messenger face-to-face.

We’re trying to bring back those good ‘ol days!

But alas, my critics will not appear in public out of pride, out of fear that they cannot instantly respond to a Socratic pedagogy, that is certain to confound them and expose them for the fools they are.

But anyways …

Christopher Nemelka

The sharp two-edged sword of Real Truth™ proceedeth forth out of the mouth, not out of the finger tips.

Christopher Nemelka

What is so ironic about a Mormon responding to the fact that Mormons believe that God and Christ speak to them through the Holy Spirit, is that their own sacred temple endowment teaches them otherwise.

NOT ONE LDS/MORMON can honestly deny that their most sacred ordinance presentation teaches them that while they are going through this “lone and dreary world,” Elohim and Jehovah HAVE NOTHING … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … to do with mortals.

The LDS temple endowment teaches that while upon this earth, after the “fall of Adam” and being kicked out of the Garden of Eden, ONLY LUCIFER hears and answers prayers and gives inspiration, revelation, and guidance to people seeking answers.

Joseph Smith was forced to incorporate this important lesson into the endowment presentation because of how many of his own followers where receiving inspiration, direction, and revelation, that these followers believed was coming from Heavenly Father or Christ.

Again … and of which this fool Nate Burr deflected … the reason why the Idaho court found Lori Daybell incompetent to stand trial was because of her insistence that she was receiving direction from Christ through the Holy Spirit to kill her children to save them.

Had she been tried, the complete foolishness of the idea that a mortal can communicate with God or Christ through the Holy Spirit would have been proven the impetus and reason behind Lori’s actions.

Indeed, in Lori’s mind, her children ARE in a better place and are much happier in heaven than they were here upon Earth.

How can she be judged unrighteously, when she sent her children to heaven so that they would not have to deal with such a corrupt world?

I challenge ANY LDS/Mormon to discuss their ability to receive personal revelation from, or have a personal relationship with Christ, through the Holy Ghost, and how this terrible FALSE DOCTRINE and teaching directly contradicts what is taught in the LDS temple endowment ceremony.

Well does the character Lucifer look out into the audience of LDS/Mormon participants to explain that his religion, doctrines, and teachings are received well by the LDS/Mormon community.

Mr. Burr, you’re out of your league here.

The Real Truth™ will DESTROY your foolishness.

A True Messenger will silence your Lucifer and cast you out!

Again, there is no church as EVIL as the LDS/Mormon Church, in that people have been given so much, and have ended up doing so little, and so much wrong in this world.

Eagerly awaiting Nate Burr’s acceptance to meet me face-to-face.

But we all know where that challenge is headed.

But anyways …

Spencer Cook

Christopher Nemelka here is what Joseph Smith, a True Messenger, said about receiving revelation for yourselves from God directly. He said the state of their church was corrupt and their minds darkened because they depended on Joseph too much for their answers. What are your thoughts on this True Messengers quote?

“Prest. J. Smith rose, read the 14th Chap. of Ezekiel— said the Lord had declar’d by the prophet that the people should each one stand for himself and depend on no man or men in that state of corruption of the Jewish church— that righteous persons could only deliver their own souls— app[l]ied it to the present state of the church of Latter-Day Saints— said if the people departed from the Lord, they must fall— that they were depending on the prophet hence were darkened in their minds from neglect of themselves— envious toward the innocent, while they afflict the virtuous with their shafts of envy.”

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