Some things being put into my preliminary rough draft INTRODUCTION of our new book

November 5, 2021

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Youth activities protest against climate inaction at COP26

Here are some of the things being put into my preliminary rough draft of the INTRODUCTION of the Real Illuminati®’s last book of their Trilogy—ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT:


Can you save the world?

Do you know someone who can?

You and your friends are complaining about a lot of things like poverty, inequality, government corruption, global warming, etc.; but do you and your friends REALLY know any viable solutions to these problems?

Do you know someone who does?

Do you really understand the problems about which you complain?

Do you really understand poverty and inequality and what REALLY causes these problems?

What about government corruption?

Do you really know enough about governing people to know how to set up a non-corrupt government?

How much experience have you had personally in governing other people?

Do you REALLY understand global warming, or do you just complain about it because complaining about it is the most socially correct thing to do in order to be “liked” by your peers?

You cannot help save the world and solve the problems about which you complain, UNLESS you understand the problems about which you complain.

If you complain about things, but have no viable solution or argument to solve these things, because you don’t properly understand what you’re complaining or arguing about, your complaining and arguing are useless and will never lead to any solution.

Sure, you get attention by protesting into a microphone while shutting down a public road so that people who, unlike you, have to go to a job at the other end of the road you’re blocking; or you receive attention during a podcast or interview that might make you popular among your peers, providing you with 15 minutes of fame. All your complaining might make you feel good about yourself and assuage the guilt you feel—as a privileged person whose life is NOT affected by these problems.

However, has any of your complaining, any of your protesting, any of your campaigning and organizing meetings and rallies REALLY done ANYTHING productive towards solving the problems about which you complain?

Is the world becoming a better place in which to live because of you?

If you’re one who has the time to complain, protest, campaign, and organize and attend meetings and rallies, you would be remiss and dishonest if you said that your personal life has not become better over time; that the world in which you exist today hasn’t improved over the years.

Especially if you’re a woman or a minority member of any particular group.

What was life upon Earth like 1000 years ago, 500 years ago, or even 100 years ago, for women and minority groups?

So, what are YOU complaining about?

You are one of the few who actually have the time, energy, and money to complain.

Maybe you’re a young person whose family has the means to fly you to another country so that you can cry and shout and make yourself visible to the world by getting in front of the cameras of the popular media venues.

You’re one of the privileged few.

But what about thousands, even millions, of other teenagers—the majority—who are NOT privileged and do NOT have the means or the time to protest about their living conditions; who do not have the energy at the end of the day to do anything but eat the little bit of food that they can afford from a long day’s work, only to lay their heads down to get whatever sleep they can on a hard floor, or a bed shared with other family members?

While you’re staying in a nice hotel, getting all kinds of attention, feeling good about all your complaining, protesting, and attending all those meetings and rallies, the majority of the kids your age in most parts of the world are struggling to survive from day to day.

While you block roads and yell at everyone to get their attention, in other parts of the world, young people your age are also on nearby roads trying to get the attention of the people passing by. But these are not protesting. These are selling their bodies for sex so that they can earn enough money to support themselves and their other family members, who also live in abject poverty.

These other less-privileged than you are carrying loads of coal upon their heads, earning pennies per pound, hoping that your complaints about global warming do not shut down the local coal mine where they are forced to work—the only jobs available to young people— in order to survive the next few days.

What’s all your complaining doing for the majority of the people of this world?


While things are getting better for you, things are getting worse for them. …

(End of suggestions for the INTRODUCTION rough draft.)


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