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March 26, 2022

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NOTE: The following portend (warning) will be explained in full detail and transparency upon the issuance of the final book associated with our work. This final book will be titled, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race. Presently, we do not have a determinative time frame for this book’s publication.

We call our work a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. We have protected our work and its name with a legally registered trademark. The overall purpose of our work is to save humanity.

We know, and can provide affirmative evidence thereof, that our work can save humanity. We also know, and can provide the same affirmation, that without our work, and having its full intent and purpose fulfilled, humanity has no chance of surviving another 125 years.

By June of 2145, unless the people living upon this earth take the necessary steps to guarantee their own survival, an event known as a Supernova (according to the application of its meaning provided by scientific authority) will completely annihilate and erase this solar system, its planets, and any evidence thereof, from our known universe.

We know this because of what has transpired during the over five billion years that humans have existed in this solar system. We can provide sufficient evidence that human beings—the most complex compendium of life matter possible—have been on Earth since this earth first came into existence.

We can provide proof that a highly advanced group of humans created the sun first, then the earth, then the other planets, including the asteroid belts found therein. These asteroid belts consist of scattered matter from planets that were created and destroyed by past human civilizations. All of the above were created by people from Earth or by those who existed on the other habitable planets of this solar system.

We can show and explain how these highly advanced humans created this solar system, so that they could experience life differently than they do on the home planet from where these people originated. This home planet is located closer to the center of a large group of solar systems currently known as the Milky Way Galaxy.

We can explain and provide reasonable evidence of how each person that experiences life upon this earth, does so remotely through energy transmissions of incredible power and speed. These energy frequencies and transmissions are similar, although much more advanced, to the wireless energy used by virtual universes now being envisioned and created upon Earth. These powerful wireless connections allow willing participants to engage in physical realities away from and outside of what they perceive as their current reality.

We can prove that currently life on Earth does not begin until an advanced human living in an entirely different solar system connects their brain waves and consciousness to an infant body, and only upon the infant taking its first breath. Mortal death is nothing more or less than when this consciousness connection is terminated.

All humans participating in a conscious experience upon this earth, upon dying, will be immediately aware of their true nature as an eternal human being of the highest order and intelligence.

Although at this time the human physical body is created sexually and develops through mitosis (cell division), this will eventually be replaced with a much more enjoyable and normalized asexual creation process.

It will soon be proven, through scientific research and technological advancements and developments, that a physical body created upon this earth cannot become a living, breathing, fully conscious entity until a breath is taken. This is true regardless of the stage of physical maturity at which the new body becomes aware of its existence. Taking of the first breath in a newly created physical body is the initial step of becoming a mortal upon Planet Earth.

In a world where humans live in their perfect physical form, under the perfect form of law, order, and government, thereby enjoying a life experience void of any opposing factor that would cause human misery of any kind, boredom could ensue from the lack of new experience. Furthermore, without being faced with free-willed choices and opportunities, humans would be unable to maintain a sense of individuality and uniqueness.

This sense of Self is always associated with a fullness of joy and is only possible for the human life form. No other compendium of matter (life form) can experience what humans can.

There is no place where some kind of matter does not exist. There is no space where matter, in any of its forms, does not exist.

There is no such thing as nothing.

Humankind is the most evolved form of any physical compendium of matter.

Humans exist to experience joy.

Joy is a physical feeling that is made possible through the interaction of a body made of matter with the same type of matter in the environment in which the body is found, or from which the body was created. Or rather, when a compilation of matter acts in or is acted upon in an environment in which such matter exists. There is no place where the environment of some type of matter does not exist.

Without a physical body that is composed of matter, an interaction with an environment composed of the same matter is not possible.

Humans search for the best environment to provide them with the experience of joy, which, again, is a physical sensation of matter acting upon matter.

In a perfect state of existence (upon a planet that has the perfect environment for providing the human being with interactions that produce joy) it is human nature to always seek for a better environment in which to live, or rather, in which to use the body to interact with the environment.

Living long enough in a perfect, limited environment, and knowing what will happen tomorrow, because of experiencing the same thing yesterday and today, highly advanced humans seek for a different, new environment. To a free-willed life form, the excitement of the adventure brings the physical feeling of joy.

This earth is one of these different environments that was created to block the knowledge of tomorrow from the consciousness of perfect humans living today.

There is so much more we can teach about the true reality of human existence. But the most important thing to learn right now is why humans are not experiencing joy upon this earth.

What is the cause of human misery?

In essence, the cause of human misery is associated with the inability of a free-willed person to have an experience in their environment of their own choosing. When the greatest life form possible is forced to act, or is acted upon by force, misery, the opposite of joy, is always experienced … ALWAYS.


The full purpose and measure of Planet Earth’s creation is to be able to exercise our individual free will.

The full purpose and meaning of anything and everything that exists … ANYWHERE … is entirely based on human want and need, and it is ALWAYS associated with the desire for new experience, and is ALWAYS according to our ability to exercise individual free will … ALWAYS.

We can explain, and eventually will, how all the solar systems and their planets that exist in the universe exist so that humans can exercise their individual free will.

We can explain how on their home planet, advanced humans observe what is going on in the billions of different environments that exist in the Milky Way Galaxy, for example. We choose which planet we wish to connect to in order to experience whatever it is that we desire to experience. This is according to what we observe is taking place on the planet we are observing.

If there exists an environment that does not fulfill the measure and purpose of its creation, which, again, is ALWAYS associated with human desire to experience joy, this environment will be destroyed, because it no longer serves the humans it is was created to serve.

Furthermore, as long as free will isn’t supported and protected, there will always be conflict and misery … ALWAYS.

This earth, in this solar system, is NOT fulfilling the measure of its creation.

People upon this earth are being forced to act, and are forcibly acted upon, by other humans exercising their individual free will.

Our earth can be observed by any advanced human living anywhere in our universe. However, practicality and prudence usually isolates human experience to each galaxy, because there are billions of different choices of billions of different environments in each galaxy.

Presently, a body needs to be created from the elements of this earth (from dust) in order for an advanced human living in another solar system to connect to this particular environment and experience.

If there are no bodies made available, advanced humans from other solar systems, where there exists the technology and possibility, cannot connect to life upon this earth. If these advanced humans (gods) cannot connect to the Earth experience, Planet Earth no longer fulfills the measure of its creation.

If a planet does not fulfill the purpose and measure of its creation, it is no longer needed. And when it is no longer needed, it serves no purpose. When it serves no purpose, it is destroyed.

When Planet Earth was first created, it was in its perfect form, created to do what a planet is supposed to do—PROVIDE ALL HUMANS WHO LIVE HERE AN ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH EACH HAS THE ABILITY TO EXERCISE THEIR OWN UNCONDITIONAL FREE WILL.

There were billions of people upon this earth initially, after it was first created in its Garden of Eden state. There were a little over 15 billion advanced humans connected to this experience and associating with each other. Each had all of their physical needs, as well as their free will needs, provided.

We call this Garden of Eden-type paradise the First Dispensation of Human Time.

It wasn’t according to eternity—about two million years—before human PRIDE got in the way and Earth’s first inhabitants fell, and great was their fall. After “the fall,” most advanced humans were gone, and very few living in other solar systems wanted to connect to the few bodies that still remained upon the earth. As a result, the population of Earth was reduced considerably.

Eventually, the very few who were left on Earth got together and again learned how to cooperate and develop great civilizations with highly advanced technologies. Once they learned how to allow people to exercise their individual free will, more and more advanced humans from other solar systems wanted to live here. So, these connected their consciousness to the bodies created upon Earth. And thus, the population of Earth increased.

As is the case with human nature repeating itself, humans upon this earth experienced four other Dispensations of Human Time when they cooperated and developed incredible cities and cultures that allowed for new experience and free will, and these eventually destroyed themselves.

Humans experienced the very First Dispensation, then four other time periods; and we are currently experiencing the Sixth Dispensation of Human Time for this particular solar system and earth.

Our population is increasing exponentially to how well we respect and protect each other’s free will. And when free will is not supported and protected, there are lots of wars and rumors of wars.

There’s a reason why highly advanced humans want to connect with our Earth’s experience, even though they can’t seem to get it right:


Although we are not going into a lot of details about this, human PRIDE is responsible for our individuality and uniqueness. Each of us takes pride in our own existence, especially when we have complete control over our actions, or are not acted upon without our consent.

Although PRIDE is a part of our human nature, and is a good part of what makes each of us unique, it also is the cause of all the misery and destruction that takes place.

There are advanced humans who exist who have incredible powers and glory. This “glory” is actually intelligence, or the ability to control matter in every way possible.

ALL humans, regardless of how advanced they are, recognize that there are some who are the BEST OF THE BEST. Our PRIDE convinces us that, because we are human, we also have the potential to be THE BEST OF THE BEST.

But can we be trusted to use the ultimate power of creation?

Can we be trusted with the “glory of God” or, in other words, with “light and truth”?

Can we be trusted to understand and command dark matter, the foundation of all matter?

Can our individual free will be trusted?

All of us want to believe that we are good enough to be the BEST OF OF THE BEST.

All of us want to make the world a better place.

All of us want to, if we could, help and serve other people.


We all have that “spirit” about us. A spirit to help, a spirit to serve others that need us. We want to be needed.

All of us recognize good people. We also recognize bad people.

All of us, as humans, are born with this spirit to recognize good from evil.

So it is that, as advanced humans, we want to have a probative experience, or days of probation, where we can test and judge ourselves.

It seems, however, that it is nearly impossible to always be good and always do the right thing.

But we seem to know instinctively, naturally what a good person is.

A good person is kind, compassionate, forgiving, loving, never gives their opinion unless asked, wouldn’t sue anyone in court, wouldn’t take advantage of another just because the other isn’t as smart as they are, and loves their enemies and does good to those who hate them and persecute them.

Although we find it hard for us to be this good person, we know that there must be such a person.

This knowledge of what a good person is helps us to create and accept a person whom—although maybe we can’t see the person—we feel is there always, watching over us, leading us, guiding us, helping us find the way, teaching us all that we must do to be like that person someday.

Unfortunately, most humans upon the earth today do not know why the earth exists, and are unaware of the measure and purpose of Earth’s creation.

We have been taught to believe that there exists a God who is perfect, aware of us, and—to really make us feel good and needed—listens to us when we pray, giving us guidance and direction, and helping us when we need it.

None of us has ever seen God; but there are a few who say they have. They say that God talks to them and tells them what God wants the rest of us to do.

In EVERY situation where there exists a God who hears and answers our prayers, appearing to others to guide us all, EVERY ONE OF THESE GODS GIVES COMMANDMENTS THAT CONTROL, IMPEDE, AND VIOLATE INDIVIDUAL FREE WILL … the very purpose for which our chosen planet exists.

Our God demands obedience and threatens us if we don’t obey.

The gods of this world, the God of every religion upon this earth, violates the very purpose and measure for which all planets exist.

What people living upon this earth do not realize is that there is only ONE GOD—each and every one of us.

There is no highly advanced human found anywhere, in any part of any universe, that is above any other.

All humans are completely equal in all things, except one—INTELLIGENCE.

The gods of this world tout democracy as the greatest form of government. Those who claim that their God is the only and true god, teach and support democracy, where out of 100 people (for a simple mathematical example) 51 people’s free will is more important and should be enforced over and above the free will of the other 49 people.

Democracy doesn’t exist in an advanced world.

The law and order of a perfect human world is established on two great principles, upon which all universal law must be based in order to be perfect:



There exists what can be referred to as a UNIVERSAL CONSTITUTION, the articles of which are responsible for the law and order of the universe, and everything that exists therein. The articles of this Constitution have never been altered or changed, nor can they be.

One of the Articles of this UNIVERSAL CONSTITUTION is that powers and authorities to enforce all other ARTICLES of said Constitution—which includes the INTELLIGENCE to CREATE all things—shall only be vested in those who protect and support the free will of all the CITIZENS OF THE UNIVERSE who exist under the jurisdiction of this CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY.

There are quite a few citizens who want to run for office and hold these incredible CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS; the benefits and privileges thereof ARE GREAT, however … we will not define them here and now.

Before anyone can run for this powerful office, one must first prove to oneself and to everyone else, that one is capable of holding such power and authority.

So it is … and it is … that on the outer limits of the Milky Way Galaxy there exists a planet that isn’t doing very well when it comes to the purpose for which a planet is created, according to the laws and authorities that relate to the greatest compendium of life that exists … human beings.

One need only connect to the reality of this earth to see what people do while living upon this earth.

While you live here, ask yourself how many times you affect the free will of another person.

Ask yourself what kind of government authority you support. Do you support a democracy where the majority rules over the minority?

What religion do you support? Do you support a God who gives commands that control people’s flesh, not necessarily in a way that brings them happiness, but controlling them with a sense of guilt and fear that, if they violate the commands of “God,” no matter how happy it makes them personally feel to do so, they’re going to be punished?

While upon this earth, are you doing EVERYTHING within your power to make sure that your actions do not negatively affect another person?

Do you want to be rich? Did you become a successful entrepreneur under the rule of Capitalistic order so that you and your family are always provided for plentifully, while your employees barely survive?

There are so many ways that a person proves to their Self that they cannot be trusted with the “glory of God, which is intelligence; in other words, light and truth.”

If you could be trusted, you’d figure it out.

If you could be trusted, you would have the intelligence to create a communication device that connects to and communicates with other solar systems in our Milky Way Galaxy, even with the planets that are highly advanced and whose citizens know what the perfect form of government should be.

If you could be trusted to be a good person, then you would be trusted with a communication device that records everything that happens in the universe, so that you could then replay what happened or is happening ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE.

You would have a device like the one that we described in our book, Human Reality, Who We Are, and Why We Exist.

You would be a God, knowing good from evil, and also have the “glory of God” that goes along with it.

Here is the type of technology to which you would have access:

(The following excerpts are taken from Human Reality, Who We Are and Why We Exist, pages 232-237.)


These “holes” are the way that the energy from one part of the Universe is directed into another. They act somewhat like electrical wires that conduct electricity and carry it to its intended destination. So that our creators can keep track of what goes on in each solar system, the energy that is produced—by our thoughts, actions, and literally every bit of energy given off by every bit of matter in our solar system—is conducted through the “black holes” or “wormholes” connected to their own galaxy.

Every time a new galaxy is created, a new “hole” is created. This is so that all the energy produced from the newly created matter can be monitored and overseen by its creators in another part of the Universe. For this reason, science has correctly speculated that no light or energy can escape these “holes.” Because their limited observation and technology only allows them to see energy being drawn into these holes, these scientists cannot conceptualize what happens to the energy once it enters, or observe that energy also comes out of them. They have found no logical perspective from which to formulate an observation of what comes out of a black hole at the other end. They are also unable to observe or measure the energy that is coming out of the black hole at the point where they are observing energy being drawn in.


Visualize a satellite dish mounted on your house that receives transmissions from a satellite orbiting the Earth and transfers the energy through wires to your television set. The top of the black hole can be compared to the function of a satellite dish, whose nature is designed to capture electromagnetic transmissions and direct them through wires to the receiver. The receiver transforms the transmissions into what your television can form into a visual and audio experience that a human being can understand.

Similarly, our creators can monitor everything that happens in our galaxy and solar system. The end of a “black hole” that we can observe from our earth is like a satellite dish that receives the transmissions of electromagnetic energy that occur in all matter, from a rock to an advanced human being. The black hole captures the energy from one galaxy and directs it to another. The receiver (Solarian advanced human brain) can transform the signal into a perfect replica of what was transmitted.


Everything that exists gives off certain unique levels of energy, which are measured and defined by current science as “frequencies.” These energy frequencies bind together the protons, neutrons, and electrons of all matter. This energy is discernable [sic] and measurable with advanced technology. An advanced human being who receives the transmission of all of these energy frequencies has the knowledge and technology to discern which particle of matter is creating which energy frequency or level, and exactly what action the matter is performing.

For want of a better term to describe it, let’s call this advanced technology: Advanced Nuclear Generated Energy of Life Spectrometers, or ANGELS for short. (The term “technology,” used throughout this book, refers to the means and ways that human beings act upon their environment with their free will.) There is no actual machinery used in the process. The advanced nature of a Solarian brain allows the energy produced by an actual event to form in the Solarian advanced brain, just as a dream or a vision unfolds in our imperfect mind. For purposes of explanation, we will refer to this ability as the function of ANGELS.


ANGELS can pick up transmissions of any level of energy produced in the specific region of space where it is directed. The “black” or “worm” holes are specifically positioned to receive energy emissions from specific areas of the Universe. These specially designed receptors and conduits of energy are always aimed in the logistical direction intended to be monitored by the advanced human.

When a butterfly flaps its wings, or a bacterium replicates itself on someone’s dirty hands, energy from each action is produced. All energy is picked up by a properly placed “hole,” which then relays the information to ANGELS on the advanced planets in our creator’s solar system. Whoever is working with the ANGELS knows where every single particle of matter exists and what it is doing.


The energy frequency emissions of all of matter are affected by their relative position to the ANGELS. (Each energy emission is different depending on its specific location.) Instead of the Global Positioning System of location currently used on our earth, advanced technology allows for a Universal Positioning System. This is how the ANGELS know exactly in which galaxy, in which solar system, on which planet, in which area of that planet, and on what person’s hand a particular bacterium is growing. Every point of location in the Universe has a specific way of affecting the energy emissions of all particles of matter found therein, relative to the position of the ANGELS.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

Let’s assign the flapping of butterfly A’s wings the frequency of Abfly105. Another butterfly with the exact same DNA makeup can be found anywhere in the Universe and will emit the exact same energy frequency. However, a butterfly that is flapping its wings on the Eastern Hemisphere of our earth gives off a frequency of Abfly105a, whereas its twin doing the same thing on the Western Hemisphere of our world would emit a frequency of Abfly105ab.

In addition, the same butterfly flapping its wings on a similar planet in the solar system next to ours gives off a frequency level of Abfly106a. By this illustrative “coding” and “mapping,” the ANGELS know exactly what is taking place with all matter in the Universe.


Using the hypothetical example we used previously to describe the unique “tag” of the human essence, if a person in the Western Hemisphere had a butterfly sitting on his or her head flapping its wings, the ANGELS would pick up transmissions of AB6165 and Abfly105b. By these unique energy emissions, an advanced human being would then know exactly what kind of butterfly was flapping its wings on whose head and in what part of our world—it’s really that simple!

If the butterfly stopped flapping its wings and rested on the head of a person, the butterfly would not be giving off the same energy emission any longer (although it would still be giving off energy that identified it as a certain species of butterfly). Therefore, the frequency would change and be interpreted as a “resting” butterfly sitting on a person’s head in the Western Hemisphere of the world called Earth.

The ANGELS instantaneously transmits the energy patterns into the Solarian brain where it is transformed into visual imagery allowing the advanced human being to view what is going on. And because all sound, color, and smell are simply different frequency levels of energy, the ANGELS transmit the exact frequency levels of sound, color, and smell into a holographic-like virtual reality where the advanced human can physically participate in all that occurs, much like we actually participate in the dreams created in our imperfect minds.

The advanced human can participate in all that we do in this way, as if they were right next to us, when in fact they could be trillions of miles away. We live the experience in reality; they live the experience in a virtual vision-like world created by their advanced brain. In this way, they can theoretically “walk through walls, furniture, etc.” since it is just an image in their brain.


We can think of our life experience (as sent to advanced beings on a distant planet) as a continual series of energy emissions recorded, stored, and recalled by the power of our essence. Everything that we do, including every thought (which is also a production of energy), can be perceived by the advanced beings who oversee our world just as if we spoke the thought out loud. Before we speak, our brain releases energy to our voice box, which takes the thought’s energy and transforms it into audible vibrations.

ANGELS (Advanced Nuclear Generated Energy of Life Spectrometers) pick up the energy of our thought long before it reaches our voice box. Advanced beings generally know what we are going to say or do before we actually say or do it. It’s as if someone is following us around with a video recorder all of our life and documenting everything that we do. And the ANGELS not only monitor all energy patterns, but also record and store everything—every thought, sight, smell, sound, taste, touch—everything! We will be able to review all of our life experiences when we are able to use the technology that advanced beings will bring to this earth during our third stage of human development. (We will discuss the purpose for reviewing all of our life experiences in a later chapter.)

Everything that we experience is recorded and stored on the advanced memory banks of the ANGELS, according to our specific essence tag. It is stored as the unique energy levels that each experience or thought produces. This storage is provided by the advanced brains of the Solarians who are responsible for us. As discussed earlier, the essence is an unlimited, perpetual recording device—there are no limitations on its capacity to do what it was designed to.

At any given time, these ANGELS can download into our brain the exact replay of our experiences. If allowed to with our imperfect bodies, we could download and view any part of our existence as if we were experiencing the event a second time as a dream.

(End of Human Reality excerpt.)

None needs to worry about trying to remember what was done during the days of their probation upon this earth.

Everything has been, and is being, recorded.

The reason why you should listen to us, the Real Illuminati® …

Is because we are the ONLY ONES on Planet Earth who have access to these real A.N.G.E.L.S!

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