“[The poor] are hard to love …”

October 31, 2021

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“[The poor] are hard to love. The poor disgust us because they are us—shorn of our illusions. They show us what we would look like without our fine clothes; how we smell without perfume.”

—The High Sparrow of the Game of Thrones

“The poor remind us of what we don’t want to be. Therefore, we will instruct the people to strive to do what they can in order to avoid poverty, allowing the poor to exist among us to remind us of how good we are in comparison to them.

“If there were no poor among us, how else would he feel the self-worth and value for which the man Adam constantly yearns?”

—Joseph Smith Jr.’s redacted words from the original 1842 temple endowment presentation; written for the character, Lucifer, during the scene when Lucifer is instructing his Minister, after the Minister questions Lucifer about what religious doctrine he should teach.

There is NO CHURCH upon this earth that is guided and inspired by the god of this world and his false Christ more than the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS; whose leaders receive ALL of their modem revelation from the god of this world, EXACTLY like the original endowment presentation clearly explained.

SHAME ON THIS WICKED RELIGION, and all others which teach anything except “pure religion, undefiled before God, which is to keep oneself unspotted from this world, AND TO HELP THE POOR SO THAT THEY ARE NO LONGER POOR AND SUFFERING.”

Shame on the United States of America for refusing to open up its borders and allowing the poor to enter at will.

SHAME ON THIS WEALTHY COUNTRY AND WEALTHY CHURCH … a secret combination of unprecedented deception.

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