The last debate … Sigh, Sigh, Oh My, Sigh — There is NO HOPE for humanity …. NONE whatsoever!

November 1, 2022

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Editor’s summary:

There is only one way for us to solve the problems of this world. There is only ONE SOURCE for receiving this information — through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. Although Christopher has given credit to the Real Illuminati® for being this source, many (including Jaron Bytheway who recently debated this with Christopher) will argue this point. Therefore, Christopher cedes to that argument, taking the credit himself for being the source of this information — the Real Truth®.

Others are and have been encouraged to debate the information provided to this world through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. The last Sunday of each month has been set aside for that purpose.

Although Christopher “implied that there was hope that humanity would eventually come around [to treating] every human upon the earth equally and equitably [and] eliminating poverty throughout the world,” he now repeats that “THERE IS NO HOPE” as he demonstrates the attitude of the people in our world. He included a link to a New York magazine’s story called “The 13-Year-Old Prostitute” for our perusal and urged us to find our purpose and embrace it.

End of editor’s summary.



I debated … or rather, I attempted to debate Jaron Bytheway, as I posted that I would.

It was a disaster. (Here’s a link.)

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get Mr. Bytheway to concede that, if not for the work of the Real Illuminati® — which I doubt he believes is the ONLY source of Real Truth® — if not for the work that I do, he would still be a deceived and ignorant Mormon (Latter-day Saint) waiting on his leaders to tell the world what needs to be done in order to solve poverty.

I couldn’t convince him that there was NO OTHER source of Real Truth®.

Mr. Bytheway opined that it is possible that any human can become enlightened enough to know how to solve the problems facing humanity, as well as answer the questions that plague the human mind — who are we and why do we exist? Yeah, really!

It is NOT possible.

If it were possible, then, at some point in our short history, humanity would be making some substantial strides in uniting together and solving the problems that separate us.

If it were possible, then there would be someone on this planet besides me who could present the answers … answers that make sense and cannot be challenged.

Sure, the answers can be rejected, as most of my answers are, but they cannot be challenged logically or reasonably.

If it were possible, then there’s gotta be someone, somewhere, who can be found to challenge the answers.

That’s the purpose for any debate I attend.

Please, future opponents, challenge the answers!

I wasted over four hours trying to convince my opponent of the above. I tried to get him to admit that, first, he wouldn’t know much about anything without first reading the books I have had published and, second, it is impossible to find any answers to life’s most pondered questions without being illuminated like I was in 1987 … ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE!

Come on, Robbie Pace, you wonderful moderator you! Get out there, annoy some people, tickle their egos, and get me some challengers!

I have agreed to have a debate on the last Sunday of each month with whomever Mr. Pace can arrange to show up and challenge me. For those who attend, at the very least, you’ll be entertained for a while … and you just might learn something you didn’t know before.

I challenge anyone to find another explanation, given by ANYONE, about who we are and why we exist, that makes more sense than what I have revealed so far, and have yet to reveal.

I do not have a problem with allowing my critics and enemies to win the arguments of whether Joseph Smith and I made up everything that we did, when we did it, and that the Real Illuminati® (i.e., the Three Nephites and John the Beloved) are not real, but figments of Joseph’s and my imaginations.

Yeah, I have no problem taking 100% credit for everything that has been published and presented as a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. I’ve already admitted to this many times before.

Sure, I’ve given credit where credit is due — to persons much more intelligent than I am. I’ve stated that these were the source of both Joseph’s and my information — but to hell with that!

From now on, it’s just me … and, presently, that’s the Real Truth®.

So, future challengers, if any competent ones there might be, we don’t need to debate the source of this information.



Let’s stick with the answers.

We can debate the source until we’re blue in the face … but holding my breath until my critics and enemies acknowledge that Joseph and I couldn’t have been that brilliant, will cause my face to get even bluer … Sigh.

Listen up, world!

Forthwith, it has been concluded, and officially proclaimed:

EVERYTHING about a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, presented as the work of the Real Illuminati®, is my own, of my own doing, out of my own mind.

Now that this problem (the source) has been cleared up, let’s focus on the information that I made up.

I played around a bit during the … oh-so long … debate, and implied that there was hope that humanity would eventually come around, do the right thing, and treat every human upon the earth equally and equitably, eliminating poverty throughout the world.


The people who make up the humanity of this world will NEVER become united in one heart, and one mind, where there are no poor among them … ABSOLUTELY NEVER!

Yeah, this statement goads and upsets the egos of many people. Who wants to think that they belong to a group of humans who can never do the right thing? It’s upsetting because, if YOU belong to a group, YOU are part of the makeup of the group!

Listen up, so-called supporters of me and the MWAW:

I don’t want any supporters!

I admitted during the debate that I want nothing to do with any of you — that I couldn’t care less about you. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do to make any difference in this world. And what do you think, you egotistical people, you can do to help me make up things in my head?

So, if you’re wasting your time listening to me or reading what I put out, or you’re causing problems in your relationships because you embrace me as the world’s only True Messenger and the MWAW as the only source of the solutions, GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

Forget about me and this work!

Why would you throw away any relationship that brings you joy for something that isn’t going to work?

What is wrong with you people?

I wish to God that NOBODY called themselves a supporter of the MWAW. I wish that ALL people would finally acknowledge that Christopher is a liar, a manipulator, and that he made everything up. This would cause EVERYONE to get on with their lives without wasting any more energy on me and the MWAW.






Humanity WILL end up destroying itself for the sixth time during the history of this solar system.

So, why not have hope in some supernatural god coming to the earth, or returning to the earth, to save humanity?

There’s nothing wrong with this hope.

I used to say that having hope in a god appearing and solving all of humanity’s problems was the thing that was keeping people from solving the problems on their own: “God will solve all of our problems someday and wipe away all of our tears. Just wait and see!”

Now, because I know, without wavering and without a shadow of doubt, that humanity is going to fail yet again, why not perpetuate an eschatological (relating to death, judgment, and the final destiny of humankind) fantasy that gives people hope?

Why not let aged children continue to experience the feelings associated with joy, sharing, and all that is good in humans?

The Santa Claus Syndrome works! Let it! Embrace it!

I’m tired of seeing people read the books of the MWAW … wait … I’m tired of seeing people read MY BOOKS … and experiencing turmoil in their relationships with others.

What kind of person would want to cause turmoil in a family, turning a wife against a husband, a husband against a wife, a father against a son, a mother against a daughter? I don’t want to be this person any longer!

And you who were stupid enough to donate any money to the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® Purpose Trust after I have pleaded, and pleaded, and pleaded with you not too … because it’s all a lie … contact the Trustee, Monica R. Smith, and ask her for a full refund, plus interest! She’ll give it to you 100%. (But keep in mind, like I mentioned during the last debate, if you gave me any money, personally, and I spent that sum, plus a lot more, on YOU PERSONALLY, then YOU OWE ME MONEY, you fools!)

Yeah, I’m venting.

But I’m telling the Real Truth®.

This world has NO HOPE of fixing itself. It’s only hope is if there actually is a Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, or some other great and wonderful Oz … oops … I meant to write god … that will come soon and save this world.

I can’t save it.

I’ve tried my best.

There’s nothing further I can do for humanity … NOTHING!

But before I die …

I’m going to give ALL of the answers and solutions, every single one!

I am going to present the solutions to ALL of humanity’s problems and answer all of life’s most pondered questions.

And, once a month, I’ll debate anyone brave enough to challenge the information that, most assuredly, and of which has been testified to in this official post … CAME DIRECTLY OUT OF MY HEAD.

I’m going to fulfill the ONLY purpose and reason why I agreed to join this group of humans in this particular solar system before I close my eyes for the last time.

HEY, ENEMIES WHO WANT TO TAKE ME OUT … No need to take me out any longer.

If your ego has been hurt and one of your loved ones who once thought you were smart now thinks that I am way smarter than you, SHOW YOUR LOVED ONE THIS POST AND SAY:

“See, I told you so! This guy’s a fraud! He made everything up! And he’s admitting it! Now, you can accept me again as your ultimate source of intelligence!”

But there is one thing, ye fools …

When someone hears the Real Truth®, or rather, whatever comes out of my mouth as a solution to our human problems or an answer to the human dilemma, the person who considers it can’t get it out of their head!

THERE HASN’T BEEN ONE PERSON, NOT ONE … although there have been quite a few who “Petered” and Judased” on me … who has reversed their thought process and returned to the swill that they were once fed as truth … ABSOLUTELY NONE!

So, if you still want to kill me to shut my mouth, to prove how macho you are, how powerful you are over me, to prove to your loved one that you’re the better man, go ahead. I would welcome an involuntary relief of the role I was meant to play during this game of mortal life. :-)

But I’ve gotta tell ya, Folks,

I can’t hang around stupid people any longer. I just don’t want to. I can’t stand sitting around listening to stupid people talk about stupid things, giving each other stupid answers and reach-arounds to please each other.

However … and this is very sincere … I LOVE watching people having fun, enjoying life, and making the best out of a hopeless situation.

So, keep on making each other smile. Keep on enjoying each other’s presence. Keep on finding a way to make the human experience upon this Earth worth living!

You wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a purpose for you to be here.

Find that purpose! Embrace that purpose! Enjoy that purpose!

Because these girls seem to be doing just fine, waiting patiently to be employed …

In fact, a New York magazine published a story about one of these types of employees:

The 13-Year-Old Prostitute

Listen to your music!



Life’s way too short to worry about things you cannot change!

Only worry about the things that you can change!

Keep posting your memes so that girls like the ones shown above can read how FANTASTIC YOUR LIFE IS and how wonderful your relationships are … how wonderful you are, evidenced by all those wonderful pictures you post about your wonderful life!

And …


Worlds without end … Sigh. :-(


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