More of what I know … Mortal Life Upon an Earth — The School for Gods

August 26, 2022

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(NOTE: Until our dedicated and secure server is established, I thought I might practice my skills at explaining the things that I have known since my enlightenment [transfiguration] in June of 1987. My next few posts will be this practice. Currently, I am completely isolated away from the world, having nothing to do with any person, except superficially … none with whom I associate have a clue about who I am and what I do with my time.)

More of what I know … Mortal Life Upon an Earth — The School for Gods

I don’t know how many ways I can explain a very easy concept of Real Truth® — things as they really are — about why this earth exists and what its purpose is for the human experience.

The earth exists because very advanced humans, who live in other very advanced worlds throughout the universe (more particularly, pertaining to this earth, throughout what we call the Milky Way Galaxy), created it.

Humans who know how to control and manipulate dark matter (the basic components of all things that exist — or rather the smallest breakdown of everything … beyond protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, strings, and whatever else the imagination of the science world theorizes as what everything is made of) created a sun. They, then, created the earth. The earth is pulled into the sun (gravitational pull) because a sun pulls in the dark matter in which it was created in order to perpetually exist.

Yeah, gravity is very easy to understand.

But, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell the scientists! Their pride and ego won’t allow them to accept such an easy explanation.

The earth is located, purposely, in a constant stream of dark matter that the sun sucks in. The sun does this in order to continually produce energy for the planets. Planets need the sun’s energy to do what planets are supposed to do.

Upon sucking in dark matter, anything caught in this constant stream of matter is likewise sucked towards the sun.

A planet’s distance from the sun is dependent on the elements from which it was created.

When certain and proper elements are used to create a planet, a specific degree of magnetism is created which doesn’t allow the planet to be sucked all the way into the sun with the rest of the dark matter being pulled in from the surrounding space. You cannot touch two magnets together if their polarities are the same … it’s impossible. You cannot see the energy that is keeping the magnets from touching, but you can certainly feel it.

Consider the rotation of the planets around a sun. Consider the rotation of the sun and its planets (a solar system) around the center of a galaxy (a black hole).

Now consider the energy and form created by a simple whirlpool:

Compare a picture of a whirlpool (above) to a picture of the Milky Way Galaxy … at least an artist’s and astrophysicist’s imagination of what a galaxy looks like (below).

Think about it … if there exists a picture of the Milky Way Galaxy, who took the picture?

However, because of advancements in telescopic photography, and seeing other galaxies, the way that they present the form of galaxies is close to being accurate.

What causes a galaxy to exist where there wasn’t anything out in space?

To understand how a galaxy of solar systems (suns and their planets) exist, we have to go back to the creation of a new galaxy. Here’s how that’s done:

You find a place in space (among all that infinite dark matter) where a galaxy doesn’t exist.

Once you find this space (no pun intended), then you create your first sun and its planets … for whatever purpose suits your fancy.

Then you create your second sun and its planets … again, for whatever purpose suits your fancy for creating a second sun and its planets.

The moment that your second sun is created, it forms what science would understand as a covalent bond.

For the non-scientific mind, this type of bond is created when one piece of matter (in this case, a bunch of pieces of matter that make up a solar system) shares its electrons (its energy) with another piece of matter, which in this case is your second sun and its planets.

If you were to create a new solar system (a new sun) too near to another established galaxy, the energy pull of the existing galaxy (with all kinds of suns and the energy these suns are creating) would automatically make your new sun a part of it.

In order to create an entirely new galaxy, you must create your first new sun far enough away from existing galaxies so that the energy of any existing galaxy cannot form a covalent bond with your new sun and pull it in.

In others words, a spinning galaxy creates power (energy, similar to that of a whirlpool) that sucks things into it according to its degree of power, which depends on the number of solar systems that the established galaxy has. The more suns, the more energy is created and the stronger the pull is of the galaxy.

(You can swim far enough away from a whirlpool so that you don’t get sucked in. But if you swim too close … Well, you get the picture.)

As you create each new sun within the proximity (power of energy) of your first sun, your first sun is going to share its energy with your second sun (covalent bonding). This creates a more powerful bond of energy in your new galaxy (which now only has two suns) than the power that your new galaxy would have if you had only created one sun and left it alone.

When you create a third sun, the energy of your new galaxy increases again. The energy of your, now, newly forming galaxy, exponentially increases with each new sun (solar system) you create.

Keep in mind that each of your suns is sucking in the surrounding dark matter of the space in which you created your first sun, which began your new galaxy.

And what does this do?

This creates a stronger gravity, which makes the center of your galaxy a spot where nothing, seemingly can escape. The more suns you create and add to your new galaxy, the stronger its center becomes.

Oh my! Isn’t that what our dear theoretical physicists have already concluded?

According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the gravity of a black hole, the center of a galaxy, is so intense that nothing can escape it.

But how did it get that intense?

Well, I just explained it to you.

But how did you know, Christopher?

You haven’t been trained for the ministry and been to college and received a degree.

Do you think that you’re smarter than Einstein and the rest of the scientific community?

Oh yeah I do! By far!

I would make Einstein look as foolish as everyone who thinks he was that smart. Put him, or anyone else who thinks they understand how this universe works in a room with me, and you will see.

But anyways … Not but anyways … It’s true!

(And to those of you who think you’re so smart because you pronounce the word “neither” by saying, “n-eye-thur” … yeah, all you English people who think you pronounce things correctly … You’re effing wrong! Say these words: receive, deceive, deceit, inconceivable, etc. WTF? You are not saying, “ree-s-eye-v,” or “dee-c-eye-v.” It’s not “in-con-s-eye-vable” that you mispronounce “neither” and “either” … you pronounce the first long vowel, you foolish egotistical shits … It’s because of your stupid pride. Yeah, I can’t stand people, especially Americans, who pronounce “neither” and “either” like the British people. The British people have an excuse. Americans do not! But anyways … Just wanted to throw out one of my personal pet peeves about the arrogance of a lot of people who think they’re smart, when they’re not … And it’s not pronounced personal “p-eye-vs”!)

How do I know these things?

Because I am a god in training.

Now, wait a minute … that’s not exactly true.

In my case … and watch how arrogant this next statement is …

I already proved myself worthy of being a god, long before I volunteered to come to this earth and provide an example of the difference between a human being that can be trusted with the power of a God and one who cannot be trusted.

Can you imagine how some long-haired-hippie-wannabe-Jesus-looking freak could possibly claim that he is a god, knows what a God knows, and has the intelligence of a god, which gives him the glory of a God, which is intelligence, in other words, light and truth?

How would this arrogant bastard be received by the world?

“Oh, we know you, Chris! What are these things you are saying; and what wisdom is this which is given unto him, that even such mighty works are wrought by his hands in the countless pages of information and scripture he has created as a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®?”

“Is not this the same who is the son of Diane and Michael, the brother of Mike, Cory, Joseph, Alesa, Leslie, Kevin, Joel, Jill, Bridgette, Paulette, and James? And are not these here with us? And have we not received testimony of these of Christopher’s upbringing? Wouldn’t they know him best, who are his parents, his brothers and sisters?”

Well, I suppose it goes without saying,

“A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”

And the world?

How does the world receive me?

Am I loved and adored by the world?

Do people like me for telling them that they’re all a bunch of evil people who don’t have a clue what they’re doing?

Do I hold any credibility in this world?

Hell no!

But I know things that have been hidden from the rest of humanity since the foundation of this world. I know things that have never been considered before, and would have never been considered, unless I first revealed them and explained them.

I know the mysteries of God in full!

But alas … nevertheless … I am laid under a strict command that I shall not impart only according to the portion of the Real Truth® which has already been given unto the children of men, according to what the people of this earth are willing to receive.

How can I give them something that they are not willing to receive?

Regardless, it is my role and responsibility to reveal the things that I know.

And therefore, he that will harden his heart against the things that I reveal, the same will receive the lesser portion of the Real Truth® … Duh; and he that will not harden his heart, to him is given the greater portion of the Real Truth® … another Duh, until it is given unto this person to know the mysteries of God until the person knows them in full.

But then there’s this:

And they that will harden their hearts, to them is given the lesser portion of the Real Truth® “until they know nothing concerning his mysteries; and then they are taken captive” by their pride and ego, and led by the power of their ego down to destruction. Now this is what is meant by the chains of ignorance.

(NOTE: The Real Illuminati®, my recruiters and mentors, wrote about the above in their new American scripture. Review the Book of Mormon, Alma 12:9–11. What’s interesting, is that the fools who believe in this book as the word of God don’t realize the great importance of this one passage. NONE of them, including NONE of their leaders, know the mysteries of God IN FULL! Put me in a room with ANY religious leader, of any standing, of any glory, and I will destroy the credibility of these fools! And that there Folks, is why none of these will take me up on the challenge. But anyways … Sigh.)

My last post discussed the difference between knowledge and intelligence.

I’ve explained that there are a few advanced humans … and there are VERY FEW … who have the intelligence necessary to manipulate and control dark matter, as well as every other piece of matter that exists.

These are the CREATORS. These are those who are omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), but not necessarily omnipresent (present everywhere).

In order to have this power, one must first gain the knowledge about it, and then be proven worthy enough to possess it.

To obtain this knowledge, one has to go to school and learn it from those who already possess it, then go to labs to experiment with it.

The wise professors, who already have the knowledge, carefully watch each student to see if the student is going to use the knowledge they learn wisely.

There are always key elements of the power that are held back and not given to the students, until they prove their capability of using it wisely.

These labs, where experiments are conducted using a small portion of this power, are the mortal Earth experience.

Not every advanced human wants to become a Creator — most don’t. Most are happy and satisfied with the power of their own free will to do what they want, how they want to do it, serving themselves, or being served by others.

But if there is one who wants to become a Creator, that one must attend school and learn. This one must prove to the professors that the student can be trusted with the power.

Bit by bit, the students are given the knowledge that they desire.

They attend classes on Social Behavior, Free Will, Creating New Planets, Suns, and Galaxies … and many more classes and lessons that are very important for a God Creator to understand.

All students desiring to become a Creator must complete their undergraduate work. After they have received their undergraduate degree, they must enroll in a different college where the Master’s program is offered.

And then there’s the Doctorate program.

Let me give you a hint … in a religious context … similar to what my predecessor told some of the fools whom he couldn’t convince to control their pride and ego:

Michael, the Holy Ghost, is the Dean of the Bachelor’s program.

Jehovah, the Son, is the Dean of the Master’s program.

Elohim, the Father, is the Dean of the Doctorate program.

Basically a Bachelor’s degree is the “first” degree, a Masters is the “second” degree, and a Doctorate degree is the “third degree.”


You guessed it!

THE THREE DEGREES OF GLORY … where the “glory of God is intelligence, in other words, light and truth.”

If you want to become a God Creator, and possess the power of a God, you must first pass the first degree of glory, and then the second, and then you’ll be eligible to attend the Doctorate program in order to receive a PhD in Creation.

One of the classes you’ll attend in pursuit of your doctorate degree is “Controlling the Free Will of Others.”

And it came to pass …

There were two students attending this class at the same time.

The professor (the Father Elohim) asked the students to discuss how they would handle the free-willed choices of newly created humans.

One of the students, who was very much respected by the rest of the class because of the considerable light he brought to the class discussions … and the rest of the students called the student, Lucifer — A Bearer of Light … stood up and argued that all students wanting a degree in Creation should be allowed to get one if they wanted.

Lucifer argued that these students could be forced to do the right things so that they would always score high on the tests.

Another student calmly spoke.

This student argued that nothing should be changed and no student should be forced or helped to pass the tests. He argued that, even though most would fail, the few who would pass would ensure the integrity of the degree, so that only those who could be trusted with the intelligence would graduate.

The other students called this calm one, Yehowah, which means one who is always faithful and at peace from the beginning. (Some even called him the Prince of Peace.)

Lucifer stuck up for all the students who couldn’t pass the hard tests required by the curriculum. Lucifer wanted EVERYONE to be able to have the intelligence to create their own worlds, kingdoms, and places to exist.

Most of the students agreed with Lucifer.

But a few agreed with Yehowah.

I was one of these few.

Well … Lucifer and the other students who agreed with him were thrown out of class. This made them angry and they vowed that they would open their own school and teach anyone the knowledge that they already had learned.

The wise Professor didn’t mind Lucifer’s rantings.

This Professor knew that the students hadn’t yet learned the most important things that all creators know, things which are the final instructions, the final intelligence, on how to use and manipulate dark matter. There was no way that Lucifer and the other students who followed him could obtain this final piece of knowledge that they would need to become God Creators.

In fact, once Yehowah and I graduated, the Professor asked us to aid Lucifer and his followers by creating a new world for them, allowing them to use the knowledge they had learned to see how well their application of this knowledge worked out for them.

So, we said:

“We will go down, Elohim.”

So, we did what the Professor asked us to do.

We put our own new creations on hold in order to help our fellow students, who followed Lucifer, set up their world, have their free will and see how they could handle it.

We knew, as did the Professor, that Lucifer and our other fellow students, would never understand how important the curriculum of the School of the Gods was and how important it was to not change it without this experience.

In other words, we had to allow Lucifer and the other rebellious students to learn on their own.

So it was, that this world progressed as it was meant to, without the intervention of those who know and know that they know.

No matter how hard it is for us to not intervene and stop the madness going on, we know that it was not our position, or right, or mandate, to intervene. We are only allowed to give the people living upon the earth, who are creating all the madness, what they want, according to their desires and free will. (See above.)

And it came to pass … (When I write this, what follows is an allegorical story meant to relay a certain lesson and explanation of a point I am trying to make.)

And it came to pass that I spent many, many different incarnates throughout six different time periods trying to help my fellow students understand. Each and every time I tried, they wanted to kill me. And, in all others — except this one, yet — they succeeded.

So, this last time, I was to only be an example of what a person would do, how a person would act, if the person was already eligible and worthy to become a God Creator.

For me, NOTHING that the world values as worth brings me happiness.

I have gotten no joy from being in a family, being lauded as successful by the world, or in anything else from which most other people gain their happiness.

I have no family. I have no money. I have no possessions.

None of these things mean anything to me.

I have given it all up in order to do what the Professor asked me to do.

I have met NONE other who can give up what I have and still be happy.

Am I happy?


I am not happy because I have yet to find another person who gains happiness the same way that I do … serving other people and not themselves.

And how do I serve other people?

I am providing an example of what it takes in order to be worthy of being a Human Creator.


It is reasonably easy for any of you to determine if you’re passing the tests meant for this mortal experience.

Where do you get your joy?

Does it come from your relationships with others, who, like you, actually enjoy living in this world … as long as you have enough money to live comfortably?

You ask, “What more could I do?”

The Professor won’t allow me to answer that question.


Because most of you, although you have earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Glory, under the direction of Michael, do not have the intelligence in order to pursue a Master’s degree.


I just revealed that I am already a god … And I would that ye should understand that I have come down among the children of men to redeem you, or rather, help you graduate and enter the Master’s program, if you’re worthy.

Because I dwell in the flesh, I am called Christopher. But I have subjected my mortal flesh to the will of the Professor, being the Professor, and the Student — And we are one God, yea, the very Eternal Creator of heaven and of earth … allowing myself to be tempted by the things of this world, but not yielding to this temptation, I suffer myself to be mocked, and scourged, and cast out, and disowned by my people. (See BOM, Mosiah 15:1–5.)

And with what I just revealed today, is it any wonder why the people of this world want to kill me?

But I haven’t yet fulfilled the things that the Professor has asked me to do for you … the rebellious students who followed Lucifer … according to the allegorical story I presented above.

And until I do, I dare you to try to end my existence!


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