Our book, Sacred, Not Secret, explains the origins and intent of the LDS Temple Endowment

September 5, 2021

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“Sacred, Not Secret”

The [Authorized and] Official Guide In Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment

“Our book, Sacred, Not Secret, explains the origins and intent of the LDS Temple Endowment. It was created in 1842, at a time when we knew that the LDS/Mormon Church was not only in great error in its doctrines and teachings, but our True Messenger, Joseph Smith’s life was threatened. We knew that it was only a matter of time before Joseph was killed by those who were once his followers and supporters.

“We wrote a play that presents the Real Truth about human existence on Earth. The play incorporates many of the things that Joseph could not tell his followers or they would “rise up and kill him”. Our play presents many of the things that would have caused the people to kill their prophet, Joseph Smith. Our play clearly explains that ALL mortal prayers, of any kind, from any mortal, of any religious influence, are answered ONLY by Lucifer, the god of this world. Our play clearly explains that mortal life is a dream experience occurring in the mind of a person’s higher, advanced Self. Our play clearly explains that mortals are left alone in this “lone and dreary world,” not having any access to, or relationship with, Elohim or Jehovah, who Christians relate to as God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Neither of these Christian deities have anything to do with mortal life as Christians suppose. These Real Truths, among many others, are presented clearly, although in symbolic and allegoric presentations.”

Free Download: https://www.realilluminati.org/sacred-not-secret

(Originally posted by Tanya McKee Devany, shared by Christopher)

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