Pandemic Aid Programs Spur a Record Drop in Poverty

July 29, 2021

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Pandemic Aid Programs Spur a Record Drop in Poverty

Let’s say you were God and you wanted to end poverty for all of your children living on Earth.

You send a messenger to give people a good plan that would work. Part of your plan is to command all human-made governments to provided the basic necessities of life to all your children, just like a good parent would do.

And it came to pass that God sent a messenger and he introduced The Humanity Party® and proposed an easy solution to end poverty.

And it came to pass that the messenger was rejected, called insane, and very few listened. Behold, those who thought they were wise wondered where God was going to get the money to pay for the basic necessities of the people. So, these wise and prudent ones argued against the simple plan presented by God’s messenger.

And it came to pass that because His children didn’t listen, God sent a pandemic that would force the governments on Earth to start providing the basic necessities to all of His children; thus, proving to the naysayers where the money would come from and how it would end poverty.

And the naysayers proclaimed, “Wow — these are stunning findings …The policy response since the start of the pandemic goes beyond anything we’ve ever done, and the antipoverty effect dwarfs what most of us thought was possible.”

And behold, the pandemic worked. Poverty began to diminish.

But God’s plan was not followed as the messenger instructed.

And it came to pass that a once impoverished child of God had “mixed feelings about large payments with no stipulations.” And she proclaimed, “In my case, yes, it was very beneficial, But … other people … bought big TVs and her former boyfriend bought drugs. She cried, “All this free money enabled him to be a worse addict than he already was.”

And it came to pass that the fecal matter piling up upon the earth was about ready to hit the fan, because the proper plan was not followed as instructed by God’s messenger.

Now we wait for the outcome of what is going to happen when all the stimulus payments stop, the unemployment checks stop coming, and people are evicted for not paying their rent, because instead, they bought non-essential things, and drugs, lots of drugs. (More people died of overdose during 2020 than at any other time in history … thanks to all that FREE MONEY!)

Oh Dear! Just wait until next year.

And it came to pass that God’s messenger returned and reported what was going on with His children and how they were responding to the pandemic, and if they had learned the proper lessons. And he delivered his report.

And it came to pass that because God realized that His children didn’t learn anything from the pandemic, He commanded the virus to continue, modify itself, and infect many more in order to teach His children how to properly care for each other on Earth.

And it came to pass that God sent His messenger again to the man Adam and his posterity in the Telestial world with different instructions and mandates.

And the messenger responded to Elohim and Jehovah:

But anyways …

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