Peer Review Group for the book ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT

November 12, 2022

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There’s a huge reason why the Real Illuminati® didn’t ask anyone, except me, to help them share their information with the world.

Watching the two peer review group meetings set up to discuss the book explains it all.

There will NOT be any more meetings with this group.

There is NO GROUP associated with me or the work I do.

I will hold a ZEITGEIST OF REAL TRUTH® show on the first weekend of every month to take questions about all aspects of a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. If there are no relevant questions to be asked, the show will end promptly.

I do not exist to augment the pride of ANY group of people.

However, if you people enjoy getting together with Sheri and talking about things that make you smile, laugh, and feel good, then please continue to have these meetings.

But anyways …

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