Test of my new website

September 27, 2022

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We're ALL special!

WOW! Those who are the administrators of my new website, now on our own privately owned servers, did an INCREDIBLE job on its presentation.

The HOMEPAGE shows my view — out of a “cavity in a rock” — of the rest of the world.

It’s clean. It’s cool. And all the information contained therein, as well as the hundreds upon hundreds of posts that will come in the future, will take away any advanced human’s True Self ‘s excuse that they did not have access to the Real Truth® while participating in their chosen mortal experience.

That’s my job! Take away all the excuses!

I don’t expect but a few to read my Daily Posts. That’s how it’s always been for a True Messenger living in a world of mortal avatars that completely ignore what would make their mortal experience better.

I’ll be explaining in other posts how important the MWAW (Marvelous Work and a Wonder®) is to humanity … and the world isn’t going to like it!

Think about it …

Each person upon the earth chose this earth, in this particular solar system, to connect to in order to have a mortal experience. Each wanted to test their humanity against every other advanced human. Each figured that they were at least as good as everyone else … where “good” means that your existence doesn’t negatively affect the existence of another.

It’s a VERY HARD thing for a person to believe that their free-willed choices negatively affect another person. No one wants to admit this. It’s like saying, “No matter how hard I try, when I am doing what brings me happiness, I am a jerk to other people.”

I’ll be explaining this … and a lot more soon!

I’m mandated to put a lot of Real Truth® out there before isolating myself to my “cavity in a rock” and working on the ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT book. This book is SO IMPORTANT! Why? Because humans living upon this earth have not yet been told, clearly, how to set up the correct form of government that is fair and equitable to all.

Yep, it’s another way I’ll be taking away the excuse of any person who connects their True Self to this mortal world experience. We will present the correct government procedures. And if one rejects this correct form, that one, when that one is finished with this mortal experience, is going to wonder, “Why didn’t my mortal Self embrace such an incredible thing?”

Then, this person will realize that their mortal experience was a true and authentic projection of their humanity type; and the only reason why they didn’t fully support the correct form of government was because of … what?

THEIR PERSONAL PRIDE THAT SUPPORTS THEIR EGO. (Yeah, they’ll realize that they liked their religion, their patriotism towards their own country, and/or their family unit, more than they did making the mortal experience better for others.

Again, the underlying purpose of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is to prove that the majority of people cannot be trusted with power and authority over others.

The reason why few people follow this work is because, upon studying it, they realize that the MWAW is calling them out and proving that what makes them happy is NOT good for other people … only for themselves.

Much more to come …

(Trying out this new website and server.)

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