Mark Wood

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I was born and raised in the Mormon faith. There were three of us kids. First my brother, then sister, then me. I was also told I was very shy and quiet. I have always been and still am. We stopped going to church when I was 8 years old after my baptism and when my next sister was born. We then only going on Christmas and Easter. We attended primary during the week, so I had contact with the members. My brother and I remained very faithful since I was 12 years old. I was president of my Priesthood quorums growing up. I played little league baseball and then in high school I ran cross country and played on the Varsity volleyball team. I made the state team. I loved to dance. I went to as many church dances that I could go to growing up. Inside of me I felt pride in myself, but I never showed it. I was always humble and never was in the spotlight.


I went on a mission for the church to Mexico. I wished to go anywhere else because I could not roll my rr’s. I was teased by other missionaries, but I did learn the language very well. I met a girl on my mission who would one day me be my wife. After over a year after my mission I returned to visit my mission and I accidently found her and married her 5 days later. That is an interesting whirlwind engagement in of itself. We had three children, two daughters, then my son. I held many leadership rolls in the Priesthood in the church. I only had one year of college and many low paying jobs. I had a great job in marketing research for six years then was laid off. My wife had to go to work, and she lost respect for me and found love in another man. We divorced and I let the children live with her. I saw them almost every weekend. After being single for 8 years I met another Mormon girl at a church dance. We were married by her bishop because we could not be married it the LDS temple at first because I was behind in paying child support then it was because I was still sealed to my first wife. I had two more daughters with my current wife Tracy. I went and got a college degree and became a Respiratory Therapist. I always remained active in the church with many callings. The calling I enjoyed the most was being an early morning seminary teacher. I studied he scriptures exhaustively. I loved teaching.

Finding the MWAW:

I started looking at other perspectives of the church on the Internet. I found people who were relating the symbolism in the church with cosmology. I then studied a Mormon person who criticized his own church through research that the church would never discuss. I then found someone who believed all religion was wrong, he also being a member of the church. I then found The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. I watched the videos from James R. He sounded convincing, but he could have been deceived I thought. When I watched the videos of Ida Smith, that did it! I knew she had found the truth and I could not deny that witness to me. I then watched and read what I could about Christopher. I believed in him instantly and no matter what the negative things that were said about him could convince me otherwise. I told my wife that the church was not true, and she said, “Okay”. We stopped going to church permanently after that. My very loving wife has never questioned my judgement. She goes along with whatever I tell her regarding this work. I recently told my best friend of 50 years that I do not believe in God and Jesus in the way that he does. He asked about Tracy and I told him she does not believe the church is true. He asked why and I said that I told her it was not true. He asked, “And she believed you?” I said yes because she knows how much I studied the scriptures, church, gospel, and history, and always have been a voracious reader. She said if I say it is not true then it is not. I had the strongest testimony of the church and now I am 180 degrees opposite. I hated reading growing up but after my mission I could not stop learning. I am always reading. I have read the MWAW books many times. My wife is very smart in many things and lets me study all these wonderful things. She does not like to read and relies on where I lead her. We all went to the Meet n Greet in 2019 and Tracy, Sariah, Danica, and I had a wonderful time meeting the nicest people we have ever met in our lives. We look forward to future gatherings.

Mark Wood

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