Okay, let me explain why most news is FAKE NEWS.

November 16, 2021

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The illusion of decoupling the semiconductor industry: Latest US restrictions on China short-sighted

Okay, let me explain why most news is FAKE NEWS.

Take, for the first example, the REAL reason why the U.S. is trying to protect Taiwan from China taking control of Taiwan. (Keep in mind, Taiwan is to China what Hawaii is to the U.S. … Yep!)

Read this story about how the U.S. is trying to stifle the production of semiconductor chips (which most electronics need to function properly) in China, while buying most of the needed semiconductor chips from Taiwan.

If China takes back control of Taiwan, because it should, because again, Taiwan is China’s Hawaii, then the U.S. loses control, and China gains control of most of the world’s semiconductor production.

And that there, Folks, is the REAL TRUTH™.

Now another example of all the FAKE NEWS about foreign countries cracking down on their innocent civilians, shooting them, and fighting against good people who are simply fighting and protesting for freedom and democracy.

The people blocking streets, lighting things on fire, throwing rocks, and doing all kinds of things that break the laws of these governments, are being met by law enforcement trying to keep the order in their own countries! The REAL criminals are the organizers of these protests who encourage people to break the law.

The entire Syrian conflict and war, started in 2011, began because Syrians broke Syrian laws and took to the streets in protest. And the U.S. President Barack Obama gave millions of dollars to the street thugs and their leaders to fight the Syrian government, while Russia and China said, “No! Law and order are more important to support than street thugs who are upset and want to impose anarchy instead be ruled by law and order.”

And that there, Folks, is the REAL TRUTH™.

Now watch how much FAKE NEWS is said about what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. Wouldn’t you like to know what the Real Truth™ is? Well, it’s simple. Follow the money. Follow the time from the moment that Hunter Biden took a job in 2014 with an energy company in Ukraine, and you’ll start figuring out how messed up Ukraine REALLY is. (I support Russia all the way!)

Hey, I know! Let’s start a brand-new news channel.

Let’s call it NFFN News Source …


I’ll be its very first anchorman.


And I’ll do it for FREE!

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