TODAY … I am going to PERSONALLY send millions of people straight to HELL.

February 25, 2022

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In one of my recent Facebook Live videos, I explained how I personally sent two of my recently deceased uncles (Richard S. Nemelka and Larry P. Nemelka) straight to hell.

Here’s what my uncles looked like shortly before I sent them both to hell:



That was disrespectful, uncalled for, and mean!

How can you say that about your own uncles, who were widely loved and respected by their families and communities?

I told the Real Truth®—things as the really are.

If anyone is offended, that’s not my problem. It’s theirs.

I explained that both of these men were aware of me and what I was doing on the earth while they were still alive.

I explained that my uncles were very aware that I claimed to have found an unchallengeable plan that would end worldwide poverty.

Neither of my uncles made any effort to find out more about this plan.

Neither promoted it to the rest of their family, to their friends, to their peers nor community.

My uncle Dick (Richard S. Nemelka, pictured above on the left) at least made an effort to attend one of the events that I spoke at and offer his support as an “advocate” in the family.

(Video of my uncle attending the Josephs Smith Memorial Building Symposium and commenting on being my advocate with the family.)

Uncle Dick also figured out what I had tried to tell him for over 30 years about the LDS/Mormon Church.

Part of Dick’s legacy is the following book that he wrote and had published:

Link to Dick’s book: 101 Reasons to Quit Believing in the Mormon God(s): From a Mormon’s Perspective.

Now, there are those in my family, who are still believers in the LDS/Mormon religion, who want to think that Uncle Dick died (of the insidious skin cancer disease, melanoma) much younger than his older brother Larry, BECAUSE he published this book and turned against God.

They think this because Larry lasted much longer before he succumbed to the effects of double pneumonia and COVID-19.

Larry was a faithful member of this church all of his life.

My father, Michael J. Nemelka I, is the oldest remaining sibling of that generation. He will turn 82 this year. Dad was an LDS Bishop and is currently a High Priest and blindly faithful to what he believes is the Lord’s ONLY True and Living Church upon the earth.

I have an uncle, the youngest of my father’s siblings, Alma John Nemelka, who is still alive and kicking, as well as a dear aunt, Elizabeth “Beth” Nemelka Sloan, who is the only sister of my dad’s nine siblings.

I can’t say much about my uncle Johnny, except he appears to have not let his family’s religion consume him, and has hung on to one of the sweetest women, besides Aunt Beth, I have ever known—his wife, my Aunt Marie.


I expect this post to be somewhat offensive to all of my family.

I hope it does offend them … ALL OF THEM.

But it should warn them.

Because I’m sending each one of them to hell too!

Before I explain clearly how I, PERSONALLY, am sending my family, and millions of other mortals to hell after they die (after they leave Planet Earth, wake up from the dream of mortal life, and become conscious of who they REALLY are in the solar system, on a planet that they might call “Heaven” … which is actually the physical place where their True Selves have always been, worlds without end), let me summarize to these Christian hypocrites a parable that their Jesus allegedly taught his followers:

The Rich Man and Lazarus

There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day … [Yeah, my two uncles lived sumptuously and in luxury most of the days of their mortal lives]. At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores.

The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham’s side. The rich man also died and was buried. In Hades, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side. So he called to him, “Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.”

But Abraham replied, “Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony.”

Yeah, consider all the good things that you have been blessed with in your life, while millions, literally billions of others “received bad things.” Consider that those who suffer in poverty are going straight to heaven, and all those who “received good things” are going to hell.

What? How can that be?

I thought all good things come from God, and all bad things come from the devil.

Yeah, that’s what the rich man thought too, during his mortal existence.

“And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone, cross over from there to us.”

He answered, “Then I beg you, father, send Lazarus to my family, for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.”

Abraham replied, “They have [Christopher] and the Prophets [writings in the scriptures]; let them listen to them.”

“No, father Abraham,” he said, “but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.”

Father Abraham said to him, “If they do not listen to [Christopher] and [their own] Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.” (Compare Luke 16:19–31.)

The above story pretty much sums it all up.

It doesn’t matter how successful you might be in life, it doesn’t matter how many “good things” you have received, regardless of how you received those “good things,” if you do not do all that you can do to relieve the suffering of the billions of “Lazuruses” in this world … you know, the people who appear to be lazy and sit around all day and beg, without food, without shelter, without health care to heal all those “sores” … YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY TO HELL.


And when you get there, there’s not much your True Self is going to be able to do about the “great chasm” that prohibits your True Self from intervening in the mortal lives of those whom you loved, who were your family, friends, and peers, who are still “receiving the good things” from life, and who do not worry too much about poverty, thanking the “god of this world” for all their many bounteous blessings.

The rich man was a religious man.

He went to church. He paid his tithing. He listened and trusted in his religious leaders. He didn’t cheat on his wife … at least he didn’t act on the thoughts he had about cheating on his wife.

He listened to the prophets and read the scriptures. He did everything that he was taught that God wanted him to do, so that God would bless him with the “good things” in life.


Like this rich man, many religious people, especially those who belong to organized religions, believe that, if God has something to say and do about poverty, God will do it through His properly appointed leaders upon this earth.

If God doesn’t tell His own church leaders what to do, then why would God punish a member for trusting that God will give them commandments through their leaders?

Why would God hold them responsible for obeying every word that comes out of the mouth of God through His servants, the prophets?

Here is a video of the general view of religious people, principally American Christians, who are waiting on God to solve all of the problems that humanity faces.

In this video, this Christian United States Congressional Representative is speaking about climate change:

(You only need to watch the first 2 minutes to get the gist.)


“Can man change the entire universe? No. As a Christian I believe there is a Creator, God, who is much greater than us. And I’m confident that if there is a real problem, he’ll take care of it.” —U.S. Congressman, Tim Walberg

Then, a hand goes up in the audience. The hand is mine … hypothetically.

“Representative Walberg, will you read with me … Glory be to the Lord, Hallelujah, Amen, Baby Jesus save us all … the 25th chapter of Matthew?”

And then we read what Jesus ACTUALLY told his followers about the day when he comes again in all of his glory with his holy angels.

We read that the ONLY JUDGMENT Jesus is going to make on the people of the world is whether or not they were involved in solving poverty, or spreading poverty, or inaction that did neither.

The people who spent their lives concerned about strangers …

(Yeah, we call these people—immigrants trying to get across the borders of the NATO countries, seeking for a better life, or at least something to quell their thirst, their hunger, their nakedness, or sickness—”unblessed-by-God.”)

These NON-CHRISTIAN ATHEIST people also cared immensely about all the prisoners in the jails and prisons throughout the world …

ALL THESE PEOPLE, regardless of whether or not they went to church or believed in anything but doing good things to others, ARE “the righteous” who go to heaven where they receive “life eternal.”

All the others who were depending on Jesus to come, BEFORE he comes in all of his glory “and all the holy angels” with him, to solve poverty by telling God’s religious leaders what to do and how to do it … Well, all these …

THEY’RE GOING TO HELL “away into everlasting punishment.”

I didn’t say these things.


Like Congressman Walberg, Uncle Larry had faith in his religion and in his god to solve poverty.

In a way, my uncle was humble enough to admit that he wasn’t God’s chosen prophet and leader on the earth, so it wasn’t his responsibility to solve the problem.

And Larry fared sumptuously all the days of his life.

Uncle Larry was successful at what he did.

Larry and his family believed, and still believe, that their success in life and all the “good things” that they received during their mortal lives are blessings for doing what God wants them to do while living upon the earth as a mortal … all of their faith and trust were/are placed in the men whom they are convinced are God’s chosen priesthood leaders upon the earth.

But I can assure Larry’s loved ones that he is in hell and has received an everlasting punishment that he did not see coming.



In the temple endowment presentation, it presents VERY CLEARLY who god is … THE ONLY GOD that is actually inspiring ALL religious leaders, establishing ALL churches, and answering the prayers of billions of people, who with the words of their mouth, in sincere daily prayer, thank their god for all the “good things” they receive during their mortal life in this lone and dreary world.

The LDS temple endowment presentation is VERY CLEAR that Heavenly Father (Elohim) and Jesus Christ (Jehovah) HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAN ADAM IN THE TELESTIAL WORLD, AND THAT THE ONLY GOD HEARING AND ANSWERING PRAYERS IS LUCIFER … the god of this world.

Uncle Larry, you should have paid attention.

But you didn’t.

If you would have paid attention, you would have remembered the endowment presentation before your corrupt church leaders changed it circa 1990 and took out some very important parts.

What you would have never accepted while you were alive, Uncle Larry, which is so very offensive to the rest of our little eternal family unit … Sigh … Uggggh … Sigh …

IS THAT YOUR OWN NEPHEW, ME (whose name literally means, “Bearer of Christ“), was one of the True Messengers called by Elohim and Jehovah to go to the man Adam in the Telestial world and cast out Lucifer.

Adam couldn’t do it for himself.

And neither could you, Uncle Larry!

ALL of Adam’s prayers and inquiries presented to his Heavenly Father and Jesus were ALWAYS answered by the god of this world—LUCIFER.

Adam admitted that he could never find the Real Truth® upon the earth, and that he was looking for messengers from the Father. When he finally found the True Messengers, he realized what he had found. The last thing that Adam said to the people in the audience was this:

These are true messengers. I exhort you to give strict heed to their counsel and teachings, and they will lead you in the way of life and salvation.

And then the man Adam, living in the lone and dreary Telestial world, died.

When he died, he simply awakened from the deep sleep in which he existed in mortality upon the earth as Adam. He took his place alongside Elohim and Jehovah again as the equal god Michael to go on to create other worlds “like unto the ones we have heretofore created.”

What happened to Adam, Eve (who was taken from Adam … Yep, a part of Adam), and Lucifer, when Michael became conscious that he was an equal god to Elohim and Jehovah again, always has been and always will be … worlds without end?

Adam, Eve, and Lucifer CEASED TO EXIST.

That’s right …

Larry P. Nemelka and Richard S. Nemelka awoke to who they were before the world existed … AND THEY WERE NOT LARRY OR DICK … these two humans ceased to exist FOREVER.

Yeah, had my devoted temple-going family members paid attention while they were viewing their own temple endowment, they would have realized that there’s no such thing as Eternal Family Units.

They would have realized that ALL of the doctrine and teachings of the LDS/Mormon Church are from Lucifer, the god of this world.

Lucifer is the same character who, when a True Messenger asked him how his doctrine and teachings were being received by the people of this world, looked directly into the audience … ALL OF WHOM ARE STAUNCH LDS BELIEVERS … and said,

“Fine by these!”

Above, I gave away the saving grace of the Real Truth®, which is the “Savior” that the gods provided to mortal man IF … there’s that word “IF” … “HE YIELDS TO TEMPTATION, we will give unto him the Law of Sacrifice, and we will provide a Savior for him, as we counseled in the beginning, that man may be brought forth by the power of the redemption and the resurrection, and come again into our presence, and with us partake of Eternal Life and exaltation.”

Now, how can that be, if it were literally true?

Why would it matter if the god Michael, while asleep as the mortal man Adam, died in his sins without repenting or doing anything about poverty? Why would it matter if the god Michael, asleep as Adam, never accepted the Savior provided for him before dying and then returning to being the god Michael—his True Self since the beginning?

This is how the Real Truth® will set you free, if you will just listen.

Because Larry and Dick no longer exist, and never will forever again, nothing that Larry and Dick did as a mortal will affect, or can affect, their eternal natures as highly advanced human beings … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

This is the Real Truth®.


If this is the case with Larry and Dick, then it must equally be the case for every other human living upon the earth. Right?


Then, why does it matter if we are concerned about solving poverty?

Why don’t we just live the best life we can that brings us joy and not worry about it, knowing that we have already been provided with a Savior … which actually is Real Truth®, which is a knowledge of things as they REALLY are?

It is true, the Real Truth® will either set you free and deliver you unto peace and life eternal, or it will condemn you to eternal destruction, both temporally and spiritually

This ain’t making any sense, Christopher!???


How can we be both redeemed from the fall and condemned by the fall at the same time?

What does being redeemed from the fall actually mean?

The Real Illuminati® hid this clue in plain sight in their new American scripture. They made it very clear that being redeemed from the fall was nothing more or less than understanding the Real Truth®—how things really are, have been, and will always be.

Here’s the clue … and of course, both of my uncles missed it, just like they missed all the wonderful clues they were given in the rest of the Real Illuminati®’s book … presented by those who are actually the ONLY ONES TRULY ILLUMINATED WITH THE REAL TRUTH® … Uh, that’s why they call themselves the REAL ILLUMINATED ONES … ILLUMINATI.

This part of the story is about a character called the brother of Jared.

According to the Bible’s narrative, from which this story was taken, Jared and his brother lived during the time of the Tower of Babel, after Noah and the rest of the biblical patriarchs back to Adam had lived.

The first thing that the Real Illuminati® wanted to impress on the minds of those who read their stuff, is that NOT ONE OF THE SO-CALLED PROPHETS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT FROM NOAH TO ADAM ACTUALLY SAW GOD AND TALKED TO GOD FACE TO FACE.

They wrote:

“And never have I showed myself unto man whom I have created, for never has man believed in me as thou hast.” (BOM, Ether 3:15.)

This part was consistent with what they would write in the presentation of the temple endowment that proves that God had NOTHING to do with the man Adam in the Telestial world, nor with any of the other prophets and patriarchs named in the Old Testament, UNTIL THE BROTHER OF JARED SAW GOD AND SPOKE TO GOD FACE TO FACE.

The “brother of Jared” character was the very first TRUE MESSENGER called by God to redeem the people from the fall of Adam.

And what actually redeemed the people from the fall?

The Real Truth®—things as they really are.

It isn’t anything but what the brother of Jared found out by talking to God face to face that is the basis of human redemption.

They wrote:

“And when he had said these words, behold, the Lord showed himself unto him, and said: Because thou knowest these things ye are redeemed from the fall; therefore ye are brought back into my presence; therefore I show myself unto you.” (BOM, Ether 3:13; emphasis added.)

Then the god, who the brother of Jared saw, said this about Himself:

“Behold, I am he who was prepared from the foundation of the world to redeem my people. Behold, I am Jesus Christ. I am the Father and the Son. In me shall all mankind have life, and that eternally, even they who shall believe on my name; and they shall become my sons and my daughters.” (BOM, Ether 3:14.)

So, who lied?

Was it Joseph Smith who lied about the First Vision in which he saw both the Father and the Son as two distinct, separate beings; or was it Moroni when he wrote the account of the brother of Jared seeing Jesus Christ, who is both the Father and the Son?

Joseph lied.

So did Moroni.

The most important lesson was that humans cannot be saved except through the knowledge of Real Truth® that they are given … IF they will accept it.

Interestingly, and profoundly, in this part of the narrative of their new American scripture, the brother of Jared is given specific instructions for his people, who would become the Great White Jaredite Nation.

Read the account.

It’s most fascinating and quite revealing of the Real Truth®.

The brother of Jared received all the things that he needed to share with and teach his people in order to redeem them from the fall.

What is clearly absent from the Jaredite history is the existence of priesthood, rituals, temples, churches, ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH RELIGION OR THE LAW OF MOSES AS GIVEN IN THE BIBLE.

The Jaredites weren’t destroyed because they didn’t follow the law of Moses. They prospered because they followed the teachings and counsel that the brother of Jared received from God … all of which was meant to redeem the people from the fall WITHOUT ANYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION OR SCRIPTURE.

Again, in the LDS temple endowment presentation, Elohim, speaking to Jehovah and Michael, states that IF mortals yield to the temptations of their own flesh,

“… we will provide a Savior for him, as we counseled in the beginning, that man may be brought forth by the power of the redemption and the resurrection, and come again into our presence, and with us partake of Eternal Life and exaltation.”

Now, read again, what God the Father and the Son said to the brother of Jared:

Because thou knowest these things ye are redeemed from the fall; therefore ye are brought back into my presence.”


Everything that is happening upon this planet currently, all of the wars and rumors of wars, all of the misery, can be traced back to poverty and economic inequality … EVERY SINGLE ONE.

When discussed properly, openly, and according to how things really are, the Russian invasion of Ukraine all started because poverty. I can explain this perfectly, and made a small attempt to do so during one of my recent Facebook Live videos.

The Ukraine Russia Conflict and the Fall of the United States of America 12/05/21

Before I, as a TRUE MESSENGER, introduced the world to the Real Illuminati®’s plan to eliminate poverty through The Humanity Party®, the people living upon the earth had an excuse for not uniting and solving poverty.

They didn’t know how to do it properly.

But now they do.

They have no more excuses.

Had I not done what was asked of me by the Real Illuminati®, and had I refused to reveal and explain the plan to eliminate poverty until AFTER my uncles had died, they would have not been in hell.

They would have returned to their True Selves and waited to come again … yep, resurrected in another mortal incarnate … yep, become the man Adam again … at a time when they would have had the choice to accept the plan to eliminate poverty or not.

Unfortunately for my uncles, and the rest of the world since we revealed the existence of The Humanity Party®, they didn’t have any excuse for thinking I was a nut case. They should have looked into my claims. But they didn’t take me seriously.

But because of the Real Truth® about things as they really are, the advanced humans (who both of my uncles actually are, were, and will always be) are not suffering in the slightest.

HOWEVER, and this is a huge HOWEVER,

Let’s consider the Real Truth® about human existence and why solving poverty is the most important trial of a person’s free will that will ever exist.

In order to honestly judge yourself as a good person or not …

Let’s start from the beginning:

At the center of every galaxy in our universe (a universe that is endless, worlds without end revolving around suns without end) there is a black hole.

This black hole is the entrance to, or rather a conduit into a parallel universe where there exists only one world, one environment, one reality.

This is the place where our True Self has existed since the beginning, when there really isn’t any such thing as a beginning.

To make it clearer, if we were in a spaceship and traveled to the center of any galaxy and went through its black hole, we would find ourselves in an environment that is singular and the only physical environment that exists.

There are no planets, solar systems, or galaxies in this parallel universe.

This environment would be perceived by our eyes and all the rest of our senses as we perceive our environment on planet Earth—LINEAR—arranged in, or extending along, a straight or nearly straight line.

We wouldn’t have a clue that the earth is actually a round planet spinning in an order around the sun with other planets, unless we left Earth and traveled off into space and looked behind us at Earth.

While on Earth, our senses see things ONLY with a linear perception.

We can walk and walk and walk and never fall off the end of the earth. However, if we walked far enough in a straight course, we would end up where we began, and then realize from our own experience that the earth is actually round.

Not so beyond the black holes that connect our FIRST STATE of existence with our SECOND STATE of existence, which is life in this universe of galaxies, suns, and planets.

If we walked and walked in the physical environment beyond a black hole, we would NEVER, EVER, return to where we began. We would walk on and on and encounter the humans that exist there … humans without number.

We would never run into the same person twice … EVER.

We would never establish any relationships or emotional bonds with the people in our FIRST ESTATE.

Conscious in this FIRST STATE of existence, we would encounter people doing what they have always done, looking for black hole entrances through which they can pass their consciousness and experience life with the same people who entered through the same black hole that they went through at the same time.

AGAIN, in our FIRST ESTATE (which is an actual physical place beyond and through a black hole at the center of each galaxy … which is how we perceive this passage in our current universe) WE WOULD NEVER ENCOUNTER THE SAME PERSON TWICE IF WE WERE TO TRAVEL THERE.

This seems to be a lonely existence in which we do not share the experience with other people.

It appears that in this FIRST STATE of existence we live alone, and will remain alone, UNLESS we make the conscious choice to join other humans through a black hole that will put us in our current universe, which can be referred to as our SECOND STATE of existence.

Now that we’ve entered through the black hole with other people, these people become OUR GROUP of people with whom we will share in the experience of the SECOND STATE of our existence.

We are never alone in this SECOND STATE OF EXISTENCE.

Because we are never alone, it is quite apparent that our individual free-willed choices can affect the experience of those with whom we share our SECOND STATE of existence.

All of us entered through a BLACK HOLE to enter our current reality for our own individual purpose.

There was a specific reason why each of us decided to enter the black hole that we did.

It was OUR reason alone.

We did not share our reason with anyone else, UNTIL we entered through the BLACK HOLE and started sharing our experience with others.

Think about it …

There are all these eternal free-willed people walking around in a universe that has no beginning and no end, and there are all these BLACK HOLES that lead to a parallel universe where we know we will start having COMPLETELY NEW EXPERIENCES and sharing those experiences with others.

But there’s a problem on the other side of those BLACK HOLES that lead to this universe.

The problem is, we don’t actually go anywhere.

Our physical consciousness, which is nothing more or less than energy, must connect to a body that someone on the other side of the BLACK HOLE created for us.

Yep, we are completely dependent on someone beyond the black hole!

If someone doesn’t create a physical body for us in the SECOND ESTATE, there is no way our individual consciousness can go there and can connect to that physical body in which we can then participate in a SECOND STATE of existence and gain new experiences.

As simply as I can explain it, if it’s possible to explain it in simple terms …

There are a bunch of highly advanced human beings walking around in our FIRST ESTATE looking for a black hole that has human bodies available on the other side to which they can connect the energy of their highly advanced brains.

And pretty much, it’s first come, first served.

We can only take a body that exists there, and if other people find that black hole first, we have to wait our turn, or go find another black hole … Yep, another galaxy in our current reality to which we can connect.

Based on this information, who are the most important humans that could possibly exist?

That’s right!


If you’re one of those eternal, advanced humans walking around trying to find a black hole that has a physical body available on the other side, the reason WHY you want to have a new experience in the SECOND ESTATE begins to take on some meaning and purpose.


Let’s say, for example, that there are all these advanced humans walking around in our FIRST ESTATE trying to find a body on the other side of the limitless black holes. But we can’t find any. We walk from black hole to black hole trying to find a body that we can connect our brain energy to in order to start the new experience.

We walk and walk and find no available bodies.

So we think, “Hey I’ll go through the black hole and start creating bodies there so that there are more bodies for all these others trying to find one.”

But then we realize, “Shit! I can’t go through that black hole unless someone else creates a body for me.”

We find ourself in a dilemma.

We want to help create these bodies so that people in our FIRST ESTATE are not wasting their time trying to find an opening, but we can’t until someone else creates a body for us.

We weren’t looking to be a CREATOR in the SECOND ESTATE. We wanted something else from the new experience.

So finally, we find an opening just at the right time and take the newly created body that a person on the other side of the veil … oops I meant BLACK HOLE … created for us.

Now we exist as a newly created advanced human in the SECOND ESTATE of our existence.

In this new state of existence, we do not remember our previous estate.

We don’t remember why we decided to enter a black hole into another universe.

But our existence is about feeling joy.

We feel joy when our actions are consistent with the reason why we chose to exist as a new person who cannot remember their previous existence.

If we find joy during the mortal experience in forming special family units, providing our children and family with the “good things” in life; and we find ourselves not concentrating on the plight of others, but concentrating all of our attention and energy on our family, community, church, and nation, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong in these desires.


I’m not going to go into more details about how a person decides to become a CREATOR, but I will say this:

Everyone else sees CREATORS as the most important and valuable humans possible.

All of us are affected by our PRIDE and EGO.

All of us want to be the best that we can possibly be.

But very few of us will pass the tests of this “probationary state, a time to prepare to meet our [True Self, how we really are]. A time to prepare for that endless state which has been spoken of by us, which is after the resurrection of the dead.” (See BOM, Alma 12:24.)

The HELL prepared for my uncles, my family, my friends, and all those who mock me and do not listen to the message I have been given to deliver to them … a message from their TRUE SELVES … is this:



Are you ready for the Real Truth®?

I’M BETTER THAN YOU … WORLD’S WITHOUT END … at least in your mind.

All that mocking, all that persecution, all that calling me crazy, arrogant, egotistical, all of the negative things that you have said about me …


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