The Humanity Party® could solve this problem immediately.

September 17, 2021

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Texas: thousands gather under border bridge in new migrant crisis for Biden

Yes, The Humanity Party®, if accepted and voted in by the American people, could solve this problem immediately.

Each migrant would receive a HumanECard® (similar to the EBT card already used in the U.S.) that would allow the person to go back into Mexico and purchase healthy food, water, basic clothing, basic rent and utilities, health and mental care, and education.

NO CASH would be given or made available. Cash is what drug dealers want the poor to be given, so they can get the cash in exchange for drugs that ease the emotional pain these people are feeling. Further, cash can be stolen and used to purchase things that are NOT the basic essentials that are needed.

The Mexican businesses that provide what the card would reimburse them for would receive the money directly from the U.S. government.

Not only would the local Mexican government scramble to develop an infrastructure to accommodate what the HumanECard® will pay for, but the greed of Mexican entrepreneurs wanting the U.S. backed money would do anything and everything possible to get the people to come to their businesses to purchase basic needs.

It’s a VERY easy solution that will work immediately.

Read more about this incredible solution at

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