The first MWAW PUBLIC PROPHECY — the purpose of this work and the end of the world

November 22, 2022

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Editor’s summary:

This is Christopher’s “very first public prophecy that [he’s] ever made” and he assures us that “everything” he says is “going to come true. … This is for the entire world.” He tells us “exactly when the world’s going to be destroyed completely and how it’s going to be done and why it’s going to be destroyed.” It is hoped that “the people of the world hear this message and … prophecy [and] that they … pay attention to it.” In the future, this will stand as a testament that these things were known and prophesied of.

“There has always been a group of people working behind the scenes, trying to make this world a better place but … they can only work with the free will of the people who live upon this planet.” The work of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® began in the early 19th century by a group introduced in the Book of Mormon as the Three Nephites and John, the Beloved, but now known as the Real Illuminati®. They started this work while the United States was developing, in an attempt to persuade the people to form a government based on the correct foundation. This was the reason why they created the Book of Mormon which, if read correctly, sincerely, and with real intent to understand its message points to only one thing. “Everything about [the Book of Mormon] concentrates on the words that the resurrected Jesus Christ speaks when He comes in His glory as a resurrected being with His holy angels. … Everything about the book leads a Christian to the words that come out of Jesus’ mouth. That’s His gospel. There is no other gospel. The entirety of the gospel of Christ” is contained in Matthew 5, 6, and 7 and in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 12, 13, and 14. “They are word-for-word. That is the fulness of the gospel of Christ.” In the Book of Mormon, Jesus basically said, “This is what you need to establish your house on — the words that I taught you. You establish your house on these things and it will withstand anything. If you do not, you establish your house on a sandy foundation, it will fall and great will be the fall thereof.”

Early history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tells of how they were “persecuted and pushed out of the eastern part of the United States out west to what’s called the state of Utah.” Brigham Young, “one of the most corrupt men who ever lived among the Mormons, … led those people out there and chose the place where these people would establish their church … what they believed was Christ’s church. They did so in the Wasatch Mountains in the valley on the west side of the Wasatch Mountain range directly on what’s called the Wasatch Fault, which is one of the most powerful earthquake faults west of the Mississippi. Brigham Young … was ‘inspired’ to put them there because … one day in the future … an earthquake, one of the most powerful earthquakes [to] ever hit the United States of America will occur on the Wasatch Fault in Utah and it will completely destroy the mountains and will basically cover Salt Lake City. [The Church] headquarters [and] all the temples [and] all the church houses along the Wasatch Front will be completely destroyed. … It’s going to completely wipe out that entire city, all of its leaders … everything. … That’s going to focus the entire world on this work and all these books and all this information [Christopher’s] been putting out. … [He has] no idea when this is going to happen … but it’s going to happen.” This is the only way people will turn their attention to the work of the Real Illuminati®.

Further, as described in the Book of Mormon when Jesus came for the second time to teach the people in the Americas His gospel, it was only about 300 years before the people destroyed themselves. In 1830, Christ’s gospel was reintroduced in its simplicity through the Book of Mormon. In 300 years from that time, 2130, “this entire world will be … completely wicked and corrupt. On June 16, 2145, this world and this solar system will be completely destroyed by a young boy experimenting with fusion in his basement. … He’s going to create a new sun … a sun twice as powerful as the one we have now, which will completely wipe out this solar system. That’s what’s called a Supernova … this happens in other solar systems throughout this Universe [when] the people … who develop … don’t get it right. They don’t learn how to establish their society and their government on the simple principle of doing unto others as they would want you to do unto them, having a government that serves the people in the way that people need to be served, not for the sake of the few elitists.”

How can this prophecy be changed? To avoid the earthquake, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must tell “the people the Real Truth® and … start establishing that religion on the simple words of Jesus given in the Sermon on the Mount in every way, shape, and form and get rid of their pretended Priesthood power and ordinances and everything else” that has “nothing to do with the simple words of Jesus Christ.” If the Church wants to stop this prophecy from occurring, they must contact Christopher and he’ll tell them “the technology — the scientific means — that needs to happen so that earthquake doesn’t take place.” Christopher says, “Contact me and talk to me.” It’s his job to warn you. If this church, with its power and money, would “do the right thing, they would be an ensign and example to the world — this is how you do it. This is the proper way to set up the proper religion. They would no longer focus on these stupid things that they focus on … [that have] nothing to do with the simple teachings of Jesus Christ … change the course that you’re taking … and focus the people on the true gospel of Jesus Christ as explained and defined perfectly in the Book of Mormon” And to all, to avoid the destruction of this world, Repent! Do the right thing and start establishing your societies based on the rock and the simplicity of the Sermon on the Mount.”

End of editor’s summary.



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