Title Page to the upcoming book:

November 2, 2021

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Here is the Title Page to the upcoming book:


This book is the final book of an important TRILOGY that we composed in our efforts to save the human race from repeating the same mistakes, which have and will ultimately lead to humanity’s, if not the entire planet’s, destruction.

The first book of our TRILOGY gives a true history of religious belief—The True History of Religion. This book gives a simple historical accounting of how faith and belief began to control humanity; which almost always ended in great suffering and ruin.

In the second book—A New American Scripture—we provide sound empirical evidence of how we were able to write scripture for the purpose of helping humanity—more particularly during the United States’ development—without violating people’s free will to believe how, where, or what they may. The result of our new American scripture demonstrates the weakness and immorality of humankind in regards to unbridled faith and belief.

This third and final book will explain what the human race must know and do in order to unite together, end tyranny and despotism, and usher in a new era of human existence as ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD, under ONE GOVERNMENT—ending in salvation and eternal life.

—The Real Illuminati®

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