Nuclear energy is the answer.

October 29, 2021


Toxic charge: How batteries are poisoning Kinshasa’s children

Yeah, let’s all GO GREEN and start using batteries charged by the sun and in other ways.

Yeah, all those batteries that the world is going require to power their GREEN VEHICLES in order to fight something that has been happening upon Earth naturally for billions of years … Yep, especially when humans have been on the the earth in large numbers: GLOBAL WARMING.

Yeah, where will all those batteries come from; what materials will be mined from the earth by the poorest majority in order to power the WANTS of the richer minority?

Yeah, what will happen to all those used batteries?

This ignorant world deserves everything it is going to experience in the future, as its ignorance turns into complete STUPIDITY!

But the innocent ones do not deserve what they cannot control.

Nuclear energy is the answer.

With the proper forms and models of nuclear energy, WE HUMANS can not only control how the earth warms, but when and where it warms.

What a bunch of idiots we are.

Instead of using nuclear energy and human dominion over the world’s resources to control the weather and make it a controlled ambient temperature WHEREVER HUMANS CHOOSE TO LIVE, especially at Earth’s poles where there were once verdant and spectacular parks … Yep, ALL created and controlled by ancient humans …


We are forced to warm our homes with coal, gas, oil, and the electricity made from these.

We are not that smart.

But the Real Illuminati® is.

If the world would just believe in them and ask them, they would respond.



Oh yeah … for the REAL SMART ones in this world:

“Who is John Gault?”

But anyways …

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