Turning a friend into an enemy — The worst part of my role as a True Messenger.

September 26, 2022

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People claim they want to hear the Real Truth® — things as they really are.

When I claim to be a True Messenger, one who speaks the Real Truth®, people expect that what comes out of my mouth … or in this case, from my fingertips on a keyboard … are things as they really are.

The Real Truth® is nothing more or less than a “sharp two-edged sword coming out of the mouth” of someone who can save the world and transform it into a new world; or rather, “renew” it to what it used to be.

I do not need to say (write) what I am going to write today.

(Well, that’s not exactly true. I actually need to say what I am going to say.)

What I am going to say has the possibility of destroying a friendship and alienating a few people who once loved me and the work that I do, possibly, destroying a family and hurting innocent children.

I have alienated a lot of people over the years … Yeah, lots! And I intend on alienating a lot more before my role for this mortal life is complete.

Watch how it’s done …

Two humans have given us a perfect example of why things will never change for the better on this earth:

Kristen and Mark Mathers.

Kristen once spent most of her social media time promoting the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, The Humanity Party®, and the Real Illuminati® — what I often refer to as “the work.”

She no longer supports the work in public.


Because Mark was offended by the work.

If Kristen would have continued to support the work in public, Mark would have forced her to live in constant fear of his anger, consternation, frustration, insecurity, and jealousy.

Now Kristen only posts beautiful pictures of their home and surroundings, most of which Mark worked hard to create for her.

Kristen also posts pictures of herself … she’s a very beautiful woman.

She posts pictures of her family.

The Mathers live in a safe and secure home, financed by the Australian government’s money given to them as a social payment because of Mark’s abnormal proclivities.

Kristen has gone from promoting things that will help others and can change the world, to only promoting her family unit and how wonderful it is.

Kristen Mathers isn’t the first “Kristin” involved in the work who, because of her pride, became offended and left the work in support of her husband, children, and family.

Had Kristen chosen the work over her family, she would have lost her family.

Kristen chose her own happiness over something she knew would help others.

Kristen is afraid of Mark.

That’s right. She’s afraid of Mark.

Mark is not a good human being. He is a mean person who only treats his family and friends with love and care. He hates his enemies and would kill anyone who might persecute or despitefully use him or his loved ones.

Mark is not a pleasant person to be around when he doesn’t get what he wants.

I know some of what Mark has been through. But it is no excuse for being a mean human. Good humans, no matter what they’ve been through, are still good humans. I know of many men who, like Mark, have exaggerated and lied about what their military service did to their mental state, so that they will be provided for by the government without having to work. Mark and Kristen are a bit too young to not have to work like most other people.

Kristen chooses to do everything that she must in order to please Mark.

Kristen and Mark have found their happiness and peace in the isolation of themselves and their filial relationships away from the rest of the world … enjoying the secure, beautiful land that was provided them by the government.

Because the majority of the people living in this world are like the Mathers …

… and those who are not as beautiful as Kristen, and are not as talented as Mark, and not privileged enough to receive money from the government to cover their needs, WISH they had what the Mathers have …

And because the Mathers find their peace and happiness in the ways that they do,

They have set aside and no longer publicly support a work that could end the misery of countless others.

I want nothing further to do with the Mathers. They are the problem with our world.

But they are not the first.

I want nothing further to do with Kristin and Nathan Davis. They are the problem with our world.

I want nothing further to do with John and Lily Roh. They are the problem with our world.

I want nothing further to do with Jay and Noni Benson. They are the problem with our world.

I want nothing further to do with Ron and Pat Ferguson. They are the problem with our world.

Shall I go on?

All of these were once devoted “friends” and supporters of the work who were offended by me — some calling me a liar — and they, because of their choices, have turned many against me and the work.

Because of their pride … and the Real Illuminati® use the term “Lucifer” to symbolize pride and ego … So, because of their Lucifer …

It was my role, without further argument, to cast them out.

Sigh … sigh … sigh

NOTE TO THESE FRENEMIES: Set aside your PRIDE and I will embrace you and welcome you back home with open arms. And we’ll even throw a party for ya all! … All-ya-all prodigal sons you! Think about it CAREFULLY!

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