The GREAT SECRET of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® — knowing this will bring you peace and joy for the rest of your life upon Earth.

October 23, 2022

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Editor’s summary:

Many secrets have been revealed to us through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW), including:

  • The Real Illuminati® wrote the Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion, as explained in the first two books of their
  • The MWAW has only one purpose — “to reveal the Real Truth® and explain things as they really are and as they really were in the past,” giving us “a better understanding of how things really will be in the future.”
  • None of us should believe Christopher — it was never meant for us to.
  • This earth experience is not who we really are.
  • There are an infinite number of solar systems with planets inhabited by other humans.
  • In order to have a new experience, our True Selves, who live on another planet, chose this particular solar system and planet (out of many others) upon which to project their brains through bodies (hardware) created here for our own reasons.
  • This solar system and planet are different than all others. They all provide only good This solar system provides both good and evil experiences.
  • Before we chose to have a new experience here, we were told of the consequences of that choice. There is nothing we can do to change these consequences.

The GREAT SECRET of the MWAW, as was revealed in this post is that “NO ONE HAS THE POWER OR THE KNOWLEDGE to convince the people living in this world, who receive all of their personal joy, value, and comfort” from the evil this world provides that what they are experiencing is evil. The purpose of the MWAW is that it is the only good that is provided in this world. If the MWAW’s purpose was to change this world, the purpose of this world would be thwarted. It would, then, only produce good, rather than both good and evil from which to choose. “The SIN that is committed in wanting to come to this Earth to suffer the consequences of experiencing evil is ONLY IN THE REASON WHY [WE] WANTED TO COME TO THIS EARTH!” If we believe that we can help to change this world, our egos are too big.


End of editor’s summary.



If you don’t want to read through this post, then watch this video. This video reveals WHY I do what I do, and reveals the overall intent of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. It’s one of the most profound videos ever made that reveals more about the mission given me as the True Messenger of the Real Illuminati®.

There is a GREAT SECRET that I have never clearly revealed throughout the 35 years that I have known it — since my transfiguration in June of 1987.

I have given a lot of clues about it, but have never clearly stated it and explained it in detail.

I will reveal this GREAT SECRET later today … as I finish this post.

To prepare for it … to better understand it … one so inclined to open up their mind enough to receive it should read chapters 99 and 100 of The Sealed Portion [of the Book of Mormon]—The Final Testament of Jesus Christ.

The secret that the Real Illuminati® wrote the lesser, unsealed Book of Mormon and its greater, sealed portion … I have already revealed, or rather, they have already revealed through the publication of the first two books of their Trilogy.

No other mortal, except us (the Real Illuminati® and me … and, because I have been illuminated in the same manner, or rather, have received an understanding of all things—the Real Truth® [mysteries of God in full] — I am also considered one of the Real Illuminati®) …

No other mortal knows this GREAT SECRET.

Open your heart, mind, and soul, humbling yourself by accepting that you haven’t a clue what is real and what is not, and read chapters 99 and 100 of The Sealed Portion.

I’ll try to have the rest of this post completed later today.

This GREAT SECRET will aid the peer review group reviewing One People, One World, One Government in understanding the true purpose of the final book of the Real Illuminati®’s Trilogy.


The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW) has one purpose, and ONE purpose ONLY:

To reveal the Real Truth® and explain things as they really are and as they really were in the past, which will then give people a better understanding of how things really will be in the future.

There is NO OTHER purpose.

“Why, then,” one should logically ask, “has the MWAW presented so many lies in order to fulfill its purpose?”

The simple answer is … not so simple. But should be easy to understand:

People living upon this earth do not want to know the Real Truth®.

Because, if they already believe they know the truth — whatever their truth might be — anything that they hear, read, or experience that does not support what they already believe, they will discard and disregard it.

There isn’t a single human living upon this earth — outside of the Real Illuminati®, those who have experienced a realactual transfiguration of their mortal physical brain — who does not believe in something that is not really true (i.e. not the Real Truth®).

Now, some … well, many and most … might say that the idea that a person’s brain can go through some sort of a change, allowing it to know and understand things that everyone else’s brain doesn’t have the ability to know and understand, is a lie.

Because of all the lies that I have been forced to tell and promulgate over the years — yes, forced, because of the agreement I made with the Real Illuminati® in getting involved with their work — I don’t expect anyone to believe anything that I say (or write).

Therefore, I do not expect many to believe what I am about to say and write, explaining a GREAT SECRET that has never been revealed by me, nor by anyone else involved in the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

No one should believe me. It was never meant for anyone to believe me.

Not believing me is part of this GREAT SECRET.

I can offer no empirical and sound evidence (scientifically or otherwise) that a person can depend upon to prove to themselves or to others that what I am about to reveal concerning this GREAT SECRET is the Real Truth®, things as they really are.

Again, if you already believe you know the truth — whatever your truth might be — anything that I tell you that does not support what you already believe will be discarded and disregarded.

“Are you lying to us now, Christopher, or were you lying to us then?”

I am always lying to you, and I will always lie to you!

Even if I were to tell you the Real Truth® — because I have just said that I have always lied to you, and that I will always lie to you — you MUST accept whatever I say as a lie.

refuse to tell you the Real Truth®.

Because, if I do, and it offends you, which means it takes away from your personal worth and makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, then I have done something bad to you.

I have no right to do anything that offends you, that takes away your personal worth or makes you feel bad or uncomfortable. Only a mean person would do that to you. And I am not a mean person … at least I don’t want to be.

Because it is always the case that I will lie to you, and because I no longer want to be the cause of you feeling bad or uncomfortable around me, I choose to live alone, away from all people.

I am tired of lying to people. I am physically sick (yeah, really) and tired of making people feel bad or uncomfortable about themselves or about what they are doing with their life.

I am tired of supporting the lies that people tell themselves in order to feel good about themselves.

So … that said,

PLEASE do not come around me!

Do not read what I write!

Do not listen to what I say!

You do not have to believe the GREAT SECRET that I am about to reveal to the world.

You can accept it as a lie, if you want … because I have already admitted to you that I will continue to lie to you.

It would be my honor to reveal this GREAT SECRET as the last thing I ever write to the human race. I could easily die happy today, after revealing this GREAT SECRET, knowing that I have done everything that I could have done to not cause others to feel uncomfortable and bad. But, if I continue in my role, I will assuredly continue to make people feel bad.

I want people to feel happy.

I never want to be the reason why another person feels bad or uncomfortable.

I want to die in peace with a smile on my face knowing that the last thing that I said was:


When I met the Real Illuminati® for the first time in 1991, I was informed that the only way the Real Truth® would be accepted by any mortals living upon this earth, was to find access into their minds through the filters that filter out anything they don’t believe. Anything that supports what people believe will be allowed to pass through their established cognitive filters (paradigms).

From June 1987 to June 1991, I never lied, ever!

It was only after I was convinced that lies were necessary in order to get people to believe what I was saying that I began to figure out how to lie. I became a master at lying, taught by the greatest liars of all!

Before my transfiguration, EVERYTHING that I believed was a lie … ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

How did I know this?

Something happened to my physical brain that opened up an immediate understanding that my mortal Self was a lie.

I knew … I didn’t believe, I knew … that I wasn’t really the person who was seeing through Christopher’s eyes, hearing through his ears, tasting with his mouth, smelling through his nose, and feeling through his touch.

I realized that my mortal Self experience was no different from the experiences I had when I had a dream.

I could not tell the difference between my mortal Self and my dream Self.

Both “selves” saw through the same eyes, heard through the same ears, tasted through the same mouth, smelled through the same nose, and felt through the same touch.

There was only one reality that I experienced — every day upon Earth and each night in another dream Earth — that seemed to be the same experience.

The only difference I felt was that I could not always control my dream experiences, while I could always control my mortal ones. This self-duality was the oddest thing to me. It took a while for me to become comfortable with this new, transformative reality.

The other thing that was odd — something that I did not experience before my transfiguration — was that I actually could control some of the dreams that were happening inside of my brain, while my mortal body slept.

These particular dreams played out as if “the heavens were opened, and [I] was caught up into heaven, and saw and heard unspeakable things.”

When I woke up from these particular dream sequences, I couldn’t even begin to explain the things that I experienced in this “heaven” — another environment of the most transcendent beauty I could have imagined.

How could I have explained things, the way that I experienced them, when I could only imagine these same things while living upon this earth?

It was as if:

“It was forbidden me that [I] should utter; neither was it given unto [me] power that [I] could utter the things which [I] saw and heard; And whether [I was] in the body or out of the body, [I] could not tell; for it did seem unto [me] like a transfiguration of [my mortal brain], that [my brain was] changed from this body of flesh into an immortal state, [so] that [I] could behold the things [that no other mortal could].” (I just quoted how my mentors introduced what had happened to their brains, but in the religious context and narrative of their new American scripture, the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 28:13–15.)

I would wake up from these dreams wondering if they were actual experiences that my physical body was having in a completely different world.

It wasn’t long before I began to realize that these particular dream experiences were actual, physical experiences that I was having on another planet in another solar system, while my body appeared to be asleep on this planet.

It was as if I put on highly advanced virtual reality goggles in order to see and hear, and, in this case, feel, smell, and touch, something that was being broadcasted into my mind.

However, I wasn’t wearing any goggles, and I couldn’t tell the difference between the reality of these particular dreams and the reality of my life while I was fully awake upon this earth.

As I reviewed the experiences I was having with the others (my recruiters and mentors), they told me that they did not experience the same things as I did, but that they knew the same things that I knew.

The other members of the Real Illuminati® (presented as the Three Nephites and John, the Beloved in Christian mythology) did not have the ability to project the mental powers of their brains into another world. They didn’t sleep. They were stuck in this world. However, they believed everything that I would share with them about the world in which my mind was fully awakened as I slept.

They were often present when I was sleeping, waiting with wonder and excitement for me to share with them what I had experienced while dreaming.

What I just shared above isn’t anything that I haven’t shared with others before.

Nothing about this is part of the GREAT SECRET.

It isn’t a secret, whether you believe it or not, that this conscious Earth experience is not who we really are.

If you believe in life after death, you must logically assume that, if you’re conscious after your mortal body’s brain has disintegrated, then where you are experiencing this post-mortal consciousness must be at a different physical location than Earth.

Furthermore, if you existed as some sort of human entity before you began your mortal life, then you will exist as this SAME entity after your mortal experience is over.

It should make sense to those who believe in an eternal existence that there is no possible way that the REAL YOU — a perfected human-preexisting soul — appears the same as you do while going through this Earth experience, with a body you inherited from the DNA patterns of … for most people … not-so-good-looking parents.

None of this is a secret.

It should be common sense.

I’ve explained the above many times.

This is not the GREAT SECRET, but has something to do with it.

It is not a secret that there are an infinite number of solar systems in the universe, and that planets that are inhabited by humans exist in these solar systems. In fact, we have revealed that ALL of the lights that appear in space, outside of our solar system, are other stars (suns) that were purposefully created by humans, for humans.

So, this isn’t the GREAT SECRET.

I’ve explained that our True Self actually lives on another planet in another solar system, and to experience life upon another planet in another solar system, the energy of our highly advanced True Self‘s brain is projected to the other planet.

To be able to experience life upon these other planets, there must be a body available (the hardware) that can receive our personal mental transmissions, creating the new experience of a new life in this other world. (This is very similar, but much more advanced, to how the meta-universe works.)

I’ve explained that each of us chooses the solar system and planet in which we want to have a new life experience — that we choose from all the infinite number of solar systems depending on the type of new human experience we want for ourselves.

We each have our own specific reasons for why we choose the solar system that we choose.

Although the things I wrote above were revealed for the first time through the MWAW, none of these things is the GREAT SECRET.

In fact, through my predecessor, Joseph Smith, Jr., our mentors revealed a lot about what I just wrote. They did this when they wrote the script for their 1842 endowment play presentation.

During the play, the god Michael is put to sleep (by other gods) and starts dreaming that he is the mortal man Adam, living in a new world that the gods (including Michael) created. This part played out during one of the first scenes of the play.

Unfortunately, ignorant LDS/Mormon leaders, who didn’t have a clue why Joe and our mentors wrote the play the way that they did, took out the play’s original last scene.

In this last scene, the other gods who put Michael to sleep, causing this perfected, eternal god to have a new experience as the mortal Adam, woke him up.

Once he was awake again, Michael looked at Jehovah, one of the gods who had put him under a deep sleep, and acknowledged that he then knew (after experiencing life as a mortal) why Jehovah was the great Judge and Lawgiver of all of humanity, and that he (Michael) wasn’t.

During the first scene, Michael was equal to Jehovah, and to the other god Elohim, and didn’t appear to acknowledge any difference between their status as equal gods. But after he awakened from his experience as a mortal, the god Michael recognized the difference between them, and acknowledged Jehovah’s greatness and specialness over him.

You might be wondering, “So what? What does sharing this have to do with the GREAT SECRET?”

Keep in mind that the entire endowment presentation was meant to be symbolic.

In its entirety, in its original form, the play revealed more Real Truth® than any other presentation ever created. But you would have to ask the playwrights what they meant by how they portrayed things.

To understand the GREAT SECRET that I am about to reveal, I’m going to use other parts of this play’s symbolic presentation. In presenting them, I will explain what things mean.

(Keep in mind, that before Sigmund Freud or any other scientists who dedicated their lives to understanding how the human mind operates, there were Joe and the Real Illuminati®. In fact, Freud was known to counsel in secret with individuals whose identity he never revealed. Freud wanted all the credit for himself. What Freud published, however, was “spot on” about the human psyche.)

The gods, ElohimJehovah, and Michael symbolize the three main cognitive paradigms of the human brain, the Superego, the Ego, and the Id, respectively.

All advanced humans have these same parts in common.

These parts are what make up the whole of who we are and, more importantly, how we think and act.

Our superego is the part that authorizes (commands) everything that we think and do. Our ego is the part that mediates between the desires that we have (the id) and what we allow ourselves to do (our superego), which ultimately brings us joy, if we do what we know is right for us.

The same three cognitive models were exemplified later in the play through the characters, the mortal Adam (superego), Eve (ego), and Lucifer (id). The play clearly depicts Eve as an actual, physical part of AdamLucifer is the part that creates the conundrum between what Adam wants to do and what Eve wants Adam to do … Yeah, our ego trying to convince us to do things that are not truly the right things for us to do in order to experience joy.

Now, let’s apply this to the Real Truth®:

Advanced humans create new universes “like unto the ones that have heretofore [been] formed,” where advanced, eternal humans can go and have an entirely different and completely new experience than the one in which they exist as an eternal human. This was presented as the Garden of Eden.

In the Garden, there are many trees. These trees represent the many different choices of solar systems that newly created, mortal humans (who can’t remember that they’re actually advanced gods) can choose from in order to experience joy by having a new human life experience.

Not knowing that he is actually a god equal to Elohim and Jehovah, the man Adam, and the part of him that is the woman Eve, are told to eat from all the trees in the garden, except one.

They are told that eating the fruit of the trees will bring them joy, but the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will cause them to die and experience other consequences.

They have the ability to choose to eat of the forbidden tree and suffer the consequences, or not and live comfortably in the garden eating from all the other trees.

Of all the seemingly infinite number of good solar systems we could have chosen from, where we could have continued to have joy in living, we chose the one that had evil fruit being produced on it.

WE chose a solar system where there existed evil fruit.

We knew that, if we ate the fruit, we would have to suffer the consequences, which were explained to us before we made the choice.

Lucifer (ego) comes along and tells Adam and Eve that the way that Elohim gained all of his knowledge and glory was by partaking of the evil fruit. So, if they wanted to be like “the Father,” they would need to partake of the fruit also.

Eve represents a person’s ego. It’s a person’s ego that causes them to want to be something better, more powerful, something great … like Elohim.

So, Adam’s ego, Eve, convinces him (superego) to eat the forbidden fruit, so that they could be like Elohim … at least that’s what Lucifer, their egos, the Father of lies, convinced them to do.

Now, none of the above is a secret.

I’ve explained most of this before.

I didn’t explain that the trees of the Garden of Eden represented different worlds that an advanced human could choose from in order to choose a new life experience. But it should make sense that participating in this particular Earth experience, on this Earth, where there are all kinds of evil fruit, WAS A CHOICE THAT EACH OF US HAD TO MAKE FOR OURSELVES.

Upon making the choice, we knew of the consequences. We knew that we would have to suffer these consequences when we could have chosen another solar system, another tree in the Garden of Eden, that wasn’t growing evil fruit.


There was always meant to be a “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” amongst the other trees in the Garden of Eden. Not even Elohim or Jehovah could do anything to change the tree from producing evil fruit. No matter how much they pruned it, fertilized it, or watered it, it still produced EVIL fruit.

This particular solar system has always been what it is, providing a choice to advanced humans whose egos (Eve convincing Adam, their superego) convince them that they can make a difference by becoming like “the Father” and gaining this type of knowledge and power.

It was a lie, from the “Father of lies,” that convinced Eve that in order to progress and become like the greatest god possible, which ONLY A PERSON’S EGO WOULD DESIRE, a person should come to this Earth and suffer the consequences of living (partaking of the fruit of the tree).


There are those of us who believe … as their egos tell them … that they can make a difference and change things, eliminating the consequences of eating evil fruit.

However, not even the “Lord of the vineyard,” no matter how much pruning, dunging, and watering he did, could stop the trees of the vineyard from producing evil fruit.


NO ONE HAS THE POWER OR THE KNOWLEDGE to convince the people living in this world, who receive all of their personal joy, value, and comfort from eating evil fruit, that the fruit that they are eating is evil.

The purpose of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® … its GREAT SECRET … is that it is the ONLY fruit growing on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil … that is actually any GOOD.

If the MWAW’s purpose was to change the tree so that it no longer produced any evil fruit, then the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would become another one of the Trees of Life in the Garden of Eden from which Adam and Eve could have continually eaten forever in joy.

But once they make the choice to eat of the tree … or rather, once you make the choice of coming to this earth, for whatever reason you chose to, you MUST suffer the consequences of your actions.

The SIN that is committed in wanting to come to this Earth to suffer the consequences of experiencing evil is ONLY IN THE REASON WHY YOU WANTED TO COME TO THIS EARTH!

If you were deceived by yourself into thinking that you could become like the greatest of gods by partaking of the fruit of the tree, because you lied to yourself and convinced yourself that you had that potential, you will find out once you wake up as the god you once were, that you are NOT worthy to have the power and authority that this type of a god can have, who would NEVER give in to their ego and do something that would cause themselves or another person to experience something uncomfortable and bad.

You are on this earth to see for yourself if, by being given the choice, you will not do something that will cause another to suffer because of your own happiness.

There is NO WAY that the MWAW will ever convince …

… An American that the U.S. Constitution is the most evil document ever created.

… A parent that they selfishly had kids for their own purpose and desire and that their families do more harm than good for the rest of the people, who suffer because of the way that they support their family.

… A sport’s fan that competitive sports, where the result is making other humans have a negative experience, is not, and will never be part of an advanced human world where people live, eating from the fruit of the tree that this world produces to only experience joy.

And if you are one who has such an ego that actually believes that you can do what no other advanced human has ever been able to do upon this particular Earth — create ALL good fruit — YOUR EGO IS WAY TOO BIG.

For this reason, you are NOT allowed to “reach forth your hand and partake of the Tree of Life and live forever in your sins.”

Because, if your actions — most of which negatively affect the lives of others — bring you joy, and you’re allowed to live in this joy, eating this fruit (acting with free will), you will live forever in your sins and never realize that what you do is not GOOD for others.


The GREAT SECRET that I have not revealed until now is:




If the MWAW didn’t exist, there would be no good fruit growing upon the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It would simply be the Tree of Evil.

Our job is to ensure that this fruit grows and gives people the choice of partaking it or not.






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