NOTHING could be better for this fucked-up world than a nuclear start of World War III

March 6, 2022

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Naftali Bennett secretly travels to Moscow to meet with Putin, has 3 conversations with Zelensky, as Israel acts as mediator in Russia-Ukraine crisis

Israel … you know … the PRIDEFUL country that thinks it is full of God’s chosen people who were given God’s chosen land …

Israel is thinking …


If NATO countries make Russia an enemy, then Russia will back our worst enemy, Iran, and allow Iran to acquire all kinds of nuclear weapons.

Shit, Iran might even join CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization … Russia and other countries’ own version of NATO).

Then, if Israel tries anything against Iran, Russia will be forced to intervene on the side of Iran, like Russia and China did in Syria when the dumbass Obama Administration sided with the “terrorist” groups trying to overthrow law and order in Syria.

But, on the other hand …

NOTHING could be better for this fucked-up world than a nuclear start of World War III … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Let Israel get attacked. Because when it is attacked, all the idiots who actually believe in the Bible, and that Jews are God’s chosen people, and Israel is God’s promised land, will soon find out that no one is coming out of the sky to help them.

FINALLY, maybe then, we can all let this religious bullshit go and start uniting as ONE HEART AND ONE MIND, SO THAT THERE ARE NO POOR AMONG US.

Oh, yeah, that is the pure definition of Zion.

Oh, how beautiful upon the mountains are those who seek to establish Zion.

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