December 8, 2021

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Celtic Woman – You Raise Me Up (Official Video)


I love this rendition of the song, You Lift Me Up, by the Celtic Woman.

This version of the song reminds me of what I know and can remember, although so little, of my own advanced creator/mother … ‘Mother God’ … if I may.

I know that advanced, eternal creators—all of whom are young, beautiful females—are the ones who choose to create new human beings. (And NO, a male is NOT needed for an advanced women to create an advanced child.)
Women are truly the creators and shapers of our humanity.

I love this part of the book HUMAN REALITY—Who We Are and Why We Exist:

(Beginning of excerpt.)


The parent who is responsible for determining what the physical body is going to look like (what color of skin, hair, eyes, etc.), in which the essence is placed, is the female mother. Because she is the one responsible for ensuring that the child is foundationalized correctly, she retains the right to choose her children’s appearance.

The mother provides the materials and environment in which the body is created and prepared for the newly created (i.e., blank) essence.

Although this process takes place inside the mother’s womb on our current imperfect world, the advanced mother, with greater knowledge and superior powers and abilities, is not required to go through the pain and stress of childbirth. The process in an advanced human world allows a mother to program the exact DNA patterns (for want of a better term) that will create the body she desires for her child.

The number of children that a mother creates is her choice. Generally, because the process of foundationalization is so important, a mother will only rear one child at a time. These advanced mothers know when a newly created human has had “enough” experience, at which point it then needs less attention and care. The mother will ensure that the child has been properly foundationalized before creating another one.

During this time, a strong bond is created between the mother and the newly created child; and until she is sure that this everlasting bond is formed, the mother will concentrate on one child at a time. This bonding period is similar to the way a mother on this earth might wait two or three years before having another child. In advanced worlds, where there is no concept of time, this bonding period could last for thousands of years, if necessary.


Our advanced mothers have bodies with breasts that carry a “milk-like” substance that becomes the first taste experience for the child. Though this “mother’s milk” has no nutritional value for a perfect body that does not require any outside nutrition, the experience of breastfeeding enhances the bonding period.

Advanced mothers breastfeed without the pain sometimes associated with it in mortality. Human bonding is an emotional result of our relationships with each other. Each of us developed our first bond with our own first mother much the same way an infant in this world creates a bond with its mortal mother. These intimate moments will forever solidify a personal bond between mother and child. This bond also adds to the reasons why an advanced human desires to be a parent-mother—for personal enjoyment.

In addition to this emotional bond, we also have a physical bond with our mothers. This is because each individual mother was involved in the creation of our first physical bodies and copied some of her own “DNA patterns” into each of our unique bodies. Our mothers created each of our bodies to look uniquely different from the rest of our siblings. This was not so that they could tell us apart, but to help other human beings value our uniqueness. Even if we all looked the same, our mothers could tell us apart, because their advanced senses would always recognize the differences.

When each primordial mother copied her own “DNA patterns” into the makeup of each child’s body, she allowed energy patterns to transfer that were part of her own and, therefore, easily recognizable by the power of her essence. When our cells perform their functions, they give off energy patterns unique to the specific action each performs. Each of our bodies as a whole also has an energy pattern that is unique to the individual. These energy patterns are physically tied to our mother’s own body.

If a mortal mother had an advanced mother’s brain, she would be able to “tune in” to each of the children to whom she has passed on some of her own “DNA patterns,” even in this imperfect world. Although this effect is currently experienced at times between a mortal mother and child, it is not as readily available to the conscious mind of an imperfect brain as it is to an advanced mother’s brain.

The role of the advanced female is the most vital and important part of the Foundationalization Process. Although advanced males play an important role later on in the developmental stages of the human being, without the principal role of the mother, human life throughout the Universe would not succeed. The main reason why there are so few advanced males involved in the production and foundationalization process of new human beings is because they are not needed. On this earth, the purpose of the much stronger male is for the protection and support of the female and her offspring. In a perfect world, women do not need to be supported or protected. Advanced women have all the powers and abilities of any advanced male.

(End of excerpt.)

Without eternal women, there would be no humanity.

(Someday I hope to explain this incredibly beautiful Real Truth® so that everyone can properly understand it.)

I miss my mothers … both of them.

I never knew my mortal mother much. It’s still very hard to break through her hardened shell that protected her motherly emotions, having given me up as a young boy.

It wasn’t fair to my mother, Di Heath, because I didn’t come to know her well until I became an adult. This reunion happened after my ‘transfiguration’ when my knowledge of the Real Truth® about the nature and important purpose of women was revealed to me.

My mortal mother does not compare, nor was she meant to compete in comparison, to the wonderful woman who created my TRUE SELF.

I miss my mother … even both … tonight.

I started missing my mothers tonight when I was asked one of the most poignant and beautiful questions anyone could ask me:

“Christopher, what is the greatest Real Truth® that you know. If you were only able to teach one Real Truth®, what would it be?”

It didn’t take me long to answer.

The GREATEST REAL TRUTH® of all is that each and every human being is a highly advanced individual person—the most highly advanced compendium of matter that can exist anywhere, in any dimension of space and time; that each of us is a god, equal to all others, completely equal, created perfectly endowed with the greatest opportunity of life that any life form can have; that with this opportunity, and FREE WILL, anything that brings us happiness is possible … ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.

IF only all human beings were taught this incredible Real Truth® by their creator[s]—mothers, fathers, straight, gay, single, married … no difference—humanity could and would reach its potential and express the ultimate evolution of matter: THE ETERNAL HUMAN BEING.

NEVERTHELESS, this knowledge would be useless to humanity, if our creator[s] didn’t teach their children another part of this GREATEST REAL TRUTH® …


On these TWO GREAT REAL TRUTH®s the eternal purpose of human existence is based.

We are that we might have eternal joy … FOREVER … WORLDS WITHOUT END.

The more we understand these TWO GREAT REAL TRUTH®s, the better our existence becomes.

Thank you, mother … both of you!

To my eternal mother:

“You raise me up. I am strong when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be.”

I needed her tonight.

Christopher Nemelka

When I was a young boy, I often wondered what happened to my real mother. I would dream about being with her, although I couldn’t remember much about her.

While on my mission, I first heard the song, I’ll Build You A Rainbow.

The song made me cry.

I imagined I was the little boy in the song, and that my real mother had died, and that’s why she wasn’t with me growing up.

The song still makes me cry:

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