Proposal No. 2 for INTRODUCTION for OPOWOG.

October 27, 2022

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Second proposal for the Introduction Rough draft … For peer review only … Editors, no need to fix grammar, punctuation, etc.

NOTE TO PEER REVIEW GROUP: This is a PROPOSED Introduction. Please review and be ready with your comments and suggestions, and choice of the two proposed Introductions —CMN



Without the right form of government, one that will unite the people of the world as one — a group of humans governed under one set of laws and authority — the human race, as it currently exists, will not last another 125 years. We know this because of the historical accounts in our possession — records that we hold exclusively.

The purpose of this book is to explain what needs to be done in order to establish the right form of government, one that works properly for everyone equally and equitably. The main purpose of the perfect human government is to provide all human beings with the same resources and opportunities to find their own happiness. This is EQUALITY.

EQUITY demands that each person, each with their own set of chosen circumstances and desires of individual happiness, is provided with the equal resources in order to experience their own form of happiness.

Government should only exist to provide humans with life, liberty, and the ability to equally and equitably pursue their own happiness, whatever that happiness might be, as long as, in the pursuit thereof, the person does not impede or obstruct the ability of another human to pursue their own.

The proper government cannot allow a human life to be created and to exist upon this earth without this person being provided by law, and guaranteed as an inalienable human right, the basic necessities of life, which are nutritious food, clean water, safe and secure housing, basic clothing, physical and mental healthcare, and free education of all degrees. These things must be provided equally and equitably to all humans, similarly to how parents provide these things to little children, allowing the child to live with the liberty to pursue the child’s own chosen desires of happiness.

Because human nature demands personal freedom and individual free will in order for one to pursue different ways of experiencing happiness, the proper government must exist to control human nature equally and equitably, so that all are treated fairly and justly.

We know how to set up this type of government. This book will present the details about this government and how to set it up. We offer this information to the world free of charge, and free of any expectation in return.

If you read this book, your personal pride and ego will be challenged. If you already know everything that there is to know — because you’ve been to college, studied and received a degree … or two, or you believe that there is nothing outside of what is already known (what has been written and taught in the numerous published books that exist in the world) that can save humanity and the earth on which we exist, then you would waste your time reading this book.

The things that are written in this book have never been published before. The ideas and concepts that we present as this book’s authors—the Real Illuminati®—are things that have been hidden since the foundation of this world.  These hidden things, which have been sealed up, which are the greater things about human existence, are NOT secret, nor magical, nor fantastical. These things are things as they really are.

The evidence of these things being things as they really are will be provided to the person who considers these things for the first time. As a person reflects upon the things that we present in this book, human common sense and logic—a trait that all humans are born with, which all little children possess—will convince the reader that these things truly are things as they really are.

We do not doubt that child-like logic and common sense will prevail in convincing a person of the Real Truth™ of all things. What threatens the ability of a person to know and understand the Real Truth™ about all things, is what the child learns to do with the innate and natural ability of reason provided by our mutual common sense.

Little children are taught to doubt their common sense and not use it. Why do little children need common sense when everything they need to know is taught to them, without them having to think for themselves?

Little children are punished when their common sense does not agree with their parents’, with their teachers’, or with their peers’. Parents punish little children for not believing what the parent believes is true, or for not doing the “right” thing. Teachers will not graduate and provide a degree to any child who doubts the teacher’s wisdom and the value of the teacher’s position of authority over the child. Friends and peers are alienated when their common sense does not agree.

We will reveal below how adults have become corrupted and deceived because they do not use their common sense. Adults do not know how to become again like a little child. People do not know how to forget everything that their parents, teachers, and peers have forced them to learn and accept. People do not consider that, if their free will and common sense had been respected and protected, the things that the aged-child (adult) might have perceived and concluded would have turned out much differently.

What we present in this book can be understood by a little child; or rather, by one using their natural common sense, forgetting all that they learned from their parents, from their teachers, and from their friends. We call upon the readers of this book to depend upon their unadulterated and natural common sense. It is our hope that readers of this book will not immediately discount and reject the things that do not agree with what they have learned. We hope that the readers of this book will consider what makes perfect sense, when they first read the Real Truth™—things as they really are; things that agree with everyone’s common sense; not how things are presented by those who forced an opinion and understanding upon the aging child, but how things really are.

Unless the readers of this book become as a little child, they will not receive these things in any degree. Again, unless you become like a little child, you will not be able to help save humanity from complete destruction.

Little children are of one heart and one mind. Regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of their gender, regardless of their economic status, little children are the only humans who treat each other in a way that will save our race and our world. And unless we become as little children, there is no way we will ever be able to create a united race with peace on Earth and save ourselves.

This Real Truth™—that little children provide us with the perfect example of our best selves, or of what humans are capable of achieving—should convince us that we have the ability to unite together as a single human race, taking no pride in our race, in our nationality, in our gender, or in our economic status, and not distinguishing any other little child differently than all other little children see themselves.

What little child, when around other little children, rejects another child because the other child is not their brother or sister? What little child rejects another because of their gender? Because of their race? Because of the color of their skin? In a group of  little children, does any child have the capability of determining which of them is poor or rich? Does any little child look at another and judges the other for their religious beliefs? Are little children born with religious beliefs? Does the innate and common sense of a little child cause little children to divide and set one child apart from the other little children, in any way?

Who was the evil one that taught little children about race, nationality, family, community, gender, religion, and economic differences? Who was it that made the adult humans who they are today?

In addressing ancient religion in a way that we were forced to in order to get the deceived masses to consider our teachings, we wrote of a time when a “spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge” would be upon the earth. We wrote that this “spirit of truth,” would “not judge after the sight of [this truth’s] eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of [this truth’s] ears; but with righteousness shall [this truth] judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of this earth; and [this truth] shall smite the earth with the rod of [its] mouth, and with the breath of [its] lips shall [this truth] slay the wicked. And righteousness shall be the girdle of [its] loins, and faithfulness the girdle of [its] reins. … and a little child shall lead them … They shall not hurt nor destroy in [all the earth]; for the earth shall be full of understanding of the knowledge of [the Real Truth™], as the waters cover the sea.”

We wrote a lot of things in a religious context in our efforts to get the deceived  masses to consider new ideas and things other than the deceptions that their religious leaders were teaching them, and by which their religious leaders were controlling them and taking away their ability to use their common sense.

We have presented some of the evidence of what we tried to do through religion in the first book (The True History of Religion—How Religion Destroys the Human Race and What the Real Illuminati® Has Attempted To Do Through Religion to Save the Human Race) of a trilogy of books—this book being the third and last.  In the second book of our Trilogy (A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon), we presented empirical and indisputable evidence of our ability to write scripture and present things in a way that a deceived aged-child could accept our counsel. We hoped that the things that we presented to the religiously deceived aged-child would help them reconnect with the pure and innocent common sense they once had as a little child, helping them to become again as a little child.

It will take the attitude and common sense of little children to lead this world to salvation. Unless humans begin to perceive themselves as they once did as little children, humans will continue to fight and kill each other, arguing with each other about who is right and who is wrong. These human-made contentions did not exist when we were little children.

Again, are you one of the evil ones who contributes to the inequality and divisiveness in this world? If you answered, “No,” and you see your family, your community, your race, your nation, your gender, or your economic status as something that you support and protect, you are deceived.

If you expect honor and demand respect for being—for one of many examples—an American (a citizen of the United States of America), you are evil and are contributing to the downfall of humanity. If you expect honor and demand respect for being a native American, you are evil and are contributing to the downfall of humanity. If you expect honor and demand respect for being a veteran, you are evil and are contributing to the downfall of humanity. If you expect honor and demand respect for being a member of any religious group that teaches that it is the right group—that it is God’s chosen group—you are evil and are contributing to the downfall of humanity.

If the color of your skin causes you to feel pride for and with others of the same tone of skin, you are evil and are contributing to the downfall of humanity.

If you identify with a particular gender, or lack thereof, and this identity causes you to feel pride for and with others of the same chosen relationship of gender, you are evil and are contributing to the downfall of humanity.

We could list many, many other ways that little children are taught things as they grow up in our evil world, things that they did not innately and naturally know about themselves, which are responsible for causing a little child to feel angst and discomfort when they are around aged-little children (adults).

Little children do not complain about their position or relevance among other little children. No little child sees any other little child as any better or worse until they are taught these things by evil adults who teach and deceive them about these things.

Can you handle the Real Truth® about who you are?

The Real Truth® is as sharp as a two-edged sword and will smite you, IF what you have been taught to believe and accept as truth is not consistent with the truths that you were born with and accepted as a little child.

If you have PRIDE in yourself; if you have a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from your own achievements, the achievements of those with whom you are closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired, you will not be able to handle the Real Truth®—things as they really are.

For a few examples;

Female athletes often complain about the disparity of income and media coverage that they receive in comparison to male athletes of the same sport. The solution to this disparity is simple. The Real Truth™ about how things really are are profound and can be understood by a little child.

Let’s say you are a female who has a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from your own achievements (i.e., in the sport of basketball). You feel connected to your basketball team, and have pride in the achievements of your teammates. You have qualities that are widely admired as a female basketball player.

Why don’t you try out for the male NBA teams? How would your pride in your personal abilities compare to a male NBA player’s skills? Would you, or any other woman, be able to make an NBA team? No you would not — not if compared to a male’s ability to play the sport of basketball.

If there no longer was a division in any sport based on gender, only on a person’s ability to play the particular sport, would any woman be able to compete with men in basketball? Why then, does your misplaced pride demand the same compensation and media coverage?

If there were no gender divisions in our world, especially not in any athletic event, would there be any women who could make a mark on most sports? Could any woman gain personal pride in her accomplishments against men? There are, however, some sports where men could not compete against women. Should we divide the sporting events by gender? Isn’t this division what causes the women to feel unequal and mistreated by men? What would happen in all sporting events if there were no longer gender-specific sports? What if all genders were seen as equal?

If you are a female basketball player, or another female athlete competing in a sport that a male can also play, the Real Truth™ presented above is hard to accept. But it is the Real Truth,™ regardless of whether it makes you feel bad or not. It is your pride that is harmed. It is your pride that causes the problems and the divisions.

Do you wear makeup to be seen as beautiful? Without your make up, would you appear as sexual or as beautiful? What kind of clothes to you wear in hopes of making yourself appear more attractive? Does this Real Truth™ anger you?

Are you overweight because you eat too much? Does it offend you that the world does not find you attractive because of your choice to eat too much? How much anger and turmoil have you caused yourself and others when you protest and complain that your weight should have nothing to do with how you’re treated?

Are you an unattractive man who cannot get beautiful women to notice you, perhaps because of your height, your weight, or the Real Truth® that you are simply not an attractive person? What do you do each day in an effort to make yourself more attractive?

Is it not true that a lot of beautiful women will only date a man who has successful job? Does it anger women for this to be said? Is it not the Real Truth™ that, if a woman has a choice between two men of the same degree of attractiveness and character, he who has more money is the more desired?

As mentioned above, do you consider your race to be a different race than other humans? Do you consider your family to be more important than any other person’s family? Do you consider your nation to be better than any other nation? Do you believe your traditions are more worthy of respect than another’s?

When you were a little child, were you taught that you are special because you’re native American, and that people with white-skin, a lot fairer than yours, stole the land of your ancestors? Did your parents teach you the Real Truth™ about your ancestors — about how there were many tribes of American natives living in the Western Hemisphere and the most powerful tribes raped, murdered, and sometimes ate your ancestors? Did your parents, who are teaching you to dislike and distrust white people, also teach you that the white people came to your country and destroyed the tribes who were raping, murdering, and eating your ancestors? Did your parents teach you that before your ancestors lived on the American continent, there might have been others living there, whom your ancestors fought and killed to take their land?

If you pridefully identify yourself as an African American and you were taught that you cannot trust white people to treat you fairly, did your evil parents also point out that your African ancestors owned more slaves than the white races did at the time they bought and traded WITH AFRICAN PEOPLE for their slaves? Did your parents teach you that these slave-owning ancient Africans treated dark-skinned people worse, much worse, than the American slave owners treated their slaves?

Did your evil parents teach you that there was not one African American who had the power or ability to free your ancestors from American slavery — that it was the white people in the United States Congress and in the United States military, who fought for your ancestors’ freedom?

Do your evil parents teach you to obey the commands of any law enforcement officer that approaches you and gives you a command to obey the officer’s directions and mandates? Do your evil parents teach you that you can resist arrest and fight with the officers, because they have approached you because of your race? Have your evil parents pointed out that, in most cases where an African American was killed by the police, it was because the African American first resisted arrest?

If you are beautiful female who wants to be a successful actress and you need the help of a male producer, and this male invites you to come to his office or hotel room to discuss how he can help you, why would you go? And if the man wanted to have sex with you, and he forced himself upon you, why wouldn’t you report the sexual assault at the time of the crime? Could this be because you knew that you needed the man’s help and that, to further your career as an actress, you didn’t want to appear difficult to work with? Why would you wait so many years until you reported the crime? If you reported it at a later date, wasn’t this because you wanted to make a name for yourself as someone who is not evil for encouraging male producers to treat you that way?

Why do you beautiful women wear the makeup that you do, and dress the way that you do? Is it not true that you do these things to appear attractive? Do you realize that, because of the militancy of your attractive peers in persecuting and fighting against the males who have hurt their pride, when you apply for a job with a company, if there is a less-attractive woman who applies also, the choice to hire the less-attractive woman becomes an obvious decision by an owner wanting to avoid any possible legal litigation that might occur because of the way you look and dress?

Shall we continue to offend with the Real Truth® about how things really are? We offered the few things that we have above to cause the feelings of angst, anger, and resentment to manifest in the hearts and minds of the reader of this book, who might identify with the examples we have used above.

It was our desire to offend the readers enough to cause them to consider how things that make perfect sense can also offend so harshly. Nothing that we have presented above, if considered with an open mind and heart, can be dismissed as being untrue. We hope that we have presented enough offensive Real Truth™ to encourage the readers of this book to continue to read it and consider everything that we present as things as they really are, even when they are offended by what they read.

It is our intent to reveal all that we know about the proper way to establish a government that can control human nature so that this nature does not end up destroying all of us. What we will reveal will anger and offend many people who believe that the government that they support is good, or might be the best government available upon the earth.

We know that there is no current government on this earth that can save humanity. We know what kind of government can save humanity. We know that this kind of government will work, because it has worked before. We admit that the perfect government will only work as long as it is supported and upheld by the people whom it serves. We can teach the people of this world what caused the perfect government to fail in the past. We will teach these thing in this book.

We know the Real Truth® that has been hidden since the foundation of this world. These Real Truth®s were not being kept by those of us, who knew these things all along, for any other reason than the fact that, had we revealed these Real Truth™s, no one would have believed us. It would have been useless for us to reveal things that nobody would believe. Why waste our time? Why put our lives in jeopardy and be threatened by the secret combinations of politics, religion, and economics, when what we know would confront and expose these groupings of power for what they do?

These secret groups of people deceive the masses of ignorant people, taking the people’s money and taking the people’s power in order to support themselves, uphold their friends, assist their loved ones, and maintain their lifestyles. These secret combinations of power, formed in private behind the scenes in darkness and void of transparency, are the principal cause of ALL of humanity’s problems.

These groups of people, these combinations of the proud ones who hold power over the lives and minds of the masses, consider themselves the wise and prudent of the world. Their value is gained by others being deceived into believing that they are wise and prudent.

The masses look to them for guidance, for wisdom, for understanding, and for protection. The masses pay them well, not just in money, but in praise and glory. They are the teachers, the professors, the preachers, the priests, the kings and queens. They are the politicians and the popular. They are all those who are perceived by the masses as having some kind of an advantage over others. The deceived masses perceive these secret groups (combinations of specific people) as having some insight and knowledge that is not widely known. The masses are deceived into believing that the success of the members of these groups, their popularity and ability to amass wealth, comes from knowledge and advantages that are not available to the masses.

These secret groups have never considered the things that we are going to present in this book—things as they really are. If they would have considered these things, they would have put their power and popularity in jeopardy by revealing them. They don’t want their deception to be known by the masses. They do not want to lose their advantage over others.

It is these groups that convene in secret — whose members live different lives than what the unsuspecting masses know about — that are most threatened by us and what we know. These groups fight us in secret, trying to figure out how to stop us from revealing what we know to the masses that they control. Because they are the few, these groups depend upon their control and power over the hearts and minds of the masses in order to beat us, to silence us, to stop the threat that the Real Truth™ presents to them.

EVERYTHING that we propose in this book is things as they really are. It will not be hard for the reader to accept and understand this. When the reader learns something that the reader didn’t know before, or is presented with something to consider in a way that was never presented like we present it to the reader, the reader will be forced to admit that what we reveal could be possible and, therefore, is probable.

We, the Real Illuminati®, claim to know the ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF ALL THINGS. This is quite a claim, and we accept the responsibility that comes along with making it. If we know the Real Truth™—things as they really are—how can we prove it to others? We obviously cannot prove our claim by using scientific theories nor religious proclamations and doctrines. Although we are confident that, if given the opportunity, we would be successful at proving our claim, the only way that we can, is if we can get people to consider what we know about the mysteries of life.

Our chosen name, the Real Illuminati®, causes fear in the religiously based mind and, understandably, skepticism and mockery to scientists. Nevertheless, we can confidently claim that we know ALL “the mysteries of God” in FULL — not in part, not separated by ignorant stumbling blocks of theory or faith — IN FULL.

But how can we impart what we know to our fellow humans without having them harden their hearts against us before they take the opportunity to even consider our claim? One cannot consider our claim without seeing and pondering the answers and knowledge that support our claim.

There are those who will harden their hearts against us, for whatever reason they choose not to consider what we have to offer … maybe because of our chosen name. To those who will consider our information, however, we know that you will be given the greater portion of the Real Truth™, until it is given unto you “to know the mysteries of God until [you] know them in FULL,” just like we know them.

If indeed we know the Real Truth® about all things, and philosophers, religionists, and scientists reject our offerings, they will continue to depend on “the lesser portion” of the Real Truth™, “until they know nothing concerning the [mysteries of existence … of God].” These are taken captive by their pride and ego. They are chained by the strong bonds of ignorance and speculation, either of theory or faith. If we are right, and our claim proves to be what we know it to be—a full understanding of how things really are—the philosophers, religionists, and scientists will lose the value that compensates their pride and ego, that which gives them worth and purpose in their existence.

Philosophers, religionists, and scientists will convince their students and followers (all of whom compensate these leaders and teachers, more often than not with money in donations, tithes, and a paycheck) will warn their followers that our claim is not worth considering so as not to e seen as ignorant. Because if we are right, then they are wrong. For this very reason, we also registered and trademarked a statement that sums up the entirety of human knowledge:

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

We are not wrong. We know that we are not wrong. We will prove our claim. However, this particular book was not meant to give the answers that we know to all of the mysteries of human existence. This book was meant to save humanity from complete destruction. The purpose of this book is to convince people that humans must join together as ONE PEOPLE and ONE WORLD. To convince humanity of this important saving principle, we must present and explain the proper form of government which, in its pure and unadulterated form, will create a unified human race, united under the proper law, order, and authority.

We must convince the world that we are right, and that everyone else is wrong. By this we challenge the reader of this book. Read it thoroughly. Consider its information. The honest reader will either prove our claim to be correct or not.

There is a simple way to prove our claim to not be the Real Truth®: find a better explanation of things. Present better solutions to all of humanity’s problems than the ones that we present throughout this book, as we explain the perfect human government.

One cannot prove our claim to be incorrect simply by giving one’s opinion that it is. One must first consider our information, then present one’s own answer as a viable alternative that makes more sense and is more reasonable than ours. We know that, no matter how hard the reader tries, no matter how wise and prudent the reader believes in their own intelligence, NO ONE upon this earth has or does present the solutions that will solve the problems facing humanity like ours will. These problems will lead to the complete annihilation of the human species, as well as the planet on which humans exist. WE HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS.

Can you, personally, save humanity from destroying itself; or from destroying the planet on which we exist? Do you know anyone living upon this earth who can?

If it is your god upon whom you depend to save humanity, what is your god proposing that we must do? What are your god’s solutions? What are your god’s answers? Will your god appear to save the world before humanity is destroyed yet again? Will your god appear to stop humankind from destroying the earth, even the entire solar system? Where is your god? You believe that God has chosen messengers and leaders to give you God’s word. What do these leaders tell you should be done to prevent humanity from being destroyed?

Isn’t it reasonable to conclude that these leaders haven’t a clue about how to save humanity; and that their dependance on your support and donations is directly connected to their insistence that only God can save us? This makes sense because, if we saved ourselves, why then would we need God to do it for us? And if God doesn’t do it for us, and we do it ourselves, your religious leaders, prophets, seers, and revelators can only hope and pray that “the mountains and rocks, fall on [them], and hide [them]” from being confronted by the Real Truth™.

Will these false prophets, seers, revelators, of any genre of intelligence and thought (including scientists and secular philosophers) stand against the Real Truth™?

Can science save us?

The answer to this, when considered properly, is a resounding YES. But before science can save us, the proper government must be in place to regulate and oversee what science does, or science will destroy us.

Here’s how:

All life found upon the earth, of any kind, of any size, of any compendium of matter, from the smallest bacterium to the greatest blue whale, would die without the sun. How the sun was created is a question for which neither science nor philosophy—which includes religion—has given any absolute answer.

Science has invented various theories about the sun. The most popular theory is that the sun was created from an explosion that occurred somewhere else in the universe — either from another sun exploding (known as as Supernova), or from an even larger explosion (Big Bang) that initially occurred to create all suns.

Science has theorized that the sun exists because of the process known as fusion. If fusion created the sun, then just one mistake in the experimentation and development of nuclear fusion technology would create a new sun and destroy planet Earth, as well as the sun that provides Earth with its energy, and all of the planets of our solar system.

In the alternative, nuclear fusion technology, if implemented and controlled properly, can use the same energy process that created the sun to give humans upon earth all the power (electricity) that ALL HUMANS would need, and more, in order to continue life upon earth, even forever. This can be done without destroying Earth’s environment, just like our current sun gives light and life to the greatest life form found anywhere in the universe — HUMANS.

The sun is a celestial (heavenly) body that provides Earth with the energy that it needs to exist. We call our sun a star. We call celestial bodies that do not produce their own energy, or which depend on a sun in order to exist, planets. From our limited view with the current technology that we have, we can only see our sun and the planets that revolve around it. Upon seeing and observing how our solar system is set up, we assume that all other stars seen in the sky must follow the same pattern of existence. This pattern consists of an energy-providing sun that has any number of planets orbiting around it.

Science would be careless and dishonest if it did not classify its observations and conclusions as theoretical. One of the most renown and revered scientists of the modern age, Albert Einstein, was not careless, nor dishonest. Einstein used science to observe and predict things as they exist in the universe. Being an honest and humble examiner of the things that he could see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, Einstein, as well as many other scientists similarly respected for their honesty and integrity, referred to his conclusions as theories. A theory is an assumption (an educated guess) proposed to explain something. Theories are based on observations and principles that are independent of the thing being explained.

Science has been unable to provide convincing and absolute answers to the many questions about the mysteries of life—why things are, how things are, when and where things became what they are. Because of this uncertainty, philosophy, in all of its forms—religion being its most popular—tries its best to provide answers that make sense that by faith could be considered the absolute truth about all things. If scientists and their theories cannot provide any absolute answer, then why wouldn’t, why shouldn’t, philosophers be given the same consideration and respect for the answers provided through their philosophical and religious beliefs?

Being more honest in their observations and experimentations, science does not pretend to absolute conclusions, without having evidence of things that are seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched. This is known as empirical evidence.

Religion provides its own honest explanation of the concept by which it remains strong in the minds of the masses — faith. According to the most popular book in the current known history of the human race—the Bible—faith is properly defined as, “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by [faith] the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” (King James Version of the Bible, Hebrews 11:1–3.)

To scientists who usually do not make their conclusions (give their answers) based on things that the process of scientific exploration cannot see, faith, as it is defined in the Bible, is one of the most absurd and conflicting deterrents and distractions of logic and reason. How can “things which are seen” not be made “of things which do appear”? A thing is a thing and consists of something other than itself. It’s this honest observation that makes science more reasonable and logical than religion.

Although scientific explanations are considered theories, and not absolute truths—which we refer to as Real Truth, as we explained in the FOREWORD of this book—these theories are primarily based on general principles and observations that are independent of the thing being explained.

For example, you cannot understand exactly why and how the physical human body is the thing that it appears to be, without coming up with explanations of what made the human body the thing that it is. Flesh and bone are made up of cells. Cells are made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of nuclear components, protons, neutrons, and electrons. These nuclear components are made up of something else, independent of the proton, neutron, and electrons, called quarks, which are comprised of strings … and so on, and so on, endlessly describing the existence of a thing.

Science cannot stop with its String Theory. If science does not allow further exploration and explanation of a string as the basic component of all matter, it fails to complete the process of explanation that led it to this assumption. If there exist strings, then how, why, what, when, and where did these strings become the thing that they are supposed to be? These strings are some thing. What thing? It is impossible for even a string to exist without something else independent of its own existence. If there once was nothing but nothing, then there will always be nothing.

One could easily think that the human body just is what it is. Why do we need to understand what it is? Why can’t we just accept it for what it is and deal with it? Who cares of what it is made? After death, doesn’t the body becomes dust? Therefore, why is God’s answer—”for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”—not good enough? God’s word in this example is the obvious absolute. There has never been a human body that has not turned into dust. So, God’s word must be the absolute truth.

The “word of God” seems to give just as reasonable answers to the existence of things as science does. Consider the earth, for example. It obviously didn’t exist before it existed. It couldn’t have existed before it existed in the form that it appears. Therefore, God’s word makes sense: “The earth was without form, and void … And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.”

Isn’t light one of the simplest and most basic forms of energy? Are not strings simply the way that energy exists to form different things? Maybe the Bible’s authors should have written, “And God said, Let there be strings; and there were strings.” Maybe this would have united the philosophers with the scientists.

Is there really any difference between science and religion?

Some of the ancient prophets of science were Newton, Galileo, and Pythagoras. The modern-day scientific prophets might be considered Einstein, Hawking and, luckily for the human race, a prophetess existed — Marie Curie. Each of these modern-day scientific prophets, seers, and revelators believed in and studied earlier prophets. And just like the divisive sects of religion, each with its own revered prophet, science has similar problematic arguments about its own prophets. Was Tesla or Edison the greater prophet of electricity?

If there is no conclusive absolute truth … and honest science acknowledges this in referring to its conclusions as theories … what reasonable and logical difference would it make by calling the conclusions made through faith—assumptions that are unobservable through our empirical senses—the “mysteries of God”? Why couldn’t it be said that all theories are the “mysteries of science”?

Why is understanding how to establish the perfect human government upon the earth so important? Why is becoming like we were as little children so that we can become ONE PEOPLE and ONE WORLD so important to the creation of this government?

Here is why:

About 3000 humans went to work one day at their chosen profession; most, however, were forced to work in order to survive and have their needs and wants met. This day was just like every other day of the week, of the month, and of the years of experiencing life upon the earth. There wasn’t anything special about this day to these 3000 people. But they had no idea that that day would be the very last day that they experienced life upon Earth.

On that same day, about 20 other humans got out of bed, knowing that that was going to be their very last day on the earth.

The 20 people who knew that they were going to die didn’t know the other 3000 people, who didn’t know that day was their last upon Earth. These people had never met. All 3020 people started out that day believing that they were doing the right thing.

They all thought that they were right.

ALL of them were wrong.

On September 11, 2001, a group of courageous believers in their god and faith reasoned that they could do better for humanity by destroying what they had been taught by their leaders was the cause of a lot of unnecessary misery in the world, especially among these believers’ families, friends, and peers. They were convinced that the economic and military power of the United States of America was responsible for a lot of poverty and inequality throughout the world. These few, obviously, very courageous humans were fighting for what their faith had led them to believe.

The World Trade Center was exactly that — a place where the economic commerce of the world traded across the boundaries and borders of unexpecting and powerless nations. So, they attacked it to destroy it.

The Pentagon was the center of the military and strength of the United States, a power that no other group of people in the world possessed. So, they attacked it to destroy it.

If not for a few other, obviously, very courageous humans who had made the choice that fateful morning to fly on United Airlines, flight 93, the White House (the emblem and center of America’s democracy and power) would have been destroyed completely.

There was another day that many innocent people woke up and started the day not knowing that it would be the last day of their life upon Earth — October 7, 2001. There were a lot more innocent people who died when the United States invaded Afghanistan in retaliation and revenge for what a few men had decided to do just a few weeks before … men who had never lived in Afghanistan.

What kind of government could have stopped these attacks?

Only one kind could — a government that understands all parties equally, and treats and respects all parties equally, protecting the innocent from their own FAITH, yet allowing them to believe how, where, or what they may … as long as their faith does not hinder the ability of another human to continue to live in faith, believing that their government is there to protect them.

It wasn’t God who wrote, “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; and he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.”

We did.

In the first two books of the TRILOGY of which this book is the last, we gave sound evidence of our involvement with the human race, doing everything in our power to help people shake off the chains of ignorance that hold humanity back from creating a society upon this earth that is united with one resolve — to create peace and life eternal for all humans, and for the earth itself. Part of what we did was writing religious scripture in a way so that people would consider new ideas and concept that will save them. We proved that we not only wrote the biblical book of Revelation, but that we created a new scripture for the American people to inspire them to create a more perfect union of human beings—under the perfect government. Regardless of what we did, we failed to convince the Americans to do the right thing.

Our goals have never changed. Our goals are centered on bringing people together. They are, perhaps, centered on the hope that all people will begin to see that the roots of our shared humanity are still good and can produce, again, good fruit; that the trees of the vineyard (humans) can become “like unto one body; [where] the fruits thereof [are] equal.”

Seeing all humans as equal, and comparing them to the “trees of a vineyard,” it is our hope and desire to nourish the vineyard, water and fertilize the trees of this vineyard with the Real Truth™, and prune away, for the last time, the bad fruit, so that the good fruit of our humanity has room to grow and flourish.

We are the servants of the “Lord of the vineyard.”

We are few.

We are the Real Illuminati®.

This book will detail and explain how to set up the proper government, so that all of the “trees of the vineyard will be like unto one body; and the fruits thereof equal.”

We know how to create a people of one heart and one mind, where there are no poor among them; where there finally exists upon the earth …



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