The COVID-19 dilemma

August 3, 2021

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Now, remember, I warned you to be careful reading things that make sense …

The number of COVID-19 cases is rising faster in the United States than most other places in the world.

How does the government know this?

People are getting tested regularly.

Americans are getting vaccinated more than most other places in the world.

When you get vaccinated, a form of the virus infects your body so that your body can start producing antibodies.

While your body is producing antibodies, you ARE infected with the virus and will test positive. No wonder the rise in COVID-19 cases in America. Duh!

Science is smart for demanding that ALL people get vaccinated, and is pointing out the fact that the number of cases of hospital stays and deaths are mostly unvaccinated people.

Just thinking here … Don’t want to get myself in any trouble …

I’ve never been diagnosed with COVID-19. Therefore, I am not going to pass it on to another, UNLESS I am infected by someone who is infected, or unless I allow someone to put a needle in my arm to infect me.

I got vaccinated. This was the first time that I was infected with COVID-19.

I went around my unvaccinated friends while I was infected and my body was creating the antibodies to protect itself.

I infected my unvaccinated friends with a virus that I wouldn’t have had had I not been vaccinated.

What’s your reason for not being vaccinated?

Smile today.

But anyways …

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