Three of the most evil human beings in modern history.

September 12, 2022

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Some more incredible Real Truth® …

Below I will explain and prove how and why Queen Elizabeth II, Kim Jong-un, and Russel M. Nelson are three of the most evil humans who have lived and are living in modern times upon this earth. (Queen Elizabeth recently died and is experiencing an “everlasting punishment.”)

In the human experience upon this particular earth, in this particular galaxy, in this universe, a person’s degree of “evil” is commensurate (corresponding in size or degree) with the person’s mortal degree of power and influence held over others while alive upon the earth.

Keep this VERY IMPORTANT principle of “evil” in mind as I proceed …

Based on this principle, a person like Ted Bundy, for one of many examples, personally and directly killed tens of people, however, Queen Elizabeth, Kim Jong-un, and Russel M. Nelson indirectly are responsible for the deaths of hundreds and thousands.

Furthermore, because of the way that these three leaders wield[ed] their power and influence, doing nothing to solve the misery of literally millions of people, the degree of their evil influence on human society has been much greater than any serial killer in modern history.

During Queen Elizabeth’s reign, at least a quarter of the world’s population — including parts of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific islands — was under her power and influence.

The effect of her inability to inspire and directly influence the proper way to govern the colonies that the British Royal family subdued and brought under the power of the British imperial power, proves her personal degree of “evil.”

The actions of her government and her own inaction caused extreme poverty, inequality, and substantial misery to the people of the nations that Britain subdued and then left in disarray, often resulting in anarchy that led to wars and ethnic cleansing.

A Queen has great influence with other government leaders. Although she could have dedicated her life to the plight of the most miserable, Queen Elizabeth cannot be credited with doing anything of substantial worth for the “least among us.”

It goes without saying that Kim Jong-un has not used his influence, power, and authority to make life better for the millions of citizens living in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un has done nothing except curtail and impede personal free will and the individual pursuit of happiness, which is the overall purpose of the human experience upon this earth.

And then we have the prophet, seer, and revelator of the wealthiest religious institution upon the earth — the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon).

Millions of mortals see Russel M. Nelson as their God’s only authorized spokesperson living upon the earth. Under his supreme and unchallengeable authority, not any different than that of Kim Jong-un, Nelson has allowed his church’s investment branch to utilize current market financial tools that can be proven to “grind the face of the poor” and marginalize the uneducated and inopportune people who are the backbone of the profit machine that allows such enormous dividends tied to “wealth without work,” one of the Seven Deadly Sins outlined by Mahatma Gandhi.

Nelson is responsible for the miserable working and employment conditions, as well as the lives sacrificed in fulfilling these conditions, that often allow a free market company to make a profit and deliver dividends to stock holders who do nothing for the company.

Nelson has also mandated the constructions of temples, church buildings, and other church property that has nothing to do with the temporal salvation of a human being.

The doctrine of the LDS/Mormon Church causes millions to suffer guilty feelings for natural responses, especially to sex, masturbation, and homosexuality. Countless members of the LDS Church have committed suicide because of their inability to control natural urges that Nelson says are contrary to the will and nature of God. Nelson is indirectly responsible of every one of these deaths.

I could list many, many other ways that these three leaders have misused their power, authority, and influence over their followers and subjects by not using their power and influence to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, house strangers, especially immigrants into their nations’ lands, clothe the naked, administer to the sick, and instead, allow the imprisonment of the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free … the wretched refuse of a third-world country’s shores.

Not one of these leaders has done or did anything in their mortal lifetime to make life better for the very least among us … NOT ONE!

Why is Queen Elizabeth II suffering an “everlasting punishment” and, in her death, experiencing a hell which hath no end?

Why will Russell M. Nelson and King Jong-un experience the same punishment when they die and awake as their True Selves?

I have never explained this before. I knew that the final book intended for the Real Illuminati®’s Marvelous Work and a Wonder® — The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race — would explain it perfectly.

But today, for the first time, I am going to reveal this incredible mystery of Real Truth® that has never been explained.

The Real Truth® is, Queen Elizabeth’s, Russell M. Nelson’s, and Kim Jong-un’s True Selves are being punished for their free-willed acts as advanced human beings. Their True Selves were forced to take the mortal bodies that would allow them to eventually hold positions of great power, authority, and influence over other human beings.

Their mortal life is a punishment for what they did as advanced humans. And, if by being punished, or rather, if the punishment that they are experiencing upon this earth does not fix their incongruent attitude and nature … in comparison to all other advanced human beings … they will, after their mortal life is complete, suffer an “eternal punishment.”

Let me explain further.

As eternal advanced human beings we are all equal. None of us, except for the very few Overseers, has any power, authority, or influence over any other human being. The moment that any advanced human begins to exercise their free will in a way that could cause a problem in an advanced human society, that person is confronted by an Overseer — one holding the ultimate authority and power that exists among human beings, i.e., the lawgiver.

In essence, the person is arrested and brought to trial. If the person does not admit their mistake, and continues to maintain a prideful attitude about the way that the advanced human is exercising their free will and causing problems, the person is forced to join a mortal human experience upon an earth that allows mortals to hold power, authority, and control over others.

By being forced to become a mortal queen, a dictator, or a prophet, seer, and revelator, the person will gain the experiences of how their free will uses this authority, power, control, and influence over others, causing others to act in ways that cause human problems.

An incredible Real Truth® about eternal human existence:

Only advanced humans who are being punished take the bodies of those mortals upon an earth where they will be allowed to rise to an unequal level of authority and influence that would then cause problems in a human society.

These are given the opportunity to learn about themselves, correct the aberrant advanced attitude, and stop doing what they are doing to put themselves above others.

No advanced human destined to be a “Server/Celestial/Solarian” would EVER … they would NEVER allow themselves to be placed in a position of power, authority, influence, or control over others.

Christians … the most hypocritical mortals upon Earth …. need only consider the mortal life and teachings of their main hero, Jesus, the Christ …. and specifically, they need to read, re-read, read again, and contemplate Matthew 25:31–46.

There are many more details, and much more Real Truth® that will be explained by the Real Illuminati® at a future date.

I need only warn the mortals upon this earth …

Take heed, my beloved people, that ye do not judge that which is evil to be of God, or that which is good and of God to be of the devil.

You see me as the devil.

But the three I listed above are far … VERY FAR … more evil than I could ever possibly be!

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