The Real Truth® behind the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, and why these events will continue.

May 17, 2022

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The Real Truth® behind why an American teenager traveled to a predominately “darker-than-him”* neighborhood to kill as many human beings as he could will NEVER be known.

(*I personally use the term “darker-than-me” to describe any human who is … darker than me. I avoid using any divisive terms that put humans into groups or cliques.)

There is no way that the news media, or social media, is going to allow us to hear from the shooter about what caused him to do what he did … NO WAY!

Why will we never hear the reasons from his own mouth … or the Real Truth® for that matter?

Because of the media … and the NBA. :-)

The media is part of the problem … so is the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Let me explain … and to do so properly and clearly, I need to be a bit facetious, which means that, while I am presenting things as the really are, I will be treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor and flippancy.

(Flippancy means not showing a serious or respectful attitude. Hell, I don’t show ANY respect for ANYTHING that foolish humans are doing upon this earth.)

Why does the NBA allow the majority of its players to be of African descent?

Most players are black, and this obvious disparity can be seen as systemic racism, something that all sports enthusiastically embrace.

Why should such inequality exist?

There should be a law passed … let’s call it the Woke Law.

“Woke” is currently being used to describe people who appear … and “appear” is the best verb that should be used here … to be aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).

If “white people” are the majority living in the U.S.A., and are the majority of the people who buy tickets to NBA games, as well as spend billions on NBA merchandise, how unfair is it that the white race is not equally and inclusively included in the ratio of players on all NBA rosters?

We need an NAAWP … a National Association for the Advancement of White People.

Under the banner and legislation of the NAAWP, we are going mandate by law that all NBA teams must have the correct proportion of the races on their rosters.

But let’s not stop there …

We also need an NAASW … a National Association for the Advancement of Sexy Women … oops … I mean … an NAAFP … a National Association for the Advancement of Female People.

Under the banner and legislative power of the NAAFP, we are going to mandate by law that all sports teams are required to maintain a roster of equal men and women, who are paid equally, regardless of their personal skill in their chosen sport.

This is exactly what the NBA great, Dennis Rodman, was “wokingly” supporting in his final years in the NBA:

Come on all ya all WOKE people out there!

If you’re going to be WOKE, and appear to be aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice), you must not forget about gender issues of justice and equality.


Have the three major religions in this world forgotten God’s word in the Bible?

God did NOT choose a race of people to be His chosen people who were dark-skinned or of a mixed race.

In fact, according to God’s word, any people who were dark or of mixed race were condemned by God. God commanded His people to destroy these mixed races, destroying all the “men, women, and little ones” of their cities and nations.

Are we not forgetting God in the formulas that are used to determine racial and social justice?

Are you REALLY going to accuse God of systemic racism?

What about God’s chosen people?

The world is so concerned about the Ukrainian white people, because they are white, and appear to be distant descendants of God’s chosen race.

Billions and billions of dollars and support are being given to the Ukrainian people, and this support is being justified because Russia invaded and started occupying Ukrainian land.

But, when Israel invaded and started occupying Palestine, all the great white nations of the world, most of which are upheld and supported by Bible and Christian principles, SUPPORTED THE INVADERS AND THE OCCUPIERS, INSTEAD OF THOSE WHO WERE GETTING THEIR LAND OCCUPIED AND THEIR HOMES DESTROYED.

That’s because the Jews are God’s chosen people.

And the media …

I wish I could gather all of the media personalities in the same room and record the meeting.

Keep in mind, NONE would attend any event that wasn’t sponsored by its own news source.

CNN isn’t about to put their reporters in front of FOX investigative journalists. Or vice versa. AlJazeera isn’t going to allow its reporters to be questioned by investigative journalists from the Times of Israel or the Jerusalem Post.


But put these biased and yellow journalistic fuckers in a room with me and see how competent they seem then.

But I only have a little over 100 followers.

These news media sources have billions of followers. And these are not about to lose any of their billions to join my little flock, by allowing me to have an honest and open discussion with their so-called “journalists.”

There are no such things as honest and objective journalists.

There are only journationalists.

Each journalist is paid by the media source, but ONLY if the journalist reports things according to the slanted, one-sided view of their employer.

If ANY news being reported was Real Truth®, every news source on the planet would be reporting the same thing.

So it is that Payton S. Gendron of Conklin, New York (the suspected shooter behind the mass shootings in Buffalo) had been listening to the major news media, NONE OF WHICH SUPPORTS HIS OWN VIEWS OR THE VIEWS OF HIS FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR PEERS.

What’s so wrong with the freedom to have and express your own views, which, to Gendron are truth, according to what he knows of reality?

Gendron is from a generation of people who have many, many different views (truths) from which to choose as their own. The Internet is full of different views.

For years, Gendron has heard nothing from the major news sources, except “Black Lives Matter,” “Defund the Police,” “systemic racism,” “the police are killing ‘our people'” (black people referring to black people), etc., etc.

What about all the white people who were killed by the police during the “Black Lives Matter” movement?

What about all the white people who had police kneeling on their necks during an arrest … a confrontation in which, of course, the white people were RESISTING ARREST in the incident in which they were involved?

Not one time … not one time … LISTEN AGAIN … not one time, did Payton ever hear a major news reporter say ANYTHING …. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … ABOUT the fact that most of the black people who were killed WERE RESISTING ARREST.

But online, amongst his peers, that’s all he heard.

Payton saw a lot of the videos leading up to the confrontation these black people had with police. He saw how they reacted to the police.

But what Payton didn’t see was a leader, or pundit, or anyone else who stood up in public and called it for what it was …

… an unfortunate event that would not have occurred IF THE PERSON WOULD HAVE OBEYED THE LAW AND OBEYED THE COMMANDS OF A POLICE OFFICER.

Instead of seeing a leader asking black people PLEASE do not resist arrest, Payton saw leaders defending the families and the protestors who, with fists in the air, chanted, “No Justice. No Peace,” wanting the police to be punished for subduing a black person who was disobeying the law.

And then Gendron and his online peers started seeing things that drove home the idea that black people were becoming more and more important than white people … according to his view.

As he watched his favorite television shows, he saw how most commercials were now showing black actors, unprecedentedly, instead of showing an equal distribution of the presence of actors according to racial demographics of the targeted commercial audiences.

Then Gendron started to see all kinds of videos like this:


Gendron didn’t hear ANYTHING … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … from any major news source about the above incident, or about the thousands of other incidents involving “Black Lives Matter” protestors confronting people going about their everyday lives, not wanting to be confronted.

No leader, no media, no athlete, NO ONE … ABSOLUTELY NO ONE … except Gendron’s online friends and peers … talked openly and honestly about these issues.

I could write an entire book on the real reasons behind the hate that inspired and motivated Payton S. Gendron to do what he did.

And his act is not the last … not even close!

If you think the race wars in the United States are bad now …

Just wait …

Just wait …

Just wait …

Oh, and BTW,

Thank the god of this world—who was, and is, yet is not … you know, the god that is answering ALL mortal prayers—that a sensible judge in California struck down a GENDER DIVERSITY LAW that required all publicly-held corporations to include women on corporate boards of directors.

I kind of enjoy watching Steph Curry kick ass on the court.

If this GENDER DIVERSITY LAW had been upheld in California, before long the Golden State Warriors would be required to have an equal roster of women … and, if you’ve ever watched a WNBA game, you would know what that would do to a basketball fan’s excitement in watching basketball.

Of the successful advanced human societies that I know exist throughout this universe, there is NOT ONE … ABSOLUTELY NONE … that has sporting events.


Because, if an advanced person wants to play in a sporting event, that advanced human need only connect to the game platform in another solar system, on a planet called Earth, and that person will have a chance to show their skills.

Think about it:

Of the greatest online players on NBA2K20—the most popular and advanced online basketball game—how many of these gamers made their High School basketball team?

Probably none.

But look how they appear to be great basketball players to their peers online?

Think about it.

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