Note to followers and supporters of the Real Illuminati®’s work and a note to mean online trolls.

August 27, 2021

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Unless you are quoting something as it is published, and in COMPLETE CONTEXT, stop trying to defend their work. YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL EVERY TIME.

The challenge has been given to have the troll who responds negatively to what you share on YOUR PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE meet me, any time, any day, in a public, recorded virtual meeting.

Keep in mind that they (Real Illuminati®) wrote about this in their newest book, A New American Scripture. They explained the role of their True Messenger and how this messenger deals with the public.

They quote from the Trial of Socrates:

“If anyone, young or old, desires to listen to me when I am talking and dealing with my own concerns, I have never begrudged this to anyone, but I do not converse when I receive a fee and not when I do not. I am equally ready to question the rich and the poor if anyone is willing to answer my questions and listen to what I say. And I cannot justly be held responsible for the good or bad conduct of these people (referring to his followers), as I never promised to teach them anything and have not done so. If anyone says that he has learned anything from me, or that he heard anything privately that the others did not hear, be assured that he is not telling the truth.

“Why then do some people enjoy spending considerable time in my company? You have heard why, gentlemen of the jury; I have told you the whole truth. They enjoy hearing those being questioned who think they are wise, but are not.”

I know you “enjoy spending considerable time in my company” because what I teach you makes so much more sense than what fools (those who think they are wise, but are not) teach.


Offer the challenge. Force the fool to a DEFINITIVE conclusion as to why the fool will not set a date and time for a virtual meeting with me.


There is a reason why the followers and supporters of the Real Illuminati® like these meetings/debates. For the same reason that “some people enjoy[ed] spending considerable time in [Socrates] company.”

Because, for many, many years, the followers of the Real Illuminati® have NEVER found anyone who makes more sense than they do.

You malicious trolls who visit their PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE and spew your bullshit: Step up to the challenge or shut the fuck up.

Followers and supporters,

NEVER argue.

Present the challenge and force a response from these trolls.

Any time. Any day. (All virtual meetings will can be scheduled through Monica Smith.)

I will not be giving any other public or private Zoom meetings unless it is in one of these challenges.

So, if you enjoy spending time in my company, set up a challenge with a troll.

Make sense?

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