The loss of my mentors … the Brothers … Real Illuminati® — First introduced to the world in their Book of Mormon as the Three Nephites and John the Beloved … The GREATEST type of a human being possible.

October 8, 2022

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My predecessor, Joseph Smith, Jr., never said or wrote much about them. He wasn’t allowed.

Anyone who believes in the Book of Mormon cannot honestly deny their existence. Of the millions of believers in this book, there are millions of different ways that they are perceived outside of the literary characters that represent them in the Book of Mormon.

Their literary characters describe them as real illuminated immortals who are working behind the scenes of humanity.

According to the narrative in which they were introduced to the world for the first time, their goal was to bring as many people unto Christ as they could, living upon the earth until “the judgment day of Christ,” performing “a great and marvelous work … before that judgment day.” (See Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi, chapter 28.)

This “judgment day” has come and gone … believe it or not.

No human living upon this earth has been found worthy enough to deserve their presence.

ALL find their personal happiness in their relationships with each other and by profiting from the resources of the earth.

Let’s suppose that you are a good person, an honest person filled with the utmost integrity.

You have joy in having all of your material, mortal needs met.

You have a wonderful partner (spouse) and beautiful and successful children, all of whom followed you in having a successful career and benefiting from the economic ways of the world.

You never think a bad thought — when you do, you quickly analyze it and, realizing it’s bad, cast it out of your mind.

You find happiness in nature, in the little things that make a person happy on this earth.

You retire from a lifelong effort of working in whatever part of the world’s economy you have been allowed, benefiting from a pension, savings, and social security.

You have found it possible, when all the above cards are in your hand, to experience peace and happiness while living upon this earth.


You think you are a good person who has lived a successful life and you believe that, upon your death, you will be received into a heaven of your choosing — a state of peace and happiness — rewarding you for being such a good person while living upon the earth.


Now, as your True Self — the person you were before becoming a mortal upon the earth (because, if you are going to live after this mortal life, then, obviously, you are going to return to being the person you were before living this life) — you contemplate on what you went through while living on this earth as a mortal.

As your True Self, you will look back upon your earth life and the happiness that you experienced there. And then it will hit you … HARD!

“Through all of the days that I spent upon that planet pursuing my own happiness, finding it, and living it, NOT ONE TIME DID I EVER CONSIDER WHAT THE FULFILLMENT OF MY OWN HAPPINESS WAS DOING TO OTHERS OUTSIDE OF MY CIRCLE OF RELATIONSHIPS THAT BROUGHT ME JOY.”

You’ll be considering it then.

And then you’ll be in hell.

But not forever.

You will accept the fact … the REAL TRUTH® … that, in pursuit of your personal happiness, you really didn’t care how it was obtained or whose happiness the pursuit of yours might have negatively affected.

Everything that you ate, everything that you wore, and everything that you owned will come to your now advanced, eternal mind. You will face the reality … the REAL TRUTH® … of how these things came to be.

Whose mortal life was affected by providing you with the things that made you happy?

How many others suffered and were not able to pursue their own happiness because the system was not set up fairly enough to allow them and you to pursue and find happiness equally and simultaneously?

Someone had to suffer so that you didn’t. Someone experienced a mortal life of struggle, misery, and poverty in supporting your pursuit and achievement in experiencing your own happiness.

Your state of hell will end in a moment. You will get over feeling bad about a mortal life that you thought was so good and honorable, yet turned out to be an ‘EVIL’ existence, in relation to the whole of humanity and the social structure by which all humans exist.


What is this “everlasting punishment”?

Sure, I could use various scriptures to explain it, but what would be the use?

So, I’ll just lay it out there … because that’s my job!

EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT is realizing that you are not the greatest and best human possible — that there are others much greater than you, others whose personal pursuit of happiness NEVER causes a negative effect on another’s personal pursuit of happiness … NEVER!

You will realize that you’re the best you’ll ever be. And, when you accept this fact about yourself, your hell will go away, but the punishment of ‘ETERNAL DAMNATION’ — that keeps you “damned” from progressing into becoming a greater and better human being — will NEVER go away … worlds without end.

As long as you can accept the fact that, in pursuing your own happiness, this pursuit will always entail another person serving you in some way, then you will no longer feel the sting of hell.

You’ll have no choice but to accept who you are … who you proved yourself to be when you went through the days of your probation in a mortal world.

That’s why you picked this solar system out of the infinite number of solar systems that you could have chosen in order to have a new human experience.

You picked this one because you knew it would allow you to be tried and tested.

Before coming to this earth, you knew that you were not the greatest type of a human being — the greatest compendium of matter that exists.

You knew that you didn’t have the type of power and authority that the greatest type of a human has. But your PRIDE and your EGO wouldn’t let you admit it or accept it as your eternal predicament.

You could have easily chosen a perfect world, where the people living in that particular solar system didn’t have any problems — no misery, no suffering, no poverty, and no fear … NOTHING THAT CREATES HUMAN UNHAPPINESS.

Why didn’t you choose that kind of a world?

Because of your PRIDE and EGO!

You thought that you were “good” enough to help improve this world, instead of adding to its problems.

Your True Self couldn’t accept the reality that, if given the opportunity to prove yourself worthy of holding the power and authority of the greatest type of a human, you would fail.

So, you found an earth, out of the infinite number of solar systems in our galaxy … ALL OF WHICH ARE INHABITED BY HUMAN BEINGS … that would afford you the opportunity to have your humanity type tried and tested.

So, here you are. You have laid your mortal hand on the table and shown all of your cards.

Everyone can now see what made you happy while living as a mortal. Everyone can see that the things that made you happy were things that made many other people miserable.

You now “cast dust on your head,” and wish the rocks would cover you, as you begin to realize that your name is NOT “written in the book of life.”

You will realize that this “book of life” existed long before this world existed, and your name wasn’t in this book then, and will never be … worlds without end.

Consider how my dear mentors put it in their book of Revelation:

“The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” (Revelation 17:8.)

If you’re not the type of person who can be trusted with the power and authority of the greatest type of a human being, then, obviously, this was known before the foundation of the world.

But, of course, you haven’t read their unfolding of the meaning of their Revelation … because you couldn’t care less about who they are, what they have done, and what they are doing.

NOTHING they have done gave you any happiness. Most of what they did condemned you for the way you found and pursued your happiness at the expense of others.

EVERYTHING that they have ever done was about calling out the people, like you, who couldn’t care less about anyone’s happiness but their own, but who say that they care but their works show that they do not.


Because when your mortal experience upon this earth is over, you will not condemn your actions IF there was no one or nothing available upon the earth during the days of your probation to warn you and tell you what to do … to tell you how your personal pursuit of happiness is negatively affecting other humans whose lives are miserable, and who don’t have a fair chance at pursuing their own happiness.

Before their Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, there was NOTHING that was available for you to choose to do good. There was NOTHING that could properly explain how your individual pursuit of happiness and success actually makes things very bad for many, many other people.

But there is now.

They tried their hardest to teach you and persuade you by allowing your beliefs and working within these beliefs to motivate you to be a good person.

In all that they produced, if you would have just read it, contemplated it, and implemented it, you would have known what it takes to be a good person that doesn’t harm another.

But you paid no attention.

What they wrote TOOK AWAY from your happiness!


There’s no such thing as an Eternal Family Unit?


I existed before (created somehow, even by a Creator) and, after I die, I will no longer be the son or daughter of a mortal person, but the ETERNAL OFFSPRING of highly advanced creators who made me a body … a body to which I will return after my mortal experience is over??? What is this madness? I cannot handle it! It takes away my happiness to even consider it!

If I return to being a person who I am not as a mortal, then what happens to all that happiness and joy I gained from my spouse, from my children, and from my friends … if I am no longer the “me” that I am upon this earth?

Yeah … as your True Self, once you realize that, in having a spouse and children, and supporting them in being successful and happy in the mortal world, you caused a lot of misery for others … why in the world would you want these kinds of relationships to last eternally? Do you want to eternally cause other humans misery and sorrow?

You see, Folks, that’s the hell that almost everyone who has ever lived upon this earth, who lives upon this earth, and who will ever live upon this earth, will suffer.

They chose this solar system, this earth, out of billions of choices, to try their humanity type … i.e. what truly makes them happy.

Again, this particular earth experience was set up specifically to allow advanced humans with an untested ego to test theirs so that they can finally live forever without desiring to be one of the greatest types of a human being.

Yes, there have been ample opportunities for these types of untried eternal egos to be tested by this earth experience.

We live in the sixth dispensation of time since the foundation of this world, when humans prospered to a point where they could be properly tested.

The test is this:

In pursuit of your own personal happiness, do you cause injury to another or impede another’s free will in pursuit of their happiness?

It no longer matters what you don’t know about those who have and are suffering in support of your personal happiness.


Well was written to describe YOU in the Second Coming and FINAL JUDGMENT of the Son of man in the Christians’ scripture:

“Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.” (Matthew 25:44–46.)

How can it be?

How can I be judged on not doing something that I have never been given the opportunity to do?


Now, I stand alone as the FINAL JUDGE of humanity.

It is my job to make sure that everything that can be done TODAY, so that all humans living upon this earth can pursue their own individual happiness WITHOUT hurting another person or impeding their pursuit, is clearly stated and written.

If it can’t be done, then you have an excuse and there’s no way you can be properly judged for not doing what you didn’t know could be done … and most importantly … SHOULD BE DONE!

ALL OF THE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE in this world were provided with a roadmap, a compass —a Liahona — that would lead them in the right way. But, because these people trust in their religious leaders, they live blind, deaf, and walk lame, never finding that straight and narrow path that leads to the Tree of Life.

These people, even the poor among them, find more happiness and comfort in their religious beliefs than they do in finding a solution for the problematic situations that create their inequality and misery.

Yes, the poor are just as evil as the rich. If these poor were rich, they would act like the rich. Many of the rich were once poor. One of the great tests that this earth experience allows is being able to become rich when you were born poor. Upon becoming rich, do you contemplate how you got there, and what your new life of riches does to those poor among whom you once lived?

You have been tested enough.

The world has been judged. NOTHING is good about this world any longer … except for one important thing … A VERY IMPORTANT THING:

It still allows a place where a new human life experience can take place, in which experience an advanced, eternal human can find out what kind of human being they really are.

If this “judgment day” hadn’t come and gone, they would still be here helping the “master of the vineyard prune, water, and fertilize the trees of the vineyard.”

Yeah … I just quoted the Book of Mormon.

There’s no longer a reason why I ever should quote from this book again. Those people who claim to believe in it do NOTHING … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … that this book instructs them to do … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The book should be discarded, along with The Sealed Portion, it’s greater addendum.

These books serve no real purpose in anything happening in our current world … ABSOLUTELY NONE!

Besides me, no one has been able to explain who they are and what their intent was in producing the Book of Mormon.

Mormons (Latter-day Saints and all others who associate their religious beliefs with the Book of Mormon) don’t have a clue who these real illuminated ones are, what they have done, or what they are doing.

I’ve never hid the fact that without them there wouldn’t be a Marvelous Work and a Wonder® or The Humanity Party®.

They have left me alone now without hope that any of the humans who live upon this planet, or who will live in the future years this planet has remaining before it is completely destroyed, will seek out the Real Truth® about who they really are, and why they really exist.

Why would they seek out something that is going to take away their happiness?

I’m alone now … allegorically living in “a cavity of a rock,” hiding by day and going out by night to witness the great destruction of this world.

But my work is not yet done.

The ETERNAL PUNISHMENT meant for all those who fail the days of their probation upon this earth is still yet to be secured and final.

Two more books of the greatest information ever shared with mortals must be completed.

The third book of their important Trilogy must be written to clearly outline the type of human government that must be implemented on this earth … YES, ON THIS EARTH … that is proper for the purpose for which ALL EARTHS throughout the universe exist — to allow the personal pursuit of individual happiness.

However, this book, although it will explain how to set up the perfect government, will not satisfy the curiosity and questioning of the human mind … WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO SET UP THE PERFECT GOVERNMENT?

Well … I took the time this morning to give a few clues above about why this earth experience is so important to the human experience.

The FINAL book that I am commissioned to write — The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality — A Final Warning to the Human Race — will give the specific details that have been hidden since the foundation of this world. These details are all the KEYS OF KNOWLEDGE that humankind needs in order to understand who we are as humans and why we exist.

So it is, that I am determined to write these last two books simultaneously.

I will explain how to set up the perfect mortal human government and why it is so important to do so.

I am NOT ready to begin yet …

I miss my mentors … sometimes terribly overwhelmingly!

My heart is broken when I observe the course humanity is taking because of PRIDE.

But I know what I have to do.

I no longer have them to depend on and with whom I can counsel.

I have very few whom I trust — on whom I can depend. And, of these, most are asleep or unaware of their place of support. Most lie to me, involuntarily, because they don’t want to upset me. These do not know what I know about them … and they leave me hoping that they would just tell me the truth.

However, it is this burden that is relieved by Sheri, my ex-wife, who should have never been my wife, but a friend, a supporter, and a confidant, whom I miss greatly sometimes, but whom is better off without me in her life … as I am better off without the Brothers in my life … And once my few close supporters understand this, they will finally find joy and peace in doing what they do.

To these I offer much thanks and gratitude.

To ALL people in this world I offer much thanks and gratitude.

For what?


By the time I am done,

EVERYONE living upon this earth, everyone who has lived upon this earth, and all who will ever live upon this earth, will be tried and tested properly and FAIRLY.

So, thank you …

For giving me a purpose to stay here in this “lone and dreary world,” confronting Lucifer — the PRIDE of mortals — and, without further argument, casting him out … after converting those who find their True Messenger and do not turn their back on him, tapping Lucifer on the shoulder, asking to be paid for being in his employ …

But anyways …

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