Shayne Girardi

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My name is Shayne Girardi, I was born in Warren, Pennsylvania and from the ages 3-8 I traveled with my single mother of two. While she believed in and prayed to the god ofthe bible, I never understood what she was feeling. I’ve always rather know the truth even if it were less enjoyable than fantasy. At the age of 6, I sat my mother down and asked if there really was a Santa Claus; my rationale being that to grow up, have kids, and to still expect Santa to bring presents for my own children would make for a very disappointing Christmas …

I was about 19 when chatting with my friend Nickolas he made sure I really wanted to know before disclosing the Real Truth to me. Through his explaining and the written words of Christopher, I have come to understand What Really Is, Logically and through empirical evidence.

Since finding the work, I feel as though I was asleep for all the years prior. I feel connected to a purpose; Whatever it may be that my True Self needs to experience. Everything has meaning as the most important experience.

The Humanity Party sits in my core as the answer to this terrible world. At my darkest moment it was the thought of The Plan and the fact that to do nothing is to be the problem that kept me here. I know there’s nothing I can really do to change our shit rock, but by telling anyone and everyone I can about equal rights to our basic needs I feel some sort of foolish hope.

Shayne Girardi


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