Most COVID-19 cases caused by people without symptoms

November 17, 2021

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Most COVID-19 Cases Caused by People Without Symptoms

Now let’s get some Real Truth™ about the current so-called worldwide pandemic, some information from the actual people who started the pandemic to help promote human unity and cooperation … and to prove how easily world governments can print lots of money to solve ANY problem … and to prove how corrupt and stupid governments are in how they spend all that new money.

Yep, the source is the Real Illuminati®.

Use your common sense … which isn’t really that common in this world.

If most cases of COVID-19 have proven to be from people who don’t even know that they have the virus, then how many people who have NOT been tested have the virus?

If no tests were given, (and just a very small percentage of the world’s population has been tested), how would we know the percentages?

How many other diseases caused by viruses exist in this world that are just as deadly to those with weakened immune systems as COVID?

And this is not to say that a healthy person is not going to be affected by the flu. Everyone can get the flu and have a hard time with it. (One year, Sheri and I thought we were going to die from having the H1N1 flu. This flu hit us so hard, we hardly ate anything for a few weeks, and I had breathing problems for months thereafter.)

There are MANY, MANY other flu viruses, some more deadly than COVID-19, that are floating around out there.

How many cases of the flu were reported during the period when everyone was getting tested specifically for COVID?

The WHO (World Health Organization) and the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommend getting a flu shot EVERY year. What is a flu shot? It’s a booster shot that science has determine will effectively help a person with whatever WORLDWIDE FLU VIRUS is determined to be the worst.

And now for the clincher:

Why did the United States, the most prosperous and developed country in the world, lose the most people to COVID-19?

Shouldn’t the most developed country in the world have the LEAST deaths?

What country on Earth has more cases of obesity (entirely from overeating … there’s NO OTHER WAY TO GET FAT) … than any other country? The United States of America.

Sure, you can find a few cases of thin, seemingly healthy people dying from COVID. But very, very few. Most are unhealthy anyway, and most unhealthy people wouldn’t have survived the other flu viruses* that affect the world. *That are not tested like COVID-19 is.

What’s the message?

The message is given in the greatest diet book ever written. It’s about a 300-page book. On each and every page of the book there is only one, two-word sentence: EAT LESS.

Do some research. Find out how many people in the poorest, underfed countries have died from COVID-19.

Is there a correlation?

Well, if I told you I could explain EXACTLY what this particular strain of COVID-19 is, how it was created, where it was created, and who created it …

… Then I would have to kill you.

Wait. I don’t have to kill you.

What you eat will do it for me.

But I will tell you this much:

In a species population where there is a limited amount of food sources, and one particular group of this species begins to eat all the food, and nature does what nature does—always acts to protect the species from complete extinction—what would nature … natural selection … do to protect the species?


But … What do I know?

But anyways …

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