“Prophet” Christopher Nemelka Headstone Dedicated – Part 1

September 25, 2021

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“Prophet” Christopher Nemelka Headstone Dedicated – Part 1

For the record.

This video clip features Rodney J. Vessels, my attorney at that time (2010). Since that time, Rod experienced a powerful stroke that turned him into more like a little child than any other man I have ever met. However, Rod is much more competent, aware, and intelligent than he leads the world to believe … much more!

This is how the Real Illuminati® instructed me to introduce myself and their work as a Marvelous Work and a Wonder® until I was finally allowed to tell the Real Truth™.

I was not present at this time. Had I been, I would have spoken after Rod and said, “If I told you all I know about the Real Truth™—things as they REALLY are and things as they REALLY were—you would rise up and kill me,” which Joseph Smith, Jr. often told his followers after he was instructed to give the world the ” official version” (circa 1839) of his own “First Vision.”

Thank goodness that the Real Illuminati®—recognized in LDS/Mormon dogma and belief as the Three Nephites, John the Beloved, and the reincarnated (resurrected) Joseph Smith, Jr, and one other about whom I will NEVER give a clue—has finally allowed me to tell the Real Truth™ about all things.

(And yes, Joseph Smith gave many clues about mortals living multiple different lives upon this earth. I have lived 23 other incarnates during the existence of this earth, and this (Christopher Nemelka) will be my last … Thank God! Sigh …)

Rodney Vessels was forced, because of my incompetency and rebellious nature, to meet with and deal with the Real Illuminati® on many occasions. Because they do not want to put anyone’s life in danger knowing them and their doings, a series of natural maladies were allowed to occur to Rod’s brain—the massive strokes he experienced—that almost complete wiped out any memory he had dealing with the Real Illuminati®.

Again, during the time that I was counseled by the Real Illuminati® to NOT DISCLOSE MY TRUE IDENTITY—which means not tell the Real Truth™—I could have honestly said exactly what Joseph Smith said on many occasions:

“If I were to tell you all I know about the mysteries of God, you would rise up and kill me.”

Now, I am allowed to tell anyone interested all that I know (i.e., the Real Truth™).

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