Shame on the United States of America!

August 13, 2021

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Afghanistan ‘spinning out of control’ amid Taliban offensive: UN

As the Muslim extremist group—the Taliban—takes over Afghanistan and completely changes the freedoms and rights of the citizens of that country, keep in mind who supported and helped establish this eccentric religious group of people.

The Democrats.

Bill Clinton was the U.S. President when the United States gave millions of dollars, weapons, and military training to the Taliban, when the Taliban was first organized to ostensibly fight government corruption in 1994.

The Democrats are responsible for withdrawing U.S. forces and leaving the Afghan people to the Beast that THEY helped create.

Shame on the Democrats!

You Republicans are no better.

Shall we list the atrocities that Republican administrations and a Republican-controlled Congress have perpetuated throughout this world?

The Republican’s list is just as long as the Democrat’s.

Shame on both of these political parties!

Shame on the United States of America!

From the moment that the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, the United States’ foreign policy has been DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for literally millions of deaths of innocent men, women, and little ones of other countries.

And the worst in recent history, is Barack Obama’s administration’s involvement in Syria.

But all my Facebook® friends … You don’t concern yourselves with these things, do you?

These injustices CONSUME ME. That’s why I chose to work for the people who can actually do something about it, and are—the Real Illuminati®.

Sigh … Sigh … But anyways …

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