August 14, 2022

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Advanced human civilizations existed five different times during the entire history of Planet Earth—over approximately five billion years. (We are currently in the Sixth Dispensation of Human Time.)

Science refuses to acknowledge this because most of its theories about life would prove incorrect.

Religion refuses to acknowledge this because this Real Truth® would negate ALL religious faith.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to humanity to know how humans developed into advanced civilizations; and, just as importantly, how they were destroyed?

Wouldn’t this knowledge be most beneficial because we would then know what mistakes we are repeating during this sixth attempt?

Knowing what happened, we can change things and not let it happen again.

The Real Illuminati have all the evidence of this Real Truth®.

They have allowed me to share some.

Because of what I have shared, I am feared and hated, called all kinds of things, and cast aside as insane.


All I am doing is passing on information.

However, their information makes so much sense, and is so logical, that it destroys the PRIDE and egos of those who have created their personal value and worth on their errant scientific and religious conclusions.

The time is not yet, but is coming, when I will be able to reveal it all.

Is there any wonder why I hide?

My life is in danger, ONLY because the information that I share confounds the wisdom of the wise and prudent.

Those who have learned some of these Real Truth®s no longer value those whom they once valued as wise. The loss of value of these pretended wise ones, because they can’t logically counter the information, causes these offended ones to want to silence me, or convince those who give them value to ignore our information.

It’s coming! (Give or take three more years.)

The whole Real Truth®—sharp as a two-edged sword …coming out of my mouth.

And there’s no “But anyways” about it!

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