August 15, 2021

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What do you really know?

What of what you know is really true?

Consider what two of the world’s most famous Thinkers concluded after the many years of research and study that consumed their lives and made them renowned for their intelligence.

Both Albert Einstein and Stephen W. Hawking were truth seekers. Hawking studied Einstein. They both spent most of their lives seeking for truth.

Of those who, like him, seek for truth, Einstein said:

Of all the communities available to us, there is not one I would want to devote myself to except for the society of the true seekers, which has very few living members at any one time.”

One of Stephen Hawking friends and fellow scientists wrote,

What distinguished Stephen from the rest of our pack when I first met him, and ever since, was not his insane brilliance or his consummate knowledge of every last detail of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. It was his passion in the search for the truth.”

Einstein and Hawking were theoretical physicists.

A theoretical physicist is a scientist who uses mathematics, calculations, chemistry, biology and a series of theories to understand the complex workings of the universe and the interactions between matter and energy. They often attempt to understand areas that scientists are not currently capable of traveling to for exploration and data collection, such as the deep reaches of outer space and the ocean floor. Some of the most common theories studied by theoretical physicists include:

  • “String theory
  • “Dark matter
  • “Quantum mechanics
  • “Electrodynamics
  • “Thermodynamics
  • “Relativity”

Both of these renown thinkers were also two of the most honest men to have ever been recognized for their intelligence.

By the end of their lives, both men reported that they did not know what the real truth was about the universe, nor about the things that they spent all of their lives exploring and researching, which included all of the things listed above.

What did they know for sure?

What did they know really?

Einstein and Hawking were THEORETICAL scientists. Everything that they studied was a theory.

A “theory” is best defined as, “a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.”

How things really are is the basis for the term that the Real Illuminati® uses to describe what they know about things—the REAL TRUTH™.

This group—the Real Illuminati®—is in the process of registering the term “Real Truth” as a registered trademark. They use this term to describe what they know about how things really are, as contained in the books they publish.

The term “Real Truth” is currently a legal trademark. The term is being processed by the proper legal protocol and requirements to become a registered trademark. When it is, we will start using ® instead of ™ to signify the term’s unique use by the Real Illuminati®.

The Real Illuminati® have already published many books. But only the Trilogy of books they are currently in the process of finishing and presenting to the world bear the banner of Real Truth™.

The rest of their publications are NOT the Real Truth™—things as they really are. Their other publications were each written for a specific audience, with a specific purpose in mind—to open the mind of the reader to a new way of thinking.

One of the most profound examples of a book that the Real Illuminati® wrote, that was NOT the Real Truth™, is the Book of Mormon.

This book was first published in the United States of America in 1830. It’s original “Author and Proprietor” was Joseph Smith, Junior.

Mormons (who would rather be known as Latter-day Saints), as well as their critics, might argue about the origin of the Book of Mormon being from the Real Illuminati®.

Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon is a divinely inspired record of truth, similar to the Bible.

Mormon critics believe that it was written by Joseph Smith, with some help from his friends, none of whom any critic or skeptic can honestly pinpoint and name.

The world no longer has to depend on any of these arguing groups in order to know the Real Truth™ about the origin of the Book of Mormon. A sincere, honest, and in-depth study of the following book will settle any argument that exists about how and why the Book of Mormon was created:

Some might suppose that the Mormons are not significant enough to warrant any study of their true origins and history. Those who discount who the Mormons are, and what they have accomplished with their organization—the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church)—overlook a VERY important and relevant fact that affects all of humanity:

The Mormon Church has become, and is, the wealthiest private institution in the known history of our world.*

This fact* warrants an acknowledgement and study of what humans have the capability to create because of religious belief. And more importantly, it’s deserving of a look into how what they create through religion affects the rest of humanity.

Is what the Mormon Church has done beneficial to the rest of humanity, or even to its members?

The Real Truth™ is NO … ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The book, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon, exposes the negative effects that Mormonism has, not only society, but also on its own members.

This book will prove beyond ANY reasonable doubt that the Mormon Church does NOT use the Book of Mormon for the purpose for which it was originally written. The evidence will prove that the Mormons have used the Real Illuminati®’s Book of Mormon to deceive the world and gain new members.

This incredible book gives unchallengeable evidence of the origin of Mormon scripture, and how this new American religion formed in the United States during the early 19th Century. It also provides extraordinary evidence that the Bible, used by the world’s three major religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is not any different than the Book of Mormon.

No book has ever been written with the power and evidence to convince an honest researcher of Real Truth™—of how things really are—like the first two books of the Real Illuminati®’s Trilogy.

These first two books will stand the test of time, study, and honest scrutiny. They will prove that ALL so-called divine writings are nothing more than the inventions and philosophies of humans (mainly men) mingled into scripture.

This information and Real Truth™—that ALL religion is the invention of human ego—is not a new concept. Many great thinkers, as the world supposes these intellectuals to be, have made the same conclusion. HOWEVER, none of these thinkers has ever provided enough evidence to convince the staunchest religious believer of this Real Truth™.

The information provided in the books of the Real Illuminati® HAS convinced many people—who were once very staunch believers in religion—of how things really are in regards to the belief system that controlled their minds and hearts.

(Here is a link to some of the incredible stories that former believers have published in support of the Real Illuminati®.)

Ask yourself this question:

Do I know that what I believe is the ONLY TRUTH, or do I just believe it to be?

If you can honestly answer that you KNOW that your church or religion is true, especially the only true church of God upon the earth, then nothing that is written would be able to convince you otherwise.

Your knowledge is your power.

Your knowledge is your security.

Your knowledge proves that you KNOW, and that you are not blindly following something that you simply WANT TO BE TRUE.

The only way to prove to yourself that what you believe to be true, is actually the Real Truth™—as we have described it above—is to allow what you believe, or rather, what you KNOW, to be challenged.


If you will not allow what you KNOW to be challenged, then you really do not know if it is Real Truth™ or not.

Unchallenged knowledge cannot be anything but belief and faith.

Those who gain from your faith in their wisdom and teachings, either monetarily or in popularity and accolade, also define what “faith” is:

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1.)

Consider the above passage of Christian scripture in its full context. It continues,

“For by it the elders obtained a good report.”

Of course, “the elders” will ALWAYS receive a good report for what they teach their followers. And the very next sentence reveals the absolute absurdity of what faith is all about, how “the elders obtained a good report” on what they teach:

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

How can anything be made by something that does not appear (not seen)?

What is the “word of God”?

How does God’s word work to “frame the worlds”?

Because “the elders” were never able to explain to their followers how the word of God created the planets, FAITH provided “the elders” with an out … with a good report.

Unfortunately for these “elders,” we now have powerful telescopes that can see far into the universe. These telescopes can make the planets of our solar system—something we can see, even without a telescope—close enough so that the planets appear to be right before our eyes.

The fact that we can see the planets and know what they are doing and how they act according to the laws of nature, does NOT negate or change the faith that people have in their elders, who speak for God.

Theoretical scientists cannot convince religious followers, who have faith in “the elders,” that God’s word, however God might have accomplished it, was not responsible for the creation and placement of the planets.

These scientists cannot reasonably explain how the planets were made.

These scientists can only present theories, all of which are easily debated and questioned. (For this very reason, a lot of scientists, theoretical or otherwise, still remain staunch and faithful believers in “the elders” and the “word of God.”)

However, the Real Truth™ can destroy the faith of “the elders,” as well as the ridiculous notion that “the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

I recently gave a pretty simple explanation (publicly on a Facebook® post) of what I have been taught by the Real Illuminati™ about the planets in our solar system. I was not only taught by their words, but I was shown some incredible empirical evidence.

Here is that explanation:



I mentioned in a previous post that science depends more on THEORIES than it does on things as they REALLY are, using common sense and reason as its primary tools. I concede that science is simply trying to figure things out with the best tools and information to which humanity has access.

Unlike the philosophies of men mingled with scripture (religion), science is not stubborn, and will change its FACTS as more are discovered and reasoned out to be closer to the truth than former ideas, opinions, and theories.
Science is the best way humanity has to figure things out.

My contention is that the only tools science needs to figure things out properly are common sense and reason. I’m talking about the physical senses that all humans share in common—seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. Science should need no other tools.

EVERYTHING the Real Illuminati® has ever taught me makes more sense than ANYTHING written in ANY book EVER written by ANY human.

What the world does not know about them is that they have been involved in ALL great discoveries and advancements that humans have made, IF said discovery or advancement was something good for the ENTIRE human race—not to make a profit or become popular or well-known.

For this reason, I am not allowed to discuss anything about their actual persons. I cannot tell where they live, nor am I allowed to give certain details of what they do, have done, and are doing.

But I do know, and will defend them and what they do for the rest of my life, that, EVERYTHING that they do, have done, and are doing is for the best for humanity … ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

The Real Truth™ is things as they REALLY are, things as the REALLY were in the past, and things as they REALLY will be in the future. And science has a long ways to go in discovering what the Real Truth™ is about ALL things.

(The powers that control this world—the secret combinations of political, religious, and business power—have always sought to destroy the Real Illuminati® because what they (the Real Illuminati®) know would destroy these secret combinations’ ability to maintain their power, wealth, and popularity among the masses. IF the powers that control this world wouldn’t immediately seek their destruction, The Real Illuminati® would come forth and tell the world all that they know … ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.)

It is not hard for one to notice, however, how FEW people follow what they reveal to the world.


Because the masses are so deceived by the secret combinations that control people’s minds (through religion) and lives (through politics and economics), the simple Real Truth™—that would destroy these combinations—is vigorously opposed.

Real Truth™ cannot be proven incorrect. Real Truth™ is things as they REALLY are. Real Truth™ makes perfect sense. Science will ALWAYS prove Real Truth™ to be what it claims to be—things as they REALLY are.

Again, unlike religion, science changes as new discoveries are made.
That said, let me explain the planets using the most current scientific information, which, as a disclaimer, includes many theories, ideas, and opinions that are NOT the Real Truth™. Nevertheless, the truths accepted by science are FAR closer to things as they REALLY are than ANYTHING proposed by any of the world’s religions.

Because I know the Real Truth™ about the planets, I could simply just explain the Real Truth™ and let science figure it out from there. My role, however, as a True Messenger, is to try to use my limited vocabulary (of the English language), coupled with my limited education, to make the Real Truth™ make sense to as many people as possible.

So, using science as a foundation, here’s where the planets came from.

Using science’s theory that humans evolved from a soup of various forms of matter about 6 million years ago, and seeing how the human race is being threatened with destruction within just a few more years (less than 2 more centuries [200 years]), this concludes that humanity as we know it only exists for about 6 million years.

Let’s use 10 million years as the timeframe when humans evolve, become the greatest life forms on Earth, then destroy themselves because of selfishness, pride, and incompetency.

Let’s use another one of science’s theories and give Planet Earth the age of 5 billion years.

Simple mathematics PROVE that it is VERY POSSIBLE that during the 5 billion years that Earth has existed … we’ll go with that figure … it is relatively probable that humans as we know them to be could have existed at least 500 times during the history of the earth, give or take, allowing for the other scientific theories that allow for the development of species.

The Real Truth™ is, there have only been 5 times in the past when humans had dominion over the earth as we observe it today with our empirical senses.

The first issue that needs to be solved is when was Earth created. How was it created and why was it created?

To know this, we need to know how NEW things are created.

How things REALLY are on this planet, according to our honest observations, is that ONLY HUMANS CREATE NEW THINGS. We create new plants, animals, viruses, bacterium—EVERY THING that we call “new” was created by humans.
Considering how many NEW things we have created, if we do not destroy ourselves in the next 200 years, what NEW things will be created to serve our human needs and interests?

Let’s say, as a human race, we unite, get things right, eliminate sickness, aging, and allow all humans to receive operations to their bodies so that they can look exactly like each wants to look … or rather, we start creating physical human bodies that do not age or get sick, and look beautiful.

Yep, we finally get together and created the perfect human society.

If we did create such a society, boredom would soon confront our experience.

So, what do humans do when they are bored?

They play games.

Today, they put on a headset and enter a “gaming world” where they are conscious of a completely different reality than the one in which they REALLY live and became bored.

What are the games humans play going to be like in 200 years, or let’s say, in 100,000 years?

Most video and virtual reality games are based on what people experience in their daily lives, what they experience with their five senses.

So, we create a game that we can play that tricks our mind while playing it. Or rather, the game programs and manipulates us to think that there exists no other reality outside of the game we are playing.

As we play the game, we can only use the laws and rules set forth for the game. We can call these laws and rules, “natural laws.”

The game’s environment is similar to our own REAL world. In fact, as part of the rules of the game, the players can create “other worlds like unto the ones we have heretofore created,” but ONLY according to natural law.

The game is important to us, because it shows us what kind of players we are, especially as we engage the game with the other players.

But anyways … Back to our planets.

Using the timetable of existence prescribed by science:

About five billion years ago, a group of advanced humans in another part of the universe created a new sun according to the laws of the universe. The creation of the sun pushed the solar systems, which already existed at the time, away from it.

And it came to pass that the universe expanded.

This group … let’s call this group, “OUR GROUP,” or we … We joined each other in a very highly advanced virtual game that allowed any of OUR GROUP to join, but only according to the laws and rules of the game.

We created a new sun and Planet Earth, the platform on which OUR GROUP would play the game together, equally and fairly.

The First (remember or assume that there were Five) Dispensation of Human Time began the game in this NEWLY CREATED solar system.

During this FIRST DISPENSATION, we all worked together for about 2 million years and made this Planet Earth into a virtual “Garden of Eden.”

And then PRIDE started deceiving OUR GROUP, and we fell.

But during that two million years that the very first group of humans thrived upon the earth, we started to figure a few things out about ourselves and our NEW PLANET—formed like unto the many we had heretofore formed (for those with eyes that see and ears that hear).

We realized that we could not create NEW THINGS on the earth with the materials of the earth, or we would run out of materials.

This realization wasn’t a problem for us. We knew how to create a new planet, because we created the earth as a planet. So, to mine the materials that we needed for our new cities, buildings, structures, all the NEW THINGS we wanted to create in our virtual world, we simply created a NEW PLANET that was made mostly of these metals.

And it came to pass that we created Planet Mercury.

Once created, we also created automated miners that would continually travel to Mercury, mine the materials that we needed for our wants and needs, and transport these materials back to Earth. We no longer had the need to dig up and tear apart our own planet to build all of our NEW THINGS.

It didn’t take us long to start to realize that there wasn’t enough room on Planet Earth for all of our WANTS. Our needs were being provided for, because we had all of our needs in mind when OUR GROUP created Planet Earth. But our WANTS were not being satisfied. That’s when our PRIDE started to screw things up for OUR GROUP.

No problem, we knew how to create a planet that could provide us with the new raw materials for our WANTS, so why couldn’t we create a NEW PLANET where we could spread out in our new solar system?

One of the major problems in creating a new planet where OUR GROUP could spread out and have more living space, was that the laws and rules of the game we were playing HAD TO BE FOLLOWED.

AND WHILE WE WERE PLAYING THE GAME, WE DID NOT ACTUALLY KNOW WE WERE JUST PLAYING A GAME. We thought that the game was our only reality, when in reality, we were highly advanced humans playing a game so that we wouldn’t get bored in our REAL WORLD.

But the PRIDE of some in OUR GROUP was too much.

These few had to prove that they could go against the natural laws, change the laws and rules to serve their selfish needs and wants. So, these few were determined to create a brand-new planet that they could call their home. They could travel to it, and create human life there.

And it came to pass that their first attempt was Planet Venus.

That failed.

Their next attempt was Planet Mars.

They were successful at establishing a vast human colony on Mars, but in artificial bubbles that created the right atmosphere for human colonization.

At one time, a few billion years ago, many of OUR GROUP had colonized Mars. And then, because of this PRIDE, all of the Mars people destroyed themselves. They started a war with the people who didn’t want to colonize the universe. Yep, a war between the Martian humans and the Earth humans started, and we now know who won that war!

The failure of Mars didn’t stop the few in our group whose PRIDE in their own existence (thinking they were better than everyone else) wanted new planets. So they kept trying to make the best and biggest planet possible.

Yep, the other planets in our solar system are the results of humans trying their hardest to colonize the universe outside of Earth.

(I’m not going to go into how these others were tried and failed. It is obvious that these failed to become habitable, because they aren’t!)

And then there’s the Kuiper Asteroid Belt. Yep, that was the attempt that finally seemed to work, based on the past Mars failures and blueprint.

But the prideful colonizers of Planet Kuiper wanted to show the Earthlings that they were better and stronger. Yep, another inter-galactic war took place. And we now know who won. Planet Kuiper was completely destroyed, the remnants of the planet are now known as asteroids.

The moon was created during the First Dispensation of Time to help humanity control more of the laws of nature.

The laws of gravity are yet to be understood properly. When these laws are, then science will be able to create other planets just as ancient scientists did, to serve human need.

Dark matter … space matter, whatever you want to call all that SPACE … is actually the soup of all creation—of all matter.

Our sun is using the dark matter stuff to power itself.

Using current scientific theory as a basis:

ALL MATTER, of any kind or nature, can be broken down into its simplest forms until it becomes “dark matter”—the ingredients of all creation.
Science will one day figure out how to utilize “dark matter” for human need. NOT FOR ALIEN NEED, FOR HUMAN NEED.

You can travel ANYWHERE in this universe, and if you encounter life forms, you will find that the SOUP OF ALL MATTER EVENTUALLY BECOMES …
Whatever humans want it to become.

And although I was not allowed to reveal some incredible things that science could use to clear up a lot of its theories and questions …

That there, Folks, is the Real Truth™ about where, when, how, and why the planets of our solar system came to be.


When will the world KNOW for sure how the planets were actually created?


When a new planet is created.

A new planet will be planned and created by human scientists and astro-engineers within the next 100 years. The Real Illuminati® will make sure that one is. Just like they made sure that nuclear energy was discovered and controlled by humans to serve human need, sadly not always for the right reasons.

It will not be the “word of God” that frames the next planet. Humans will create it in our solar system.

Humans will make a new planet from things (materials) that appear on the earth, destroying the foolish concept “that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

When we create this new planet, what is going to happen to “faith … the evidence of things not seen?”

Will the religious elders continue to obtain a good report?


The “sharp two-edged sword” of Real Truth™ will destroy “the elders,” as well as the concept of faith by which they receive their “good report” from their followers.

… To be continued … Much more to come … much more.

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