Tentative first draft of FOREWORD for the book — One People, One World, One Government

September 23, 2022

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We are the Real Illuminati®.

We do not use the adjective “real” lightly; nor do we intend to disrespect the humility in which we share our intelligence freely with humanity (i.e., the illumination of the human spirit). We are confident that, by the end of this book, the reader will agree with our sanguinity (unpretentious hopefulness) and stand at our side in changed resolve and temperament about the path on which humanity must press forward into the future, not to be saved by anyone or anything other than ourselves.

We also, humbly, yet with the same strong conviction, use the term “Real Truth®” to separate our intelligence from the standard of truth established by the world’s wisest and most prudent — a title self-imposed by these as their own accolades appear relevant and required. Yet, again, we remain bold in our assertive proclamation that, by the end of this book, the reader will freely submit the reader’s own allegiance to our legally trademarked designations—both of our name (Real Illuminati®) and our intelligence (Real Truth®).

Real Truth® cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed. It is things as they really happened in the past and are really happening in the present.

The stories of lore, myth, and science fill the heads of those who separate themselves from the wise, calling themselves the ignorant; and these, for a price, purchase truth in the format in which it is presented to them by those who think they are wise. This pedagogy (process of teaching) causes the minds of the ignorant masses to become closed and often impenetrable. This is the acceptable form of educating humans — the ignorant pay those, for enlightenment, whom they have been convinced are wise.

The wise and prudent have failed humanity. Nothing that has been taught and learned has proven efficacious (successful at providing the intended result) at uniting the human race and creating peace and prosperity for all living upon Earth. The reason: because the wise and prudent do not know Real Truth®. These learned ones only teach and promulgate that for which they are paid, which are, more often than not, stories of lore and myth desired by their paying customers.

Only Real Truth® will save humanity from destroying itself.

Real Truth® is not transmissible by whims or opinions based in rumor or speculation; nor can Real Truth® change over time. It is a glory of intelligence for which all humans should strive. It is the spirit by which humans exist, and have existed in the beginning. This intelligence… this Real Truth®, or the light of truth, was not created or made by the hands of any human, neither indeed can it be.

The glory of being human is intelligence, or in other words, light and truth. Real Truth® is independent in the sphere in which it has always existed to stand alone and act for itself.

All humans were equally endowed with at least the spirit of Real Truth®, where it is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, which will lead us through logic and reason to things as they are to come. Each of us was born with the potential to gain this spirit of intelligence, which could be associated, although usually improperly by the false religious leaders who deceive the people, as the true Spirit of a Christ.

The glory of God is the Real Truth®.

When the nomenclature of a “Christ” is used properly and equitably for all, it can mean “the Spirit of truth.” It embodies the intelligence anointed only to humans, and not to any other life form that exists. This Spirit of Christ is given to every human being born into this world, that each of us may know good from evil. The good brings peace, prosperity, and happiness. The evil is the natural enemy of all that is good—all that is God.

If there is such good among humans, if this spirit is given to each of us, then each of us has the ability, and capability, to recognize it and use it for the benefit of all of us, equally and equitably. If it is truly good, then it will save us from all evil. Then it, the Real Truth®, becomes our Savior, our Lord, and our God by which and of which there can stand no other.

If such a god of Real Truth® exists, then this god would know all that is good and fight and counsel against all that is evil. This god would fight the god of this world—the natural man, an enemy of good since the first human being acted with free will to do evil. If no such god exists, then the gods of this world, the gods invented by the “natural man,” would rule and reign from the ends of the earth, and proclaim with impunity:

“With gold and silver, we will buy up armies and navies, popes and priests, and reign with blood and horror on the earth! Now is the great day of our power. We reign from the rivers to the ends of the earth. There is none who dares to molest or make afraid!”

We are the Real Illuminati®. We DARE to molest and make those afraid who make this proclamation.

We are True Messengers armed with the power of Real Truth® … with the glory of the ONE True God—a god that dwells inside each person and sits on a throne of goodness, a sharp two-edged sword unsheathed and held high to fight the god[s] of this world that are causing so much misery and evil upon this earth.

The Real Truth® is power in great glory. It gives humans the knowledge to control the power of matter—nuclear energy—either for good, or for evil. The Real Truth® has granted its benevolence upon humankind to bless them to do good to each other, to heal the sick, clothe the cold, house the physically and emotionally vanquished, and educate anyone willing to bend the knee, and in obsequious humility, simply ask and it shall be given.

There is no life in truth that is not real. Life is not real without knowing and understanding how things really are presently, and how things really were in the past; thereby presenting the probability of how things really will be in the future.

By the power of the Real Truth® the past becomes the present, the present becomes the future and, if the future reflects the past, it will all be good.

If the past was evil, and there is no real and true knowledge of this evil, then how shall the present reflect what has not changed? The future will not change. For any real change to occur, Real Truth® must be known.

This book is Real Truth®. We are its True Messengers. By the sword of truth and light that we wield with strength and compassion, we will confront the god[s] of this world that do evil, confound them and cast them out of our presence.

The pages of this book will teach the reader the Real Truth® about the past and the present, and portend either good or evil for the future. These pages will not teach what the distorted, prejudiced, and false history books teach, those presented by the wise for a price.

You can buy anything in this world for money.

But you cannot buy the Real Truth®.

Real Truth® has no price.

It is truly priceless.

We are True Messengers. We will guide you in becoming ONE PEOPLE and ONE WORLD, under a righteous GOVERNMENT established in the powerful Spirit of the True Christ, which is the REAL TRUTH®.

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