Science is taking its first steps in understanding how to create a new sun

August 20, 2021

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Fusion experiment breaks record, blasts out 10 quadrillion watts of power

Science is taking its first steps in understanding how to create a new sun.

One day, if humanity doesn’t end up destroying itself because of the divisions that religious belief has caused, science will be able to create a new sun out in space. This will allow the creation of a new solar system of planets—all of which were created by humans living in this solar system.

Think about it.

Consider things as they REALLY are happening.

Upon having a knowledge of how things are REALLY happening today, you’ll begin to open your mind to the Real Truth™ about how things REALLY happened in the past, and how things REALLY will be in the future.

We can now be at our office and our home at the same time, albeit VIRTUALLY.

As technology increases, our mind can be tricked, or rather coerced. Even better, our mind can be made to think that we are actually at the office doing our job, when we are really still at home having our brain interface with our computer. (This technology is being developed.)


We have advanced enough to know how to create a new solar system in space. When we create this new solar system, the energy of its creation pushes outward, making it appear to our observations that the universe is expanding.

Planet Earth is our Home Planet. But now we have created new planets far off in the universe that are too far away for us to physically travel. Therefore, we find ways to VIRTUALLY visit and exist on these new planets without physically traveling there; but while there, living the experience as if we were there.

NOTE TO ALL YOU LDS/MORMON PEOPLE WHO ATTEND YOUR TEMPLE AND WATCH THE ENDOWMENT PRESENTATION: Listen VERY CAREFULLY next time you go. Joseph Smith was the VERY FIRST mortal (in 1842) who gave any indication of what I just explained above. Consider the roles of Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael, when they created a new world, “like unto the ones we have heretofore created,” then put Michael in a dream state in which he thought he was the “man Adam living in the Telestial world.”

Can you actually think enough on your own to realize the Real Truth™ that Joseph Smith was trying to teach you? Or, do you trust so much in your leaders, that your mind has no room to expand to understand how things REALLY are in this world, and how things REALLY will be in the world to come?

Think carefully.

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