More of what I know … Why they picked me and not you.

August 28, 2022

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I suppose a question that is often asked is: Why, out of all the people on this planet, was I picked to help the Real Illuminati® and entrusted with an understanding of Real Truth® that comes with a transfiguration of one’s brain?

For you Jesus believers, why was Jesus picked?

Jesus didn’t fare too well either, probably worse than I have, in convincing people that he had an important message to share with them — a message that would save them.

I’m not saying anything that your Jesus didn’t say.

Jesus said he was a god-incarnate. I said that I am a god-incarnate … which means that I am god living as a mortal but fully connected and one with God, the greatest of all beings.

In my last post, I wrote

“I already proved myself worthy of being a god, long before I volunteered to come to this earth and provide an example of the difference between a human being that can be trusted with the power of a God and one who cannot be trusted.

“This last time, I was to only be an example of what a person would do, how a person would act, if the person was already eligible and worthy to become a God Creator.

“For me, NOTHING that the world values as worth brings me happiness.

“I have gotten no joy from being in a family, being lauded as successful by the world, or in anything else from which most other people gain their happiness.

“I have no family, [and very few friends, even fewer of which I can completely trust]. I have no money, [except that which others give me of their own]. I have no possessions, [except the basic things that I need in order to live].

“None of these things mean anything to me.

“I have given it all up in order to do what the Professor asked me to do.

“I have met NONE other who can give up what I have and still be happy.

“Am I happy?


“I am not happy because I have yet to find another [normal, mortal] person who gains happiness the same way that I do … serving other people and not themselves.

“And how do I serve other people?

“I am providing an example of what it takes in order to be worthy of being a Human Creator.”

A very educated, respected, and renown member of the LDS/Mormon community knew me well — Ida Smith.

To the chagrin of her well-known family and friends, Ida chose me as her True Messenger above U.S. senators, LDS general authorities, university presidents, and a whole lot of others whom the world lauds as wonderful, successful, and credible people.

What did Ida know about me that the world doesn’t?

Well, for one, unlike the world, instead of believing anything that she read or heard about me, Ida Smith got to know me.

My ex-wife Sheri and I lived in Ida’s basement. Ida knew as much about me as anyone. Along with the recently passed Rodney Vessels — my and the Real Illuminati®’s legal counsel — Ida met, dealt with, and knew the Real Illuminati®.

To the world, I am a cult leader, a charlatan, a manipulator, and a deceiver. But to those whom I have led, manipulated, and deceived, I am the most intelligent person they have ever known.

(Soon, the followers and supporters of me and the Real Illuminati® will have their own website. This website will be in place once we have the dedicated and secure MWAW servers hooked into the Internet.)

Once their own website is available, anyone can visit the site and ask these people any question one wants. Then one can ask these people why they were so easily led, manipulated, and deceived by me. Go ahead! I welcome it!

Before I came along, there was not a known … this is important … publicly known … person who knew the Real Truth® about all things and lived a public, normal life.

(The Real Illuminati® existed long before I did, but none of them have made themselves public. One day they will. But for now, the world only has me.)

Yep, I’m the best example that the world has of how an anointed god — one who has passed all the exams, laboratories, and the God Bar (kinda like the bar one has to pass to practice law) — would live as a mortal upon this earth.

Wow! That’s quite a statement!

No other person can be found, outside of me and the Real Illuminati®, who has experienced a mortal transfiguration.

Keep in mind, once you experience this transfiguration, you share the same knowledge with the most advanced humans that exist. However, you do not have the intelligence, because the intelligence of a god (of the most advanced humans) includes the knowledge and ability to control all matter on any level. I do not have this ability to apply my knowledge.

While I am still going through mortality, I do not have the physical body it would take to produce the right kind of energy to control dark matter — the primordial ingredients of all things.

I have written, many times, explaining how my personal transfiguration happened. The Real Illuminati® explained how this happens in symbolic detail in their new American scripture — the Book of Mormon — as the transfiguration of the Three Nephites. (See BOM, 3 Nephi, chapter 28.)

So, why did they pick me and not you or any other person living on this earth?

I’ve often asked the Real Illuminati® this question over the years, especially at times when I have doubted that picking me as their representative was the right choice.

I have always felt that a more credible and honorable person would be more respected and listened to than me, owing to my past experiences and background.

Although I mentioned it above for the sake of the deceived and hypocritical Christians, I never thought a lot about the Jesus story. Because after my transfiguration, I knew it was just a story.

The Jesus story illustrates that it doesn’t matter how perfect your life is, no matter how noble your cause, if people do not want to hear the Real Truth®, they will scourge you, mock you, persecute you, say all manner of lies about you, cast you out, and eventually kill you.

When I believed in Jesus, I never … not once … thought of myself as being even close to a man like him. And I have NEVER thought that I was Jesus, resurrected or otherwise.

Especially after my transfiguration, how could I have possibly believed that I was a resurrected mortal of a fictitious character?

At one point, however, I was instructed to grow my hair long and physically appear how most of the Christian world perceives their Jesus to be — handsome, well built, and very manly.

It was a simple exercise to prove to the Christians that they are no better than the Jews, whom Christians believe rejected Jesus Christ and his message.

During the time period (2004—2016) when I was instructed to teach and preach within the confines of the Christian Narrative, I taught nothing but what Jesus taught. They wanted me to appear like the ubiquitous (universal) Christian perception of Jesus.

I taught like Jesus.

And … SURPRISE … I was treated by the Christians exactly like the Jews treated Jesus, according to the stories told about him.

My recruiters made a good and valid point that proved the hypocrisy of most Christians and their foolish religions and beliefs.

Do Christians really believe that if their Jesus were alive today, they would wholeheartedly accept him and wave palm trees when he arrived in a city to speak to them? Come on!

A few years after I had revealed the Real Truth® about Jesus, I was allowed to cut my hair short again. It was at this time that I made an effort to be more “normal” and involve myself with my family.

This is a picture of my granddaughter and me at that time:

I could have stayed that way, but, after trying to deal with my family again, and finding that I had absolutely NOTHING in common with any of them, I determined to remain aloof and not part of their lives.

I grew my hair out again. My thick hair is much easier to maintain when it’s long. I only have to wash it once a week … or so … and can easily throw it in a ponytail to get it out of my face.

I have nothing in common with my family because I don’t believe in the “family unit.” The Real Truth® proves that these family units are the main reason why the world is in the terrible shape that it is.

Can you imagine if the Adam and Eve story were true, and Father Adam resurrected and came back to the earth? What would Great, Great … to the tenth power … Grandfather Adam say about all the “units” that his children divided into while he was gone?

What would Adam say about all that genealogy work that his descendants are doing, trying to tie their “family unit’s tree” to him?

Come one, Folks!

Is there anyone (who believes in Grandpa Adam) who hasn’t thought about this?

And all these borders and nations? What would Adam say about these?

Well, let’s see what he would say:

Hey, Christians! If you had the courage to read the above chapter from The Sealed Portion — The Final Testament of Jesus Christ, how do you feel about your precious families, communities, and nations now?

Yep! Their Sealed Portion seems to be quite a deception, right?


This was the only way the Real Illuminati® could get you Christians thinking logically … there was no other way!

And if you think that I wrote these things …

Yeah, yeah, you have that one-minute clip circulating out there that shows a “one-minute clip” of a three-hour presentation, edited just right to prove that I, Christopher, wrote The Sealed Portion.

If I did, wow! What a genius.

NOTE to the LDS/Mormons: I was commanded to “write” the sealed part of the gold plates, exactly like Joseph was commanded to “write” the unsealed part.

Here’s your own scripture that proves it … And hurry, read it quickly before your wicked leaders remove it:

“Behold, thou wast called and chosen to write the Book of Mormon, and to my ministry; and I have lifted thee up out of thine afflictions, and have counseled thee, that thou hast been delivered from all thine enemies, and thou hast been delivered from the powers of Satan and from darkness!” (Doctrine and Covenants 24:1.)

In order for me to fulfill my role and do the “ministry” that I was asked to do, I was indeed “lifted up out of [my] afflictions … [and have] been delivered from all [mine] enemies.”

Of course I wrote The Sealed Portion!

Someone had to write the words down.

But where did those words came from?

Well, if it was from my own head, you be the judge by reading just the one chapter above … if I was able to do that, and an uneducated American teenager was able to write the unsealed part, then Joe and I truly are the geniuses and the cult leaders, manipulators, and deceivers that the world thinks we are.

But if these words didn’t come from our own heads, and they didn’t, Wo be unto those who say that they did!

Wo, wo, wo!

My role did not stop with publishing The Sealed Portion (of the Book of Mormon).

The most important part of my role is to be an example of what an advanced human, in a mortal body, would live like as a Solarian (Celestial God) living as a mortal in a lone and dreary world.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, my life will judge everyone who thinks they are a candidate for a God Creator (this humanity type) eternal existence.

Do you love your wife, husband, or partner more than any other woman or man or person? …

… that one included all ya all LGBTQ+acdefhijkmnoprsuvwxyz people.

Do you love your children more than you do any other child in this world?

IF you honestly answer yes to the above questions, and you find your joy and happiness in serving and maintaining your “family unit,” YOU ARE NOT GOD MATERIAL … not even close!

I do not love or value any person over another, in any way.

In fact, I value the poor, the meek, the downtrodden, the unsuccessful, and not-so-attractive people of this world much more than I do those who are not marginalized in this way and are valued by the world. An honest review of how I have dealt with my mortal relationships, would verify this. (Ask any of my ex-wives if I loved them more than any other woman; or my kids if I loved other kids less than them.)

Whenever I have doubted and questioned the Real Illuminati®’s choice, their answer has always been the same:

“We chose you because of your past choices.”

It’s my history. It’s my past. I own what I did. And it is because of what I did that proved to the Real Illuminati® that, not only was I the right man for the job, but also that I was ready to do it properly.

One of the first criteria that they look for in a potential True Messenger is if the person wanted the job before it was offered to him or her.

If you want to be someone important, you’ll never be chosen!

I did NOT want the job, as far as I understood things as a normal, un-transfigured person.

I was very humble and meek when I fell to my knees in that upper room of the LDS Salt Lake City temple to ask God to help me know the truth … At the time, I didn’t distinguish between the truth that most people accept and the Real Truth® — things as they really are.

On my knees, I just wanted to know. I didn’t want to be chosen for something or someone special. I just wanted to know what was right and what was wrong.

The specific details of how I was able to kneel in a room so important to the LDS/Mormon people is a miracle on its own. (It is explained in my autobiography.)

The next important attribute of one chosen as a True Messenger is that you don’t care, you couldn’t care less, what other people think about you. Nothing anyone says about you affects you. In fact, the more the world thinks you’re insane, the better you feel about yourself.

As I explain some of the choices that I made in the past, which caused the experiences of my past, one need only ask oneself, “Would I have done the same thing, if put in the same circumstance?”

Keep in mind that, in order to judge yourself on whether or not you would have made the same choices that I made, you must consider that you might not have been in the same circumstance with the same environment, physical body, character, etc.

For example:


I was a very talented athlete. From a very young age I demonstrated a natural talent for most sporting events that required strength, speed, and coordination.

If a man doesn’t possess the same talent, then there is no way he can judge whether or not he would have made the same choices.

As far back as I can remember, I was always at the top of my age group when it came to athletic ability. I could throw further, run faster, and was stronger than most of the kids my age, and, many times, even among the older kids.

During my junior year of high school, I was 6′ 2″ tall and lanky, but strong. I could run the 100-meter dash in 10.8 seconds and the 40-meter dash in 4.3 seconds. I could throw the shot put and the discus much further than anyone else at my school.

As a junior, I made the All-Avocado East football team (representing Poway High School in Poway, California), which is comparable to most U.S. States’ All State teams. (California had a lot more kids than any other state.) In fact, I received a few college offers to play football when I was a junior. (The newspaper had me listed as a senior cornerback when they named me to the All-Avocado East team … see the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper, December 7, 1978 … you also might want to look up all the basketball scores involving Poway High that were published that year.)

I was doing things as a junior in high school that were pretty amazing as an athlete. It was during the summer, between my junior and senior year, when I hurt my knee playing church sports. My body would never recuperate properly.

After high school, as a walk-on at a junior college, I was the number one non-scholarship recruit. I had beaten out the scholarship players and was offered a part scholarship to play football that year, and then a full scholarship the next.

As a member of the Utah National Guard basketball team, I was the star player, even receiving a special commendation for basketball.

Bragging rights aside … here’s where my choices get weird, because they are choices that few other men, with the same talent that I had, would have made.

As far back as I can remember, I was always chosen first to play on a team, and I ALWAYS felt bad for the kids who were never chosen. When I was made captain, and allowed to do the choosing, I would always choose the worst players, bragging to the other team that I could beat them, even with my chosen worst team members.

As a senior at West High in Salt Lake City, Utah (my father had moved only me to Utah halfway through my junior year at Poway High, after football season [February 1979], to keep me from getting in trouble for having sex with my girlfriend), I played for a coach named Clark Godfrey. This coach was mean. He yelled a lot and treated players with great disrespect. I wouldn’t put up with his meanness. During my senior year, I quit the team halfway through the season. This ruined any chance I had at being considered for a college scholarship in basketball. (My autobiography explains how basketball became my second desired sport behind football. Because of my summer knee injury, I was not able to play football during my senior year at West High.)

Above, I explained that I tried out for the football team at Ricks College, a junior college run by the LDS/Mormon Church. I made the roster as the number one defensive back. I was offered what they could give me as a walk-on player, and then a guaranteed full ride scholarship the next year.

But then, the next weird thing happened …

One day, while practicing at Ricks, I thought about possibly having more injuries to my body, and I quit the team.

The defensive back coach was bewildered. He mentioned that few players had my natural talent and abilities. He actually followed me off the field trying to convince me to continue, promising that I would surely be recruited by the Division I Brigham Young University, if I would give Ricks College two years.

Nah … I didn’t care. I walked off the practice field never looking back or caring about competitive sports again.

I mentioned that I went on to play for the Utah National Guard team. I quit the team when I played for our battalion, while attending the Military Defense Institute located in Monterey, California. Our commanding officer actually confronted me in front of the entire battalion and asked me why I quit, mocking, “What? You think you’re too good for us?”

Nope. I never thought this. I had lost all the competitive nature of my personality. I no longer wanted to compete and possibly hurt another person’s feelings by being better than that person at something that really didn’t matter.

To this day, I will purposefully act like I am not athletic or into sports, just so I don’t have to compete with people.

All those athletic choices in my past were weird and very abnormal.

Only a man with the same athletic ability can honestly put himself in my shoes and ask himself if he would have made the same choices I made. I have never known of one who has.

I didn’t care then, and now, couldn’t care any less about sports. In fact, when I watch a sporting event, I am usually rooting for the underdog, the losing team, hoping that they will upset the better team.

I hate competition in all of its forms.

Another tidbit about my service in the U.S. Army:

While going through basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I was made a platoon leader and given an automatic higher rank. After about two weeks, I couldn’t do it. I could not treat my soldiers the way that I was expected to treat them with authority. I met with my drill sergeants and asked to be relieved and put down a rank to a mere private. They were bewildered. There had been appointed platoon leaders who weren’t right for the job and the drills took away their rank; but not in the history of Fort Leonard Wood, as far as my drills knew, had any soldier asked to be lowered in rank and not be a platoon leader … but that was me … abnormally weird.


Another “weird” experience I had as a kid occurred when I was ten years old, working on an 88-acre farm in Ucon, Idaho.

I had just learned about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how He suffered for all of our sins … so I was taught and believed with all of my heart.

I was alone one evening as the sun was setting. I was irrigating one of our fields. I thought about all the suffering that Jesus must have felt for all our sins.

I leaned on my shovel, bowed my head, and asked God to let me take all of Jesus’ pain away for just a few seconds, so that Jesus could have at least a couple of seconds of happiness, with no pain. I leaned on the shovel, gritted my teeth, and prepared myself. Nothing happened, of course.

What ten-year-old kid would ever think of doing that?

For some reason, I did. It was my established humanity type.


I was above average in physical attraction, but it never went to my head. When others complimented me on my looks, I really, truly, didn’t see myself as others seemed to view me.

The choices I made, as an attractive person, were choices that most other men with the same level of attractiveness probably would not have made.

I didn’t like really pretty girls and women. Although my first marriage was to a very attractive girl, when she left me with our two children to raise by myself, I vowed never to date a beautiful woman again … maybe a bit of misogamy developed for attractive women.

As far back as I can remember, a girl’s personality — a girl who is a truly nice person — meant a lot more to me than what a girl looked like.

For a moment, let’s fast forward to my tenure as a True Messenger.

Besides Sheri (Sheryl Anne Huffor Salcedo Davis Nemelka … Hey Sheri! Did I miss any of your legal names? :-) ) … I can name a few very attractive women who came across the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, accepted it, and were attracted to me, not only as a messenger, but as a man.

I could have had a lot of emotional control over these women. They trusted me. They adored me. I could have manipulated many of these women and caused them to leave their husbands to be with me.

However, because I never did these types of things, I will never know if any of these very beautiful women would have actually left their husbands for me, to be at my side and support me as their True Messenger.

Let’s say that I could have asked any of these women to be at my side and help me with the MWAW and the Real Illuminati®. Only each one of these women can honestly answer the question of whether or not she would have accepted me over her husband, if I would have pursued her and asked. (I’m quite sure that most of their husbands were very jealous of the respect that these women had for me.)

Here’s an actual picture of one:

There are many who can give evidence and testimony about how involved this particular woman was with the MWAW (“the work”), and with me, as a representative of the Real Illuminati®. For a short time, she was probably the most recognized face for publicizing the work. She recorded many short videos expressing her willingness and eagerness to share the information.

She was indeed the perfect poster girl for the work. We couldn’t have found a more beautiful mortal body than hers to be associated with the work.

This woman won my respect, and the respect of the Real Illuminati®. She was putting a lot on the line, promoting such a controversial work. But she did! Unabashedly, perfectly, passionately, and with her never-ending incredible beauty.

Although we have not yet met in person, this woman felt a bond with me that she has never felt for another man. It was not a bond like she would have for her husband, but an emotional and spiritual bond that she did not understand. I understood it perfectly!

She is not only very attractive, but, it goes without saying, she is very intelligent. It takes a very intelligent person to grasp the true meaning and purpose of the MWAW. This woman grasped it easily.

It was only a short time before her family and friends began to mock her and start believing she had lost her marbles, because she was being deceived and manipulated by me … so they believed.

I could see the great sacrifice that she was willing to make on behalf of the MWAW and being involved with me. I knew things that were happening behind her back that she didn’t know. Because of these things, I was forced … or rather, I forced myself … to do something that I was very sad I had to do.

I did NOT want this wonderful woman and human being to go through what I knew was coming. I did not want her to lose her value and standing in this world, nor any of the relationships that she valued, especially those with her husband and children. When I saw what was happening, I had to CHOOSE to do something.

I did.

I purposefully offended her. I caused her to end her public representation of the MWAW.

When I saw the persecution coming, and what was going on behind her back, I could have poured on the love and adoration for her, told her some things that only she knows … only God knows about her and her feelings … proving to her, without any doubt, that I was truly who I claimed to be, and that she was supposed to serve the MWAW. I could have secured financing to help her become the official spokesperson for The Humanity Party® and taught her things that would have made her a better messenger than I.

But I did none of these things. I did the opposite. I broke her heart, so that she would no longer find joy in publicly supporting the work. I cared more about her husband and children than I did about losing her devotion, love, and support for the MWAW.

I am ridiculed and mocked for being handsome and arrogantly proclaiming in public that I am “sexier than Jesus.” My critics and enemies believe that, if I had a chance with a woman like the above mentioned, I would have taken the chance and robbed her husband, her children, her family and friends, and the world, of her beauty and intelligence. This I would NEVER DO … intentionally.

What I CHOSE to do in this woman’s case is something that few other men on this planet, with the same connection to her, would have chosen to do.

I know what I did and why I did it.

This woman, and a few others possessing her degree of beauty, has set a bar for all the other extremely beautiful women participating in the human life experience upon this earth. She was willing to sacrifice all to support what she knew was the Real Truth®. Her beauty and intelligence gained her a lot of value from this world. But she would have given it all up IF, in so doing, it would have made a difference.

There were others … one in particular whom I personally met.

Trusting her devotion, not to me as a man, but to me as a True Messenger, I actually manipulated her (tested her) and, with guile, tempted her to use her free will to make choices about her relationship with me.

Long story short, this woman proved to be who I knew she was, an incredible human being who trusted me and allowed me to engage her and show her how much I appreciated her support of me and the MWAW. She responded to our interaction differently than I have ever experienced, in the same situation, with a few other women of her “worldly” caliber.

Because of these women’s choices in how they responded to the intimate possibilities that could have happened between us, they have proven to me that there are incredible women who have found the MWAW and embraced it, not because of me as a man, but in the way it was meant to be embraced — with me as its True Messenger.

The two I mentioned above weren’t the only very beautiful women I have come across helping with the MWAW. But, in each and every case, I NEVER acted unbecomingly towards any of them — except in one case, where I actually did have a physical relationship with a married woman FOR HER SAKE. I ended this relationship FOR HER SAKE as well.

(I will not reveal the name of this woman at this point, FOR HER SAKE. But, if she were honest, and I believe that she would be, she would admit that because of my involvement with her, she was able to make some decisions about her marriage that might have been hard to make without me doing what I did — decisions that helped her have a better life for herself and her children.)

Although I see sex and physical beauty differently than others, there is no justification for adultery. If a woman or man is not satisfied with their partner, but they have made a commitment or a promise, they should honor that or leave the partner.

But I was an adulterer, an obvious hypocrite. This is something that my critics and enemies have correct …

I cannot be trusted to be faithful to a woman.

I can, however, be trusted to be faithful to men. If you are married to a woman, and I have a chance to be with your wife, I WILL ALWAYS MAKE THE CHOICE NOT TO BE WITH HER, UNLESS, IN SO DOING, IT ALWAYS … AND I MEAN ALWAYS … DOES SOMETHING THAT WILL BENEFIT THE WOMAN IN THE LONG RUN, as well as the man.

I cannot be trusted with sex. I do not view sex the way that others do. Therefore, I cannot be trusted to remain faithful to a woman when I know that unfaithfulness would make the woman’s life better and more complete.

For this reason, I refuse to engage in any intimate relationship with a woman, or a man, that could end in drama or in hurting the other person, or the person’s spouse or partner.

Unless one has my degree of attractiveness … at least in the past (as I am growing older and less attractive each year) … that man has no right to judge that he would make the same decisions that I made in the exact same circumstance.


There have been not a few times in the past when people came across the MWAW, changed their entire life, and asked me what they could do to support it. Many of these told me that they would do ANYTHING … ANYTHING … to support such an important work.

To prove to them that they were not really ready to do ANYTHING for the MWAW, I have thrown out a few tests regarding money.

I asked these people to send me all the money they could. Many of them did, but only one sent me everything that she had (Julie Taggart). In each and every one of these cases, I eventually sent everyone back their money, with interest, except for Julie. With her money we were able to publish the first few books for the MWAW. But if Julie ever asked for it to be returned, it would be, with interest.

There were only a few other exceptions to this.

One was when Sheri and I were homeless and many wanted to help us find a house. I asked for donations to help us buy an RV (recreational vehicle). These donations, as well as those that have been made to the MWAW Purpose Trust throughout the years (again, that I am not personally aware of), were not returned. However, if any of these people wants their donation back, all they need to do is contact me. The MWAW Trust has the funds to repay everyone.

Presently, there is only ONE person on this earth, along with his wife, Sydney (whom I assume supports him in his choices), who donates to my personal needs, Denton E. Thiede.

Every year, Denton sends me a check of funds to use throughout the year for anything I want. Denton’s donations are very generous. He is the ONLY human currently supporting me.

I travel a lot from place to place and stay where I can. If I have a trusted supporter in the area to which I travel, I will usually stay with the person, eat their food, and allow them to care for me while I am there.

Denton has been loyal to me from the beginning. We have had our issues, but, no matter how offensive I have been towards him, no matter the test (and one time I asked Denton and Sydney to sell all that they had — ALL — and donate it all to the MWAW … I really didn’t know at the time if they would do it … THEY DID!)

Denton has never wavered in his support for me.

Some might suppose that the reason why Denton and Sydney give me money is because I spend a lot of time with them. These suppositions are COMPLETELY INCORRECT! In fact, I make an effort to spend less time around the Thiedes than I do around others … a lot less.


I can give many examples of people who claimed that they would do anything for me and the MWAW, but, when their claim was tested, they failed.

Furthermore, I can give extreme examples of a few who have donated tens of thousands of dollars to me and the MWAW, only to have all that money returned to them because of THEIR OWN CHOICES.

Let me give a few very important examples of how I handle women, especially women, who feel a strong connection with me, want to do all they can to support me, only to withdraw that support when they are offended.

In one case, when this woman’s family became so abusive and persecutory, I MADE THE DECISION to return all her money and alienate myself from her.

This woman’s name was Norma Olsen. (Norma is no longer living, therefore, I have no problem revealing her true identity.)

Norma was in her 80s. Norma adored me. Norma gave me a check for $150,000.00 (USD) to be used to promote the MWAW in any way that I saw appropriate.

This money was in my name at the time. I had full control over the money and could have done whatever I wanted with the money … YEP, WHATEVER I WANTED, USING MY OWN FREE-WILLED CHOICES. No one would have ever known what I did with all that money.

Here’s what I did with Norma’s money:

(NOTE: Everything that I am about to reveal can be verified with the proper documentation and testimony … ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!)

Shortly after Norma wrote me the check and I cashed it, her family kicked Norma out of their house. (Norma was living with one of her daughters and sons-in-law in their basement. They are staunch LDS/Mormon.)

Norma contacted Sheri and revealed that she was being kicked out and had nowhere to go.

I was disgusted. And, in my anger, I had choices to make.

What would the normal person have done?

It doesn’t matter.

Here’s what I did:

I located a very nice and very expensive townhouse for Norma. Its sale price was around $200,000.00. I had $150,000.00 of Norma’s donation and I chipped in another $50,000.00 for the purchase. However, the house needed a lot of repairs and improvements. I put in another $50,000.00 of the MWAW Trust money and made the repairs.

At first, I put the house’s deed in the MWAW Purpose Trust. I did this so that, on her death, the property would be owned by the Trust. I thought that maybe Sheri and I could live there after Norma died. (At the time, Sheri and I lived in the RV we had purchased a few years before, see above details on this RV.)

However, Norma’s wonderful LDS/Mormon family was relentlessly treating their aged mother with contempt and ridicule for supporting me and the work. I had enough of this evil family … Sigh …

I quit-claimed the deed over to Norma and one of her daughters and let it all go. I alienated myself from Norma, and her from the MWAW, so that the persecution would stop. I gave the house, which was entirely paid off, along with all the improvements, to Norma’s family.

What would you have done?

And then there is another woman, who I will not publicly name because she is still living.

Those who have followed this work have heard me thank this woman for her generosity and the personal financial help she would give to me to do with it what I wanted, even outside the needs of the MWAW … whatever I wanted.

She believed that she had a personal, eternal connection with me. I knew this belief brought her joy, so I did not correct her. I did not correct her because, for the most part, it was true. She was indeed one of the closest friends of my True Self.

What I failed to see for so many years was that this woman was donating tens of thousands of dollars to the MWAW, and a bit to me personally, BECAUSE OF THIS BELIEF.

For all of those years, I didn’t want to believe that this was the only reason that this woman was so generous to the work. I wanted to believe that her pure intentions were her interest in the work, not only her interest in a relationship with me.

I was finally apprised, by witnessing it personally. I saw how she treated others who were very close to me and aided me in the world. It was not good. She was not a nice person. She even mocked one of my most trusted supporters on how this other close supporter was dealing with her children. This person’s children despised me, vehemently.

Because of how this woman was acting, I tested her resolve. I confronted her and offended her the best way I could, actually yelling at her and calling her an entitled, spoiled brat whose ideas about health were completely ridiculous.

I made sure she was paid back as much money as was possible to borrow at the time. She was given a check for $225,000.00 … and I am not even sure if that was all that she had donated over the years.

“She won’t cash that check,” I hopefully told myself. “She’s not that mean and angry with the work. She truly loves the work, right?”

She didn’t hesitate. She cashed that check the very next day.

Now, instead of supporting me and the work financially, this woman, who claimed to be a supporter to the end, no matter what, has put a financial burden on others involved in the work.

She taught me an important lesson and proved through her free-willed choices where her heart lay in regards to me and the MWAW.

Her heart was in lust with me.

She broke my heart. I do not trust her. She has greatly burdened the work.

There is only one way that she will be able to show me where her heart is:

And this is what I have NEVER required from anyone … EVER …

She must cash out all of her retirement accounts and give every penny she had saved for her family to the MWAW Trust … every single cent!

She loves and supports her kids, even though they hate me. She has always been mocked by her family for her feelings towards me.

Now, I have made it very easy on her to get along with her family and live in peace without her family’s drama for the rest of her life.

I want nothing further to do with her, for her sake.

In both Norma’s and this other woman’s cases, I did NOT have to return a penny to either. I was not legally obligated to return anything. I did it for the same reason why I do what I do …


It’s one of those things — these choices that I made — that explains why I have been chosen and no other person has.

If I were a cult leader, a charlatan, manipulator, or deceiver, or even an orthodox religious leader, I would have refused to return any donated money to the cause of the MWAW. (I am the ONLY one who has ever done such a thing.)

No one on this earth will ever judge themselves by how they treated their family, loved ones, and friends. We will all be judged (by our True Self) by how we treated those who don’t like us.

The determinant factor of pure righteousness, which is that of a God, is not in how one treats another who loves them, but in how one treats those who do not.

— The Real Illuminati®

Here are a few more examples of what I did in my past that proved to the Real Illuminati® that I was their man:

What would you do, if you were invited over to a Mormon Fundamentalist’s (Polygamist’s) home and he snapped his fingers to call a petite young lady into the room to serve him?

What would you do, if you realized that you could save this young lady from a life of being involved with these kinds of people?

I did this for Marcee Kay Jaynes Nemelka Quirk. And Marcee was never my legal wife. She changed her name because she wanted it changed, not that I did. I actually divorced Jackie, my wife at the time, so that I would not be violating any law of the land by entering into a plural relationship to save Marcee.

I did the same thing to save Victoria Ann “Vicky” Batchelor and her five children from a future of Mormon Fundamentalism.

I lost Jackie, a wonderful woman, with whom I had a wonderful relationship, so that I could help these two women.

Had I not deceived and manipulated these two women by pretending to believe in polygamy, they would have never opened up their minds and hearts enough so that I could get them out of that terrible situation.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I would.

My father, along with my first wife, Paula, tried to get me arrested and thrown in jail.

Just a year later, I forgave them both and asked Paula to cooperate with me so that the kids could get to know her, as they should.

I had complete legal custody of our two children. I did not have to let them see Paula because of the egregious thing that she and my own father did to me.

My two oldest children were adopted away from me. When they were older, they had some serious problems with their life choices. Their mother asked me to intervene after their adoptive, legal father divorced her and wanted nothing to do with kids that weren’t his own.

Why did I agree to intervene and spend, literally, tens of thousands of dollars, and a lot of time and drama, to set them on the right path? Why didn’t I inform their mother that it was her problem for what she had done?

What would you have done?

The ONLY reason why I was in jail was because I wanted to be involved in my children’s lives, but their mothers didn’t want me to be. The mothers of my children did everything in their power to keep our kids away from their father, mostly with lies and manipulating the courts to see me as a monster.

How would the normal man have acted towards his ex-wives if they did the terrible things that Paula, Jackie, Marcee, and Vicky did to me?

I have ALWAYS treated them with kindness and respect, however, having to defend myself in court wasn’t exactly what I would do today. I was actually mandated by my mentors to fight for my kids for a time. I spent two years trying, only to fail and be put back in jail because of the lies their mothers told.

There are so, so many other things that I can use as examples of why the Real Illuminati® chose me over any other man to help them.

They know, as well as I know, that I would NEVER intentionally harm another person for the sake of my own pride and ego.

They know this because I have proved this by the “abnormal” choices I have made in my past dealings with people.

There is a reason why I currently do not deal with any person, intimately.

It is because I do not want to know how a person is suffering or being taken advantage of, especially by men.

Out of sight, out of mind.

I could list ALL of my past decisions when I was able to use my free will to make choices and then act on the choices I have made. I own ALL of these decisions, and have no reason to feel bad or guilty of any.


I will never again make a choice that could possibly negatively affect other human beings … except in accomplishing the things required of me by those who have known millions of people, collectively …

And they know this.

And more importantly,


And this is why they picked me and not you.

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