The Universe—Some of the Real Truth® About Why We Exist.

May 12, 2022

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The only way a person is going to truly understand the universe, which includes understanding their own personal relevance for existing as a conscious human being, is to consider it as a little child would and can. Every other way of considering one’s own existence in one’s environment is subject to speculation and imagination.

Speculation and imagination are how humans learn about themselves.

Little children learn from engaging in their environment while using all of their physical senses. Adults are simply little children who have aged through experience in this environment. Adults are little children in aged bodies with minds that contain perceptions shaped by the speculation and imagination gained from their experience upon Earth.

Religion and science—philosophy being a mixture of both—are what usually inspire speculation and imagination.

Those who claim to have a scientific mind often discount religion.

Science claims to be the method that a person uses to understand things and form perceptions according to the use of their five physical senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch); religion promotes understanding and forming perceptions through faith.

Faith, as it is accepted by most religiously leaning people, is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Yet, science bases a lot of its conclusions on “the evidence of things not seen.”

For example, no scientist has ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched the scientifically titled parts of an atom (protons, neutrons, and electrons), the smallest pieces of matter that can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched. Subatomic particles are what science hopes for, the evidence of things not seen.

As long as humans have been trying to figure things out while they are alive (conscious) on Earth, most, if not all, of their conclusions have changed over time. There have been just as many scientific “facts” as there have been religious “beliefs” that have changed.

Real Truth® does not change over time. Real Truth® is the same in the past, as it is today, and as it will be in the future.

Science and religion are the two main reasons people’s perspectives change over time. Therefore, because they change, we know that what people knew yesterday, what they know today, and what they will know in the future cannot be Real Truth®.

The human world—human understanding and perception—couldn’t be more dysfunctional in how they respond to Real Truth®.

One of the most renown scientists, Albert Einstein, who spent most of his life trying to find out the Real Truth®, made this conclusion:

One might think, “I’m not stupid. Everyone else might be, but I’m not. I know the truth.”

These kinds of people hate me the most.


Because I claim, and can prove, that I know the Real Truth®, especially about the universe.

If these prideful ones were so sure of themselves and their truth, they wouldn’t have a problem meeting me in public and comparing their truth with the Real Truth®. (But alas, I have found no competent takers for this challenge … Sigh … Sigh!)

I have very few, very few … amazingly few … followers of what I have been teaching over many years now.

However, those who have taken the time to review what I teach as the Real Truth® have not been disappointed.

The friends, loved ones, teachers, priests, and everyone else to whom these few once looked for teaching and understanding, are really disappointed and don’t appreciate what I teach. Instead of sitting down with these few who follow me, doing everything in their power to persuade them that they are being misled and deceived by me by countering the information I provide, they do everything they can to discredit my character and person.

I’ve often joked that I receive all the information I know by listening to a special toad sitting on a lily pad, croaking things that only I can interpret. I pass on what the white salamander tells me … wink, wink to those who know to what I am referring.

To get these few to open up their minds enough for me to pass on the toad’s information, I have had to do what religion and science are good at doing—cater to a person’s pride, by mentioning and accepting what the person perceives is truth.

(And the few became even fewer, when I finally revealed what I was doing … playing with their minds to get them to think.)

For example, without writing The Sealed Portion, The Final Testament of Jesus Christ—the sealed part of the gold plates from which the 1830 Book of Mormon was allegedly translated—there was no way I was going to get a Christian, especially an LDS/Mormon, to open their mind in order to finally convince them that their truths are far from Real Truth®.

Since the group known as the Real Illuminati® first recruited me and asked me to help them do their Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, I have belligerently defied them, impatiently waiting for the time that I could finally stop deceiving people with their own deceptions and tell the Real Truth®.

Well, time has proven that I was wrong.

They were right.

We were more successful at opening the blind eyes and softening the hard hearts of religious people when I wasn’t telling the Real Truth®. When I was finally allowed to tell the Real Truth®, and stop dealing in the deceptions that have made people so stupid, I lost a lot of followers.

So, why the change, one might ask?

Why didn’t you continue to open up people’s minds and soften their hearts by using religion?

The answer:

Because I didn’t need a lot of people around me who were no longer deceived by religion or by science.

In order to do the final part of my purpose upon this earth, I needed only the few who I knew had chosen to live on this earth for the same reasons I wanted to live on this earth.

Because of what I knew about the Real Truth®, in regards to me as the most powerful entity that exists in my personal reality, I could have easily ended my life and stopped doing what I was doing. Had these very few rejected the Real Truth® when I presented it to them, I would have decided that the final phase of my role was useless and nonproductive. These very few saved my life and gave me the impetus to keep going.

There is only ONE reason why I am still alive. I am the only one upon this earth commissioned to tell the Real Truth®.

Commissioned by whom?

In my last post, I tried to give a clue about who, or rather, what, commissioned me to do what I am doing. I called this power and authority a Council of Gods.

In their new American scripture, the Real Illuminati® referenced those who were “called and prepared from the foundation of the world according to the foreknowledge of God, on account of their exceeding faith and good works.”

Check out how much cool information they provided in this reference.

(Keep in mind, as you must when reading any religiously based material produced by the Real Illuminati®, that it was always written according to the religious beliefs of their targeted audience. The following was addressed to Christians who believed that God called certain people as His emissaries on Earth.)

“And this is the manner after which they were ordained—being called and prepared from the foundation of the world according to the foreknowledge of God, on account of their exceeding faith and good works; in the first place being left to choose good or evil; therefore they having chosen good, and exercising exceedingly great faith, are called with a holy calling, yea, with that holy calling which was prepared with, and according to, a preparatory redemption for such.

“And thus they have been called to this holy calling on account of their faith, while others would reject the Spirit of God on account of the hardness of their hearts and blindness of their minds, while, if it had not been for this they might have had as great privilege as their brethren.

“Or in fine, in the first place they were on the same standing with their brethren; thus this holy calling being prepared from the foundation of the world for such as would not harden their hearts, being in and through the atonement of the Only Begotten Son, who was prepared—

“And thus being called by this holy calling, and ordained unto the high priesthood of the holy order of God, to teach his commandments unto the children of men, that they also might enter into his rest.” (BOM, Alma 13:3–6.)

Unfortunately, the way this was written, if read in context, causes a person to believe that only men are called after this “holy order of God.”

Joseph Smith tried to rectify this misunderstanding when he presented the original endowment presentation, but the LDS/Mormon Church has messed up everything that was done by Joseph … Sigh … Sigh.

The two most important parts of the clues given in this scripture passage about those chosen are:

  1. “[I]n the first place they were on the same standing with their brethren [i.e., as everyone else lived before being a mortal].”
  2. They were known for their “good works; in the first place being left to choose good or evil; therefore they having chosen good.”

The first thing to understand about the Real Truth® in regards to the universe—which wouldn’t exist if humans didn’t exist—is to know what “good” and “evil” are in relation to human existence.

Each person exists as a human being, not as a plant, not as an animal, not as any other compendium of matter.

Without humans, what meaning and purpose would the universe’s existence have?

Plants don’t think or care about it. Animals don’t think or care about it. There is no other compilation of matter—which makes all things possible—that thinks or cares about the universe, other than humans.

This is a Real Truth®. It is the same today as it was yesterday and will always be the same.

There is no other life form, or any other type of matter, that is conscious of their individual, personal existence. No other life form, or any other form of matter, possesses what humans possess—free will to act and be acted upon according to the desires of the individual.

Humans exist to have experience. The universe exists so that humans have experience. Nothing that exists in the universe, even the universe itself, appeared without a human being involved in its creation.

Humans create new solar systems, starting with the creation of a powerful sun. This creation process pushes other solar systems away from the newly created one. This is why the universe appears to be expanding.

If, or rather when, humans on this earth finally understand how to create a new sun, we will do so far away from our own sun and solar system of planets. This is necessary so the incredibly powerful explosion does not completely destroy our present sun and solar system. This new creation’s energy pushes everything away from it.

Will we ever get to that point of understanding in this solar system?

We will not, as long as humans remain stupid.

Stupidity causes the wars and divisions that have led to the complete annihilation of many great human civilizations in the past. It causes the wars and divisions that we are currently experiencing and will be the cause of future civilizations being completely destroyed.

And what causes human stupidity?

Stupidity is cause by religion and everything about science that is not Real Truth®.

The progression of science is good, IF the progression thereof is based on the Real Truth®, things as they really are.

Science proposes that a Big Bang created everything. And of the everything created, humans are the result. This is called evolution.

Because science believes this to be true, it devalues the existence and relevance of humans.

When science can finally be convinced that humans are responsible for the existence of all things, regardless of the current state of their development (in that life is continuing to evolve), then science will concentrate more on developing and supporting human life. At this time, concentrating on earthly human problems will take precedence over exploring the universe and wasting all kinds of money and time in space (as one example).

About the time that the wealthy space pioneers, some backed by government authority and financing (NASA), figure out how to escape the problems created by humans living on Planet Earth, a terrorist group will procure the ability to explode a nuclear weapon that will end the lives of all those who get paid and receive accolades for exploring the universe. Sigh … Sigh … Sigh.

Yeah, and guess what will inspire the stupidity of the terrorist group to blow up science and technology facilities of research? RELIGION. Religion teaches that man should not be creating things. Only God should be creating things. Sigh … Sigh … Sigh.

Consider the evolution of technology, innovation, and information. Did a plant or animal or any other form of matter other than humans have anything to do with evolution?

Of all the new species of plants and animals that are known in our present world, which ones were created by other plants, by other animals, or by anything other than human free will?

Of all the species of plants and animals that have become extinct, which ones became extinct because of what another plant or animal did?

Now, there is some Real Truth® to the fact that another plant or another animal caused the extinction of some other form of life, but who or what created this plant or animal?

Take, for example, the way that a particular species of mosquitoes is going to become extinct.

Consider this Real Truth®—things as they really are:


Part of this report reads:

“This week, mosquito eggs placed in the Florida Keys are expected to hatch tens of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes, a result of the first U.S. release of such insects in the wild. A biotechnology firm called Oxitec delivered the eggs in late April as part of a federally approved experiment to study the use of genetic engineering—rather than insecticides—to control disease-carrying mosquito populations. The move targets an invasive species, called Aedes aegypti, that carries Zika, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and other potentially deadly diseases, some of which are on the rise in Florida.

“The experiment relies on a genetic alteration that will be lethal to a large number of future offspring. In this case, male mosquitoes have been modified to carry a gene that makes their female progeny dependent on the antibiotic tetracycline—and thus fated to die in the wild. As the mating cycle repeats over generations, female numbers are depleted, and the population is suppressed. The modified insects eventually die off, making this approach self-limiting.

“Oxitec overcame significant regulatory hurdles before getting the go-ahead from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2016 and then the Environmental Protection Agency in 2020. If the current pilot effort is successful, the firm is set to release as many as 20 million more males in the prime of Florida’s mosquito season later this year. The results of the experiment could ultimately help address concerns about releasing genetically modified organisms into the wild.”

It wasn’t God who said, “Hey, those damn mosquitoes I created are out of control. I gotta create another modified species that is lethal to a large number of future offspring of the pests.”

Humans created the new species in order to destroy the other species.

Humans have created plants and animals to help control the population of other species of plants and animals.

Here’s the Real Truth®, whether science or religion has a problem with it or not:

In the past, present, and future, humans will always be responsible for everything that exists in this universe, which includes what each of these human-made things does, or rather is coded by humans to do.

The problem with science and religion is that neither will accept the Real Truth® that there have always been humans upon Earth, since the day after it was purposefully created by humans to allow humans to live upon it.

There have always been humans living elsewhere in the universe. Every light that appears in the night sky, to the eyes of a human living upon Earth, was created for, by, and because of humans.

Each solar system that exists in each galaxy of this universe was created by humans. Humans live in these solar systems in different stages of human development. If one were to visit the infinite number of solar systems in this universe, one would find humans living on a planet during a time when they didn’t have electricity or nuclear power, for example.

Somewhere in the universe, a planet can be found upon which the humans are living in a time period that a person can associate with history. It may appear to a person living upon Earth during the 21st century as if these people are living in the 1st century, for example.

True time travel … traveling back in time … can never happen upon this Earth. Once time has passed here, it can never be relived by those who experienced what took place, except in the memories of their eternal, advanced brain.

However, one can find a planet inhabited by other humans, in another solar system, whose current life experience there is very similar to the past upon this earth. So, traveling there would be like traveling back in time.

Furthermore, time travel into the future can be experienced by an Earthling visiting a planet that is much more advanced than Earth.

There are planets in the universe where humans have lived for billions of years. These people have never experienced a time when their societies, cities, and civilizations were completely destroyed … BY THEIR OWN HAND.

These highly advanced societies are living the most advanced life possible for a human being existing in this universe. There are all kinds of these types of planets. There are all kinds of many different planets experiencing different stages of human development.

Whether or not humanity was successful on these other planets came down to one thing, and one thing alone:

Did the people know Real Truth® or not?

Our current world is on the brink of another destructive experience. This experience will destroy all of human life, except for a very few who escape into the wilderness and lose all the technological advancements associated with human intellectual development. This will be the sixth time that human civilization has met its demise.

(NOTE: Most of the details I have touched upon above will be explained further when we publish the Real Illuminati®’s final book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning To The Human Race. I’m not sure when this will be written and published. It is not my personal call.)

Below are a few things that I want to share with the few who follow this work, so they understand that everything is being done to help humanity upon this earth and that nothing further can be done.

Also, and more importantly, I want to put some things out there, so that the ZEITGEIST OF REAL TRUTH® audience can come up with some good questions and topics of discussion.

“Good” and “Evil” Works

Humans exist to experience new things in the pursuit of their own happiness. Each person’s pursuit of happiness is individualized and personal.

Humans have free will to do what they want.

A person is doing “good” when that person is doing something that causes that person to be happy.

However, if in pursuit of their own happiness, a person impedes the ability of another to pursue happiness, that person’s act in pursuit of their own happiness is considered “evil.”

Whatever the person is doing to pursue their own happiness that impedes another person’s pursuit, cannot be allowed in a human society that will be successful.

Because everyone is different, and no person’s happiness is more important than any others’, the laws of the universe must be maintained and forced upon humans. This is so that the purpose of human existence is always supported.

No person has the power to force another person to do something, whether that something is “good” or “evil.”

Again, all humans exist to exercise their free will in pursuit of their own happiness.

Therefore, if a person can only achieve their personal happiness by impeding the ability of another person to achieve theirs, that person must be destroyed.

No humans, by any choice of their own, are going to destroy themselves, IF they are convinced that they are justified and right in their pursuit of their own happiness … UNLESS, they can be convinced that their happiness will always depend on destroying someone else’s.

In most cases, but not in all, when a person is convinced they will never achieve the happiness they desire without impeding someone else’s happiness, that person will voluntarily end their life, so as not to burden the human experience of existing.

So, how is a person convinced that their own particular, individual pursuit of happiness is “evil”?

What process of learning must the person go through in order to realize, through their own free-willed experience that they are “evil,” or rather, that their happiness cannot be achieved unless another’s happiness is affected negatively?

In the universe, there are people we call Creators. We have referred to them as Celestial people … Solarians.

These have the ultimate power to stop evil and end the existence of any person whose individual pursuit of happiness causes problems.

However, and this very important, NO CREATOR LIKES TO KILL, especially not something that they helped create. Not wanting to end the existence of another human, these Creators do everything in their power to give the person the opportunity to find out for themselves that their free-willed acts are “evil.”

To give humans this opportunity, the Creators organize worlds, like this Planet Earth, where people can consciously exist to prove to themselves that they need to end their own existence, or their existence will be ended with the same power that was used to create them—a Creator’s power.

The Creators … I’ve called them the Council of Gods … want to give people as many opportunities as needed to convince themselves that no matter what situation in which they are placed, their free-willed actions in pursuit of their own happiness are not good for others.

This earth … Planet Earth … the planet and solar system in which we are currently conscious, is pretty much a prison where humans are sent in order to be given every opportunity to act and be acted upon with no constraints to prove to themselves what their personal happiness requires.

As in a prison situation, there are those who oversee what is happening upon this earth. They do everything they can to allow people the greatest opportunity to learn about themselves. This is why this “Council of Gods” did not allow electricity and nuclear knowledge to be understood too soon. If the Greek philosopher, Democritus, had not been controlled, he would have discovered and used electricity in the 4th century B.C.E.

Most of the solar systems and planets in our universe are doing just fine. These are filled with people who have learned to pursue new experience and find happiness without affecting the free-willed choices of the other humans who live there with them.

As we have explained, the pursuit of human happiness can be divided into three general categories, as “humanity types”:

1. Telestial people … Stellarians … are humans who gain their happiness from others. They want to be served by others. They gain their value and happiness from how they are treated by others. These people seek out the solar systems where there are people who gain their happiness from serving others. Generally, these types find that they often have to travel to many different solar systems in search for others who want to give them value. These are NOT the majority of humans. These are definitely the minority.

2. Terrestrial people … Lunarians … are humans who gain their happiness by serving themselves. They do not want to serve others, and they do not want others to serve them. These do not do things that take away from others, nor do they do things to give to others. These are the majority of humans. They exist to find happiness for themselves without relying on anyone else, but themselves, for this happiness. Most of the solar systems in the universe are filled with these kinds of people. Lunarians take advantage of their existence, always to help themselves gain new experience and happiness without depending on anyone else.

3. Celestial people … Solarians … are humans who do nothing for themselves. Everything they do is for other people. They gain their happiness in serving people’s needs, or rather, providing the opportunity for others to pursue happiness, in whatever way, as long as those whom they serve do not negatively affect the happiness of others.

These are the Creators. They create. They do NOT destroy, unless there is no other way to serve the happiness of others. They will destroy another human being who has been given every chance available to gain happiness without negatively affecting another human. These are responsible for the creation of all new human beings who want to exist in this universe.

Their bodies are different than a Stellarian or Lunarian body. Where a Stellarians and Lunarians have the power to control their own body through the power of their mind, a Solarian creator can control all matter outside of their own physical bodies. For example, a Lunarian can cause a thought in their brain that makes their body interact with the environment … and an advanced human Lunarian body can do some spectacular things. A Solarian, however, can cause a thought in their brain that makes the environment do anything that the Solarian wants.

There’s so much more to each of these physical body types. However, if standing in the same room, the only difference that would be noticeable between a Lunarian’s (and Stellarian’s) body compared to a Solarian’s body would be gender. Every advanced human being is as beautiful as every other, each unique in their personal physical features.


Females create other human bodies at the request of an eternal human who wants to live in our universe.

(Now, this is where I am not allowed to comment much. What I can say is there exists another universe that is connected to our universe, but has no part in it. We called this universe our First Estate. I have explained, as easily as I am able, that access to this universe is through what are perceived as Black Holes. I am not going discuss this First Estate, except that a person living in this other universe (the First Estate) must let a Creator in this universe (the Second Estate) know of their desire to enter this universe in order to begin a new human experience.)

The Solarian female is notified that she needs to create a new body in this universe. These females live on various planets, in many parts of our universe. The only thing they do is create new bodies so that a person living beyond a Black Hole, in the First Estate, can connect their consciousness to a new, infant, perfect body.

This new body needs to be created in an infant state so that the person connecting to it can learn how to use this body in a new environment. This infant state is necessary because, although human in form, our First Estate’s environment is different than that of our known universe. The Solarian mother receives a lot of joy by watching the new person develop and grow.

There is no gender assigned at the creation of a new person living in this universe. If a person wants to be gendered, either male or female, that person must choose the gender based on whether being gendered is conducive to their personal pursuit of happiness.

Let’s call these new, infant people “Advanced Infants.”

Advanced Infants grow to adulthood on their mother’s planet. They learn how to travel to different solar systems. This is done telepathically at first, until the newly created adults determine where they want to live, or if they are going to have their own planet and solar system created.

For literally billions of years … and time has no bearing on the new experience of the newly created person … the person is interacting with other people found throughout this universe. They are finding out what they like and don’t like about respecting and living with the free-willed choices of others.

As mentioned above, most newly created humans existing in this universe learn that their pursuit of happiness is best suited by taking care of themselves, serving themselves without negatively affecting the ability of all other humans to pursue their own form of happiness.

There is, however, something incredibly special about the person who created each of us. Let’s call this person our Eternal Mother. Because she raised us and gave us life, per se, we have a deep respect and bonding with this mother figure. We see her as the ultimate human being—the best example of a human that is possible. We actually form a judgment of our own Self based on what we have experienced by being born and raised by an Eternal Mother.

We see she does not do anything for herself and that everything she does, she does for others … except one thing. She has the ability to experience a physical sensation that completely consumes her, both physically and mentally (spiritually). In the pure sense of the term, an Eternal Mother can experience an orgasm through sex, which is the way a person stimulates their own body or allows their body to be stimulated by another.

Without being gendered, we do not have the ability to experience what appears to be the ultimate manifestation of physical joy. We learn this unique ability is restricted only to those who are Creators. It is a reward given to those who have chosen to spend all of their existence helping others achieve happiness.

We learn this a “reward”—something that entices humans to consider becoming Creators, which requires sacrificing the pursuit of their own free will and happiness by helping others experience theirs.

We learn that sex has NOTHING to do with creation, but all to do with the reward for being a Creator.

This is just one thing that we learn about the difference between the three main body types—Solarian, Lunarian, and Stellarian. There are many others differences; but the ability to experience a physical, sexual orgasm is the ultimate.

When we enter this universe, we realize there are laws that create and maintain the order of the universe and the purpose for which the universe exists. We already knew that we needed to get away from our First Estate, where we, as individual humans, have always existed, in order to have new experiences—the foundation of human happiness. Without the ability to have new experiences, we get bored with an eternal existence that has always been the same.

As we grow as Advanced Infants into Advanced Adults, how do we find out if we would get personal happiness by serving others? How do we know how special an orgasm feels if we are never given the chance to experience one?

If an orgasm is a reward for serving other people, how do we know the reward is equal to the sacrifice? How do we test whether or not having the ability to experience the reward is equally compensatory to sacrificing our free will in serving ourselves, or being served, if we have never experienced an orgasm?

How will experiencing an orgasm change our perspective of what kind of humanity type (body) we choose as our eternal nature in this universe?

Obviously, we need to experience one to know for sure.

If we don’t have a gendered body that will allow us the opportunity to experience an orgasm, what do we do?

We find a solar system where a person can go to experience gender, sex, and an orgasm. Because we haven’t determined whether or not to be gendered, and therefore, have the ability to experience sex—a determining factor in the humanity type we choose for ourselves—we need to find somewhere to experience it temporarily.

We search and find those solar systems that allow an Advanced Human to make a connection with, and have an experience of, being a gendered person. We find these solar systems and planets and wait our turn at the experience there.

What we observe, however, is that most of these solar systems are having a lot of problems. The humans living on these planets can’t seem to get it right. We observe, before we connect to that planet’s experience, that gender and sex seem to be the biggest problem. It becomes obvious to us that when Lunarian and Stellarian humans engage in an environment in which they are allowed to be gendered and have sex, they mess it up and there are all kinds of problems.

Considering how it’s going here on this earth, why do most people have sex?

Most people have sex to serve themselves, or to have others serve them. This is when most people experience happiness. But upon serving ourselves, or being served by another, during the sexual experience, all kinds of “evil” takes place.

For example, we have sex with someone, and it feels good. Then, we find out the person with whom we had sex wants to have sex with someone else, or masturbate and serve themselves more enjoyably than having sex with us. What does this experience of lust and jealously do to our happiness?

How many of us have sex to serve the other person? How many of us want to serve the other person by allowing them to have sex with us and, at the same time, allow that person to experience sex with whomever that person wants, bringing us happiness?

And we all know, all of us living upon the earth, that we do not lust and want sex with the first thought in our minds being, “I want to create a body for another person, and sacrifice the rest of my life serving that other person.”

But how many of us are very happy when we find someone who only serves us this way, and wouldn’t dream of having sex with another person? If we are happy in this, then we are NOT Creators, nor servers. We have proven to ourselves that we want to be served by others.

After experiencing life upon an earth, where we were allowed to experience sex with whomever we wanted, we convince ourselves that we are NOT servers, because we weren’t happy when our partner wanted to have sex with someone else.

Sex isn’t the only way a person learns about their humanity type while living on a planet like our Earth. Every act we do helps us determine what kind of person we are. By the time we have completed a few mortal lives upon this earth, we are convinced that we are NOT servers, but rather self-servers, or wanting to be served.

IF we were a server, then we would find all the happiness and joy we needed by allowing others to pursue their own happiness, no matter what that pursuit would entail, as long as that pursuit didn’t affect the happiness of another.

Only on worlds like our Earth do people get happiness from religion, where people choose a god to give them commandments and condemn others for not choosing the same god and keeping the same commandments.

It’s rather easy to judge yourself.

Think about it.

How irritated are you with the free-willed choices of others who are pursuing their own form of happiness?

Are you happy being divided into family units, communities, cities, states, and nations? Do you find any happiness in these types of human divisions? If you do, you’re certainly not a server. And if in support and protection of your family, community, city, state, or nation, you in any way impede the free will of another, and you’re just fine and happy in doing so … you are “evil.”

There are so many ways that humans are tested on a planet like ours, most of which people aren’t even aware.

Do you enjoy watching your sport team win and defeat another team? Do you find happiness in your team being successful at beating another? If you do, you are far from a server and are evil.

So it is, in summary:

This earth was meant to be a place where Advanced Humans could go in order to test themselves and their humanity types.

Some of you could still be developing on your Eternal Mother’s planet, wirelessly connecting to this Earth experience to see what brings you joy and what does not. This is how a newly created advanced human does it without traveling all over the universe in search of … YOURSELF.

Who are you? Why do you exist? What makes you happy?

You can lie to others about this, but you can’t lie to yourself … or to a Creator.

Does your existence and pursuit of happiness support others in theirs, or does it only support yours?

What do you justify in your life that brings you and your loved ones happiness, yet at the same time creates misery for others? (Consider your chosen employment or non-employment.)

If everyone who came to this planet ended up exercising their free will, and in the exercise thereof caused problems for others, then we could easily justify our “evil” actions, because nobody else succeeded at living here without hurting another.

But there are those who were sent here to prove that:

With the right humanity type … server vs. self-server or someone who needs to be served by others … a person can find happiness, even on this planet, serving the needs of others.

But there are only a few who prove that it can be done.

Are you one of the few?

More Real Truth® to come …

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      Editor’s summary: “The United States of America [the wealthiest […]

  • November 28, 2022

      Editor’s summary: Robbie Pace “proved himself incapable of having […]